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As soon as I got home, I immediately went straight to the phone to call Barry and see how he was doing. He answered on the third ring.


"Barry? It's Darcy. Are you all right?"

"Yes, I feel just fine. It was really strange. One minute I'm looking at the menu, the next minute, I've got a nosebleed. It just kept getting worse and worse. I felt fine, though. Just embarrassed. As soon as I left the restaurant, it stopped, but I went to the emergency room, anyway. Nothing was wrong. They cleaned me up and that was it. I called the restaurant but they said you left."

"Yes. Are you sure you're all right?"

"Never better. Listen, don't forget about tomorrow night."

"Tomorrow night?"

"Yes, my ballet show. You promised me two weeks ago you'd come as my date.

Oh, no. I had completely forgotten about that! Max is going to kill me!

"Are you there, Darcy?"

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry, I forgot. I..."

"I need you there as my date."

But Max needs me, too! I wanted to go with Max, but I already promised Barry.

"I'll be there."

"Great! The show is at 8:30. I'll pick you up at eight. Sound good?"


We said good night, and I went to bed, a bundle of nerves about how I was going to break this to Max.


I promised Max that I would call him today. I'll call him and explain everything when I get off work. He was trying to change, so hopefully, he understands. As I'm working, the phone rings. I answer it.

"Hello, Darcy Carson."

"I've been waiting on your call all day. What's going on?"

Oh, no. Well, it's now or never. "I was gonna call you when I got off work."

"Well, I just got off. I'll pick you up right away and we can go eat."

Oh, boy.

"Max, you're going to kill me. Barry's ballet opens tonight."

I went on to explain to Max about who was dancing and that I already promised Barry I would go. Max, as expected, got upset, and again, accused me of being involved with him.

"Max, you know he's an old friend, and I've needed his company these last few days. Tonight he needs me."

"You liar. You knew last night you were going out with him, didn't you?"

"I swear I didn't remember, and I'm at work, and I've gotta get off the phone!"

"You never did love me, did you, Darcy?"

I wasn't about to have this same argument again.

"Max, last night was very promising. Please don't blow it."

I hung up. Once I was done, my friend, Carol, walked up to me.

"Is everything all right?"

"Oh, yes, just fine. Thank you, Carol."


At the ballet, I was surprised to see Lorraine there. She was with Max's best friend, Brian Stills, who was in a wheelchair. He was a very nice guy, and Lorraine seemed really happy with him. I asked how Max felt about their new relationship and he was happy for them. Of course, Mark Winslow was there as well with two dates. We talked for a bit and then went in to watch the show.

It started off really good, but then got weird. The dancer kept having a lot of embarrassing mishaps. A couple of times I had to cover my face from trying not to laugh. I know Barry's show was ruined, and I'm sorry about that, but it was still amusing. Once that was over, I told Barry I was going to the ladies' room, and I would be out in a minute.

Lorraine was in there as well.

"How crazy was that," she asked me.

"I know, it was."

"Especially the end, when... well, you know. Anyway, how are things going between you and Max?"

I sighed. "Well, last night he told me he had changed. Wouldn't you know as soon as I say I've already made plans with Barry, he accuses me of not loving him."

Lorraine gave me a sympathetic look.

"Look, you two love each other, there's no doubt about that. You know as well as I do that Max is a great guy."

"Of course he is, I just wish he didn't have trust issues."

"Hey! Brian has this great house on the beach. I'm going to be spending the weekend there with him. So is Mark Winslow. Why don't you and Max join us?"

"Oh... I don't know."

"Look, it will give you two a chance to talk and clear your heads. What do you say?"

I nod my head.

"All right. I'll talk to Max about it later."

"Good girl."