Long before there was animus magic…

Three objects sped fast in the sky. These things were small, however. No bigger than the size of a scavenger. As they were pulled into the planet's atmosphere. One went towards the continent known as Pyrrhia. The other two went soring to the continent known as Pantala. The single object landed in front of a nearby cave. Located in the IceWing Kingdom. The next morning as the sun rose high in the sky. An IceWing was out for a morning hunt. Noticing the lone stone glinting from the corner of her eye. She circled around the rock several times to study it from the air.

Landing she took the rock and looking in the blackness of the cave for a moment headed inside. She kept going until a light filtered from above at the end of the cave. It was small just enough to bathe the item she had just found. She set it down to come aglow in the light. Proceeding to lay in from of it just simply waiting. Now in the continent overseas known as Pantala. Something similar happened with the two other spheres that had landed there. A SilkWing and a LeafWing had encountered one stone each. The stone found by the LeafWing landed in the branches of a tree.

Obtaining the object in their talons having flown up to retrieve it. They flew to the deepest part of the forest was entered. Flying a few miles more until they came upon a small beam of light. Showing through the trees of the said forest. This dragon too laid the small item to become aglow beneath the only light in the area. As the IceWing had done a continent away. The Leafwing rested in front of the light. Right where the obtained object was just shining. The SilkWings encounter with the grey colored rock came entangled.

This entanglement was made in the hammock within the dragon's home. Returning from some days gathering yams, okra, and honey drops. Setting the food aside upon entering their cell. The SilkWing unraveled the hammock and out at there talons fell the stone. The SilkWing turned their head. Seeing the three moons now finishing ascending to the sky. Picking up the stone and staring outside at the moons again. Feeling almost compelled as if destiny was saying to return the dull thing to the sky above. Setting off in a quick burst of speed with a flap of there wings.

The dragon was off into the moonlit sky now. Focusing attention on the three moons. It was as if he was being directed to the sea. A small trail of light coming from the largest moon seemed to be pointing in that direction. The SilkWing landed at the edge of a rocky cliff. Where the rocks met the sea crashing against its base. The largest bolder towards the end of the said cliff. Was the one that showed the small beam of light. Placing the tiny item under the patch of light to become bathed in it. Laying down in front of the round object now.

Perhaps waiting or even knowing something might happen. The rocks grew in size suddenly. This happened the moment the third one was laid to rest. All three dragons from around the world stood up when this occurred. When they had attained a current size. Like a balloon, they popped. Sending all three dragons being thrown into blackness. The three lights crept towards each of the trio members respectively. Surrounding them in the same substances their items had been entranced in. The dragons were safely pulled from the areas that their stones had been placed in.

Up into the sky, they went. Brought together in-between the two continents. Above the sea, the filtering light grew bigger as they disappeared into it. When the light slowly faded it descended to a sandy beach. There was only one dragon to be seen instead of three. IceWing, SilkWing, and LeafWing having been fused together. Forming a dragon covered in fur. Wings like a dove made of soft feathers. As the dragon awoke on one of Pyrrhia shores. One would have to note the soft brown colored eyes. Along with the long tail that swayed back and forth in the sand.

Shining in the sunlight were various gems of all sorts embedded in her thick fur. Rising to all fours she shook the beach sand from her body. "I enchant one egg from each of the seven tribes to be here right now in front of me the moment I clap my talons together." Of course, the moment she did this. Instantly seven eggs from each tribe appeared. Resting in the soft sand. "I enchant all seven of the dragonets within these eggs to be born animus dragons on their respective hatch day. I also enchant these eggs to be returned to the places in which they came the moment I say the word go."

Nothing seemed to happen but she knew the spell had worked. With that, she whispered. "Go." The eggs disappeared from the sand. The newborn animus AngleWing looked from over their shoulder seeing the sun starting to set. From behind the waves of the sea. She beat her wings starting her long journey over the waters and beyond. Knowing that no one could know that she was the true first animus in existence.