Learn the "Alpha"bet with The Lunar Chronicles!

A - is for Adri, Cinder's stepmother who has little feelings for her ward.

B - is for bandana, the garment that Thorne had worn over his eyes when he became blind from a satellite crash.

C - is for Cinder (or Cress), the main character (s) of the Lunar Chronicles.

D - is for Darla, the escort droid (with blue hair), who Thorne traded for in a game.

E - is for Earth, where most of the story happens in.

F - is for Farafrah, the town in Africa that used to be wealthy, but got targeted by letumosis and became an LEDC

G - is for glamour, the gift lunars that aren't shells can use to manipulate others with.

H - is for hyper, the way fangirls… *cough cough*, I mean WE react when kisses happen (AKA when Wolf "buries his hands in her curls and kisses her back").

I - is for Iko, the bubbly droid who was right there from the beginning.

J - is for Jacin, that Lunar guard who "only serves his princess" .

K - is for Kai, the young and inexperienced emperor (who has a weird taste for cyborg lunars).

L - is for Levana, a Lunar Queen no better than her sister, Channary.

M - is for Michelle Benoit, Scarlet's grandmother.

N - is for Nainsi, the android that started everything by breaking herself with a faulty chip.

O - is for Operative, Levana's beast soldiers.

P - is for Princess Selene (AKA Cinder)

Q - is for Queen, which was what Channary, then Levanna and finally Cinder was

R - is for Rampion, the trusty ship stolen by Captain Carswell Thorne. (Ahem, I mean cadet Carswell Thorne)

S - is for Scarlet, Wolf's beloved alpha female.

T - is for Thorne, the criminal mastermind.

U - is for the Universe, where the entire story took place in.

V - is for Vain, the most obvious personality of Thorne.

W - is for Winter, the Princess who lost everything except for Jacin.

X- is for X-Ray, which showed Dr. Erland a diagram of cyborg body blueprints.

Y - is for yellow, the color of Iko's eyes when she is happy (after they got upgraded)

Z - is for Ze'ev, the real name of Wolf (or Alpha Kesley).