A/N : This is my first attempt at a Harry Potter/Sekirei crossover. So, it takes place during 1999, when the Sekirei ship was discovered. Please note, Harry has not had his first kiss in this fic, nor was he infatuated with anyone. So, his first kiss will be with a Sekirei. Read on!

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Chapter 1: Discovering Dumbledore's Manipulations

A black haired, green eyed teen wearing a brown shirt, black coat over it, and blue jeans walked down Diagon Alley to Gringotts Wizarding Bank. The alley was filled with a motley of various shops, selling wondrous items that a normal person would not think existed. Potion ingredients like Dragon body parts, rare plants, etc. Broomsticks were sold at another shop, and one shop, named Ollivander's, sold magic wands.

All this was actually real. For, you see, Harry Potter was a wizard. He knows how to cast magic spells and curses. Harry Potter is also famous for something that happened to him when he was a baby. A dark wizard named Voldemort came to kill him and his parents. Altough he killed his parents, he couldn't kill Harry. The spell rebounded on Voldemort and destroyed his body, leaving the remains of his soul to flee.

Harry obtained fame that night. Everyone would cheer for him. However, Dumbledore sent Harry to live with his only remaining relatives, the Dursleys. The Dursleys despised magic and anything abnormal, and so mistreated him.

They kept him downtrodden, overworked him, and malnourished him. Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sent him there. As you can imagine, Harry was delighted to leave the Dursleys on getting his Hogwarts letter. However for all his 6 years, something came up to threaten his life every year. In his first year, the Philosopher's Stone and Voldemort, second year, the Chamber of Secrets and the heir of Slytherin, third year, the Dementors (guardians of Azkaban, the wizard prison, foul creatures that suck out happy memories and the victim's soul), Sirius Black (who was innocent and his godfather) and Peter Pettigrew ( who was responsible for his parents' death).

In his fourth year, the Triwizard Tournament, Voldemort's return and Cedric's death. In the fifth year, visions of the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic and Professor Umbridge's coup as well as Sirius's death all plagued the young teen throughout his school years.

Harry, on returning after Sirius's death, mourned him for 1 day before Gringotts sent him the following letter :

No. 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

Dear Mr. Potter,

It has come to our attention that you have never replied to the bank statements we send you at the end of every year. We have assumed that you never received these and discovered a mail ward on your location. We removed it to send you this. There are some discrepancies in the amount withdrawn from your trust vault and the amount left. Your trust vault had 5,000,000 galleons before your first year, when it should have had twice that amount.

The Hogwarts tuition fees are 1000 galleons a year, as well as 80 on supplies. However, at the end of your first year, there were only 4,700,000 galleons left. Now, your trust vaults have 2,500,000 galleons left. This is disturbing. We invite you to come to Gringotts and discuss these transactions.

There was also an illegal attempt to enter the Potter family vaults and withdraw objects. The perpetrator was fined. We cannot disclose more in this letter. Kindly use the Portkey provided in the letter. It activates at 5 p.m. today.

May your gold flow,


Gringotts Bank Director

Harry went to Gringotts and found that the discrepancy was caused by Dumbledore, the Weasleys and Sirius all withdrawing money to keep their own vaults intact. Harry discovered that Dumbledore was the guy who tried to access the Potter family vault. Needless to say, Harry was furious. He paid the goblins a fee and they repossessed the amount, along with hefty fines and returned it to his trust vault. He couldn't access the family vaults till he was 17 years old.

Harry also discovered his friends were in on the plan during his sixth year. He confronted them. They tried to deny it at first, but admitted it in the end. He cut all ties with them as well as Neville, Luna, Ginny and Dean. Hermione and Ron sneered at him and revealed their true faces by chiding him. He left in anger.

Harry knew about Dumbledore's plan to get rid of the Horcruxes and knew what they were ( he hid his intelligence to keep his "friends" happy, as they would be jealous of him). He had no intention of carrying it out or returning to Hogwarts for his seventh year. He was tired of the British Wizarding World and couldn't care about Voldemort and his followers. The wizards could take care of themselves as far as he was concerned.

He probably would congratulate Riddle (Voldemort) for his actions (except for the murders and torture). He decided to leave when he was 17 years old. And he was today, so he was going to claim his inheritance at Gringotts. All in all, it would be a long day for everybody.

At Gringotts, Harry was greeted by Griphook, a goblin. "Mr. Potter, I see you have arrived. I take you are here for your inheritance?"

"Yeah, that's right, Griphook. Take me to Strongclaw."

"Right, Mr. Potter."

Harry was led to an office with : Strongclaw, Potter account manager on a plaque on the door. Griphook knocked, earning a "Come in."

Strongclaw greeted Harry and said, "Well Mr. Potter, to claim your vaults, here are the Potter and Peverell rings. Wear them, and the family magic will accept you." Harry did as instructed and both rings merged into one.

He then asked, "Hey Strongclaw, can you transfer all my trust vault's holdings into my family vaults, then transfer all that to your Tokyo branch? I'm going there."

"I can, Lord Potter, but it will cost you." "Never mind that, just do it." "Alright then. Lord Potter, you'll have to sign this document here, in blood." Harry was given a knife and made a small cut with it, and then signed his name on the parchment. After that, Harry took his leave and went.

He arrived at Dumbledore's tomb and thought, "There's the Elder Wand, just like I read in the book. Since Draco Malfoy disarmed Dumbledore, I'll need to disarm him. Luckily, I collected the Ressurection Stone already and have my Invisibility Cloak ready." He took the wand and went and saw Malfoy in the robe store. He went and made a Portkey to the London airport, where his flight was leaving in 1 hour and then stunned Malfoy secretly.

As everyone fussed over Malfoy falling unconscious suddenly, Harry felt a surge of power and activated the Portkey. He felt a tug on his navel and then disappeared and reappeared at the London airport. He grinned, "Now, Master of Death is here. And he's departing." He entered, went through the security checks, and sat down waiting for his flight.

He grinned again. 'Finally, I'm leaving this place behind. Tokyo seems nice this time of year.' As his flight was called, he walked with a single trunk and waved to nobody, as if saying goodbye to Britain. 'Good riddance', was his thoughts as he entered the plane.

A/N : This is my first attempt writing a fanfiction, so please be warned that I'm still getting used to writing here. However, I'll still try my best to write good quality chapters. As always, read on!