Sorry guys it's been a long time, I made all of my stories on a whim and then lost interest. I am working on a new story that I have been planning for for a while and it is rather solid and hopefully I will complete it. I have been posting it on wattpad but I will start posting it here too.

Tell me if you want to adopt this.

You are free to continue the story line as you see fit but there are a few things you have to follow:

1. The character will be able to see ghosts or rather souls after she is hit with the reflected killing curse. In this story the grey ghosts everyone sees are like an AI similar to the portraits and their personalities are never changing and only those who have magic can leave those ghosts behinde when they die.

The main character sees full coloured ghosts that nobody else sees, they are people who didn't pass on because they have regrets holding him back, they also can change because they keep thier human nature.

2. The character knows almost nothing of the story, she only remembers vague memories up to the half blood prince, and the only characters she recalls are Draco, the Dursleys, Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, Snape, Hagrid, Ron, Hermione and Luna. And even then she doesn't remember much details about them. She also doesn't remember any other characters. She also doesn't remember how she died.

3. Lily Evan's and the main character's brother -from her previous life- ghosts haunt her. Lily to watch over her daughter, and her brother to make sure his big sister is okay because he regrets -somehow- getting the both of them dead and he refuses to tell his sister what happened and how they both died. How did they die is up to you.

4. She befriends the ghosts of Salazar and Godric when she goes to Hogwarts. Salazar regrets the fight with the other founders, he also regrets starting the whole racism against muggleborns but only now because the muggleborns are no longer like how they once were, (they were uneducated, superstitious savages during his age).

While Godric regrets not handling the fight with Salazar -his brother in all but blood and bestfriend- more maturily and breaking their friendship, he also regrets indirectly helping start the racism against muggleborns, (how he helped the racism start is up to you)

Salazar likes watching her as if one would watch an entertaining show and likes to point out her bad choices and how things will blow up in her face then laughs at her when they do blow-it was boring with only Godric for company all these centuries-

Godric likes to talk her ears off and OMG someone new you can't believe how boring it was with only Salazar around.

(Salazar and Godric are the only soul-y ghosts at Hogwarts, as I said the other black and white ghost are imprints of memories.)

5. Main character is a bit selfish and wants to live on, kill both Dumbledore and Voldemort, get rid of the Horcrux in he head -when she discovers it- and live on in peace.

6. She will be sorted in Gryffindor.

Her personality is; rash, impulsive, makes half ass plans, sarcastic, petty, a bit scatterbrained but she is intelligent and can make schemes that are half-good but half assed, sometimes her schemies aren't even half good and they are full of flaws that she usually notice half way through and ends up winging the rest of the plan

She also have a habit of setting a lot of overachieving goals and then getting depressed when she doesn't achieve them.