Chapter 10

Thank you Lord Maximus for giving me this flashback scene though I had to make a few changes to it as Sebben's interview with the Trollhunters takes place before the characters left Arcadia Oaks.

Flashback: One day after the Eternal Night

After their interview with Phil Sebben Jim and Claire returned to the old Trollmarket to meet up with Merlin and the Trolls still packing their stuff for their journey to the Heartstone underneath Jersey. They entered Blinky's study to meet up with him and Merlin.

"Ah, Master Jim. You have returned." Blinky said welcoming the Trollhunter and Claire back to his study." How did your meeting with Mr. Sebben go?"

"It was good but their is something we need to ask Merlin about." Jim answered, spotting the wizard.

"Yes, Trollhunter." Merlin perked up at the mention of his name.

"Merlin, have you ever heard of the Fallen?" Claire asked, watching as the wizard stiffen. "I guess you have."

"The Fallen?" Blinky inquired.

"Humans infused with the essence of the Grimm. I guess they are kind of like me, except half Grimm instead of Troll." Jim clarified.

"Great Morka, there are people infused with the essence of those beasts?" Blinky jumped, looking alert.

"Indeed there are." Merlin sighed. "I should have known you'd find out about them, especially after the Eternal Night."

"You've encountered them? Jim asked.

"I have and it wasn't pleasant. Back then though, the Fallen were different from the ones that appeared after the Time of Awakening. I guess like the Trollhunter they had evolved themselves. The Fallen I encountered a few times were little different from the Grimm but as time went on they not only grew in strength but also in intellect." Merlin explained. "When Man and Troll went their separate ways I was relieved. With the threat of Morgana and Gunmar already looming over you the last thing you needed was dealing with the Fallen, especially if they had attempted to assist Gunmar. With the essence of Grimm inside them the Fallen have all the powers of every Grimm in existence and can grow stronger as time passes. If they had known about Trollmarket they'd have been as great a threat to you as Gunmar."

Jim and Claire shared a look together before Jim continued. "And now?"

"If they know about you I am sure it's only a matter of time before you face them. The Fallen have been quiet since the Time of Awakening but they are out there. The difference between them and Gunmar is that they prefer to work in shadows until the time is right, supposedly when they try their hand at conquering the world. Did Sebben mention anything else?"

"Not much, aside from speaking of a particular Fallen that lives in the Grimm Darklands of America. A Fallen named Sammael." Jim answered.

"Ah, Sammael. Someone you'll have to be on the lookout for. I've heard he's been keeping a low profile for the last few centuries but he's probably got people looking into you and where we'll establish the new Trollmarket." Merlin said as he strokes his beard.

"What makes him so special?" Claire asked.

"He's the first of the new generation of Fallen from the Time of Awakening to master his powers and the one who made sure the Grimm had spread across the world when the Emperor tried to seal them again. Even if he doesn't come for you don't be surprised if any of the Fallen you face are acting on his orders."


Opening - Trollhunters fan song "By Deya's Grace" by YouTuber Jayhan

The canal's of Arcadia Oaks is shown before a beam of light punches through it bringing the Eternal Night as the title appears:

GrimmFall: Trollhunters

(Heaven cries for the Brave

For the many souls we failed to save)

Jim, Claire, McCree, Roland, Nier, and Jake are seen in the ruins of Sundown Village.

(Skies are tearing their holy veil

Tears are shed for the dead we now hail)

The group is now seen digging graves for the villagers that were killed when Mordred had attacked it.

(Heaven cries for the Brave

For the Warriors no tyrant could enslave)

Jake and all the abducted villagers are seen falling into vats of black liquid and emerging as monstrous half-trolls.

(We now rise to the Call

For if he relent, our people shall fall)

Jim, Claire, Nier, McCree, Roland, and half-troll Jake are seen standing defiantly.

(Misery ends today

On the eve of Judgment Day

Glory is ours to reclaim)

The screen turns to show that the group is facing the now half-troll Umbra, Mordred, and Umbra's armored bandits.

(Called upon spirits past

My light is meant to last

Your reign will perish in my name)

Jim is seen with the spirits of all the past Trollhunters behind him as him and Umbra both draw their swords.

(Tyrant, you are not fierce

Your armor, my blade will pierce

Dawn will come and split the sky to my battlecry)

Jim and Umbra charge at each other and lock blades before Jim breaks away and manages to scratch Umbra's armor with the Sword of Eclipse.

(You will hear my people roar)

Jim is now seen taking off his glamour mask revealing his true half-troll as he rallies Umbra's half-troll rejects into battle.

(We are afraid no more)

The Hunters and the half-troll rejects are seen fighting the armored bandits with Jim fighting Umbra and Roland and Jake fighting Mordred.

(Power be mine

Daylight, shine)

Jim is seen leaping in the air to attack Umbra as the Sword of Eclipse is seen emitting a red aura and the screen goes black once Jim brings down the blade with the title appearing again.

GrimmFall: Trollhunters

Opening - "By Deya's Grace" by YouTuber Jayhan


The sounds of gunfire, metal clashing, and roars of Trolls fill the caves as the battle rages on. But what is perhaps the most significant was Umbra's transformation into a half-troll.

He is standing on the catwalk and is pointing the Decimaar Blade at him. McCree, Nier, and Claire saw what happened and are in shock

"Jesse can you get a clear shot?" Nier asked.

"Umbra's to far away," McCree responded. "I'm not sure the bullet would hit him."

Umbra then charges at Jim at a fast speed barely giving Jim time to block the strike with his shield. The blow causes him to stagger back.

"Before we were evenly matched in strength and speed but now I'm far superior," Umbra said. "Troll and Fallen physiology combined will help me usurp Sammael's own rule."

Jim throws the Eclipse Blade at Umbra but he hits it away but is then tackled by Jim. The Fallen half-troll lands on his back and Jim summons the Eclipse blade and tries to stab Umbra but he is then covered in shadows and disappears. The Trollhunter looks around trying to figure out where he teleported to but he is then enveloped in shadows as well and disappears.

"Jim!" Claire said as she cut down an approaching bandit.

"Where'd they go!?" Nier said as he sent in Dark Execution to eliminate a group of approaching bandits

"They couldn't have gotten far," McCree said as he threw a flash bang grenade at a five bandits allowing a group of half-troll rejects to kill them. "Considering all the stuff Umbra has here I doubt he would leave us here with it even if Mordred and the bandits are protecting them."

"Please be safe Jim," Claire whispered to herself.



At the start of the battle Roland and Jake where chased down one of the tunnels by Mordred. After they stopped hearing Mordred's gunshots they stopped and moved slowly around their new surroundings not knowing where your enemy is at is dangerous and requires one to be cautious of their surroundings.

A sound is heard from the dark and Roland fires at the sounds location. After a few seconds an armored bandit walks out of the shadows his armor pierced in the chest and stomach. He falls onto the ground as pool of his own blood is formed.

Roland lowers his weapons when he hears a shriek and is pounced by Mordred in his spider form from above. Roland's Sandalwood Guns are knocked away but when Mordred knocked Roland onto his back it caused the ground the crack. The attack had depleted most of Roland's Aura which means...


While in his spider form Mordred bites off the first two fingers of Roland's right hand causing him to scream in pain as his Aura flared showing what little he had left was gone. Jake then tackles Mordred but in the scuffle the cannibal turns back into his human form and manages to push Jake into a stalagmite knocking him out. As Mordred gets back up he sees that his father has fled leaving a trail of blood and left his guns. Mordred picks up the Sandalwood guns and follows the droplets blood.

"You can't hide from me father," Mordred called out. "Mordred's a-hungry."

Roland carefully moves around the stalagmites of the cavern so his son would not find him.

"Oh, and hanging out with Hunters and adopting a son," Mordred said. "I figured after I killed mom you wouldn't want to associate with other people. But it looks like you broke that promise of yours again. You told me you faced Walter Padick and his goons by yourself but I learned from Sammael that in your travels you befriended two Huntsmen Eddie Dean and the former priest Donald Callahan. They died fighting Walter's men while you survived and went on to kill Padick himself. I guess you really like how your Semblance makes you an angel of death for your loved ones don't you."

Roland let's out a scream and attacks Mordred he manages to knock Mordred's guns away and get in a few hits but his strikes were fueled by anger making them sloppy. This allowed Mordred to gain the upper hand and knock down his father. Roland gets back up on his knees but Mordred took out one of Roland's Sandalwood guns that he got from earlier.

"The last Gunslinger dies here," Mordred sad as he pointed the gun.


A gunshot is heard and is soon followed by the sound of blood dripping but Roland is unharmed. He looks to see that Jake is standing between him and Mordred. While the blood of a Troll is rare to see it is known that their blood isn't red but one of the most human traits of a half-troll is that their blood is red. Jake was shot in the left side of his chest but despite the pain and the fact that the petrification process began.

"Jake!" Roland called to his adopted son as he got back on his feet.

"Goodbye...Roland," Jake said weakly before he was fully petrified. He was now grey like other stone statues and he was petrified in a pose of defiance.

"This is the fate of all fools who get close to you father, death, not like you even care about them at this point," Mordred said.

"You're wrong son."


"I care about those who died because of me. I feel their souls watching over me, I don't know if they're cursing my name or urging me to continue on, but I know I will carry the burden of remembering their names from when they died to the day I die."

"Oh what a load of bulls-,"

Mordred is cut off because when he started talking he had closed his eyes giving Roland the opportunity to attack. Thanks to his near-superhuman strength from his years of training he hit Mordred with enough force that sent him through a stalagmite.

"You wield the weapons of a Gunslinger but you have forgotten what I've taught you," Roland said as he approached Mordred.

"SHUT AND DIE!" Mordred shouted as he got back up and took out Roland's other gun and started firing both pistols at his father but he managed to avoid the shots.

Mordred was forced to reload but thanks to his capability of reloading at superhuman speed it wasn't a problem.

As Roland kept getting closer he says, "I do not aim with my hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye."

When he got close he managed to land a few punches and knocks away one of the Sanadalwood guns. Roland moves back when Mordred tried to counter attack and gets close to Mordred again.

"I do not shoot with my hand. He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my mind."

When he gets close to Mordred again he knocks away the other Sandalwood gun and fights Mordred at close quarters. Mordred's strikes are sloppy as he is letting anger and rage consume him allowing Roland to avoid the strikes.

"I do not kill with my gun. He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father." Roland said as he punched Mordred in the gut causing him to lower his head and stagger. Despite the pain Roland pulls something out of his jacket with his right hand and sticks it in Mordred's mouth when he raised his head. It's Jake's Ruger SR1911, the same gun Jake lost when Mordred captured him, the same gun that Roland found. "I kill with my heart."


The sound of semi-automatic pistol echoes through the cave. Mordred Deschain, son of Roland Deschain, reincarnation of the Crimson King, and serial cannibal is dead at last. Mordred's lifeless body falls to the ground and Roland picks up his guns. Despite the loss of two of his right hand's fingers he can still shoot a gun with it but now he can't reload at superhuman speed, but with Mordred dead the price maybe worth it. Roland now turns to see the petrified corpse of his adopted son Jake. Mordred was only right about one thing, this is the fate of those who become close to Roland, death. No who they are Gunslingers, friends, family, everyone precious to him is doomed to die.

"You didn't die in vain Jake."

With those words said Roland went back the way came to regroup with the others.


Meanwhile with Jim and Umbra...

After being pulled into the shadows Jim finds himself in another cavern he didn't where it was but it couldn't have been far he could still hear the battle between the half-troll rejects and the bandits. He takes in his surroundings and sees that the cavern is illuminated by crystals like the ones in Trollmarket and it must be deeper underground as it's size would make it an ideal place for Trolls to live. The cave has plenty of stalagmites and stalactites and their was even a lake in the center of the cavern.

"Magnificent, isn't it?"

Jim turns around to see Umbra standing behind him and has his shield and sword ready to fight.

"Let's try to be reasonable here Trollhunter," Umbra said. "Half-troll to half-troll."

"And why should I talk to you?" Jim asked with caution.

"I want you to fight by my side Jim because you and I have been changed by our meeting with trollkind," Umbra said. "You see I was born in England during the Troll Wars, the Grimm took me from the village I was born in and brought me to my own kind. I returned ten years later to see it decimated by starving Gumm-Gumms and when the Grimm came those Trolls fended them off thanks to their great strength and stone hides. That day I learned that their is power greater than what we already believe to be the most powerful. Sammael had given me the duty to collect artifacts and tomes of great power but I've kept most of my discoveries for myself."

"We saw your study and you've collected a lot of stuff," Jim said. "Some of your books even talked about other dimensions. What's that about?"

"Those once belonged to an ancient order of magi from the Age of the Forgotten World. They peered into other realities across space and time. Many worlds lacked the Grimm and even a single universe can take on the same elements of others universes when it shouldn't be possible. I theorize our universe is like that, but I'm more interested in the power other universes. Powers unlock anything we have ever seen in our own universe and these powers can differ with other universes. Even the powers of light and darkness seems to differ in each universe whether one of those forces is a source for good or evil or have their origins occur in different things."

"Something tells me you can't cross into them," Jim said. "Otherwise you probably would have been stronger when our fight started."

"Indeed, I haven't been able to decipher the code the spells were written in," Umbra said. "Sammael maybe able to decipher them but why should I share this power with him or even the artifacts I've gathered."

"So your just hungry power right," Jim said. "You were at the battle of Arcadia Oaks weren't you? And I get the feeling that Sammael didn't tell you to create half-trolls."

"Indeed, I was there and yes I'm acting on my own and i have cut all ties with Sammael. As a Noble class Fallen I have managed to master the Grimm instinct to kill but I have yet to master most of my Fallen abilities," Umbra said. "With the knowledge I have gleamed from the spell books I've collected I make up for this little drawback of mine."

"Little drawback? I take back what I said you're not hungry for power you're just weak and jealous of the other Fallen," Jim said earning a glare from Umbra this had to have struck a nerve. "You've lived almost as long as Sammael but you weren't able master your latent powers so you chose not to share what you stole with your brethren and when you saw me in Arcadia you grew jealous and wanted to be a half-troll yourself so you could be stronger. Let me know if I got anything wrong?"

Umbra begins to breath heavily with anger. Everything the Trollhunter just said was true all because the Fallen said 'little drawback' in regard to his inability to master his Fallen powers for the past nine centuries. Once his anger reaches the breaking point he roars out in frustration, like all Trolls his roar sounds like a lion and is heard throughout the entire cave system.

"I will not take this insult lightly champion of Merlin!" Umbra shouts as he readies the Decimaar Blade. "PREPARE TO DIE!"