Ironically, the mission given by Batman was to arrest Merchant. Only because Batman wanted to protect him. Of course, that is stupid since Merchant is his own protection. Of course, Robin had something to say about this.
"Yeah, so... You really expect kiddie justice to capture Merchant?"

"Yes. Why do you ask?" Batman glared as he spoke with his gruff voice.

"Because that's impossible."

"Nothing is impossible. What makes you think you cannot?"

"Since I am Merchant."

"Pardon?" Yeah. Batman, confused.

"You guys can't capture me. I'm too awesome. Anyway, feel free to try. I guess I'll go home and finish making Penguin's new umbrella, then."

Time skip: brought to you by my inability to write the next part of this story! Yay!

It was later on that he got a letter from Batman asking for new batarangs. He smirked. That's as close to an apology as you can get from Batsie. So for the next few days he worked on that and eventually he wormed his way back into the hearts of the team and gained their trust once more. He lived both lives happily and made others happy in them. That wouldn't be the end of his story, but it would be peaceful for a long time.

So, I wasn't sure where to take this story. There may be a sequel in the future but if so it will take a long time. I also won't do it until at least 20 people(sorry) ask for it because I'm not sure I want to write one all that much. On the other hand if you guys really want to see a sequel then I could start one. If you do want one, give me ideas though? I have some but... Well. In fact, if you really want; you can write a sequel of your own! I'll give you full credit if you do and I'll let my other readers know your writing it (unless you want me to publish it on my profile).