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Issue #2: "One of the Spiders"

Wade groaned as he stirred in his sleep when he heard the alarm on his nightstand going off, then his arm reached over it and taped the 'off' button.

His eyes cracked open and looked up at the ceiling with a depressed and lonely look for a second. He then threw the covers off and sat on the edge of his bed. Wade hung his head low and shook it slightly, before looking to his left at a picture on the nightstand. He picked the picture in his hand to inspect it closely and in the photo was him as a child and his dad on a fishing day. He smiled fondly at the memory, but at the same time, it broke his heart.

It's been three days since the incident that killed Daniel Walker. An incident that Wade still very much blames himself for.

He sighed as he stood up off the bed, walking around the boxes that were piled up around his room. When he approached an opened box, he placed the picture, the last item he was going to take with him, into the last box before closing it.

With no father, Wade would have been sent to an orphanage. However, last night, he decided to give Inko a call, after considering the fact he would've been better off living with someone close to him.

Furthermore, he also called All Might, letting him know he was gonna move out, and asked him for help in packing his belongings. Of course, the number one hero agreed since he felt like he owed a great deal to Wade and his father, maybe a lot. They both agreed it was a very private manner, which meant Wade could rest easy without having to deal with people coming here and asking for autographs or the media covering it and making up rumors.

Now the only thing Wade had to do was waiting for All Might to come and get everything ready before Inko arrives with a moving truck. In the meantime, he was starting the day by taking a shower and after that he went to the kitchen to have some breakfast.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Thinking it was the person he's waiting for, he quickly made his way to answer it. But the moment Wade opened the door, he instantly froze with his jaw wide open. Instead of finding All Might at the door, he found himself staring at a shiny silver, and expensive-looking security briefcase hanging in front of him. However, the most shocking part was that the case was hung up by a long, larger than an average spider web.

It didn't look like it was about to snap. The string held up the case strong and steady.

Wade walked out of his apartment and stared at it some more. He then looked at both sides to see if there was anyone who could have put it up. There wasn't, the hallway was just empty like always.

He looked back at the briefcase and cautiously approached it. For all he knew, it could be a bomb. However, on the web that covered the handle, there was a folded piece of paper. He reached it and took it off the web.

Unfolding it, Wade saw that a letter was written on it.

"For the one who got a spider bite."

Wade then looked at the case and saw something else engraved on it. It said 'Developed by Starko Industries'. He wasn't sure if that was even a company that existed. In fact, that's the second time he heard a strange company name, next to Oscorp Industries. But the only thing that concerned him is how someone found out he was bitten by the spider.

He grabbed the case and pulled it, but the web wouldn't break it away. He tried again, harder, and the case broke away from the string. He grunted when he realized the case was heavy, but at least it wasn't a problem to carry it. He turned and flipped around a few times, looking at every angle of it.

Whatever that is, he was going to find out later after settling into Inko's house. So he walked back to his apartment with the briefcase.

"Oof… Alright, that should be the last one." Wade said after he placed the last box on top of the pile that was standing on the sidewalk. "Thank you for helping me with all this stuff, All Might." He turned to his idol, who was checking over the boxes to make sure they won't fall down.

"Don't mention it, kid. I'm just glad to know you're not going to live in that apartment alone." All Might replied as he stretched his back. Even though he was in his deflated form, he could still carry some heavy stuff. "When will the moving truck arrive here?"

"She said it's going to arrive in ten minutes," Wade replied as he stood next to the pile of boxes. "By the way, did you learn anything about Oscorp Industries?"

"I'm afraid not." All Might crossed his arms as he stood next to the young man. "I contacted some of my friends, showed them the vial you gave me the other day, but they never heard anything about Oscorp Industries that can be found anywhere around the globe. I even tried to do some research but there's no company that shares the same name. It's like it doesn't even exist in this world."

"But that's what it says on the vial! Ugh, how come no one has even heard about that name!" He slapped on his forehead in frustration.

"I've been wondering the same thing…" All Might scrubbed his chin with a frown. "But what if… that Oscorp industry is just an underground organization?"

That caught Wade by surprise as he turned to his mentor with an incredulous look "Wait… you don't mean... they could be villains?" He said in disbelief.

"I'm not too sure, but that could be the only explanation. Making radioactive spiders that could grant powers to anyone via bite would be considered illegal, not to mention extremely dangerous that you are very lucky to survive the effects." The Pro Hero said as he turned back at Wade with a serious look. "I'll look over a list of villains who might be affiliated with an unknown organization. But for now, you have to keep your guard up and prepare for your training."

Wade could only nod in silence. He wanted to tell him about the briefcase he just got this morning, but he couldn't just tell him that there's another unknown company who apparently knows about him and the spider that bit him. That would make the questions raise even more questions. However, Wade believes that the answers are found in the briefcase, and before he would tell All Might, he needed to be the first to learn.

"Aw, crap! I'm gonna be late for my meeting!" Wade snapped out of his thoughts and noticed All Might checking over his watch, and all of a sudden the hero's body buffed up into his true form. "I have to go, kid! Remember that we're going to start your training tomorrow! See you at the beach!" And then he jumped up into the air and flew off.

"Heh, All Might sure is a very busy man." The young man chuckled as he looked at the sky. His look grew softer when he thought despite the hero has a tight schedule, he takes his free time to train him to become a hero.

Hearing the sound of a vehicle approaching, Wade looked at the side and saw the moving truck finally arrive, he could even notice another vehicle riding behind the truck, before he realized it was Inko coming along as well. Turning back at the apartment building, he bid farewell to his old house.

Hours later, in a house that would be his new home for a while, the owner opened a bedroom for Wade. The teenager walked in and looked around, a little surprised that it had almost everything he needed. A bed, a bookshelf, a desk, a dresser, and a nightstand.

"It's not too much, but I hope you like it." Inko Midoriya said with a soft smile.

"It's great!" Wade said with a genuine smile. "I didn't think you had a room like this."

"Well…" Inko's expression turned miserable. "When we got the house, my husband and I wanted something for our child to grow up in. But… It wasn't to be that way."

Wade's gratitude towards her turned into sorrow and sympathy. He could remember the last time she babysat him, Inko always talked about having a child of her own. But one day she became so depressed. When he got older, he asked his father what happened to her, and Daniel couldn't just hide the truth and told him that in the cruel twist of fate, the doctor revealed to her that she was infertile. Her husband even left her after he learned she can't have a baby and has never been seen since then. The fact she was never going to be able to have a baby and his husband abandoned her is what led to her gaining weight. It wasn't fair to her, Inko was a kind woman who always tries to support those she's close to. Even if she didn't like Wade's father participating in dangerous fights she would turn the channel to the fight and cheer Daniel on with his son.

"I'm so sorry, I…" Wade tried to apologize for reminding her of the tragic events.

"No, no, it's okay! Don't worry about it." Inko replied as she quickly tried and changed her somber attitude to a more positive tone. "Anyway, let's go to get the rest of your stuff." She said before she walked out of the room.

"Wait! Just one more thing…" Wade called out as Inko stopped her tracks and turned back to him with a confused look. He rubbed the back of his head, trying to find the right words in his mind. "I just… I just want to thank you for giving me a new place to live… I didn't know what to do when I was all alone in my apartment… Without my dad..." His tone grew somber as he looked down.

"Wade…" Inko spoke in sadness, she didn't know how to console him, but she refused to stand by and watch Wade grieving. "I know your father was a great man. He helped me when I was depressed because of my condition. He taught me how to be strong. To move forward." She approached him before she placed her hand on his shoulder. "Right now he's looking after us."

"I still miss him…" Wade muttered before he started sniffing.

"Me too Wade...I miss him too." Inko then wrapped her arms around him for a hug as Wade returned back. After a short minute, she pulled away from him. "We have to be stronger, Wade. That's what your father wants us to do."

"I know, I know." He sighed as he wiped the tears off his eyes. He looked up to Inko with a smile. "I feel a little better, thank you for everything, Ms. Midoriya."

Inko smiled fondly and nodded. "Now, let's get you settled in, shall we?" She said before walking out of the room. Wade agreed as he placed his backpack on the bed and rushed out to join her.

Later that night, Wade was sitting on the bed with his hands together on his lap and his right foot tapped anxiously on the floor. He had got his belongings in his new room and settled in. He also kept all that was his father's inside Daniel's old trunk that was placed under his bed. Everything else from his old apartment was going to be sold.

It was 10:05 PM and Wade seemed to be in deep thought that he didn't feel like sleeping. He remained there in silence, before coming to a decision. He stood up and kneeled down, and when he looked under the bed, Wade saw the mysterious briefcase that got in this morning, set right next to the box he had his father's belongings in.

With his right hand, Wade reached in before he grabbed the handle and slid it out from under the bed. Placing it in front of him on the floor. Taking the flashlight from the nightstand before turning it on, he shined it onto the 'Stark Industries.' briefcase. Wade looked over the case carefully and with caution reached for the two locks. He flipped up one and then the other, unlocking the case. He then slowly opened it.

And the result was rather anticlimactic, there was nothing inside but a metal card on top of a foam surface that covered something underneath.

Wade picked up the card and examined it. It was silver with a little black square piece on it. Below, it said, 'Place your thumb here.' as Wade hesitantly did as it said. When he placed it there, a blue light shone from under his thumb and scanned his fingerprint.

Suddenly, it poked under his thumb with a needle.

"OW!" Wade yelped in pain and dropped the card to the floor.

The card landed on its back with the needle still sticking out of the square. The edges of the card suddenly flashed with bright green lights. "Spider DNA Confirmed."

"It talked?!" Wade exclaimed, before being further shocked when out of the needle came a blue light. The light shined and projected a hologram with the size of a large tv.

In the hologram, there was a man with fair skin and short brown hair. What he was wearing was very unique and made Wade wonder if he was a Pro Hero. The costume was a full-body suit made of a skintight cloth, most likely Spandex. The costume was mostly blue with red gloves, boots and in the midsection, even there was a design of a web pattern that covered the red portions of the suit. And lastly, there was a black spider crest in the center of his chest.

The man in the hologram smiled and spoke. "Hey there. You don't know who I am, so let's start with that. My name is Peter Parker. I know that you're probably freaked out about all this, and we wouldn't really do something like this, but we figured this might help you to understand what's going on."

Wade cautiously picked up the card while he watched the transmission.

"About three days ago, you were bitten by a spider and you started gaining powers, is that correct?"

The fact that this man, now known as Peter Parker, knows about the spider and his powers surprised Wade, as he looked down to see the bite in his hand.

"That's right, I know it because I've been bitten by a similar spider long ago. It's why I'm able to do many of the things you're able to do." Peter then turned the camera around and Wade was shocked to see the man was literally hanging on the side of a skyscraper.

Peter then turned his body and stretched out his right arm up at the top of the skyscraper and pressed his middle and index finger on his palm. Wade was then amazed when he saw a line of web shot out of his wrist and he projected himself upwards.

Peter landed up on top of the building and set the camera down. He then sat down in front of it and clasped his hands together. "Cool, right? That's not a part of our powers though, but a device I invented to shoot out webs. It allows me to swing around the city. Right, sorry, I forgot to tell you, which is not something I really do. I'm a superhero called Spider-Man. And to make things simple, you are also Spider-Man."

"What?" Wade was now even more confused.

"Well, you're A Spider-Man. I know it sounds strange, but just let me explain. Have you ever heard of the multiverse theory? The idea that multiple universes exist together? Well, it's real, and there are hundreds of Spider-Men. Each one for a different universe. I'm from Earth-616, and yours is Earth #675."

Wade didn't know how to respond to that, he wasn't even sure whether he actually believed about the theory or not. He sat down on his bed and decided to stay quiet and hear the message, hoping there are more answers.

"The spider that bit you wasn't normal at all. It was developed by my archenemy, Norman Osborn, also known as the CEO of Oscorp Industries, but also known as Green Goblin. He wanted to recreate my powers to battle against me, while also building an interdimensional portal he could use to kill other Spider-Man from different universes. Luckily, with the help of this team called the Avengers, we stopped him, but the battle caused the spider he was working on to fall into the portal."

Wade nodded his head, now it was all making a little bit of sense.

"I knew it wouldn't take long before it created another Spider-man, so I went to your universe to find you. And let me tell you, I was surprised to find myself in a world full of superheroes that it was so hard to find you, you are like the needle in a haystack." Peter chuckled as Wade shared the laugh. "One day I watched the news about an incident with a villain, and I saw you standing up to him while protecting a young boy. When I saw your moves, I knew you were the person I was looking for." Suddenly, a solemn look grew on his face. "And… I also saw what happened to your father… I'm so sorry for your loss."

Wade bit his bottom lip as he fought back the tears, he appreciated Peter for his words, even though he's from another universe.

"You know, I realized that you and I are the same, that's why I decided to bring you the briefcase and record this message. There's one thing you should know, while I was watching how this world works with the new society of superheroes, there was something that didn't seem right?" Peter said as Wade began to notice his tone grew serious. "I mean, it's a great thing there are so many superheroes and they fight against villains to protect the people. However… when I look at those heroes… I can't help but notice there's something missing. Like they have forgotten why they became heroes in the first place."

That caught Wade off guard because that was exactly how he thought about this society. Nowadays heroes care nothing more but fame and money that they forgot what's their real duty, they should have learned anything from All Might to begin with.

"I know you feel the same way as I do, and I believe that you are the only one who can make a big difference." Wade looked back at Peter with a shocked look. "Normally I would leave you to figure out what to do, and I am. However, I'm going to help you start out being a hero with a little 'Welcome to the Spider-Family' Gift. There's always a room for more of us, and now you're the protector of your city now, with great wondrous powers. But just remember… With great power…"

"...comes great responsibility." A smile grew on Wade's face as he said the line along with Peter. The hologram recording disappeared, ending the transmission. Wade then settled down and took a deep breath. It was still hard to believe any of this was happening. Multiverse? Different versions of the same hero? He then looked at the opened briefcase.

Getting up from his bed, he walked over it and kneeled down. Wade grabbed the foam layer and pulled it out of the case. His breath was taken from his lungs once he saw what was inside.

Standing up, Wade pulled out a Spider-Man costume that was very similar to Peter's. The red and blue designs were still there, but the only difference was a large white spider crest in the center of the chest and on the back, both of different designs. He set the costume on the bed and continued checking the case.

He found the devices that were worn on Peter's wrists to make him shoot out webs. A belt of some kind.

There were other things inside the case, but Wade moved them aside to get out the next thing that caught his attention. A red mask with the same web pattern, large white eyes, and a black outlining.

Wade held up the mask and stared at it. He knew what to do first thing tomorrow.

He had to tell All Might.

And the next day, he did.

Early the next morning, Wade met All Might at the Takoba Municipal Beach Park, a part of the beach that was covered almost completely in trash and pollution. It's been like that for years, with the currents of the ocean pushing the trash people out ashore. It's because of this, a lot of people don't bother to throw away their trash properly and dump it all on the beach, even though it wasn't legal.

In the center of the blanket of pollution was a small clear space. That's where Wade and All Might were standing.

Wade had just explained everything about last night, he even showed the case and the recorded video, everything in it. Now all he was waiting for was a response from his mentor.

"You honestly think this is not some sort of prank, don't you?" All Might asked with a neutral tone. Not even he was sure how to react to everything he had seen in the video.

"If it really was a prank, then that guy was going the extra mile just to get me." Wade insisted, sitting on top of a broken washing machine. "But it makes complete sense! The spider, the company that made it. This could be the only reason why it's happening to me."

"I still find myself hard to believe that he's from another universe. As far as I know, there hasn't been any evidence that supports the multiverse theory." All Might replied while rubbing his chin with his finger. "Are you sure you can trust him?"

"I wouldn't if he never told me about the spider nor gave me the suit and the gadgets," Wade answered without any doubt. "Besides, even if he's from another world, he's still a hero."

"I hope you're right. I'll definitely have a look into it and contact some of my friends to see what they think. But for now, we should focus on your training."

"Right." Wade nodded in agreement. He sighed and looked around. "So why are we here? In this place?"

All Might laughed heartily before he took his cellphone out of his pocket and started snapping pictures at him. "Because, you're not ready to use my powers."

Wade stayed faced away from the Hero, before turning his head to him with a funny, dumbfounded face. "Huh?"

"I'm talking about your weak body." All Might approached him while still taking pictures.

"What?! Oh, come on!" Wade exclaimed angrily, throwing his arms out. "How can I be weak when I have the strength of a spider?!"

"You do know that spiders are tiny things, right? It's true that your strength has increased to pick up things much heavier than your body, but One-for-All is a lot to handle. It binds the physical strength of many people in one." All Might explained as he put the cellphone back into his pocket. "While you're strong, your body is still unprepared. Your limbs would pop right off."


"...Slipped my mind." The Pro Hero responded with a sweatdrop.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Wade shouted with his eyes popping out and his teeth as sharp as a shark. He took a deep breath to calm down. "Alright, alright. We're here because you're training me so when my body is ready, I receive that power of yours, right?"

"That's right." All Might turned around and walked over to a refrigerator and placed his hand on top of it. "All the young heroes today are only concerned about the frame and glory." Then the mighty hero started pushing down the fridge, crushing it. "But being a Hero is all about volunteer work! No matter how unglamorous!"

Wade watched with wide-eyed wonder as All Might crushed the fridge completely flat, which many other trashes around him to be blown away. Now, where once there was a wall behind All Might, there was an opening that allowed Wade to gaze at the sun over the horizon.

"You are going to bring back the beautiful ocean view! This is your first step on your path to becoming a hero, Wade Walker!"

Wade's expression showed his disbelief by the order his training was giving him and scanned around at all the pollution surrounding them. "You want me… to clean up this mess?" He asked, having a little bit of trouble forming words. "But that's impossible!"

"Tell me, Wade." All Might said with his crossed arms. "If you were able to go to any school, would you want to go to the U.A. Academy?"

Wade was a little puzzled by that question. He was suspended, and it ruined any chance of him being able to go to a hero school like the U.A. "To be honest with you, I never thought about going to that academy before getting the spider-powers." Wade said as he looked over the bite in his hand. "It's one of the top schools around. Almost every great hero, including you, went there."

"Now things are different, boy." All Might replied, turning around. "And I understand. It's not possible for someone who's Quirkless. It's a sad reality."

"Not to mention that the U.A.'s Hero Course is the toughest there is." Wade added. "And there's also the fact that I'm-"

"Expelled?" Wade looked up at All Might, as he looked back at him over his shoulder. "Not anymore you're not."


"Let's just say I have a friend who contacted your school. They told them about your heroic action in saving that girl. They were able to convince the principal to take you back in. Now you'll be able to attempt the Hero Course."

With his eyes widened, Wade stared at All Might in wonder. Was he really serious? Was he actually able to go to the U.A.? But first, work has to be done. "Then, if I'm going to beat the Hero Course, I've got ten months to learn my powers and mold my body into a suitable vessel!" He said before jumping off the washing machine and looked at the pollution surrounding them.

"That's what this is for!" All Might turned around and handed a small stack of papers to Wade. "My self-designed 'Pass the test, American Dream' plan." He proclaimed, tapping the paper with his right pointer finger.

Wade took the papers and read what All Might wrote on them. He was amazed to see that the plan was a training regimen that consisted of weekly schedules with set plans, meal plans, all for every day (including weekdays) from today to ten months from now.

"A training regimen to help you clean up the garbage and then some! You can chart your entire lifestyle with this!"

"Why did you include how many hours I sleep?" Wade asked with a deadpan face.

All Might came over and patted him on the back. "If I'm being honest, this is going to be super hard. Think you're up to it?"

"Well, of course, I do!" Wade responded as he looked back at the paper with a smile and serious eyes. "But I also want to master my spider powers first, before I start using your One-for-All. I know that I've got a long way to go, but I'm not giving up on this!"

And with that, the months of hell began for Wade. He spent the rest of the day pushing and carrying trash all over the beach that day, as a deflated All Might encouraged him from the sideline. Wade could feel his body using all of his muscles, including those that he didn't know he had. He would fall a few times, but quickly stood back up and kept on going.

In the briefcase that Peter sent him, Wade also found a notebook that contained a full list of powers and abilities he had, based on the data taken from the OSCORP computers. It also had the instructions for the web-shooters and the belt, how to make the webs, and how to successfully swing across the buildings. So when it was time for Wade to go back to his school, he took the web-shooters and the belt with him.

By the time he returned to the school, many of the students were surprised to see him back, they even heard the rumors about him saving a girl. The news of what had happened to Bakugo spread like wildfire, from the Heroes' side of things, and they were certain that Wade wasn't going to come back. He talked to no one. He didn't even look at anyone. All Wade was focused on was the notebook.

Even in class, Wade would only pay attention if the instructor was going over something important like the U.A. Academy. But he could barely keep himself awake. He was exhausted from the workout yesterday and it really showed on his face.

When the teacher looked away, Wade pushed the school book that he was covering the notebook with aside and started reading over it. While reading, he secretly passed his hand into his pocket and pulled out his right-hand web-shooter. Then he put it on.

Later that afternoon after school, he ran back to the beach where All Might was waiting for him. Turned out that one of the powers he had was super speed, so he got there in no time, even All Might was surprised to see Wade arriving earlier than he had expected.

He was now standing in front of a freezer with an outline of a person drawn on it. Today he was going to test the web-shooters for the first time. All Might was standing to the side, observing the attempt.

Wade spread his feet a little and readied himself. He read the instructions carefully and so he thrusted his right arm out before pressing his middle and index finger to the button at the right pressure. And as quickly as he pressed the pressure pad, a web sting shot out from the shooter and stuck to the head of the freezer-figure.

"Ohohoho! This is awesome!" Wade exclaimed in excitement at the successful test.

All Might looked impressed as he watched Wade shooting his left-web shooter and it stuck to the torso of the figure. He could imagine how effective the web-shooters will be against the villains.

"Alright, how about THIS!" Wade then pulled the webs harder.

This turned out to be a mistake as the freezer came speeding at him.

"Wade, duck!" All Might shouted as he was about to step in, but then he witnessed something incredible.

Wade jumped over the freezer when his reflexes and agility kicked in, doing a front flip in the process as the freezer crashed against a pile of junk. He landed on the sand and looked behind in amazement.

"Holy crap…" Wade gasped, not even sure what just happened.

"Be careful next time, boy." All Might said with a shook of his head, though he was still impressed that Wade has enhanced agility.

When he came home for the day, he talked to Inko about his meal plan. At first, she was confused about the sudden change of diet, but she agreed and tonight he ate healthily.

Before going to the bed, he looked over the notebook and read more of his abilities. He did while standing upside down on the ceiling and then turned invisible. It wasn't really hard to get used to his spider powers. It seemed almost second nature to him.

It continued like this for the next seven months. Wade would work his body to the limit and would train with his abilities. In class, he would struggle to stay awake. At home, he would eat healthy and then go out for a midnight run. He pushed all sorts of garbage all across the beach in the blazing sun like abandoned vehicles, to carry small things like barrels. He would blow away some of the garbage with his 'Venom Blast', as Peter called it. He called it that because it stings.

Wade would build his muscle by weight lifting and swimming. All Might wasn't really much help, as he would attract the attention of the public and get distracted. Wade would load the truck they were using to carry the trash off the beach and study hard at school.

One day, only three months before the exam, and Wade wasn't at training today. He called All Might and told him he was going to train in the gym that his father used to go to. That was over five hours ago.

All Might, in his deflated form, opened the door of the gym, surprised to see it was completely empty. Wade mentioned that the owner was a friend to the Walker family and gave Daniel a key to the building. When he closed the door, all he could hear was the sounds of punching. He walked down the corridor and entered the main room. There was a boxing ring in the middle of the room, but the sound was coming from the left.

Wade was wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants, punching a punching bag hard and strong. He was so strong that it moved the hanger back inch by inch, until Wade had it against the wall so it couldn't move anymore. It was even more shocking to know that the punching bag was used by fighters with Quirks, and inside of it was an iron cylinder.

All Might walked around while approaching the young man. He stopped next to Wade and luckily there was a light hanging above and shining down on the boy. Wade's torso, back neck, and face were dripping with sweat. His fists, while covered with the proper bandages, were bleeding as Wade beat the punching bag with every ounce of his strength.

Wade's breathing was heavy and uneven. All Might sighed. "You're overworking yourself." He said with a hint of concern. Wade didn't look at him, but stopped and leaned his body against the bag, panting heavily in exhaustion. "My 'Pass the test, American Dream' plan was designed based on what you'd need to do with your body and your spider powers to make it before the day of the exam… but even with your increased stamina, you're not sticking with the plan, are you?"

Wade's hands clenched into fists on the punching bag, as he pushed himself away from it. He hung his head down, shadowing his eyes under his hair, and still panting.

"And overworking yourself like this isn't going to help you either! It's going to have the opposite effect of what we want!"

The young man didn't lift up his head, but clenched his teeth hard. Then a single tear ran down his cheek before falling. "Today is my dad's birthday…" He finally spoke with a soft tone.

All Might heard it and went stunned.

The boy's body was still as a rock. "I know I've been pushing myself too hard." He began to sob, more tears mixed in with the sweat and his body trembled. "But I… I just don't want to pass! I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! Not just to make it into U.A., but to become a real hero, like you. I may not have been able to save my dad, but I'll be able to protect everyone else!"

All Might was completely surprised by his claim. He remembered that day and the image of Wade's father all too well. No matter what he said to him, Wade wasn't going to stop blaming himself for what happened. It was amazing, really. He met a lot of heroes in the past, but this boy was one of the kind, if not the only one that was motivated by grief. It's his desire to protect and make up for his mistake that allowed him to look on far into the future.

His body buffed up again, and he placed his giant hand on Wade's shoulder. "You really are something else, Walker! I've looked up your father's fights and I have to say you've got his fighting spirit!" He proclaimed proudly. "I get where you're coming from, but this is not the day you push yourself. Go home and by tomorrow, this old man will have your plan modified for you!"

Wade stopped crying for a moment and snickered. "You're not that old." He mocked, getting All Might to laugh out loud.

And the training continued until yesterday, when Wade had finally cleared Takoba beach of all the pollution. All Might was amazed to see that he actually did it and there wasn't a single trace of trash in the sand. And with that, the beach had changed for the better. Wade had gained impressive results from his training. He gained an array of well-developed muscles after his tenth month of extensive training.

He had certainly exceeded all expectations, but now there was one thing that Wade wanted to do before receiving One For All.

It was 6:00 AM, on the day of the exam, and the sun started to rise. High up and sticking to the side of a tall skyscraper was Wade. He was facing out at the city and he was looking down, with his foot on the window of the building, praying that what he was about to do goes well. He was even wearing his new costume. The Spider-Man outfit fit perfectly to his body, showing his muscular body. However, he also wore a hoodie and workout shorts over his suit.

The goal was to web-sling all the way to a building many miles away. That was where All Might was waiting for him.

"...Amen." Wade finished his praying and opened his eyes. This was perhaps the stupidest and most dangerous thing he ever did, maybe next to the time he had to face the sludge villain to save Bakugo, but he was determined. If he was going to become this world's Spider-Man, then he had to learn how to web-sling. Wade learned all there was to know about the web-shooter and how it works. All he had to do was to succeed and he would be ready to One For All.

He took several deep breaths and placed his hands firmly on the glass, before moving his legs in to get ready to jump as far as he could. Wade's target was the crane on the other side of the street from the skyscraper. If he could get his webbing on its arm, then he's good to go.

Wade took one last breath, and jumped off.

His powerful legs launched him forward with so much force that his fingers ripped away some of the glass from the window.

He flew many feet away from the skyscraper, before his momentum descended and he started to fall. Wade quickly aimed his right arm at the crate and shot a web line. The web seemed to go far away from his sight that he wasn't even sure if it's gonna make it, but then it did. It succeeded in catching the arm of the crane and Wade grabbed the web as tight as he could, before his body swung forward.

"Whhhhoooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" He screamed at the top of his lungs as he flew at such fast speed. Faster than he's ever been. He was completely shocked, but pleased to realize the mask protected his eyes from the fast blowing air.

Then the momentum stopped, Wade knew he was going to be sent back, he remembered what the notebook said and looked for another place to swing onto.

He saw another building not too far away from him to the right.

Though it was another thing he knew was idiotic, Wade let go of the web line before it was too late for him too. With his left arm, he quickly aimed at the edge of the roof and shot another web line.

Luckily it got to the roof and Wade swung forward once more, but he was swinging to the right and towards the wall of the building. So to avoid a collision and keep himself moving, Wade stuck his legs out and landed on the wall. He then ran to the left while still hanging onto the line, before reaching the edge and jumping off.

Wade saw another building and he shot a line to it. He swung to increase his speed and momentum, and he saw another building to swing on, before letting go at just the right moment. Wade quickly shot a line at it and was back to swinging again.

This time when he let go, he backflipped and shouted. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

On the roof of the small building he was at, All Might heard the sound of Wade's voice and looked towards it. He was left in amazement when he saw the boy swinging from the building by building without any trouble. "Oh… My…" He was quickly turned into his true form. "GOODNESS!"

Wade swung again and let go to land on the roof of the building, but he was hit in the face by a random bird. It threw him off the balance and hit the roof face first.

Groaning in agony, Wade got his hands and knees. But then All Might came and pulled him right back up. "Hahahahaha! Excellent work!"

Wade snickered as he pulled off his mask. "The landing could have worked out better, but I'm glad I read the whole notebook." He said with a big grin. That was perhaps the most exciting thing he's ever done in his life. "I did it. I'm actually ready!"

"I second that! You're remarkable! I've seen many Heroes come and go, but you're really something else!" All Might said, proud of the young Walker boy. "The path forward is ever-so-slightly clearer! You've proven yourself a fine vessel, now!"

"All right! I'm ready!" Wade stood straight and proud. He couldn't help but feel as though he's cheated, getting all this help from All Might. But at the same time, he felt blessed. "I won't let you down!"

"I know you won't, Wade Walker. Or should I say, Spider-Man!" All Might called Wade the hero-name that he was certain he's going to use. The same one that many like him use in the multiverse. He then reached up at one of his standing bangs and plunked out a piece of hair. "You know, someone told me once, there's a big difference between being born with that silver spoon, and those that work their butts off to earn it! Take this to heart, kid. You've earned this power, fair and square!"

But then, like a twist from a comic book, Wade reached out with his once Quirkless hands and would grab the future.

All Might held out the hair he plucked. "Eat this."

"... Say what?!"

"Come on! You're gonna be late for the exam!"

Wade started to panic because he was right. There were only three hours left before the entrance exam and he's standing in the big city. He snatched the hair out of All Might's hand and quickly started chomping down on it. Wade swallowed, though a little disgusted he just ate a piece of someone's hair. All Might threw him his backpack and he caught it. It contained his uniform and shoes.

Wanting to get there quickly, Wade ran off towards the edge and jumped. He started swinging towards U.A.

All Might ran to the edge and called out. "Wait, Wade! Do you even know where U.A. is?!"

He didn't, unfortunately. But on the bright side, Wade had just made it before the exam started. It was only 8:40 AM.

Wade swung high into the air and jumped over the wall before anyone could see him and ducked into a tree as he landed on the branch. He didn't bother to take off the costume and quickly took off his hoodie and workout shorts. He then put on the uniform and pants over the costume to conceal it. Slipped on his shoes, took off the mask and gloves before placing them into the bag.

After all that was done, Wade jumped down from the tree and stepped onto the main path to the U.A. Some students thought it was weird of him, but didn't dwell on it too much.

"Good, I made it." Wade panted slightly and waited for a moment. So far he wasn't feeling any different after he ate the hair.

However, that didn't matter now, all he was focused on was the building in front of him. There was a reason that U.A High School was the most popular school and why was the most difficult to get into. The Hero Course was designed to give students everything they need to go Pro. It's so tough that only 1 in 300 applicants were accepted. Many great heroes came from this school alone. All Might, who magnanimously declined the People's Choice Award, was one of them. Then there was Endeavour, the man who stopped more criminals than anyone else in history. And even Best Jeanist; the hero who won the Best Jeanist Award eight years running

To put it simply, if you graduate from the U.A., then you've met the one requirement for becoming a great Hero.

Wade was about to walk towards the entrance of the most prestigious school when he heard of the one person he was hoping not to run into today. "Walker!"

He turned around and saw Bakugo walking right for him. "Oh, crap."

"Get out of my way or you're dead!" The bully threatened.

Wade, however, wasn't having any of it. "You know you can walk around, jackass." He stated bitterly. Bakugo stopped and the two enemies stood off against each other. This was the first time they spoke to each other since the incident, as Bakugo stopped tormenting Wade. And now the air between them was tensing up again. Some of the students stopped to watch as they recognized Bakugo because of that incident.

Wade knew how this was gonna play out. Bakugo would start acting all superior and call him weak, and even insult his dad. And if the blonde did, Wade wasn't sure if he was going to hold in his anger this time. But then…

Bakugo surprised him by actually walking around him. But not before hitting his shoulder into Wade's.

While Wade was thankful that the bully didn't continue with his harassment, he looked at Bakugo walking away, clearly surprised, and wondered why he didn't continue with his self-superior speech. Was he trying to ignore him? Or was it something else? Wade decided to push that aside and focused on what was ahead. He trained hard for the past ten months to become the new Spider-Man and he's not going to surrender now.

Suddenly, his phone went off and he reached into his pocket. Most likely it's Inko wondering where he was.

He pulled the phone out, but it slipped out of his hands and he desperately tried to catch it. But he failed to do so and the phone was going to fall and hit the ground. He had no choice but to close his eyes and wait for the unpleasant sound of the phone breaking.

However, it didn't.

He opened his eyes before they went wide when he saw the phone didn't reach the ground. In fact, it was floating into the air. Furthermore, he noticed out of the corner of his eye a person's arm sticking out to his left and reached out close to the phone.

Wade turned his head and looked at the person next to him. He gasped when he saw a girl of his age. She was shorter than him with a slender yet curvy figure, fair skin, and cheeks blushing. She had big round brown eyes, and shoulder-length hair which sported two long locks beside her face and a short bob on the back.

"Whew, that was a close one, huh?" She asked as she looked up to him with a smile.

"Uh, yeah." Wade was still amazed that she was able to do that, while admitting to himself she was very cute. He reached and grabbed his phone, looking it over, and wondered if it was going to float again. "Was that your…"

"Yep!" The girl smiled and clapped her hands together. "I'm sorry I didn't ask first, but I didn't want you to break your phone on the exam."

"Wow, thank you very much!" Wade said gratefully. "So your Quirk is to make things float?"

"Bingo! Zero Gravity is my quirk. With just a touch of my fingers, I can make them weightless and float! Isn't that amazing?" The girl replied cheerfully, showing him her ten fingers. On the top inner segment of each of her fingers, she has a small pink pad, somewhat resembling the toe of a cat or a dog's paw.

"Yeah, it is." Wade chuckled before he raised his hand for a handshake. "My name is Wade Walker by the way."

"Wow! I didn't think an American would come all the way to Japan to become a Hero!" She said before she accepted the handshake. "I'm Ochako Uraraka, nice to meet you! I'd like to chat with you but we must go to the auditorium or we're gonna be late! See you inside, Wade!" She then ran off towards the school.

Wade remained standing on the spot where he was as he watched her leave. He's not even in school and he already made a friend. Life works in strange ways, isn't it?

All students made it into the auditorium of U.A. for the Exam Orientation.

The auditorium was dark with the lights turned off. It stayed like that for a moment before they turned back on, along with the large flat screen in the front that showed the symbol of U.A.

"What's up, U.A candidates!" Said the announcer, Pro Hero Present Mic. He was a tall, slender man with long, spiky blond hair and a small mustache. He wore a pair of headphones with the word "HAGE" written on the headband and a pair of sunglasses. "Thanks for tuning in to me, your school D.J.!" He threw his hands up and smiled big while speaking to the microphone. "Welcome to today's live performance! Everybody say 'hey!'"

He put his hand to his left ear, wanting to hear them say "Hey", but all he got was silence.

"Well, that's cool, my examinee listeners! I'm here to present the guidelines of your practical! ARE YOU READY!" He sang the last part, but again, he was met with silence.

"Huh, didn't think he would be here," Wade said with a small chuckle, leaning forward a bit. Unfortunately, he couldn't find a good seat when he arrived and he had to sit next to Bakugo.

"Why are you next to me, Walker?" Bakugo grumbled without looking away from Present Mic.

"If I had another place to sit, trust me, I'd love to be there than be here with you."

"This is how the test will go, my listeners!" Present Mic said before the TV screen showed a square that said the current location, then smaller boxes appeared with lines attaching them to the 'current location' box. Each one had a letter from A to G. "You'll be experiencing ten-minute long 'Mock Cityscape Maneuvers'! Bring along whatever you want! After this presentation, you'll each head to your assigned testing location!"

All the students silently pulled out their exam cards and looked at them. Wade and Bakugo did the same. Looks like Wade had Battle Center B. "I see, that's so kids from the same middle school can't help each other out." The blond said.

Wade looked at Bakugo's card and saw he was going to Battle Center A. "And why consecutive I.D. numbers were assigned to different locations."

"Get your eyes off my card." Bakugo hissed before scuffing. "All that means is that you get to live another day, Walker."

'Looks like he hadn't changed a bit,' Wade thought.

The TV then showed a small 3D model of a city. Then three black silhouetted, robotic figures appeared around it, each with a number of points. "Each site is filled with three kinds of Faux Villains!" Present Mic continued. "Points are awarded for defeating each according to their respective difficulty levels! Use your quicks to disable the Faux Villains and earn points! That's your goal, listeners! Of course, no playing the antihero!"

Then a student from a couple of rolls in front of Wade and Bakugo stood up with his hand raised. "Excuse me, sir! May I ask a question!" He said and a light shined down on him. This was Tenya Iida, a tall and muscular young man with black hair and wore rectangular half-rim glasses, which went with his serious attitude. "There appear to be no fewer than four variants of faux villains, on this handout! Such a blatant error, if it is one, is highly unbecoming for U.A., Japan's top academy! We're all here today in hopes of being molded into model heroes!"

Wade looked at Tenya with a deadpan look, thinking he just found another person with a stick up his ass.

"Alright, alright, examine 7111. Nice catch. Thanks!" Present Mic responded. "But the fourth faux villain variety gets you zero points! He's more of an obstacle!"

"You mean like a thwomp from Super Mario Brothers?" Wade said with his hand raised.

"That's correct!" A light shined on Wade, startling him greatly. "Luckily there's only one at each site! All they do is rampage around in close quarters!"

"Got it…" Tenya said, bowing his head. "So, it's like a gimmick to be avoided. Thank you, sir. Apologies for the interruption!" He sat back down.

"That's all from me!" Present Mic told the students. "I'll leave my listeners with our school motto. The great Napoleon Bonaparte once said: 'True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life.' PLUS ULTRA! Break a leg, everyone!"

Wade grinned in excitement. This is it. The moment he's been training for was about to start. But what will happen is anyone's guess.

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