Today's news sat bundled neatly on Henry's driveway.

The paper boy had delivered it at 5:43AM but he made no attempt to rescue it.

He already knew what the headline announced.

Today's news was something that no parent should have to read.

It didn't matter in what way the article outlined what happened.

Henry didn't want the paper in his house.

Today's news was slowly passed around the station.

Every cop read it silently.

No one discussed the details.

Today's news had put a damper over the city.

The forecast predicted rain.

But it had already been dark for a day.

Today's news arrived as a notification on Gus's iPad.

He had forgotten the main headline was used as the alert.

Gus threw the tablet against the wall and watched it shatter.

Today's news was a best seller for the company.

Issues were being bought out quicker than they could be restocked.

If it had been a different day they would have been ecstatic.

Today's news landed carefully on a hospital side table.

The nurse said she was in the article.

Juliet never wanted to read another newspaper in her life.

Today's news: Psychic Detective Killed in Police Shoot Out