Issue #18: "Battle Focus"

Wade stared at Gran Torino sleeping while he snored loudly while literally saying 'I'm snoring' in his sleep. The sun was already down, and he was the only one left that was still awake. Right now, he was wearing a dark tank top with a pair of sweatpants. It was already the end of the first day of the internship. After Gran Torino came back from the grocery store, he and Wade ate lunch. Spider-Man believed that after they had some food, then it would be time to get some real training done.

Sadly, it's not happening like he was expecting. The old geezer just fell asleep. This left Wade with nothing to do but text his friends in the group chat to see what they were up to.

Bakugo wasn't responding, but from what Wade heard, he was interning at Best Jeanist. Given his track record of being a prim and proper Hero, Wade could only imagine the disciplining he's giving the hothead.

Kirishima was one of the first to respond. He was interning with the Chivalrous Hero: Fourth Kind and he found out that Tetsutetsu was there too. Wade figured that after the Sports Festival, they were now friends.

For the sound of it, Ochaco was having a great time with her internship with Gunhead. Turned out the Hero had a bit of a soft side, as he was surprisingly friendly. He was even helping her by teaching her how to fight. This surprised Wade, and he texted about the two of them having a sparring match one day, which she was excited about.

Momo was taking her internship at the Snake Hero: Uwabami with Kendo from Class 1-B. Having lost in the tournament and in the Cavalry Battle, there weren't many Heroes for them to intern with, and the supermodel was one of the few that wanted the two girls. Still wanting to prove herself after losing disastrously in her battle with Tokoyami, Momo eagerly accepted the offer. Furthermore, it seems like she's getting along with Kendo as well.

Turned out the main reason Uwabami wanted them was because they're both cute young ladies.

As for Mina, she chose the internship with Kamui Woods, who Wade just remembered seeing once before, but so far they've been doing a few things like charity, helping out in homeless shelters. While Mina was glad to help people in need, she found that boring since she's looking forward to fighting against villains.

Jiro was having a more difficult time getting used to her internship with Death Arms. She had no breaks on her patrol of the city and was running most of the time trying to keep up.

Mineta was complaining about his time with Mt. Lady. Having been forced to clean up her big apartment all by himself. Saying that it was not the kind of role-play he was hoping for. Then again, Wade assumed he must have done something perverted to make her do that or Mt. Lady was just that lazy, probably both.

Tsuyu had chosen to intern with the Pro Hero Selkie and his sidekick Sirius aboard the Oki Mariner. But while she was able to be in an environment that complimented her Quirk, Tsu was finding the experience to be kind of boring.

And then there was Todoroki. Wade asked him in a private text message about how things were going with him after learning that Shoto was interning with his father. Shoto hated being around his father, who was going on about leading his son down the "path of the mighty." Shoto had no desire to do such a thing. Wade tried to remind him what they talked about, back at the sports festival. What surprised him was that Todoroki revealed he went to a hospital where his mother was, to visit her.

"How did it go?" Wade texted, a little worried.

Todoroki responded it went well, at first his mother cried too much, not only to apologize for what she did to him, but she was also happy to see him again after years. After that, they had a little chat and Todoroki reassured her that he didn't bore any resentments towards her. He even told her a few things about Wade, that it was thanks to him that helped him realize what he had to do to become a Hero, and because of him he gained the confidence to come visit her. He even appreciated Wade on the chat for helping him to let go of the past.

Wade smiled heartedly. He honestly didn't expect that his words would help inspire Todoroki to let go of the past, also he was a little interested to meet her mother, but he decided to hold that thought for now since Todoroki is just seeing her mother again.

"I'm snoring...I'm snoring...I'm snoring…"

Wade sighed in annoyance. This was the first day of training, and Gran Torino had only tested him once. No actual Hero work or field training. Just went straight to bed and that's it.

Walking out of the bedroom, Wade walked down the stairs of the building and headed for the doors. When he looked up the name Gran Torino, he couldn't find anything about the guy. All he knows is that he was a teacher for just one year. He's one big mystery.

Opening the door Wade looked around to see if anyone was there. Seeing no one around, Wade ran across the street over to an alleyway. Entering it, Wade looked up towards the top of both buildings. He's bunny hopped up the side of two buildings next to one another. But now he had to do it with One-for-All.

"I need to change the way that I think about One-for-All. Make it a part of me." Wade said to himself while looking up. He then looked at his hand, covered by the suit. "Everyone else in my class uses their Quirks as if it's completely natural. Just like my Spider-Quirk. But I'm still thinking of One-for-All as something that I have to call upon."

"If I can use 5% of the power like it was nothing, then I'll be able to move around like I normally do," Wade said. He remembered something similar that Mr. Aizawa and Kirishima said. If he can just master my Quirk, he'll be able to do so many amazing things.

First things first though, he'll have to learn how to use it instantly.

"All right! I'll try this out. 5% should be enough here." Wade said, looking back and forth between the roofs.

He crouched down and powered One-for-All at 5%. Spreading it through his legs and feet. And then he jumped up as high as he could. Stinking to the wall before jumping at the second wall. But by that time, he couldn't turn on the power again. Making the jump weaker.

Sticking to the wall, Wade looked down at his legs. "Damn it! I was afraid that would happen!" he said before standing up and walking down the wall while his feet stuck to it.

He then leaped off the wall and landed on the ground. One-for-All was taking longer than he needed it to for him to use it the way he wanted. His first jump would prove successful, but he'd need to charge another jump just to get the same results.

"Maybe for the second jump, I'll put power into both my arms and legs," Wade said, brainstorming a way to make this work. Luckily his ability to stick to any surface meant he didn't have to worry about falling down. "It's worth the try."

And so for the next few hours, Wade would constantly try to achieve the results he was looking for and would end up failing. Then he'd get up and try again. One time he ended up falling down and scaring off a married couple who were out on a date.

The next morning came and Gran Torino came down to see Wade laying on the couch with bruises and a tired expression. Staring up at the ceiling as the old man walked over to him.

"Good morning," he said with a grin. "What's wrong? You look like you've been beating yourself."

"That's one way of putting it." Wade groaned, rubbing his face from the exhaustion he felt before sitting up. "I was training on my own last night. I tried taking everything you said to me and put it into practice. But it was no good and I ended up overdoing it. Guess I still got a long way to go."

"It's your first time, so it's to be expected. That is how training works." Gran Torino said, flicking his nose with his thumb. "Of course, I suppose All Might can't wrap his mind around that."

Wade looked at him with a confused look. "What do you mean?"

"He was pretty much able to use One-for-All right off the bat, so I taught him in a different manner. Of course, he had the body going for him, so there's that."

Wade looked down at his body as the little old man walked past him. Then he looked annoyed, thinking Gran Torino was calling him skinny. But then he started becoming curious. "So, All Might was your student, right? What was he like back then?"

"Hm?" Gran Torino stopped and looked at Wade before trying to remember. "Huh...It was all combat training for him. Hehe! I remember this one time I gut-punched him so hard he vomited before I delivered an uppercut."

While he started laughing at that old memory, Wade found it less funny and more frightening. His body shaking as he said to himself, 'Jesus Christ! No wonder All Might was so scared of this guy!'

"The training was difficult, but I couldn't hold back on him. He was entrusted to me by a sworn friend who had just passed away."

Forgetting about his fright, the young man looked at Gran Torino with a confused and slightly sad look. "You mean All Might's predecessor? So, who was he?" He asked.

Just earned him a look of shock and confusion from Gran Torino.

The doorbell rang and the delivery man shouted. "Package for you!"

"Oh, I've got it. Coming!" Wade ran over to the door and opened it. All while Gran Torino stood there in silence for a moment.

'So you haven't told him about the seventh hold yet, eh, Toshinori?'

"Got it. Thanks!" Wade said to the delivery man after he handed over a large package. Closing the door with his foot, Wade walked over to the living room and placed the package door before opening it in front of Gran Torino.

Gran Torino was happy when Wade pulled out a brand new microwave, much to his confusion.

"What's with the microwave?" He asked.

"Well, for some reason, mine broke yesterday." He said, patting the microwave as he chuckled. "So I bought a new one."

"I can think of a few reasons why." Wade said rhetorically with a chuckle.

"So whaddya think? How 'bout we eat some frozen food I bought? It'll be good!"

"But the only thing you bought was dessert." Wade said, standing up. Gran Torino hopped up with a spring in his heel.

"What can I say, I like the finer things in life." He said with a smile, walking over to the refrigerator.

"But frozen food? Haven't you thought eating those is unhealthy for your age?"

"Do I look like a lazy slob to you?" Gran Torino turned to Wade with a frown, feeling offended by his question.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh… Kinda?" Wade responded with a shrug.

"Just shut up and put those fish snacks in the microwave! We'll eat frozen food when I say so!" The old man snapped before throwing a sandal at Wade and hit him in the head.

"OW! Okay, okay! Geez..." The young man grumbled as he rubbed his head. "Cracky old fart…"

Wade placed the frozen fish snacks on a plate before putting them into the microwave. Behind him sat Gran Torino, happily waiting for his dessert to come to him. But while Wade was waiting for the food to be ready, he was deep in thought. Using One-for-All needs to be as easy as taking a breath. Thinking about it objectively, everyone has had fifteen years to get into that kind of mindset. But not Wade. He's had ten months and most of that time was spent building up his body and getting used to his Spider-Quirk and not One-for-All.

At this rate, in order to draw out more than five percent of the power, Wade thought he had to put in the kind of commitment he did on the beach.


The dinging of the microwave brought Wade back to reality. Opening the door, he grabbed the snacks and brought it over to the table.

"Oh, yeah, look at these delicious babies!" Gran Torino exclaimed, patting the table with some drool leaking from the corner of his mouth. "Come and get 'em while they're steamin'!"

Wade sat at the table, but his mind was still conflicted.

"Hmm? Why the long face, boy?" Gran Torino said when he noticed the troubled expression from the boy.

"My time staying here is limited, so I'm trying to figure out what I focus on." Wade said with a sigh, bringing over some plates and forks.

"Just focus on these pipin' hot pastries for now." Gran Torino said joyfully as he grabbed one of the fish treats. But when he went to take a bit out of it, he nearly shattered his teeth from it still being frozen.

Confused, Wade picked up a fish and felt just how cold it was. "The hell? I cooked these things at the highest setting on the box."

"What are you, an idiot?!" Gran Torino yelled, throwing the snack at Wade's head. It bounced off his forehead and then landed perfectly on the plate.

With a red mark on his head from where the fish hit him, Wade glared at the old Hero. "The hell's your problem!?"

"My problem is that you stuck a huge plate in there! Don't deny it!" Gran Torino exclaimed angrily, before getting up and walking over to the open microwave. Pointing to it. "If you do that, there's no room for it to turn. Some only one part of it gets hot. Have you never done this before?"

"Wha-No! We never had one of those turning microwaves!" Wade argued with the old man. "I'll just put them back in on a smaller plate so that they...cook all...the...way..."

The young man trailed off. His eyes widened with shock and awe as he started to finally understand. It was so simple and right in front of him the whole time and he didn't even realize it.

"Wait… That's it! I've figured it out! Oh God, why haven't I thought of that before?!" Wade shouted with a big grin of glee on his face.

Gran Torino watched with confusion as Wade turned and picked up one of the fish treats. Then he turned around and showed it to him.

"This is me! The frozen pastry is me!"

"Eehhh, no, it's not. Are you okay, young man?" Gran Torino asked, weirded out. Realizing just how crazy he sounded at that moment, Wade chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head.

"Okay, probably not my best way at describing something, but hear me out!" Wade said as he tried to hold back the excitement, placing the snack back on the plate.

He then faced his body towards Gran Torino before looking down at his hands. His face expressed determination and a sense of victory over figuring out what he really had to do.

"I understand what I have to do. You were right. Up until now, I've just been summoning One-for-All like it was just something I use to back up my Spider-Quirk. Only when I really need it. In the places I need it. Like flipping on a switch. But doing that is just going to slow down my reaction time more and more with every move. It has to be like my spider powers. I should be having it on constantly! I just have to leave the power on the whole time."

Wade took a deep breath and focused as hard as he could. Imagining the energy that used to be focused in one place, spreading throughout his entire body. Starting from the feet, red, vein-like lines coursed through his body, coinciding with the power flowing through him.

As he watched Wade, Gran Torino smiled softly. It didn't take him too long to figure it out.

When Spider-Man fully achieved spreading 5% of One-for-All throughout his body, he held it there. Causing his body and eyes to give off a glow with a green, electric aura coursing around him.

"Visualizing a pasty in the microwave is pretty boring, kid, you sure you're okay with that?" Gran Torino asked with a smirk.

"That's funny you said that. All Might thought the same thing about my egg technique and it was fine with me." Wade said with a determined grin.

"Heh, I like your spirit, kid. Keep One-for-All flowing throughout your entire body. If you can move around while maintaining it, then you'll be on a completely different level than you were at the sports festival." Gran Torino told the young Spider-Man.

Wade nodded his head and grunted. Gritting his teeth as he tried to handle the power. Even with his enhanced stamina, it was a chore to maintain the power flowing through himself.

Gran Torino's grin grew. "So, kid, think you can handle it?" He asked, and Wade looked at him with a puzzled look. Gran Torino then pulled out a stopwatch. "We'll begin with three minutes."

He pressed the button and threw his cane to the side. He then started stretching his legs. Showing a level of flexibility Wade didn't think someone his age was capable of.

"That's all the time you have to try and hit me with your fancy Venom Smash. Think you can do that?" He questioned Wade. Wade eagerly accepted the challenge.

"Let's find out, old-timer!" He said with a smirk, still struggling to keep up the power.

With that Gran Torino was off again. Bouncing from wall to wall to ceiling at sonic speeds. Becoming a yellow bullet that Wade watched and followed with his eyes. Not wanting for the older Hero to get the drop on him.

His senses went off and Wade ducked down to avoid an attack for his head. But the sudden movement caused One-for-All to cancel out. Returning him to normal.

"Come on! If you can't even hold your own against an old man!" Gran Torino taunted as he bounced around the room. "How will you protect those in trouble?"

Wade turned around when he heard the man going past the back of his neck. A second later, and he was hit in the back of the head. Gran Torino continued his attacks, but this time Wade was able to sense and then dodge them.

"Someone praised by the Symbol of Peace himself should be about to complete this challenge easily. No sweat!"

Landing on the ground in a crouch after dodging another attack, Wade focused again on his new technique. His body glowing and the red lines coursing throughout his body.


He was kicked in the face by Gran Torino, causing the power to fade out. Wade shook his head to clear it, but he had to think of something quick. He needed time to get it going through his body again.

As he dodged more attacks from Gran Torino, he took time to strategize. He knew a single hit from him didn't pack too big a punch, but he's going too fast for him to follow with his eyes. He just needed a few seconds!

Sliding over to the couch, Wade grabbed it, swung it around, and then sent it towards Gran Torino. Predicting his movements and then firing off two large webs. Gran Torino dodged both the sofa and the webbing, but it gave him just enough time to finally get the power flowing again.

"So you were just trying to keep me off you for a minute." Gran Torino said, grinning at Wade's quick thinking. "Now that's a good idea."

"One-for-All: Battle Focus!"

With the power back, Wade jumped off the ground and reached forward to grab Gran Torino, only for him to dodge yet again. The airwaves that were created from the movement of his arm caused a few cans of tomatoes to get knocked off their shelf.

"Almost!" Gran Torino yelled. He then rocked towards the wall behind Wade, and Wade sensed him coming for him again. Gran Torino went to take down Wade from behind again.

Wade suddenly jumped towards the ceiling so fast that it shocked Gran Torino. When he landed on the ceiling, Wade shot a web line at the older Hero's back and landed the shot. Grinning, Wade yanked back on the line, sending Gran Torino coming at him as he propelled himself downwards towards him. Going faster than he ever had.

"Venom Smash!" Wade shouted as he shot his fist out at Gran Torino. But Gran Torino moved his head slightly, causing Wade's attack to miss. Even if it was close enough to leave a scratch on his cheek.

While Wade was distracted by the shock of the dodge, Gran Torino broke free of the webbing by rocking towards a wall and then coming back at Wade. Slamming into his stomach and sending him across the room.

Wade yelled out in pain when he hit the wall hard, before his body fell to the ground. He jumped back up to his feet and prepared for battle again.

However, Gran Torino didn't attack again and had stopped the stopwatch.

"Your time's up." He said.

Wade let out a sigh of relief, bent down, and placed his hands on his knees. "Damn. I've got to figure out a way to keep in that state!" Wade wheezed, rubbing the back of his head in pain.

"That's correct, but you did a good job." Wade looked up to Gran Torino addressing him. "You managed to attack me while I had my guard down thanks to your analysis and quick thinking. You've got the mind of a strategist as you do the will to fight. You've already grown since yesterday, and this is just our first time using One-for-All this way." he said, showing Wade the cut on his cheek. The one Wade gave him in that failed Venom Smash.

It's been a long time since he had to seriously dodge an attack. This boy might turn out to be a real force to be reckoned with. A real superhuman.

"All right, no time to rest." The old man said. "Let's keep training."

"Right, I'm ready!" Wade said with excitement as he stood up and raised his fists. "What's the next step?"

"Something very important. We haven't had any breakfast this morning."

Wade blinked before realizing that he was right. "Oh, right. I was going to reheat the fish pastries." He said, feeling his stomach growling.

"Why don't you go ahead and do that?" Gran Torino said happily, turning to the table to wait for his taiyakis.

Only to see the table knocked over and the taiyakis on the ground.


"Alright, alright, calm down! I'll go buy some more." Wade said with an exasperated sigh. He walked out of the door and started web-swinging to the store as he did so, the Spider-Man could keep the smile on his face down.

Wade still had a long road ahead for him, but he can see where he was going. One-for-All Battle Focus. That's the next step in Wade making the power his own.

Meanwhile, later in the day, All Might was meeting with his friend, Detective Tsukauchi. The two men were sitting together in the teacher's lounge alone. The school was empty, with most of the faculty having gone home for the day.

"I'm sorry to show up unexpectedly. Hope you don't mind." Tsukauchi said as All Might poured him some tea.

"Please, it's always a pleasure to see you, Tsukauchi." All Might said as he sat down on the couch. "So, how's the investigation?"

"Well, there were a number of villains who attacked the USJ. But we're puzzled by one. The one that kid from your class fought they called 'Nomu.'"

"Right, that strong bird guy." All Might said, leaning forward.

"We went ahead and ran some tests on Nomu's DNA," Tsukauchi said, pulling out a folder that had papers in it.

"And what exactly did you find?" All Might asked.

"First: we're not asking you to help us with the case. Technically, this is a leak. I just felt I owed it to you to let you know." The detective clarified. "It could lead us to the one in charge."

This got All Might's full attention. Tsukauchi wouldn't have brought this to him if it wasn't important. And by the sound of his voice, it sounded very serious.

"After several attempts at interrogation, we realized that Nomu can't speak. He shows no reaction to anything. It's as though he literally can't think for himself. No matter what's going on around him." Opening the folder, Tsukauchi placed a photo of a man on the tea table. He was the mugshot of a normal-looking man. "As for his identity: We discovered that he used to be a low-level thug with a record of assault and extortion."

"Why do you think this'll lead us to the mastermind behind the League?" All Might asked his old friend.

"Here's where it gets interesting. Our reports show that he's been altered drastically. When we analyzed his genetic makeup, we discovered four different people's DNA." Tsukauchi stated.

All Might placed a hand under his chin to think. "Someone combined people's DNA to make this guy. So is he even human anymore?"

"The transformation is a result of drugs and other unknown methods." The detective explained as All Might looked back down at the mugshot. "To oversimplify a bit, he's been modified so that his body is able to hold multiple Quirks at once. His brain's apparent lack of processing power probably comes from the burden that causes. But we're more concerned about his DNA. He shouldn't have more than one power. Even if new DNA's introduced, that shouldn't give a person multiple powers. Not unless it's completely integrated into someone's body. Not all Quirks work like One-for-All. But maybe…"

All Might's eyes widened. Realizing what he was about to say before Tsukauchi told him.

"...there's someone out there with the power to pass different Quirks on to other people."

"It can't be!" All Might gasped in horror as he stood up. His body trembled.

"Given the evidence, I think it's a reasonable conclusion. It's why I came to you. I had to let you know immediately." Tsukauchi grimaced.

All Might turned and walked to the large window that overlooked the city. His fist clenched tightly with fury and rage as he started transforming into his muscle form. "No. It's not possible. Don't tell me he's back again."

Ghost followed his master's orders and watched from the sideline. Even with what was happening, he just twirled a throwing knife with the fingers of his right hand.

"So you want me to be a part of your crumbling little league. But you won't accomplish anything if you don't have conviction and desire. Without those, you'll always be an aimless weakling. Achieving nothing." Stain said as he stared into the eyes of Shigaraki, leader of the League of Villains.

"That's how you got here."

To say that things have gotten out of hand is an understatement. In a sudden burst of speed, Stain had pinned Shigaraki down to the ground by stabbing his shoulder with his daggers. Neither the villain nor Kurogiri could react in time. Stain moved at unimaginable speeds and, in the blink of an eye, bested Shigaraki before the fight could begin. Kurogiri was hit in the shoulder and was bleeding.

The only one of the villains that wasn't injured was Ghost, who caught the throwing knife Stain sent him.

Shigaraki breathed heavily. "Hey, now. You're being a little rough, aren't you?" He grunted, realizing that he made a grave mistake in trying to recruit the Hero Killer. "Kurogiri, take this guy back."

"I-I'm sorry. I can't move. It must be the Hero Killer's Quirk at work." Kurogiri said in pain as his blood-stained his left sleeve.


"I was given instructions to not interfere by the master." Ghost said coldly as he dropped Stain's knife.

"The world is overrun by fakes and criminals like you who chase petty dreams. They must all be purged." Stain said, about to start cutting into Shigaraki's throat. But then Shigaraki grabbed the blade of the weapon.

"Hey now...What do you think you're doing? If you touch this palm…" He proceeded to use his Decay-Quirk. Making the blade crack while breaking down. "...I'll kill you."

Stain's eyes widened in slight shock seeing the villain's Quirk destroying his dagger. Making it rust in a matter of milliseconds before it crumbled away into dust.

"You sure talk a lot 'Hero Killer.' Conviction? Maybe I don't have anything as loaded as that. If I had to choose a desire, though...Yeah, it'd be killing All Might. If this world wants to worship trash like him, I'll destroy their beloved Symbol of Peace, and then crush them while they're in shock!" Shigaraki exclaimed with a psychotic smile on his face.

He reached out to grab Stain's face, but the Hero Killer jumped away. He drew another dagger and prepared to fight against the leader of the League of Villains.

"The last of my injuries was finally about to finish healing, and now this. You should learn not to play with knives. We don't have a healer in our party, you know." Shigaraki said after getting up off the floor. His right arm was bleeding, and he was angrily scratching his neck. Glaring at the Hero Killer.

"I see your nature."


"It seems our goals fundamentally oppose each other. However, this wasn't in vain. We agreed that we need to destroy the present." Stain said with a look of disgust but saw they were able to find a common ground.

"I'm over this," Shigaraki growled in frustration. "Leave, drop dead. I'm the kind of person you hate most, right?"

"I was testing your motives. People always show their true colors when on the verge of death. It's abnormal, but there is desire, a warped sprout of conviction, inside of you. How will it bloom in the end, I wonder." Stain said with his arms stretched out, as Shigaraki glared at him. "Maybe I'll let you grow. If you don't turn out well, I'll take care of you later."

"You think you could get rid of me?" Shigaraki questioned.

At that moment, Kurogiri felt himself being able to move. "I'm free."

"Kurogiri. Someone as crazy as this would be nothing but a problem for the League of Villains." Shigaraki told the mist villain.

"Please reconsider. This man will be a great asset if he joins us. I'd say this was a success."

"My business here is done. Now, you will return me to Hosu." Stain said, before licking his lips with a bloodthirsty grin. "There are still several false Heroes I must attend to there."

At the same time, Iida was coming back from patrol with the Normal Hero: Manual. Manual was a messy brown-hair man with black eyes. His hero costume consists of a blue and white, skin-tight, long-sleeved shirt that tucks into his orange gloves. He wore dark pants, white boots, and sports a signature helmet that features a fish-like fin and blue visor.

Manual took off his helmet and let out a sigh of relief. "Well, the nice thing about having the whole city on alert is that no villains will dare come out." He said to Iida before turning and leaving the room.

"Oh, yeah, sure." Iida said in an uncharacteristically dismissive way. Setting his helmet on the table and then taking off his glass.

But the truth was, Iida wasn't acting like himself at all, coming here to Hosu was part of it. Interning with Manual only served as a means to an end for the young man. There was only one reason why Tenya would come here instead of his own brother's agency. Tensei was a part of that reason.

His reason for being here was the Hero Killer Stain.

There was a pattern to the killings. That was obvious once Tenya looked at the murder's crimes. In the seven places that Stain's appeared in so far, the man's always injured at least four Pro Heroes. Maybe there was a reason for that, or maybe Tenya was just reading into things, but the evidence itself was beginning to look too much for it to be a coincidence.

Tensei was the only person Stain attacked in Hosu.

Meaning that it's very likely he'll appear in the city again.


Tenya Iida's face morphed into a look of uttered rage and hatred. The look of a man that wanted nothing more than to make the one who crippled his brother pay for what he's done

He will kill the Hero Killer with his own hands.

It was nearing the end of Wade's third day at his internship, and he and Gran Torino were sparing again. Using 5% of his new One-for-All: Battle Focus, Wade weaved and dodged Gran Torino's attacks. He had to keep 5% going and attack.

After dodging another attack, Wade tried to attack again. But then Gran Torino bounced off the wall and sent himself back at Spider-Man. Wade braced himself for the kick and ended up getting flown back into the wall. He slid onto the ground with a groan.

Gran Torino sighed and landed on the ground. He looked at Wade as he rubbed his chin and then said. "We should switch the training."

"What are you talking about?" Wade asked, rolling back upright and sat on his knees. Panting from exhaustion and pain while he had a small trace of blood from his mouth and some from his nose. "I can keep going!"

"If you get too used to fighting against my distinct tactics, you might develop some weird habits."

"What habit? I'm just trying to keep up with you!" Wade said, getting back up to his feet and getting ready to fight again. "I can still fight!"

"No, we're done here." Gran Torino said before smirking. "Change into your costume, boy. We're moving onto Phase 2."

"Phase 2? Since when did this training have a phase 2?"

A moment later, Wade had on his Spider-Man suit and walked outside with Gran Torino. "Hope you're ready. We're going out to fight some villains." He exclaimed, raising his wooden cane.

"Really? Just like that?" Spider-Man asked, almost surprised.

"If you only fight against me, you'll be in trouble when you come across someone who's the complete opposite." The old Hero said as they started walking down the street. "The key is to let you get experience with different types of villains and situations. This is an internship, after all. You really shouldn't be that surprised by this."

"Hmm, that's a good point, but wouldn't it be better for me to spend more time preparing myself?" Wade asked, a little concerned.

"For what I've heard, you've already been in combat with some real villains. You'll be just fine, we aren't gonna go after anyone that big after all." Gran Torino to the boy.

He then stopped and waved for a taxi cab. When a cab pulled up, they got into the cab and Gran Torino told the driver to take them to the train station. Once they were off down the street, Gran Torino turned to the young Hero. "And it won't do us any good hangin' around here. Because of the small population in this area, the crime rate is pretty low. That's why there are so many hero agencies in urban areas, there's a lot more crime there. The higher the population density, the more trouble you'll find. Now in Shibuya, we'll have plenty of small fights to break up, I guarantee."

"So are we taking the train towards Shinjuku?" Wade asked.


Wade sighed with his narrowed eyes and looked out the window of the car. That means they were going to pass Hosu City. He wondered for a moment how Iida was doing there. Wade's gonna try and message him later.

Soon, they were on the train. Traveling through Hosu city. It was already late, with the moon already out, and the train wouldn't arrive until later.

"The train isn't gonna get there until pretty late. Are you sure that's okay?" Wade asked. He was seated next to Gran Torina in the front car of the train.

"That's why I picked it. There'll be more skirmishes then, so it'll be much more fun!" Gran Torino replied as he laid back against his seat.

Wade sweatdropped. "Yeah, sure it will." He said rhetorically. He then pulled out his phone and turned it on.

"You kids these days. You're constantly buried in your cell phones."

Wade couldn't help but chuckle at his comment, and looked through his message with Iida. He texted him a few minutes ago to let him know the pair were traveling through Hosu, but the Class Rep hadn't replied yet. But he has read the message. Wade was sure it didn't take Iida more than three minutes to reply back to a message.

He set the phone down and looked out the window. They were almost at Hosu station.

"Hey, did you see that?! A building just exploded!" A man in their cart exclaimed, causing the two Heroes and everyone else in the car to turn towards the window he was looking out of.

"What's all the ruckus?" Gran Torino asked as he looked behind.

"Someone said that a building has exploded," Wade said with a frown, but then he blinked when an idea came to his mind. "Wait, could it be a-"

All of a sudden the train was shaken when something came crashing through the train car. Making everyone scream and panic. It turned out to be another Pro Hero, who was trying to get up as he was bleeding from the mouth and seriously injured.

"Look out!" The operator yelled at the front of the train. They and their cooperator ran out of the control room just in time, before another collision hit the train in the control room.

Wade jumped up to the ceiling to see who the perpetrator was. His expression turned to horror when he saw the thing crawling out of the control room and into the train car.

It had pale green skin and very long legs and arms. It wore ripped trousers going up to its calves. But the thing that stood out to Wade was its brain was exposed and four eyes were protruding from it.

"Nomu!?" Wade shouted in shock.

"I want you to stay back, you hear me?!" Gran Torino ordered, before using his Quirk to rocket towards the Nomu. Kicking it in the face, forcing it away from the Hero it just injured. He then bounced off another wall before tackling the creature out of the train and into a building.

Wade jumped down from the wall before putting his mask on and jumped out of the speeding train and onto its roof. "Gran Torino! W-Wait!" He called out in worry, before his eyes widened in surprise.

A huge fire had been set off in the center of Hosu City, causing black smoke to rise into the air.

"What the hell is going on?!" Wade exclaimed.

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