There was a long egg in the MudWing Kingdom. One day this egg was lifted from the mud into the air by a flock of birds. These same birds took the egg that now beginning to hatch. Dropping it towards the Kingdom of the Seas waters. Just before the egg touched the waves. The shell suddenly burst open. The birds paused mid-flight upon what their eyes saw next. A MudWing-SeaWing hybrid dragon had just been born. The dragonet looked up at the birds. He was calmly floating in the water. The flock swooped down and circled the newborn dragon.

"You shall be named Taintedwater." They sang in cheerful voices several times over.

The team flew off and out of sight. As the dragonet knew by the alias Taintedwater dove into the depths below. He came across two kind SeaWings that raised him as their own. As time passed he was there to witness the evil actions of his two adoptive siblings. At one point he found his siblings beating a scared dolphin for what seemed like no reason. However, closer inspection revealed that the fish had a necklace made of pearls in its month.

"Leave this creature alone. It has done nothing to you." He said swimming in front of it spreading his wings out in defense.

The dolphin fled in terror but dropped the item it was carrying. One of the siblings that had been assaulting the creature. Proceeded to pick up the item and placed it around their neck. The two SeaWings glared at Taintedwater before heading home. He shook his head in disappointment. Things like this always happened while the parents were out. At one time he had told their parents what his two brothers had been doing. Even as the brothers tried to deny committing these actions. He and his parents searched there home inside and out. In hopes of returning the treasures to their owners. Nothing was to be found.

The very next day after the dolphin incident he spotted a group of clams. They had been forced open and Taintedwater didn't need to guess who had done it. Scanning the clams for any farther injuries which he didn't see. It was just their treasure that had been taken from them. He sighed hopelessly as he turned to go to forward. Awhile later he came to see to specks in the distance. He had to pick up seep in order to catch up with what he hoped was the thieves. He stopped hiding behind a large boulder at the moment he had gotten to them.

Taintedwater saw his brothers burring the last pearl a good ways from there home. The injuring of various sea creatures to taking their treasure it always ended the same way. Taintedwater would fallow his siblings to a different spot each time. Witnessing them hide the last piece of treasure they stole that day. It currently explains why he and his parents couldn't find the missing items. When the two were out of sight. He went over to the spot that the treasure had been hidden. Digging from some time until a gleam of white caught his eye.

It was the missing gems or at least some of them. Scoping them up in his talons. Taintedwater returned to the spot where the clams had been found. His face went from excitement to pure horror. He stared down at the small white spheres in his talons. Rising his head to look at the destruction that lay before him now. He knew there would be no way of returning the gems to their creators. Swimming home having no other choice but to do what needed to be done. When Taintedwater entered his home the first thing he was were his brothers just laughing. Probably about what atrocity they had committed that same day. This ceased when Taintedwater had entered the room. He made his demanded without hesitating for a moment.

"I want to know why you two feel the need to take from innocent creatures?" As he said this Taintedwater held out the items his brothers had previously acquired earlier that same day. Both of them tried to grab what he held. However, he moved back in the Knick of time. He continued speaking. "Why not just hunt for it like a normal treasure hunt instead of harming or killing others to get it?" Suddenly the two swung their tails causing the youngest of the trio to be sent flying against the cavern wall. Something snapped just then above him and proceeded with a loud crash from all sides.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" They said in unison. Giving him a smile that showed their teeth. Before losing conciseness, his last thought was.

"They'll get there's yet. Just not today."