D for Dick Grayson/Robin, W for Wally West/Kidflash, A for Alfred/Agent A and B for Bruce Wayne/Batman

D: Hi!

W: hi...

D: how are you?

W: what are you planning...?

D: what do you mean...?

W: tell me

D: please can you come and help me prank Bruce?

W: No way! He nearly killed me last time, I could've sworn he'd have done it too!

D: please?

W: no!

D: please?

W: no! No! No!

D: pretty please?

W: noooo! No! Noooo!

D: I have cake.

W: no!

D: lots of cake. mountains of cake.

W: it's still no!

D: Alfred made it.

W: what time do you need me?

A: Dick, you need to tidy your room.

D: Why?

A: I refuse to do it.

D: but isn't that your jobbbb?

A: I made Bruce tidy his room too. He does as I say, so I hope you are wise enough to as well!

D: I'm tidying now!

B: Have you tidied you room yet?

D: No, why?

B: I'll put flowers on your grave.

D: Bruce why would you need I do that?

B: The British are coming, Dick

D: what?

B: good luck,

D: Bruce, what?