The stern P.E teacher walked into the room. "Today, students, we will be doing not fitness training but hand eye coordination. Someone called Tom is here. He will be showing you how to make a machine and you will have a go! So don't be shy just do it."

Leo grinned. He would ace this. Then 'Tom' walked in. It was a camper! Leos grin widened. He stepped forwards, walked over and gave a bro hug to his cabinmate. "Yo, Tom! Here for Leo the amazing?!"

"No, I am here to teach the class. Don't show off too much." Tom returned.

"Me? Show off? Since when?" Leo smirked.
Tom sighed before addressing the class and showing them the blueprint for a machine and explaining it. He said if they wanted to then they could make something else, but those who are inexperienced should just go off of the blueprint.

Leo, showing off as ever, suddenly stood and screamed that he was done. In his hand was a small human shaped metal statue. Some smart Alec child on the other side of the row stepped forwards. "It's a metal statue. I bet it doesn't do anything."

Leo's characteristic smirk appeared once more. He pressed his finger against it's back lightly and it began to walk, a parachute leaving it's back so it could fall safely to the ground. It continued to move towards Tom, cartwheeling and flipping along the way. It stopped in front of Tom and a small speaker on its face made a sparkle sound, as if to say; "Tad Dah!" On the other side of the line, the boy's jaw dropped and he backed off.

The boy's girlfriend decided to defend him. "Well Tom can do better than that!" Tom shook his head slowly:

"Actually, Leo taught me what I know." This time everyone's jaws dropped. Then the bell sounded the end of the lesson. The little metal figure ran back to Leo and he picked it back up, turning it off.