There was once a prophecy told within the SkyWing Kingdom. The prophecy stated that one of sky and night would be born on a full moon. Showing great courage to the kingdom. That would lead to a royal wedding. Happies and glory showed upon the couple. For all of the time, the SkyWings sing their praises. The next morning after the night of a full moon. Whispers spread of a SkyWing-NightWing hatching under a full moon. As having been stated by the prophecy. When the news reached the SkyWing queen that this newborn dragonet was like what the prophecy foretold. She looked down at her young son thinking.

"I will host a tournament when the time is right. This will choose a suitable spouse for my child. Not some words that are written on a scroll or even spoken allowed." She stormed out of the castle and came to a couple of the hybrid dragonet. Noticing that the family didn't appear wealthy upon entering their home. She used that to her advantage. "I would hate to see your dragonet not living the life she so rightfully deserves. You know being part of the prophecy and all." She placed several small sacks into the talons of the NightWing father.

The queen had no doubt in her mind this dragon was the one who delivered the prophecy. The NightWings spouse handed over her dragonet. All in hopes that the child would have a better life with the queen. The dragonet was then taken to a nearby Scavenger Den. Hoping that a wolf or some other creature would put an end to the role this dragonet had been given. It didn't happen as the leader of the SkyWings would have hoped. After she had left the area. A pair of newlyweds found her taking her in as their own.

The young one was named Marblesight. Years later she worked as a palace guard in the NightWing kingdom and one day overheard an interesting conversation. While she was completing her rounds outside the palace. She heard several SkyWings discuss a tournament and the talon of the queen's son for the victor to have in marriage. Marblesight didn't hesitate to fly to the SkyWing kingdom from her own. Over time she fought many dragons from all seven tribes. When she had reached the semi-finals of the tournament. Screams came about from the palace itself.

Suddenly flames could be seen erupting from the palace itself. Many flew out of the blazing fortress. No sign of the queen or her son. A lot still were fleeing the area to safety. Marblesight went towards the danger. When she entered she spotted a few guards along with the two royal family members directing those still inside to safety. Stopping right next to them making the same gestures to direct everyone out.

"Your majesty if you and your son will track down the culprits. I can handle things here." The queen looked at her with surprise. Rising a talon about to question the suggestion. When her son piped up.

"She is correct. SkyWings are the best flyers in all of Pyrrhia. Only we can do this now." There was a nod of agreement from the mother. Before long the two were flying from the burning building into the sky above. Everyone was safely out just as the structure started to collapse. With Marblesight being the last to leave. The area was clear now with only SkyWings remaining. Looking at the destruction of their beloved leaders home.

"Over there." Someone shouted. Pointing a talon in the direction of two specks that edged every closer. It was the royal family. Each holding a net encasing dragons within there talons.

"We caught two out of the three that started this mess." The prince spoke allowed the group. The queen gave a nod and a couple of guards came forward. Each taking hold of a net before soring away. Marblesight gave a low bow to the queen.

"With your permission, I'd like to find the last member in that trio." The queen responded with a shake of her head.

"No, this is my mission and mine alone." At this the prince interjected.

"Mother she is the one who made it to the semi-finals of the torment. I think we're quite capable of knowing she will get the task done." He said this with such confidence in his voice that Marblesight forced herself to hold her head up high.

"Alright." The Queen lets out a soft sigh at the word. Marblesight took off into the sky without another word. On that note, it can be said that Marblesight never completed the prophecy. Simply because she never made it back to the SkyWing territory. Some say she found the third dragon. Fought him and defeated him. Dying of her wounds sometime after. Others say that she won and fled the continent. To this day no one knows for sure.