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Chapter 1

It had been a particularly hard case, one that had hit close to home for both Cal and Gillian. A little girl had been abducted from school. After 45 long tiring hours, with the help of local law enforcement and the FBI; Cal and Gillian were able to track down the little girl's whereabouts. Her name was Amy Littlefield, and her parents were in the middle of a nasty divorce leading to a child custody agreement. Amy was of course stuck in the middle and no one cared what she wanted. She didn't want to move across town and go to a new school with new people; she liked the friends she had already made. Amy was smart, she knew that her dad had decided to pick up and leave. It wasn't long after that Meagan was introduced into Amy's life as her dad's new girlfriend. Amy saw her as the one who broke up her family and disliked her from the beginning. Amy's dad knew he was not going to win custody of Amy, meaning he would only be able to see her on weekends. Meagan didn't like this arrangement and decided to come up with a plan of her own. Meagan's brother worked in the school's office where Amy attended school, he had easy access to her schedule and was able to sign her in and out of school without anyone noticing. Meagan then decided she would have her brother sign her out of school and drive her across state lines, accentually kidnapping Amy. Meagan would take Amy to her parents house and call Amy's dad, Mike, and let him know she was safe and all theirs to have as long as he played dumb and didn't know where Amy was. The plan did not go as intended. Meagan and her brother were caught 50 miles from the state boarder. Mike was devastated and appalled to find out Meagan would go to such lengths. Meagan pleaded with Mike that she had did this for them and for him, she just wanted them to be a family. Amy's parents were so relieved to have their little girl back safely.

It had been a whirlwind of emotions for everyone, especially Gillian. Those were the longest 45 hours of her life. Cases like this hit her the hardest; bringing up painful memories of Sophie. Amy reminded Gillian so much of Sophie; both girls had shoulder length curly blonde hair, beautiful smiles and were around the same age. Gillian couldn't help but think what if this had been Sophie? What if they never found that little girl in time?

All Gillian wanted to do was go home, take a long hot bath and open a bottle of wine. She wasn't normally the one who went home and drowned her problems in a bottle of wine, the psychologist in her knew it was unhealthy, but the women who lost her child just wanted to drown out the painful memories. She stayed long enough to make sure the little girl was okay and reunited with her parents. Needing to leave before she broke down, or before Cal could hover over her, Gillian ducked behind the commotion of police vehicles, ambulances, and news reporters seeking the comfort of her car. She didn't need Cal to take care of her, she would be perfectly fine.

Hell, in the last few months Cal had been nothing but distant with her, always avoiding her in the office or picking fights with her. His behavior started to change the day after Matheson had held a gun to his head threating to end Cal's life if he did not help him. He had called her luv less and less, the easy banner between them replaced with cold short words, touches became nonexistent, always finding ways to avoid being alone with her. She knew she was losing her best friend, she didn't know why or how to fix it. Why was it her responsibility to pick up the pieces and fix it, that's what she always did. She wasn't the one who was acting strange, so she had nothing to apologize for. Gillian just wanted her egotistical, sarcastic, self-centered reckless Cal back, she just waned her best friend back. She had missed him.

Pulling in her driveway, Gillian turned off her car, locked it and headed inside her apartment. Once inside she locked the door leaning against it. Dropping her bag on the floor beside her, letting the tears that had been building silently fall. Gathering her thoughts and wiping away the tears with her palm, she pushed herself off the door, took off her coat, slipped out of her heels and made her way to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine. Pouring herself a full glass, she took a sip letting the liquid warm her throat. Putting on some Frank Sinatra on her iPod, Gillian walked into the bathroom to run a bath. Finding her favorite vanilla scented bubble bath, she poured a generous amount into the warm water, watching the bubbles instantly form. Realizing her glass was now empty, Gillian walked back down to the kitchen to refill her glass. Now that her glass was full, she turned her attention back to the steaming hot bath that was waiting for her. Setting the glass down, and slipping out of her black, knee length dress letting it pool on the floor. Removing her matching bra and underwear set she stepped into the inviting bath. Instantly she could feel the stress of the past 45 hours slowly seep out of her body.

On the other side of town, Cal was still in his office going over the details of the last case him and Gillian had worked on. He knew this case was tough on him, what if it had been Emily, but even tougher on Gillian considering this little girl looked so much like Sophie. His thoughts drifted to Gillian, she escaped so quickly earlier he almost missed her leaving. He figured she would need some space to sort this out. And if he was honest with himself, space for him to analyze his thoughts and feelings.

One thing he knew for sure was everything lead back to his business partner, Gillian Foster. But she was more than that, she was his best friend, the one he looked forward to seeing every day, and the one he had been secretly in love with for years. He knew it was wrong, she deserved so much more than him. He had come to this revelation during the Matheson case, when she pleaded/begged for his life. The look in her eyes from unshed tears, and the fear on her face was enough to break his heart. To Matheson, Gillian's expressions were normal, however, Cal could see her mask slowly slip away from the emotional turmoil she was feeling and on the verge of losing it.

He saw all the emotions play out on her face, fear, anger, sadness, and there was something else that flickered across her face, but he wasn't for sure if he had actually seen it, or if it was because of the situation they were in and wanted to see it. Cal thought he saw love flicker across Gillian's face. He had been so scared when Matheson had pointed the gun at Gillian, he knew that Matheson was not afraid to pull the trigger if it came to that. It was that night, while sitting in a bar talking to a beautiful woman, who tried to throw herself at him with a sexy line about who is ideal women was, did he realize that he was not supposed to be there, he should be with Gillian, comforting her.

When Cal showed up at Gillian's apartment and knocked on the door, he could tell she was shaken up by the events of the day. He realized in that moment that there was no where else he would rather be than with her. As much as he wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her, he knew this was not the time, instead he settled for being close to her, being able to provide support and staying in her spare room.

He knew he was being selfish by putting space between them, but he knew it was necessary in order for her to have a normal, decent life with someone who deserved her and who she deserved. It started with him calling her Foster instead of calling her luv. He avoided touching her, because when they did touch it felt like tiny jolts of sparks were sent up and down his spine. Cal realized he was treating her more like an employee rather than his equal partner that she was supposed to be. He also was short tempered not with her, but with all the staff. And what had that solved? He was miserable and so was she. Both losing sleep, tempers growing towards one another as well as their staff. He knew if they continued down this path where it would lead them. Throwing his head in his hands, he knew he had to fix this before it was too late. He needed to repair the damage that had been caused over the last few months. Grabbing his keys and heading toward the elevator making sure the alarms were activated and the lights were off, Cal set off in the direction of Gillian's apartment.

Pulling up in front of Gillian's apartment Cal suddenly felt nervous. What if she didn't want to listen or even see him? What if he fucked their relationship up beyond repair? He couldn't lose her, he needed her, no he wanted her. All of her in every way. Walking up to her door, he could see the soft glow of her living room light on, he knew she would still be up. Raising a hand to knock on the door, Cal decided it was now or never, he needed to take this chance. As the door opened he did not expect to see a Gillian who looked like she…. Was she drunk?

After her much needed relaxing bubble bath, Gillian decided to end her night by watching one of her favorite movies and finishing off the bottle of wine. The credits were starting to roll over the screen as she finished her last glass of wine. Gillian hadn't meant to drink the whole bottle of wine in a span of a couple of hours, however, the events of recent had caught up to her. Now feeling quite relaxed she was just about to shut off the lights and go to bed when she heard a knock on her door. Momentarily wondering who would be at her door at nearly 10:30 at night, but knowing full well who would be the only one to disturb her this late at night, Cal. She wrapped her knit sweater tighter around her slender frame before walking to the door and opening it. She really wasn't in the mood for company tonight, especially company that was in a foul possibly drunk mood. She didn't have the energy to fight or keep her mask against him.

"What do you want Cal" It came out harsher than she intended it to. She looked at him crossing her arms leaning against the door frame.

"Hey… I umm…" Cal stammered shifting back and forth from one foot to the next. "Can I come in?"

Sighing she steps aside letting him pass through. Much like the night he came to her doorstep after that horrible day he walks in and she closes the door behind him.