Another identity reveal, Artemis finds out.

Artemis walked into class and sat on her chair at the back of the room. She dumped her bag unceremoniously on the floor and slumped back into her chair. The team had been on a mission all night and she was exhausted.


"Hey Babs!" Dick shouted as he entered be classroom, sitting next to the commissioner's daughter. A few people lifted their heads to see what was going on, dropping them quickly upon discovering that nothing interesting was happening. Dick slid into the seat next to Barbara with a cheek grin, taking a moment to yawn before winking and tapping the table. Understanding, she nodded at him.

.- ... .- - (what)

.. ... (Is)

... - (so)

The rest will be in words with out the morse, but if it is in 'these' then it is thoughts or morse code. I will tell you which.

'Important?' Babs finished tapping.

'It's about Robin so I couldn't tell you by word, that's all.'

'Oh, ok. So... What've you got to say? Team been on a mission?'

'Clever as ever Batgirl! Yep, it was an over night mission so I'm exhausted.'

'Ooooh, what did you have to do?'

'It was boring actually, we had to spy on some old man. I wouldn't be tired either but this is my third all nighter in a row and we had to fight a few crooks who got in our way.'

'Yikes. But that doesn't matter, right?'

'No, hopefully Batsie doesn't put me on patrol for too long tonight.'

'He won't, I'm on patrol all night so you can get some sleep. I think he knows your tired.'

'Bruce and his damn Bat Sense!'

'Haha, true'

'Teachers here, talk later Batgirl!'

'Of course, Boy Wonder!'


Slumping back in her chair, Artemis was completely zoned out. The teacher wasn't here yet, so it was a little boring. To try and remedy that, she looked about the class room for something interesting; her eyes stopping at her friend Babs and the little troll from her first day. How he was intelligent enough to move up so many years she didn't know. Especially in a private school. She was confused, of course, when she noticed them tapping. They seemed to be taking turns and... Was that morse code? She couldn't tell what they were saying from here but that was definitely morse code. And at that speed? Wow. How ever would they both know morse so well?

Intrigued, Artemis decided to watch them. She could just ask, but... Well. She was the daughter of a villain and she didn't like asking. Naturally, watching did nothing and the teacher's arrival forced them to stop. It was only later, when she was with the team that she realised.


Robin sat at the bar, watching Wally as he sped about, making a sandwich. Batgirl was visiting today too. Batman had allowed this to be her first time in the cave, under the team's supervision.

As she arrived, Robin grinned. He knew exactly what she was going to do. He ducked, and her fist flew over his head. He spun and high fived her. "Hey Batgirl!"

"'Sup Robin!"

She sat next to him at the bar and started tapping. 'Wow, the cave is so big.'

'Wait until you see my secret room. I found it when I was crawling through the vents and basically redecorated it to my liking.'

'Nice, I can't wait.'

Little did they know, Artemis was standing over their shoulder with a sudden realisation.

Black hair, red hair... Boy, girl... Troll, cheerful...

Oh gods, Robin is Dick Grayson?!

And Batgirl is Barbara Gordon?!

How the f is that even right?!