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Ugh. Chiron told all of the cabins that we each had to organize an activity for the camp. The Hermes Cabin had video games set up, the Demeter Cabin had gardening, and Percy set up a mini water park with the Athena Cabin. Even Nico, Thalia, and the Apollo Cabin managed to set up a haunted cabin with extremely dramatic music. But the Aphrodite Cabin had no ideas. "Dress-Up?" "No way." "Manicures?" "Seriously?" "A kissing booth?" At that point, I was pissed off. "Seriously, do none of you have ANY good ideas?" Drew and Lacy, who were conversing quietly at the back of the room, suddenly stopped. Drew, raising her perfectly done nails, said, "What about a dance lesson?" I stood there, shocked that Drew of all people would give such a good idea. But there was one problem. "Good idea, but… do any of you know how to dance?" The whole cabin was quiet for a moment, before bursting out in laughter. "Of course giggle we know how to dance, silly!", Jenna, a older girl answered. After they calmed down, we all submitted our idea to Chiron and started decorating the newly installed auditorium, (curtsey of Annabeth and her cabin). We decided to teach the Tango and Rumba. There were about 25 of us, so each of us took turns. Soon, it was my time to teach dance. When I walked inside, I only saw Jason standing awkwardly in the middle. "Hey Piper.", he said with a small smile. I felt butterflies start to rise in my stomach. "Hey." "So…shall we dance?" "It would be my honor." "The pleasure is all mine." It turns out that Jason was pretty good at dancing…when he stared at our feet. "Jason, come on! You have to look up. How would your future girlfriend/boyfriend feel if she/he couldn't look at you while you danced the night away at some fancy party?", I teased. "I don't know. How would you feel?", he retorted. I blushed when I realized what he said. Suddenly, I heard a noise of disappointment. Drew and Lacy came out from a closet in the back. "Seriously! Just get together already! It is so obvious that you like each other!" , Drew screamed. "We even set it up so that you would be teaching Jason! If you guys aren't together by the end of the day, then we… um... will do something about it!", Lacy said. Looking at Jason while I heard them run away, I asked, "You like me?" It seemed to good to be true. "Um…yeah. I mean ever since our quest, I feel like we've grown closer." I felt my heartbeat speed up. I felt like all of my dreams just came true. Looking up at Jason, I went on my tiptoes and kissed him softly. And he kissed back. I can't say I felt literal fireworks. There may have been a few sparks. But I can definitely say that standing there in his arms, I felt perfect.