Disclaimer: I don't own MBC, nor the characters. Some of the quotes are taken from the movies Fired Up! and Bring It On.

Brief information:

Status: In Progress

Rating: T for Teen (mature themes, strong language)

Genres: Mainly Friendship and Romance, but also Humor, Drama with a bit of Suspense.

When: Senior year of high school.

Their age: Around 18.

Pairings: Sam x Chris, Cathy x Danny

Main theme: Cheerleading, problems teenagers have and the importance of friendship.

Other themes: Teenage pregnancy, bulimia, sexual identity, threesomes and everything in between.

Warning: I am not a native speaker, my mother tongue is Czech. I'll try to avoid mistakes, either way, don't be harsh on me, please.

Another disclaimer: I have never done cheer and the sport doesn't have a tradition in my country at all. I don't want to offend people who are doing/have done cheer in any way by my lack of knowledge of how things really work in the cheer team. I respect cheerleading and admire all the cheerleaders. As for me, I watched many cheer movies, TV series and followed several cheerleaders' youtube videos. Thus I hope my lack of knowledge won't be inadequate. As far as my personal experience goes, I have done competitive team dancing and gymnastics.

I don't have a clue about the cheer hierarchy and who has competence over what. In my story, the cheer captain (Sam) was chosen by the principal because of her leadership tendencies and gymnastics experience. She was able to choose people into her team in the try-outs. The coach/trainer officially leads the team and as the most experienced person in the field watches over them and teaches them some basics. Apart from that, the captain is still the one who has the main word and responsibility in my story.



Ms. Rollins wants to have a good cheerleading team for an upcoming cheer competition. She thinks that Sam is the only one, who can handle the pressure and lead the team to victory. Hostile aliens will try to make the former MBC team fallout by messing with their heads and feelings. Dark secrets will be revealed. Will it destroy their friendship and relationships? Or will be love more powerful than alien dark magic?

It isn't focused on Sam only! She plays a major role in the plot, but I want to focus on the stories of others too. This story has several storylines, they collide and merge sometimes. To help you keep track of everything, I will write the important events that happened prior to the story.


Important events that happened BEFORE the story:

Cathy, Chris, Danny, and Sam retired from hunting aliens a month before the story. They are just regular teenagers and high school seniors know, concerning their futures and relationships. The new MBC team consists of John, Chris's younger brother, who took his place as a gadgeteer, Calum, Cathy's cousin, whose superpower is telepathy and telekinesis. The two girls are Alexa, a soccer player, and John's crush. The other one being Maxie, a quiet Asian girl that comes up with most strategies and plans.

Sam and Chris got married half a year prior to this story. Since Chris is a king (referring to episode It's Not Good To Be King), he had to get married and the lucky girl, who has been chosen to marry him was Sam. Their love was platonic before the wedding. After the wedding, it got sexual as well (you can read the story of their wedding on my profile - The King's Queen). They truly love each other. Sam is struggling with her lack of emotions though and is unable to show Chris what he means to her, which is the main source of their problems. Chris is a little confused by the friendly nature of their marriage. They are switching places between Sam's and Chris' house. Though they are officially dating, the fact that they are married is not public.

Cathy and Danny broke up a month before the story starts. It may be because of Danny's selfishness or that they are not well prepared to have a serious (and sexual) relationship. They were dating for 5 months. Cathy is devasted and Danny tries to cope with his heartache by being mean and flirty. They both secretly want to be together again, but none of them is willing to make the first step. But as we all know, love has its own way.

Sam and Danny got closer after his breakup with Cathy. That makes Sam's friendship with Cathy a bit awkward. Apparently, she is the only one, who can stand his confidence and deadpan snarking, since she has the same qualities. (Author Note: Sometimes I see, why people tend to pair these two. When you have a Tsundere girl and a Jerk with a heart of gold, you get Belligerent sexual tension, which was their case on the show. I personally think their relationship is an interesting topic, thus I will include it in my story.)


Author Note:

Sam, Chris, and Danny are my OTT (not only mine for sure - if there is an OTT in the MBC fandom universe, it has to be this combination). They are the original characters after all. They were friends long before Cathy came and probably used to hang out a lot. Since my readers seem to enjoy childhood memories in my stories, I want to focus on these three as well and get more recognition for them. After I finish this story I might write a story focused on them only. PM me if you would be interested in that. The only story here that focuses on this topic is The Wild Bunch by FFictious - maybe I could contribute from the female point of view since I have experienced a love triangle with two boys? While Chris and Danny are bros, but complete opposites (Chris is the lovable nerd/sensitive guy, Danny is the lovable jerk/jock), Sam connects them. She protects Chris from being bullied and stands by Danny's side despite his flaws and conflict tendencies.

I think that the MBC creators did splendid work with the characters. They are so different but work well together. As I've mentioned earlier, there are a lot of opposites: Chris as a nerd and Danny as a jock, Sam as a tomboy (also a feminist, her hobbies are mostly masculine though - video games, martial arts, kicking butts, on the other hand, she also enjoys cooking/baking, is artistic and protective) (or Tsundere A) and Cathy as a girly girl (but also Tsundere B), while Chris and Sam seem to me as introverts, Cathy and Danny love people and social interactions and have great social skills (Cathy started as a social weirdo, but improved over time), which I can't say about Chris nor Sam. They also form a Four-Temperament Ensemble: Cathy is sanguine, Danny is choleric, Chris is melancholic, which leaves Sam as phlegmatic, which doesn't suit her perfectly, but you gotta admit, Sam is controlled, careful and reliable, which are phlegmatic traits. She is sometimes referenced to be "the only sane man".


Props to you, if you've read everything! I would love to get your opinions on the topics mentioned above. I really hope you'll click on Chapter 1 and start reading the story, which is going to be interesting, I promise! I wanted to make the foreword more impressive since that is the main factor while deciding whether to read the story or not. I hope that I got you into the groove a little. Love you all. Feel free to PM me if you want to. (Updated: 24-08-2019)

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