"Hey... where did that boy come from?" Kazooie asked Banjo as the two were exploring Spiral Mountain for fun, only to see a certain PSI powered human boy named Ness scurrying around, attacking the googly eyed vegetables with his wooden baseball bat.

Banjo scratched his head as he glanced back at Kazooie. "No idea... but maybe we should keep an eye on him. You know, to be safe."

"Yeah sure, to be safe." Kazooie muttered as she then fired a blue egg at Ness, hitting him in the face. "Hey! Yeah, you, the one with egg on your face!"

Ness gobbled up the egg splattered on him as he gave out a satisfied burp, waving at Kazooie with a confident smile. "Okay!"

Banjo and Kazooie squinted their eyes as they couldn't believe how peppy Ness acted after that. Ness then turned around and fired a PK Fire at a bouncing carrot, setting him on fire as Banjo rubbed his chin while Kazooie shook her feathery head.

"Something about this boy is rubbing me the wrong way."

"You sure it's not just you coming up with a cold?"

"Well... when you put it like that."