Chapter 11

Accessing File: The Void Between Worlds

The Void Between Worlds is a place located inside of the Amulet of Daylight. When the Trollhunter dies their soul is sent to the void so that they can advise future Trollhunters. The only way for someone to access it is through a Troll relic called the Soothscryer, when the Trollhunter puts their hand in it they are transported to the Void Between Worlds when said hunter is called by the council of dead Trollhunters. The only non-Trollhunter to enter the Void Between Worlds is the Troll AAARRRGGHH! The reason for this was because the Trollhunter Jim Lake Jr. was trapped in the Darkrealm after he entered it to rescue Claire Nunez's baby brother Enrique and the Troll Tribunal decided to destroy Killahead bridge so Gunmar and his army would not return. Luckily Jim got Enrique out before the bridge was destroyed and leaving the Trollhunter trapped. Though the bridge could be fixed only the Trollhunter could use the Amulet of Daylight to open it or a Trollhunter.

Before Jim entered the Darkrealm AAARRRGGHH! was killed by Angor Rot who used a dagger coded in a poison called Creeper Sun that can turn any living organism it touches into stone. The pass Trollhunters revealed that AAARRRGGHH! could be resurrected and the antidote lied with The Janus Order. The Janus Order was an organization that served Gunmar and consisted of Changelings. In the Troll-Wars the Gumm-Gumms kidnapped Trolls in their you and did "something horrible" to them change them. Unlike most Trolls, Changelings demonstrate a more humanoid appearance and size. But what is most unique about them is their ability to turn into humans. This is possible because the Gumm-Gumms send Goblins to kidnap human infants and bring them through Fetches, small portals into the Darkrealm that only small creatures can fit through and bring them to a nursery to act as their familiar. In order for the Changeling to turn into a human no harm must come to the child and the child must remain in the Darkrealm. Hundreds have human babies have been kidnapped over the centuries and they have been fed a special formula that has kept them from aging. Trolls have seen Changelings as inferior and have even called them 'Impure,' even their own Gumm-Gumm masters see them as inferior. Gunmar eventually destroyed the Janus Order after he was freed as he no longer saw a use for them. The only known deceased members where the ones in Arcadia Oaks, presumably the Changelings worldwide are still alive. The only known living Changelings are the defectors Stricklander (human name Waltolemew Strickler), NotEnrique (the Changeling who had replaced Enrique Nunez for a few months), and Ms. Nomura. A Changeling's nature can be revealed by touching them with a gaggletack (an iron horseshoe) turning them from human form to Troll form and vice versa. All babies in the Darkrealm have been rescued NotEnrique and Gnome Chompsky when they used a Cradle Stone given to them by Merlin as quakes caused by the start of the Eternal Night threatened to destroy the Dark Realm and presumably anyone still in it.

After making a deal with the Janus Order Jim's allies Claire Nunez, Tobias Domzalski, Blinky, and Draal son of the previous Trollhunter Kanjigar the Courageous received instructions on making an antidote. Once AAARRRGGHH! was revived he was called by the Soothscryer and entered the void. Kanjigar's spirit revealed that a Troll who has walked line of the living and the dead could be possessed by one the past Trollhunter spirits. Kanjigar possessed AAARRRGGHH! so he could open the Killahead Bridge and the group could rescue Jim. Though Gunamr, his advisor Dictatious, and two soldiers got out before the Trollhunter and his allies.

AAARRRGGHH! would access the Void Between Worlds once again during the Eternal Knight to have the dead Trollhunters possess several Gumm-Gumm soldiers to save Merlin from Morgana and hold her off so he could warn Jim.


After killing Mordred bandaged his wounded right hand and walked back the way he came to reunite with the others. And as he did the sounds of battle grew and grew until returned to the vat room. He saw Claire, Nier, and McCree fighting off armored bandits. Nier had his semblance activate allowing Shadowlord to fight alongside him. He then sees a group of bandits approaching so he summons several Dark Lances and launches them at the group. McCree throws a flash bang grenade at a group of bandits and before he could shoot them the blinded group gets swarmed by half-trolls. Claire meanwhile takes cuts down two bandits and some goblins with her cutlasses.

"Roland," Claire calls out to the Gunslinger after seeing him.

The group approaches him and sees that his right handis missing it's first two fingers.

"What the heck happened to your hand?" Nier asked.

"Mordred bit off my fingers but I can still shoot with it," Roland said.

"Where's Jake? Is he...?" McCree asked but got his answer as Roland shook his head sideways.

"We're so sorry Roland," Claire said.

"Did Mordred get away again?" Nier asked.

"No, I killed him, he won't be causing trouble ever again," Roland said. "Where's Jim and Umbra?"

"Jim knocked him into a vat and now Umbra is perfected half-troll," Claire explained. "Then Umbra teleported himself and Jim somewhere else."

"It can't be that far," McCree said. "After all he does have magical artifacts stored here that he wouldn't want us to take."



In a nearby cavern Jim and Umbra have been continuing their fight. Sparks fly from metal blades clashing with one another neither side willing to give the other side the chance of beating the other. Umbra then uses his wings to bring himself into the air and then rains down a barrage of magic blasts like bullets at Jim. Thanks to his enhanced speed the Trollhunter is able to avoid the shots while he summons his boomerang daggers and combines them. He then throws the combined blade at the half-troll Fallen who then deflects it but he sees that Jim has jumped into air and tackles him onto the ground. Jim manages to get a few punches in before Umbra blasts him away.

While he was sent back Jim summons the Eclipse blade and throws it at a stalactite above Umbra. The large rock falls toward Umbra, he manages to get out of the way but he's hit by debris and a force that sends him back. Both combatants look at each seeing their aura flicker showing that they were both out. Umbra then plants the Decimaar Blade in the ground and raises both of his hands. The shadows of the cavern rise and dozens upon dozens of Grimm emerge from the black gateways.

Jim cuts an approaching Ursa in half causing the bear Grimm swelled with red energy and disappeared. Jim sees more Grimm rushing toward him. He cuts down another, and then another, and another. Jim knew he that he can take on an entire army of Grimm by himself but Umbra only summoned them to by himself time for his aura to recover. Jim's aura would most likely recover as he continued to fight but what if theirs still Grimm when that happens, and Umbra's half-troll form is stronger than Jim's. Jim sees a group of Destroyers, beetle like Grimm, charge at him. He blocks their scythe like legs with his shield and sword.

"I need back up," Jim said as the Amulet of Daylight began to glow. The Eclipse blade then sends out a wave of red energy that damages some of the stalagmites and stalactites and sends the Destroyers back several feet. Jim did this once before back at Arcadia when he was fighting Gunmar and Angor Rot. Some nearby Gumm-Gumms were killed by cars that were sent flying by shockwaves when that happened and it seems that some of the Grimm here got killed by some of the rocks, but their was still a lot of Grimm in the cavern.

Jim looks as the Grimm begin approaching him again but they stopped when something happened to Jim, he was glowing red.

"This is can't be his aura recharging," Umbra says to himself. "Is this his semblance?"



As the battle in the vat room stopped Nier noticed something happening to Roland.

"Roland you're glowing red?"

"What? What is this?" Roland asked.

The glow stops as three blue orbs of light appear in front of the group.

"Your mother and I are proud of you my son."

"Do not let despair consume you for the deaths of your loved ones son we died so you could live."

"You gave me a new life I thought it best to save you, even if it meant sacrificing myself. It was an honor to die by your side."

"Father, mother, Jake," Roland says before the lights go down a nearby tunnel.

"What in God's name just happened?" McCree asked.

"I think just unlocked his Semblance," Claire said. "Come on let's follow those lights."


Jim sees two light emerge from his amulet and a third one appears next them. Soon three more lights come out of a nearby tunnel and join the other three. The six lights than take form in front of the Trollhunter. The six beings in front of him were three Trolls, two of which were wearing armor and the other was wearing a kilt and had spiky growths on his shoulders, arms, and back, and the other three were humans. He didn't recognize the the two adult humans but he did recognize the other. It was Jake and the three Trolls were ones he already knew, the first two were his predecessors the female Trollhunter Deya the Deliverer, Kanjigar the Courageous, and Kanjigar's son Draal.

"Jake, Kanjigar, Draal," Jim said in surprise. "How is this happening and what happened to you Jake!?"

"Mordred killed me but Roland killed him back," Jake said.

"To answer your question Jim it seems to unlocked your Semblance and called us to battle," Kanjigar said as him and Deya both summoned spirit versions of the Sword of Daylight.

"We can handle the Grimm old friend while you take care of that intelligent beast," Draal said. "I'll even help you get to him flesh-bag."

"Thanks Draal," Jim said to his old friend. "Now let's do this."

The Gunslinger spirits start shooting at the Grimm. Their shots proved able to kill the monsters. Jim follows Kanjigar, Deya, and Draal as they fight through the Grimm. Draal rolls over several Grimm before he stops and holds his hand out.

"Let's do this Trollhunter."

Jim jumps onto Draal's hand and the spirit of the dead Troll throws him over the Grimm army and toward Umbra. Jim then throws the Eclipse blade at the Fallen and summons his boomerang daggers again and throws them in their combined form toward Umbra. Umbra avoids the Eclipse blade but the boomerang manages to cut his right check. He grunts in pain and touches the wound to see that it was bleeding. As Jim lands on the ground he summons the sword again and the two begin fighting again.

"Do you know what I find most interesting about mankind Jim?" Umbra said as he fired a barrage of magic blasts.

"No," Jim responded as he leaped into the air trying to cut Umbra in half by using the fall.

"It's ability to adapt and evolve in any situation," Umbra said as the Decimaar Blade started to glow a bright blue. "When it's enemies refuse to surrender you build weapons capable of leveling entire cities like the atom bomb. When Dust cannot bring you to the stars you use alternate fuel sources. You and I did the same when we became half-trolls so we could become stronger than our enemies."

"Don't compare me to you!" Jim said as he charged at Umbra. The two lock blades and Umbra starts using the Decimaar Blade's dark magic on Jim causing him to scream in pain.

"If you will not serve me as a knight then I will make you my pawn," Umbra says.

The Amulet of Daylight activates Jim's helmet allowing him protection from the mind magic. Jim breaks away and tries to flank to flank Umbra from the right forcing the Fallen on the defensive.

Claire and the others managed to follow the souls of Roland's loved ones and found the cavern and what they saw surprised them. What appeared to be the spirits fighting Grimm and these were the souls of Roland's loved ones and the souls of Deya the Deliverer, Kanjigar the Courageous, and...

"Draal!?" Claire said in shock.

Draal throws an Ursa into a group of Grimm goes to the Hunters position.

"Good to see again Claire."

"How is this possible?" Claire asked.

"Jim just unlocked his Semblance and apparently he can summon the spirits of the dead to his side and fight for him," Draal explained. "He's currently fighting that abomination."

Draal points to a far away spot where Jim and Umbra are currently fighting.

"We have to help Jim," Nier said as he readies his katana Faith.

"Easier said then done Nier," McCree said as more Grimm began entering the cavern.

"The Grimm are attracted to negative emotions and the fight here and the one back in the tunnels," Roland pointed out. "The best we can do is fight out the Grimm so we don't get swarmed."

As the fight between Jim and Umbra continued Jim was thinking of a new strategy to help him take out Umbra. So far he only managed to inflict only minor wounds in the Fallen half-troll and those were made after he managed to do something that surprised him...

That's it!

Jim realized that if he wanted to kill Umbra he had to do something that would take him by surprise. Jim has been keeping a distance from Umbra but his gaze falls onto the blue orb at the bottom hilt of the sword. The piece of the original Decimaar blade that still holds it's power. Jim knew now that he has to stop going for Umbra and instead go for the sword. Jim charges at Umbra and makes multiple strikes on the sword. With each strike made the Decimaar blade is moved in different positions and Jim needed the right position in order to destroy the orb. Jim then makes a sword strike by moving the sword upward from ground. This strike causes Umbra to move the sword back and upward this was the position Jim was waiting for. In his left hand Jim summons his boomerang dagger and strikes the orb with it. As soon as Umbra sees this he can only act it shock upon realization.

"NO!" Umbra exclaims.

As soon as the orb is cracked it unleashes a wave of blue energy that knocks the two half-trolls onto their backs. The energy races through the caverns and kills all of Umbra's mind controlled bandits. It was just like back in Arcadia when Jim killed Gunmar, which conveniently destroyed the original blade, an energy wave was released and killed all of Gunmar's mind controlled soldiers. The Hunters and the spirits had also witnessed the energy wave when their fight against the Grimm present began to near it's end.

"Was that a good sign?" McCree asked.

"Jim must've destroyed the Decimaar Blade again," Claire explained. She sees an approaching Beowolf and teleports behind it before cutting it in half. "Let's wrap this up so we can go help him."

"Their numbers are fewer than before we can handle this," Kanjigar said. "Go! Help our Trollhunter!"

The group complies with Kanjigar's order and head for Jim.

The energy wave had sent both Jim and Umbra onto their backs and the two of them have started to get back up. As Umbra gets back up he sees that the energy wave released by the destruction of a piece of the original Decimaar Blade had also destroyed his sword. With the sword's destruction his bandit army is gone meaning the failed half-trolls are still moving around the caves. But with the base exposed he can't continue his research.

I have to grab my artifacts and get out of here. I'll have to avoid Sammael and his agents for the time being as well I lack to power to usurp him.

The shadows gather around him to bring him to his studies, but he hears a scream. Not one of fear or anger, but one from a warrior acting in defiance of his enemy. Umbra turns to see Jim has leaped towards him and lands in the moving shadows. Both half-trolls are sent away as the shadows disappear and the Hunters come to the spot.

"Okay this is getting ridiculous now," Nier said. It was fair to say that the Hunters were already fed up with Umbra's ability to travel through the shadows.

"Any idea on where they could've gone?" McCree asked.

"Umbra was trying to retreat but I doubt that teleport was meant for him to leave the mountain," Roland said. "He may try to take his artifacts with him."

"Then let's head for his study," Claire said.


The two half-trolls find themselves outside of Umbra's study. Jim had the Fallen on the ropes now with the Decimaar blade gone he tried to retreat . Umbra was doing his best to avoid as many of Jim's strikes as he can and when Jim got close he blasted Jim back a few feet. Umbra would've continued until he noticed soemthing odd, he smelled something burning he turn's to see the door to his study is in several pieces and everything inside it is on fire. He looks around to see a dead half-troll and he corpse of one of his bandits who had a gun on him. Umbra picks up the gun to see that it was loaded with fire Dust. This soldier must've missed a few times and it destroyed his door and started burning his artifacts.

"No the artifacts!" Umbra says. He runs toward the fire to save everything he collected but...


He looks down to see the Eclipse Blade sticking through his chest. He slowly turns around to see Jim standing up and breathing heavily. The Trollhunter had thrown the sword at him when he had turned his back to him.

"This is where your story ends."

The sword then sends a surge of energy through Umbra causing him to scream in pain. He stops when the energy stops and he falls to his knees as his body began to petrify. Umbra was dead at last. Jim recalls the Eclipse blade to his hand, breaths a sigh of relief, and sits down to rest his mission was now over.

Jim turns around to see Claire and the other approaching him.

"You guys are a little late," Jim said as he gestured to Umbra's petrified remains.

"Good job partner," McCree said as him and Nier helped the Trollhunter to his feet. "Should we out that fire?"

"Leave it," Jim said. "The artifacts are probably ruined already."

"I'll make a call to Sebben and tell him what happened," Nier said. "I'll head outside for a better signal."

The group (minus Nier) see the soul orbs of the people Jim summoned come to them. Two of them enter Jim's amulet and the other four take on their true forms.

"It was an honor to fight alongside you Jim," Draal said before fading away.

"The honor was mine Draal," Jim said.

Roland looks at the souls of his mother, father, and Jake and says, "Until we meet again."

The souls bow to him and fade away.


Choteau Airport, Montana. One day later.

With Umbra dead the Hunters decided to return to the Choteau Airport. Before that they tried talking to the half-trolls but they moved further down the tunnels. The group told Sebben of this development and he believed that the half-trolls wouldn't bother anyone. At the airport the Hunters were talking to each other before they had to split up.

"I'm heading back for GrimmFall, Sebben's going to want a full report in person," McCree said. "I take it the rest of you are heading to your homes?"

"I want to check in with my family back in Japan," Nier said. "After that whole Pixie fiasco I want to see Kaine again."

"I wouldn't be too worried you told me that she-sorry I forgot Kaine identifies as non-binary, is a Class IV Hunter, so you shouldn't worry too much," McCree said.

"What about you Roland?" Claire asked.

"First, I'll head back to my old home and bring jake's dust their to be with the other dead Gunslingers," said Roland. After the battle was over Roland had Jim help him ground up Jake's petrified body into dust so he could honor him by bringing his remains to the old Gunslinger village. Though abandoned with the deaths of all of the other members it still held some importance to Roland as a place of pilgrimage.

"Second, I'll go back to wandering the world alone," Roland said. "It's still better for the people around me that I don't become attached to them after all."

"Still the lone wolf," McCree said. "But you should see someone about your right hand though. I know a good doctor in Switzerland who can replace your missing fingers."

"I appreciate the gesture but I can still shoot a gun with my right hand and I'd rather keep my scars to remember those that I lost," Roland said. "It's how I honor them."

After that Roland walks away from the group.

"It was nice meeting you all and I wish you all good luck on what your journey's have in stored for you," Jim said as Claire nodded in agreement.

"Same to you Jim," Nier said as he walked away.

"See you the next time around," McCree said as he walked away.

Jim and Claire are left alone and turn to each other.

"Back to New Jersey then," Claire said.

"Back to Trollmarket," Jim responded.


Sometime has passed since the battle in the caves and the only things the Hunters left behind in the caves were the bandit corpses and Umbra's petrified body. But two living beings have entered the cave and came to the spot where Umbra's corpse was left. Moloch and Sammael came to see if anything the renegade Fallen had gathered survived the fire that destroyed his study sadly the only thing that survived was a piece of paper from one of dimension traveling magi books. This paper offered nothing of value as it was nothing more than a drawing of what appears to be a Huntress team from another dimension. Under each Huntress was a letter and these letters are R-W-B-Y.

"The only thing that survived was some useless drawing those magi made," Moloch said. "All those tomes and weapons and the only thing that survived was something useless."

"For once we agree Moloch," Sammael said as his eyes turned bright red and fired a beam that burned the paper away. "Those magi must've thought this Huntress team was important but I'd rather not deal with unwanted problems from a dimension we don't know about."

Sammael moves to the petrified corpse of Umbra. The red haired Fallen was somewhat intrigued by Umbra's accomplishment.

"I must admit, I am impressed by the lengths he went to become what he died as. The first Troll/Fallen hybrid in existence. Your patience paid off old friend."

Sammael then places his hand on Umbra's head and rips it off of the renegade's petrified body.

"But in the end you were weak in resolve and spirit, it didn't matter if you had the strength of a thousand Trolls and Fallen. I warned you many times but you never listened. I had such high hopes for you and Mordred and I could no longer waste time on you. Henceforth I'll keep your head and use it as a message to keep the other Fallen in line."

"What about the Trollhunter?" Moloch asked.

"The Trollhunter will only intervene if the problem is something from the Trolls' world, like the Decimaar blade and finding the location of the new Trollmarket is difficult. Drago can't track Trolls as it's like they were spawned from the Earth itself and the magic of a Heartstone can shield it's inhabitants location. Even if we did find the new their new home Merlin would surely sense the presence of our agents and he's more than a match for the likes of us that's why we avoided him and Morgana all those centuries ago. A battle with that wizard could go either way."

"So we leave them alone?"

"Yes, we have other matters to deal with after all."

The two then vanished into the darkness leaving the cave behind

The End.

Name: Jim lake, Jr.

Species: Human/Troll

Aura: Red

Semblance: Spirit Caller.

Description: Allows Jim to summon the spirits of dead beings to fight be his side. He can only summon spirits that have a connection to an object, person, or place near him. One good hit on the summoned spirits can send them away. If Jim tries to summon more than six ghost warriors we will begin to feel tired.

Weapon: Jim's weapons include the Sword of Eclipse, the boomerage daggers, and a shield. These weapons are connected to his amulets magic and can be returned to his hand at just a thought.

Well all good things must come to an end, GrimmFall: Trollhunters is officially over. I recommend reading the other GrimmFall stories by Lord Maximus and the other authors to satisfy quench for a FusionFall+RWBY. I wanted to finish writing my story before my first quarter at my university began so take care yourselves everyone and have a good time.