Chapter 1

Accessing File: Arcadia Oaks

Located northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Arcadia is bordered by six other communities: Pasedena, Sierra Madre, El Monte, San Marino, Monrovia, and Temple City. Like the rest of L.A. county Arcadia is safe from Grimm attacks due to the mountain range surrounding the county making it an ideal place to live for anyone who wishes to stay away from conflicts. Though the small town has some unexplained occurrences going on, such as pet cats disappearing and reports of unidentified large animals fighting at night.

The residents found the answer to their problem one day when a pillar of energy had burst through the town's canal and as if by magic caused an eclipse that was reported to have effected the entire planet. During this time monsters identified as mythical Trolls wearing armor crawled from the entrance caused by the pillar and attacked the town. News reporter Brick Jackson and his cameraman James Richards of K News remained close to the fighting going on. They reported unarmored Trolls defending the town from the armored ones and fought alongside two teenagers, a short chubby boy wearing brown armor with a headlight in it's helmet and wielding a crystal hammer that emitted a fiery glow, a girl wearing purple armor who wielded a staff that allowed her to make portals. The defenders of the town were led by a nine fingered blue-skinned Troll who had the body build of a teenager wearing black armor with red trimmings and could summon weapons out of nowhere.

They filmed the blue skinned Troll fight and kill what is believed to be the leader of the armored Trolls. When the leader was killed a red energy was released that had killed all of the armored Trolls. The news team had then seen a flying woman wearing golden armor attack the blue Troll and send him to the bridge next to the pillar of energy and were then followed by the other defenders. The news team was unable to get to the pillar in time to see how the battle concluded but the pillar of energy had disappeared and the eclipse it created had disappeared, so the battle know doubt ended in the defenders favor.


Arcadia Oaks Police Department interrogation room.

A day after the attack by Gunmar and Morgana agents of the U.S. government and Phil Ken Sebben arrived in Arcadia Oaks to interview the Trolls and humans who defended the town. In the interrogation room a well dressed man with blond hair, a mustache, and a eye patch over his left eye is sitting at a table and is meet with the black armored Troll or half-troll as he has been told by some of the people he has been told.

"You must be James Lake Jr.," said the man.

"Yes, and your Phil Ken Sebben. It's a real honor to meet you Mr. Sebben," said Jim as he sat down and brought his right hand to Sebben.

"Please call me Phil," said Sebben as he shook Jim's hand taking note that it only had four fingers and lacked armor all of which Jim's right hand has.

"From what I understand you were originally human but you turned yourself into a half-troll," said Sebben. "Mind telling me how that happened?"

"I'm sure you've already met Merlin," said Jim. "According to him even with my Eclipse Blade I wasn't strong enough to kill Gunmar, so he created a potion for me that make me the world's first half-troll, it gave me pointy ears, blue skin, horns, made me stronger, but came with a few drawbacks. I can't eat most human food and sunlight can petrify me."

"From what I understand Trollhunters defend the world from rogue Trolls and other monsters that would threaten it?" Sebben asked.

"Yes and the Trolls have tried to keep their existence a secret for centuries but after today the whole world knows and it's not likely it'll forget their existence a second time," Jim said.

"You said that this Gunmar could only be killed by your Eclipse blade," Sebben said as he shows Jim a sketch of Gunmar based of Brick Jackson's description whjich Jim found to be really accurately. Gunmar was twice Jim's height, large, looked like he was made out of some sort of black stone, with a bright orange-glow (originally blue before he absorbed the power of the Heartstone), is missing his right eye, and has two large horns spanning out from his head.

"Aside from sunlight no other weapon was able to kill Gunmar," Jim said. "The only way was to gather Triumbric stones, these were tied to Gunmar's lifeblood, each created at a transcendent point in his life; his birth, his first kill, and his first wound."

Jim point to the left side of his chest plate to a red circle with six panels that opened up to reveal six circle slots with four stones in them. Jim pointed to the three stones that were orange, green, and blue showing that these were the Triumbric stones.

"According to Merlin that woman in golden armor is named Morgana Le Fay," Sebben said. "I assume this is the same person from the Arthurian legend."

"Yes, but the legend isn't true," Jim said. "According to Merlin and Morgana they existed long before Humans, Faunus, Mobians, and Trolls even existed, and when I stabbed Morgana with the Sword of Eclipse it didn't even kill her see just took it out with her magic and shattered it."

Jim remembered how that turned out when Angor Rot a Troll who hunted the Trollhunters for Morgan turned against her after remembering what Jim said about him once being a hero to Trollkind. He had sacrificed himself by restraining Morgana long enough for Jim to deal what was supposed to be the killing blow but it was in vain and Angor was the only one to die from it.

"According to the friends of yours that I have interviewed so far they banished Morgana into a place called the Shadow Realm correct?" Sebben asked.

"Yes and only Claire's shadow staff could access that realm," Jim said. "And with the staff destroyed no one can enter or leave it."

"From what I understand the Trolls and Merlin plan on leaving Arcadia," Sebben said. "Why is that?"

"Most Trolls require a Heartstone, it's a gigantic orange crystal that provides them with strength and can heal some of their injuries and without it they can grow weak and enter periods of hibernation," Jim said. "That Heartstone in Arcadia had all of it's energy drained by Gunmar and Morgana to begin the Eternal Night so Gunmar and his Gumm-Gumm army could go out and wreck havoc across the world, luckily Merlin knows that a Heartstone is located in New Jersey so we'll head their."

Sebben then presses a button on a recorder that was on the table and then looks at Jim.

"Jim what I am about to say is to remain off the record understand," Sebben said and Jim nods yes.

"Their may come a time when I may need the assistance of you and your friends because their are some things even the governments of the world can't know about and some of these are far worse than anything you have ever seen," Sebben said. "When the time comes you will know about these horrors."

One day later.

In Arcadia Oaks museum the remains of Gunmar and his Gumm-Gumm soldiers are being kept in storage so they can be disposed of. The door to the storage room opens and a stranger wearing a black cloak that hides their features enter s the room and walks past the crates until they reach one that has Gunmar's name on it. The stranger draws a sword and opens the crate with it and see's the remains of the Gumm-Gumms deceased warlord. The stranger begins looking through his remains until they have the remains of Gunmar's sword the Decimaar Blade. They begin breaking the broken pieces until they find a round blue orb twice the size of a marble after breaking a piece. After grabbing the orb they attach it to bottom of their sword's hilt and the blade begins to surge with a blue energy.

"What's going on in here!?" said a security guard who has entered the room and sees the intruder.

The guard reaches for his gun but the stranger fires some sort of purple energy bolt at the guard knocking him down. The stranger walks to guard and points their sword him and a blue energy is released from it and envelops the guard. He screams in pain and when he stops he rises to his feet he is wearing Gumm-Gumm armor. Grey armor that possess green trimmings that glow, a helmet that covers his entire face with horns on the sides that curve point forward, and a black under suit. And when he opened his eyes they glowed green and were like the eye of a cat.

"I shall rule all," said the stranger as they walked out of the museum with their new soldier.