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Chapter 10: The Plan: Phase 2

Harry had made the arrangements. It was complete. His plan would strike a blow to Voldemort's forces and also force him to come out of his hiding place. It was ingenious, really. The subtlety was a necessary touch. Matsu would play her role soon. Kazehana had already done hers. He had received the confirmation signal.

"Hey, Harry-tan! I'm ready." Matsu said, using the earpiece in Harry's ear, which was protected by a strong charm against magical failure.

"Good. Start your part right…" He checked the time with a spell, "About now."

"Harry-kun, is it time?" Miya, his first Sekirei said.

"Yes, it is. I don't really like what you're going to do, though." Harry said, not wanting to subject her to any danger.

"I'll be fine, Harry-kun. You will need all the time you can get to set up your spell.

Harry had already set up most of the spell. The runes were ready. All he needed to do was the activation and the incantation.

"Still, be careful. Our opponent is very cunning and has great power as well. I'm not sure about our chances."

"Focus, Harry-kun. You'll only be able to do this with a clear mind."


His phone rang. Harry used his earpiece to listen to Matsu, who was the caller.

"Harry-tan, the setup is complete. You need to execute your portion quickly, along with Kazehana's part."

"I'm on it, Matsu."

Harry chanted a long incantation. He finished it with a cry of "Ignite!"

A circle around Malfoy Manor lit up, showing an elaborate arrangement of symbols, words and lines. The wind from halfway across the world, where Kazehana had sent it, came with huge force.

An ominous darkness present in the wind carried forth. The wind blew through several openings in the manor. This incited a mass effect.

Several Death Eaters fell dead in their spots, their souls consumed by the darkness carried by the wind. Voldemort flew out, not bothering to attempt Apparation. His soul was tugged at by the darkness, but Voldemort waved his wand and the darkness stopped pulling it.

The spell was simple and yet deadly. One of the perks of being Master of Death was that Harry could do magic with souls as well. He used an ancient runic ritual to send a soul reaping attack at Voldemort. The soul reaping attack needed a medium to carry it to its destination, so Harry utilized Kazehana's wind as a medium. The enhancement runes also amplified her wind by 20 times the speed and power.

Meanwhile, Voldemort looked with anger for the culprit; sure enough, it was Harry Potter. His rage grew a thousandfold and he shot 5 quick attacking spells of high power at him.

Harry waved his hands and a chair, conjured from nowhere, intercepted the first 3 curses. What was left of the chair was a little more than what could be put in a matchbox.

The other two curses were intercepted by an invisible barrier of great strength. Harry immediately retaliated with a barrage of spells, both visible and invisible.

Miya slashed her sword as well, creating shockwaves. With his Death Eaters dead, Voldemort was forced to play a deadly game of dodgeball with Harry and Miya. He was weakening, while Harry seemed to have endless energy and Miya didn't break a sweat.

Harry smirked suddenly. He said, "Soul connection diagnosis complete! Matsu, do it!"

Around the world at that moment, satellites fired in random locations. One of them was a vault at Gringotts. The beam somehow penetrated the bank, the floor, the underground vaults and reached the vault of Bellatrix Lestrange. A cup, made of gold, was destroyed.

Next, in Hogwarts, the Room of Requirement, which had an odd circle on it, was penetrated by a similar beam and a diadem was destroyed.

Meanwhile, a beam landed in Malfoy Manor and killed Nagini, Voldemort's pet snake. All Horcruxes destroyed.

Voldemort realized what happened and his eyes grew wide with fear for a second before he smirked and took out his wand.

"I was wondering if this would work. I saved this just in case something like this happened, Potter! You get to be my guinea pig; Consider yourself lucky."

He waved his wand with an odd movement and spoke an odd incantation. A beam of purple light headed towards Harry, who looked at it with fear. Miya watched with horror as the purple beam blasted Harry. The whole place was bathed in purple light, blinding everyone.

When the light had cleared, there was dust in the spot. Miya looked with tears in her eyes at the spot, just as Voldemort laughed in triumph.

To be continued…

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