In this chapter: Z for Zatanna Zatara and W for Wally West.

For the whole story: i also apologise if anything is found offensive as it is not supposed to be. Also some of these were inspired by other fanfictions, so if you recognise them: I take no credit.

Z: Why did the chicken cross the road?

W:I dunno... To get to the other side...?

Z: To get to a gay guy's house.

W: That is funny how?

Z: Knock knock?

W: Who's there?

Z: Mr. Chicken.

Unknown: Hiya!

W: Who is this, I don't know you!

Unknown: Eve.

W: Hey Eve, does this mean you want a date...?

'Eve': Hi, Wall-E.

W: Stop making fun of my name, Dick.

Dick Grayson: Now you know how I feel.