Twenty-fifth, Transformed Goku.

After the long and frightening day yesterday, she deems it appropriate for her to stay in bed a little longer than usual. Her responsibilities mean nothing to her today, because there's just so much to celebrate this morning, and she'd rather do it from the comfort of her bed. In the embrace of her husband, of course. What's the point of celebrating life, celebrating all that they didn't lose yesterday, if she can't do it with the man who made it possible for all of them to still be here?

'Goku?' she softly calls, looking over to her left.

'Chi-Chi,' he responds as fluently as someone half asleep is able to do.

'I'm staying in bed with you today,' she tells him.

She expected a low mumbling of the word 'okay,' instead, he makes a noise similar to grumbling, while lifting his arm high up as he extends it over her way, in an arched shape.

'Come,' she distinctly hears him invite her.

Absolutely, she'll move into him.

With a fluttering stomach at how unexpectedly his invitation synched with her morning desire, she scurries over to her left, and properly tucks into him. As she smiles against him, feeling some triumph for getting what she wants, he drops his arm down, to secure it around her form.

Ah, she lets out a contented breath, she's going to enjoy this day.

She's in the arms of the one she loves, her leg is placed between his legs, her head is laid on his chest, and one of her arms is wound around him, so there's nothing more to ask for. She's just going to lie here, breathing together with him, and be thankful for what she has.

There's so much of life to be thankful for. There's Videl's pregnancy to be thankful for -ooh, she cannot wait to be a grandmother. There's the fact that the world wasn't destroyed, to be thankful for. There's her husband's determination to be thankful for –his determination which kept him going on with Lord Beerus, even after losing his godly power-

His godly power. The memory sparks in her mind, and suddenly, she's excited to the point of lifting her head off his chest. That had been a thrilling transformation to see happen right before her eyes… How could she have forgotten about that?

'Goku?' she carefully starts, while wishfully looking at his resting face.

'Chi-Chi,' he replies.

'Do you remember yesterday with Beerus?'

'Yesterday with Lord Beerus?'

'Yes,' she says, excitedly nodding even though his eyes aren't open to see her do so.

'Yeah, I remember,' he answers, and then turns his head the other way; away from her.

'Can you do it again?'

Slowly, he turns his head back to her, as if to say that he's not all the way prepared for what she'll ask of him, once he does look at her. He then opens one eye, the one not pressed into his pillow, and studies her for a second.

He shouldn't look at her like that, gosh! She's not going to ask him to get beaten up by that Beerus god. She would never ask for that, and he should know that.

'Fight with him?' he finally asks once he's studied her enough.

'No,' she shakes her head. 'I mean the Super Saiyan God person. I want to see him again.'

She has to, has to see him again. This is her day off, she's taking her busy and responsible shoes off, solely to indulge in the pleasure of catering to her pleasure seeking person, so she has to, has to see that Super Saiyan God person again. It'll give her so much pleasure to see him; a god.

'The Super Saiyan God?' he repeats, probably for clarity, only to respond with, 'That was borrowed power, Chi-Chi not mine.'

She knows that, she was there, she saw the whole thing happening before her eyes, and she remembers feeling such pride that her husband was the one ascending to the level of gods for the first time, but she still wants to see him again. She just has to see him.

'You were so much thinner then,' she comments, unwinding her arm from around him, to softly poke his side. 'I don't know if I prefer him, or this one.'

Attempting to bring that conversation to an end, he shuts his open eye, saying, 'Like this me. You like this me better. You don't even like me being Super Saiyan blonde.'

The blonde of his Super Saiyan form is not what she doesn't like, she answers in her head. What she doesn't like, is that his transformations remind her that he's more of a target, but he doesn't need to know that, ever.

'I like the other one,' she tells him, her eyes running over him.

'Then buy hair dye for me, if the red hair's what you want,' he jokes.

'Just transform, Goku.'

'I can't, Chi-Chi,' he replies, turning his head away from her again. 'I don't even want to do that again. Borrowing power isn't my thing.'

Within, she truly understands that about him, but the thing is, he doesn't have to borrow the power. For one thing, she can't picture Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Videl congregated in her room, doing the borrowing to Goku, and for another, he's Goku. He must have that power stored somewhere in the memories within him. As his wife, she's sure of that, because he's Goku. Somehow, somewhere, the Super Saiyan God power must be waiting for activation inside of him.

'You don't have to borrow power. You already know how that power feels like,' she tries to persuade him. 'I just want to see him again.'

'I can't do it,' he groans. 'And even if I could, I'd have to find a trigger to bring it out of me. I can't just focus on a tingly sensation in my body, and then I'm a Super Saiyan God. I need motivation, I guess.'


More than just her head perks up at that piece of information. All of a sudden, unlike before, she's no longer interested in being tucked into her husband, and lazing the morning away in his arms. Rather, she's feeling the exciting tickle of a challenge, to be the one who brings out the Super Saiyan God power.

'You need motivation?' she asks for simple clarity.

'I guess,' he slowly gives her. 'I don't know… Like something either really exciting to look forward to if I transform, or fear of losing something important if I don't.'

That's all she needs to know, to quickly remove herself from his hold, taking all of her body parts off him. He audibly makes a sound of complaint that she's moving away from him after she said that's he would spend the morning in bed with him, but she ignores it. She has to think about this.

Motivation, motivation… Hmm… He said that he needs motivation, and she knows that she just has to see that Goku again, so… What can she use to lure him into showing his power?

Call upon Beerus? No, that could be dangerous for the Earth. She has a grandbaby on the way.

Cook him a feast and withhold it until he transforms? No, he'll surely find a way to get her to cave.

Give him a free pass at tending to their to-be farm? No, he doesn't see how that will excite him to the point of transforming.

Withhold sex from him until the time of transformation? No, he'd still find a way to break down her defences. It wouldn't take much from him in that scenario, if she's being honest.

However, speaking of sex… There is a way that she could use it to her advantage. Since she's taking a lazy day, she might as well have fun motivating him, in one of the surest ways to weaken his resolve... She has it now, she'll be his motivation. Oh, his motivation she'll be. Even if it takes all morning, she will bring out his Super Saiyan God person.


At the same time that she begins to call for his attention, a loud knock comes from their door, followed a stretched, 'Mooooooom!'

Goten's awake. It's unusual that he's managed to wake himself up earlier than he would, if she didn't wake him in the morning, but oh well, attending to Goten now, will be the perfect time to come up with a seduction plan for her longed for god transformation.

'Coming, Goten,' she answers.


She didn't tell him yet, because she didn't get the chance to, but it was so nice to be there for a big change of his for once. All her married life, she's been there for so many things in her sons' lives, but for Goku, she hasn't really been there, expect for when he defeated Piccolo that first time. It had been great then, to get engaged to the champion of the world, after having witnessed his determined show of power, but he's grown so much stronger and better since then, and for all the consequent transformations that he achieved, she wasn't present for.

Sigh, she hasn't been part of any of Goku's great milestones. That's why it's so important for her to see this Super Saiyan God by herself. She wants to poke him all over, and feel the difference between his thinner muscles and his thicker ones. She wants to see if his red hair has a courser or softer texture, than his black hair. She wants to see if the power of a god, has a different tone when planting kisses in places that aren't visible to the outside world. She wants to know if his god form can lift her with a single finger, twirling her in the air with ease, or if it would take two fingers to fit her between them.

Basically, she just wants to experience what no one else can, what no one else will ever have the privilege to.

His friends may see his god transformation in the future, and they may be there to watch him fight with it, (even that Beerus god can fight him, toe to toe, fist to fist, in the flesh) but she will always remain the only one to fully explore his power in ways that no one else would ever be able to. Something as simple as studying him up close, not even Krillin would be able to do. Goten and Gohan, most likely, but none after them. To just think that when Goku transforms, she can spend the rest of the morning asleep wrapped up in the arms of a god, an actual god... And later, when they awaken, she could share a shower with a god, or a bath, if that's what he would want… She wonders, would the water know him as a god, and a result, part where it needs to part, without command?

Oooooh… She'll find out, she giggles to herself, feeling the chills of excitement bursting under her skin.

She definitely explore his god nature, because she's finally come up with the perfect plan to get him there. To start her plan off, she sets the oven timer for exactly ten minutes after closing the tray of muffins in there. She won't need more time than that, and neither will the muffins. Afterwards, she walks over to the door leading into their house, going over to lock it. It's slightly unnecessary to lock the door, since she bribed Goten with camping tonight, if he stays all day at Trunks', but she can never be too sure. Locking the door is an extra measure of privacy that she needs to take.

Having done that, she goes over to the bedroom, where Goku is still lounging about in bed. Promptly closing and locking this door as well, she pushes her loose trousers down her legs and then steps out of them. While clearly, Goku isn't asleep, he doesn't stir in the bed, he simply continues to lay on his stomach, without acknowledging the sounds of her presence. She'll only have his attention if she calls for him, it seems, and so she does.



'Can I borrow you for less than ten minutes?'

Less than ten minutes, because by now, she must have nine minutes and twenty seconds. There is no way the timer could have waited for her to do all that she did, to begin its countdown. Neither is there any way that the timer will wait for her to organise herself, which is why she has to act within the time that she has set for herself. And anyway, the set time aside, this plan has to work. It's not every day that she thinks up, really concocts a seduction plan in her mind, to get something that she wants form her husband. Most of the time, when she's seducing him, she just makes it up as she goes along, and it always works then, meaning there's no reason why a thought out seduction plan would not work.

'Right now?' he groans out, sounding just a second away from refusing her.

'Yes, now.'

'I wanna just lie here,' he replies. 'I don't wanna do anything.'

And there's the golden answer, she triumphantly smiles to herself. She had been counting on him telling her, because it sets her plan exactly on the right path.

'Okay,' she returns. 'You don't have to do anything. You can just lie there. You won't even touch me.'

Now the not touching her part, is vital. It's not a definite rule per se, although, if he knows her, he'll soon realise that her relieving him of no touching her at all, is an offer that he shouldn't have made a way for in the first place.

'Why? What do you wanna do?' he asks suspiciously as he rolls over onto his back and lifts his head to look at her.

The suspense must be seeping into his skin like liquid into fabric, slowly altering his original unbothered state. She likes that. It means that she's that much closer to achieving her end goal. And speaking of reaching her goal… Instead of opening her mouth to answer him, she keeps her eyes on his, allowing her mouth to draw up a sweetly innocent smile, as though she is clueless as to what he's talking about, and then begins to walk to him on the bed. As she does, her fingers get to work on the buttons of her blue shirt. When she'd put it on, she'd been in a rush to get to Goten, but now she is quite glad that she opted for this particular shirt.

It must add so much more to the beginning of her seduction; walking towards him, while undoing the full line of buttons holding her shirt securely around her.

Just watching him watching her, she can almost feel what he's feeling all the way over there. Even so, making a guess at what he must be feeling, she creates a small luxurious scenario in her head, where to him, she's that prize that he's won after all of his hard work, slowly emerging from a cloud of thick smoke, unwrapping itself in the process of becoming clearer to him, so that when she reaches him, all he has to do is claim her. That scenario makes for a much better story in her head, than simply knowing that he's waiting for her to reach her. The latter has no real substance of palpableness as the former does, thus, her hanging onto the other scenario.

Right before she makes it to take her place on the bed with him, she begins to push the shirt off her shoulder, only to change her mind at the last second as she'd planned. Only her brain knows how it doesn't send a signal for a smile at the moment, because seeing his eyes grow in size, is something to observe. Much more, when she settle onto her back next to him. He's all the way alert now, even turning on his back to rest on his side, facing her. Taking advantage of his position, she wiggles her body into a sexy position, all the while opening her legs and teasing her hands hooking into her cotton underwear, as though to remove them. Not bothering to see how he's reacting to this, she lifts her bum off the bed, again, to give of the illusion that she is going to take her underwear off.

She doesn't take anything off, obviously, rather, she takes his first reachable hand, and guides it to the place between her thighs. Lightly, she leads his hand to brush over her, just three very specific brushing strokes, until she feels that she's given him just a little taste of what's to come. Next, with her hand holding his away from her centre, she climbs on top of him, softly clearing her throat, to ensure that a smoky tone comes from her mouth when she speaks.

'I was wondering, Goku…'

Trailing off on purpose, for the right effect, she drops his hand, then brings hers hand to her shoulder like she's going to scratch it, when in reality, she's only baiting him to watch the shirt slip past her shoulder and expose one of her breasts in its wake.

'If you want to turn into a Super Saiyan God,' she completes her previous incomplete spoken wonder.

The interesting thing to note here is that he's fully capable of seeing her undressed from head to toe on the normal day, and not run wild with desire. Except now, because she's carefully watching him, he's already caught under the spell of arousal. He's swallowing, and no wonder, his eyes aren't exactly on her eyes. No, they're looking much, much lower than her neck.

'Right now?' he asks, keeping his eyes exactly where they are.

'Right now,' she confirms.

As if the reality of the situation just hits him then, he brings his eyes back to hers, to tell her, 'I can't.'

It's no problem, she thinks. She didn't expect him to transform right away anyway. That's what her ten minutes are for. He should simply wait…

'So…' she inhales, looking right into his eyes, before closing her eyes and tipping her head back for that dramatically sensual air. Only once she's let out a small baiting groan, does she bring her head back in place, asking him, 'What do you think I'm going to do to you?'

He blinks. Just that for a moment, and then a coarse, 'Uh…'

In turn, she smiles, because thank goodness she knows her husband. She knows how to more or less trap him and where, when he's not alert. His speechlessness is proof that this is going to go exactly is she wants it to go.

'Wrong,' she says. 'I'm going to do this…'

This, as she referred to it as, is shaking her shoulders, to get the shirt off her completely. As it falls, it comes to pool around her middle, where she's seated on him. She doubts that he even feels the shirt softly land on him, since his eyes widen a little bit more than before, maybe to accommodate the generous picture that he's looking at.

'Do you like the view?'

It's an unnecessary question, judging by his keen interest in what he's looking, but he nods anyway. Good, if he likes the view, then he'll do what she says to keep seeing it.

'So, do you want to turn Super Saiyan God now?'

'I can't,' he groans, almost like he's regretting the answer itself.

No problem, she thinks to herself. Now's not his time, and that's okay, but it also means that she gets to carry on doing what she set out to do from the beginning.

Tactfully bending down, she places her lips over his in a kiss. It's not a hard kiss, one full of determination, neither is it a serious kiss, one that massages his mouth for a response, but it's kiss all the same. Even he recognises her kiss as a kiss, because he starts to respond, only, she craftily pulls herself back up, denying him the chance of kissing her.

'Do you want to turn Super Saiyan God now?' she asks, purposefully keeping her eyes on his lips.

The very same negative answer that she expects, is the exact one that she gets in the form of a swallow. He can't, in other words. Apparently, she's not motivating him enough. She needs to work harder. Go further, she means. That's what she means, not harder… Harder is what she should aim for, from him.

'Fine,' she calmly says.

Following that, she climbs off him, off the bed altogether, in fact, and then walks around to end of the, where his legs are. First kneeling on the mattress to tease him some, she pulls her abandoned shirt off him, flinging it on the side of the bed, and then only does she climb onto the bed. In the space between his legs, her hands begin at his ankles, slowly travelling up. When she reaches the bottom end of his thighs, she begins to knead her palms onto his hard muscles, while her thumbs deeply press into his flesh in a slow massage as she travels upwards. At the spot where his thighs separate to never meet again, (for the defined barrier between them) she grazes her knuckles against the centre of him, deliberately touching him over his loose underwear.

'Sorry,' she falsely apologises, before she makes her hands disappear under his underwear on either thigh.

'Fhgh,' he sharply lets out as he sucks in a surprised breath.

Good. Very good. That's a sensitive spot for him, she knows. And because it is, she gives it a longer massage, teasing getting a fraction of a centimetre close to his centre. When she lifts her eyes to him, she finds that he's attentively looking at her, and so, while she can see the expression on his face, she tucks one hand under his manhood, gently runs her hand over it like a potter would do to clay that he is looking to carefully mould, causing him to suck in a breath again. Now's the perfect time to move her hand from him.

'Og!' he cries helplessly, looking up at her. 'Why did you move your hand?'

Verbally ignoring him, she shrugs his question away. She then straightens and returns to sitting on his abdomen again. Like that, she starts to study his muscles with her hands, from the stomach going on. The difference between the exploration before and now, is that the higher that her hands go, the lower she takes her body, until her exposed breasts are touching his chest. Having her front pressed on his, she lowers her head to his ear.

'What should I do next?' she whispers.


He sounds like he's out of breath, and warning or encouraging her all at the same time. So passionate in speaking her name, that he brings up his hands to touch her, possessively clutching them on her back, as his lips move to begin suckling on her neck, and oh gosh…

The starved sound that he's making over her neck… The long breaths that are coming out of him… His teeth grazing her skin… All of that… It's the first time since her seduction that she's feeling the receptive side of intent to arouse. She hadn't felt anything close to what she believes Goku, the anticipating receiver, has been feeling, but that's slowly starting to change. If he continues to move his lips over her neck, she'll be finished. She's already starting to pant…

'Tell me, Goku…' she continues to whisper, barely keeping from groaning.

She chooses abandon the muscle exploration, to retrieve one of his hands on her back, because she has to give him something else to focus on. Something that's not her neck, so like an expert puppeteer, she leads his hand up her body, to cup her breast for a small moment, and then continues to lead it down her belly. She has to arch her back along with the movement of their hands, to create enough moving space between them, but eventually, their hands reach the beginning of her underwear as she wanted to do.

'What should I do next?' she finishes, keeping his hand exactly where it is.

As his hand stills as per her lead, his lips also still on her neck, which gives Chi-Chi her power back. With him like that, caught between the two things, her neck or inside her underwear, and apparently not willing to divide attention between the two, she feels right in her role again. This is how it should be, because as exciting as seducing him is, she shouldn't be finding this as erotic as he should. Their positions are different, and on a normal day, if the roles were reversed, Goku would have just as much fun teasing her, where she would be on the edge of her nerves waiting to experience pleasure from him. This return of power in her hand is just perfect, seeing as she didn't design this seduction play for herself.

'Lie on your back,' he huskily pants in response, urging to push his hand into her underwear.

'No,' she laughs, partly celebrating how she has him burning up for her.

She hopes that her laugh sounds like a cruel rejection. It would be the perfect bait to make him determined not to lose.

'Lie on your back,' he repeats, lifting her together with him and the tips of his fingers of the hand on her back presses deep into her flesh.

'I said no,' she maintains, freeing herself from him. 'I'll take off these instead.'

Very quickly, she straightens onto her feet on the bed, and sinks her own hand beneath her underwear, thereafter pushing it down her legs. After lifting each foot to cleanly get rid of her underwear, and then tossing all the way to the other side of the room, she takes two careful steps back, aligning herself with his knees.

'No,' he verbally disapproves, almost reaching out a hand to stop. 'Don't go.'

Oh, he shouldn't worry about that, she's not going where anywhere he won't want her to be. Not until he becomes what she wants him to be anyway.

'Why not?' she arches an eyebrow. 'Are you going to turn Super Saiyan God now?'

'I said I can't,' he groans in frustration, fully sitting up, while she gently plonks onto his knees.

At his knees, she straddles him one second, and then abruptly pulls his underwear down. Thankfully, it's loose on his body, and it won't hurt to stay lodged between his thighs and knees.

'Do you want to turn Super Saiyan God yet, Goku?'

A pained look appears on his face, but he doesn't say anything. She knows why that pained look. The reason is quite literally, upright in her face. All this time, she's been ignoring it, but she's honestly been feeling its gradual rise. Mostly, his hand inside her underwear was the canon to the show she's seeing now.

'Do you?' she urges him for an answer, knowing very well that she is not going to get one. 'How about if I do this?'

With both of her hands, she starts massaging along him, starting from the base to the tip. At the tip, the forefinger of her left hand traces ever so carefully. His very audible hiss, strangely makes her want to take him into the real realm of pleasure… Nonetheless, determined to get what she wants, she repeats the massage only once, and then leans her head down, mouth open and ready, to take most of him inside.

Heavily, at first contact, he groans. And he groans properly, while she evenly spreads her saliva all over him. She won't need lubricate him that much, seeing as she's somewhat also there in that plane of arousal, but she still takes her time wetting him with her mouth. Soon after that, not allowing him to wonder what she will do next when her mouth lets him go, she pulls herself up and then sinks onto him.

While she, unlike him, had some degree of preparation, she's still surprised by the feeling of being filled. Here, she doesn't even bother to keep her long moan in, because her moan will serve to stroke his ego (and his other one, of course), thus, getting her closer to her goal of seeing what she wants to see.

'How about now?' she asks, staying completely still. 'Do you want to turn Super Saiyan God yet?'

'Move,' he moans through closed eyes. 'Please.'

Feeling like she's getting closer, she gets off him, in order to make him miss her, and then she asks, 'And now?'

He opens his eyes, looks at her like she's losing her mind, but also like he's closer to losing his mind than her, and because of that, she takes him inside of her again. The contact is even better than before… Holding her breath for a moment is all she can do to keep herself moving like he asked her to.

'Do you…' she weakly starts only to pause and take another steadying breath, 'Want to turn Super Saiyan God now?'

Say yes, she silently prays, just say yes.

'I can't,' he breathe like a man about to die, who's concentrating on not losing himself to death.

The big fire burning in his eyes, lets her know that she's done her job well, and so she pulls away from him, to climb off him completely.

'Never mind,' she says, her legs already reaching to get out of the bed.

'You can't do that,' he refuses to accept where she's left him.

It's just then, that the oven timer goes off, and with that as her excuse, she hastily jumps out of bed. The giggles that leave her mouth, she didn't plan for, except, it's suddenly so funny how she just left him (and herself) wanting like that.

'Hey,' he tries to stop her with his voice. 'Where are you going?'

'My muffins are ready,' she says, walking to get her underwear.

Never mind where her shirt is, she just needs her underwear for now. If only she hadn't thrown her underwear so far away. Before she can make it to her underwear, however, he appears behind her, sternly declaring his presence there by firmly pressing his hands on her waist. In the next second, he has her bend over, her hands almost touching her feet, and is firmly pushing into her seemingly all at once.

Where her giggles had been sounding in the room, only soft moaning can be heard, as he slowly pulls out of her. It's like he can't wait to get inside, and then doesn't want to get out, but he is forced to move for this to be effective, so he's left with no choice but to withdraw agonisingly slowly, but tightly firm to push in. It's wonderful.

'I'm not the god that you want me to be right now,' he gently reasons, further pushing into her body. 'But I still want to love you, okay?'

Yes. It's okay. She doesn't care about the Super Saiyan God anymore. She doesn't care. She just doesn't care. She doesn't even want to speak.


Her plan didn't reach this stage of an outcome, oddly enough. She'd mapped out her seduction, and she had more or less guessed his responses, which would then lead her to do the next step in her plan, however, she didn't think that after she'd managed to seduce him into transforming, she'd be, well, satisfied to the point of drowsiness.

All right, fine, she failed in getting him to transform, but her seduction worked in a way. She always knew that at some point, he'd have her, and he did. It's only that she didn't realise how passionate he would be about the whole thing. Ah, the loving words he spoke close to her ear during his taking of her, sung such high energy songs to her heart, that it danced itself to exhaustion. That's how she's here, exhausted, but satisfied, not in the least bothered by her plan's failure.

All she wants to do… No, in fact, all she's going to do now, is tuck into him, much like she did a bit earlier, and spend the day with him in bed as it had been her plan from the beginning of the day. He might want something to snack on, seeing as he didn't at all get out of bed, not even to have a cup of tea, so she'll steer him in the direction of food, if he'd like that.

'There are muffins in the oven, if you want,' she tells him, a yawn building up within her.

Because he responds with nothing to her information, she takes that to mean that he is just as satisfied as she is, and he has no intention of breaking the moment of his basking for anything.

'I promised Goten that we would have a bonfire outside tonight,' she tells him again. 'We'll be camping outside, so he might bring Trunks.'

That's also important information that he has to know, so he can prepare his mind for what will happen later on tonight, but still, he doesn't respond to her.

'You might want to unlock the front door as well, I locked that just in case,' she passes on, this time following her words with a lazy yawn.

She's briefly curious if the breath from her yawn is a little uncomfortable on his skin… It doesn't matter, though, she quickly brings her mind away from that thought. It doesn't matter, because she's so at peace. She's calm and sleepy, and… Aah. Tomorrow morning, she'll send Goku with a food pack to Beerus, for being the reason they are even able to enjoy this late morning in this way.

'Chi-Chi?' at last he speaks.

Smiling faintly, she does what he did earlier as a way of responding to him, 'Goku.'

'I want to turn Super Saiyan God now.'


She's so sleepy. He sounds serious, though, it's just that she's so sleepy. There's an enchanting breeze of air calling her mind's attention, and it's so lovely.

'Yeah,' he replies. 'You were right, Chi-Chi. I have it within me. I feel like I can transform now.'

'That's nice,' she lazily says.

That's good for him. She never doubted him anyway, she's always know that he has it within him, it was just a matter of bringing it out of himself.

'Yeah,' he agrees, a smile audible in his tone. 'I feel like I have the entire world right now. Like a god.'

Although quite enraptured by sleep, she's still able to produce small shivers on her body, for the fact her husband more or less just alluded to her being the entire world, and thus, making him feel like a god. It's a chilling thing to entertain in her mind, because after doing what she did, all that seduction, she only needed to have lain in bed with, to make him feel like a god.

Mhmm. She should've known.

'I did it,' he announces. 'I'm a Super Saiyan God again. Look, Chi-Chi.'

Only because he sounds so proud of himself, she opens her eyes to look at him. She thankfully doesn't have to do more than adjust the angle of her head, to find the red eyes, the red hair, the look of love in his eyes, and the soft smile directed at her. Effortlessly, she smiles back at him.

'You're a god,' she says, proud of him more than awed by his transformation.

Responding, he silently kisses her forehead, lingering there for some seconds. As his lips remain on her forehead, she closes her eyes again, and settles herself into him, to try and fall into the sleep that's inviting her.

'Hey!' he nudges her softly after pulling his lips away. 'Are you sleeping? You wanted me to transform, and now you're just going to sleep?'

'I've seen you,' she answers him, because that's enough.


'And what?' she yawns again.

'Which do you prefer? This me, or the other one?'

'The other one,' easily leaves her mouth.

'But that's what I said,' he seems to be arguing his point, 'and you said you wanted…'

Whatever more he says after that, she shuts out the clarity of his words. There's really no competition between the two. Being the ambitious person that she is, always aiming for the best, she'd been floored with pride and astonishment at the visible presentation of a god for a husband, but as it turns out, she'll take regular black haired and eyed Goku over any god he could ever become. Besides, that black Goku is naturally hers. She doesn't have to work out plans on how to bring him out from within, he's just there, readily loving her without her command. That god one is too much work. He's probably for dire and threatening situations, not loving ones. It surely makes sense that she couldn't seduce him out of her regular Goku.

Twenty-sixth, Assured Gohan.