(this story is set in the Archie Comics version of Sonic's world… sort of. I say sort of because this is probably butchering a lot of it, then again, i'm just throwing the timeline out the window. the rest should be close.

Chapter 1
Dark Future
(first person point of view from Tails of the future.)
(Tails is 18 in this story.)
As I stare over the peninsula that overlooks what used to be the settlement of Furville. Now, it is just a shattered shell that was once a city. Robotnik has done this. His army had destroyed it along with other cities. I say to myself "where did it all go wrong? What did we do to deserve this? Robotnik….. that man….is pure evil. I swear on my life that I'll avenge cities like this one and stop this destruction or die trying." Sonic appears beside me. I jump and say " WAAHH! Sonic, you scared the crap out of me! why do you have to do that?" Sonic replies "well you gotta keep on your toes. You never know when a-" His sentence is cut off by a nearby explosion. Sonic says "darn it, they noticed us already." We hear over the radio "THEY'RE ATTACKING THE CAMP!" I say "let's go break some bots." "My thoughts exactly."
We run back to the base. There, we see a battle going on between mobians and robots. The battle seems to be going well at the moment, but more reinforcements are bound to arrive soon. We have to move. A green been comes towards me. I jump out of the way just in time. Sonic says "blast! They have those guns! We've got to be careful." We join the battle. Sonic does a homing attack on one of the bots. Meanwhile, I take out a small pistol point it at the nearest robot. The robot says "ha…ha…ha… you're going to shoot me with that? I calculate the possibility of a weapon that small damaging my systems to be 0%." I say "think again bot brain. IMA FIRIN' MAH LAYZAAARRR!" (for those who don't know what that means, look up "firing my laser" on Google. You'll find videos that show it.) I squeeze the trigger. Energy builds up in the chamber for about 2 seconds. The robot says "energy spike detected. Begin counter meas-" It's sentence is cut off as a beam (the size of Rotor's waistline) fires from my pistol, destroying the robot…..and 10 other bots in a straight line behind it. I say "never underestimate the power of a minigun. Hehehehe. I wish I had had the chance to thank Rotor for this weapon. It's always been useful. But I guess that's impossible now. I really miss that guy. But there's no time to dwell on the past. I've got a battle to win."
While I am reminiscing, a bot sneaks up on me. it starts charging its laser. I jump back. "I'm not going to make it! I don't wanna die like this!" from behind the robot, I hear "and you won't have to sugah! HI-YAH!" Bunnie Rabbot jumps behind the bot and karate chops it, cutting the bot in half with her strength. I say "thanks for the save Bunnie." "any time Tails." Another bot comes from behind her. I say "BEHIND YOU!" but it is too late, the robot fires. Bunnie jumps out of the way but the laser hits her right hand. She says "oh no!" I run over to her and say "hold on! I can save you!" As the robotization reaches her right shoulder, I stab her with a syringe. There are a few sparks from the now robotized arm, then the process halts. Bunnie looks at her arm and says "oh gosh! I thought I was a goner. I guess you save me this time Tails. I owe you my life." I say "no biggie. You'd have done it for me if you had the serum. "I never wanted more robotic limbs. At the rate I'm goin, I'll be a robot in no time." I say "don't worry. I won't let that happen. Actually, this serum is designed to immunize the person shot with it from further robotization.) That reminds me, try that arm out of the robot. It should work the same as your left arm." (yes, that is what it looks like. A serum to stop the robotization process. Oh yeah, in case it wasn't clear, those lasers robotize the target. Robotnik's most devastating weapon yet. Though it has limits; The people robotized shut down without a chip implanted into their heads. So, basically they're dead bodies until after the battles that Robotnik wins.) Bunnie runs towards the bot that shot her and punches right through it. She turns to me and says "wow Tails, you were right. It does work. well… I'm now more robot than rabbit, but I'll make the best of it." I say "one more thing, if you want me to weaponize that arm, just ask. I have a few ideas as to what to do with it. Though…. I guess that's rather mean of me." a few seconds pass, and I realize I just said something terribly wrong. I say "oh my gosh, I'm sorry Bunnie. I just talked to you as if you were a robot. That was wrong of me." "no. it's ok sugah. I know you mean well. I think I'll take you up on your offer. It'll allow me to help you and the others more effectively." "alright, I'll prepare what I'm thinking of when we get back to New Knothole."(explanation later.)
With that, we go in opposite directions. I shoot a few more bots. I hear a scream "OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! NOOOO!" i think "uh oh, someone must have been hit." I run towards where I heard the scream. I see a chipmunk fading fast. He had been hit in the chest. Almost his whole bode is robotized. I throw another syringe at him. It hits him just below his neck. It injects the serum and he falls to the ground. I run over to him and sit him up. I ask "are you ok trooper?" "what? How am I alive?" "well…. I stopped the robotization process." "then you must be…." He looks up at me and says "General Prower! Thank you sir." "don't thank me yet. I was almost too late. 90% of your body has been robotized. The only part of you that isn't is your head. because of this, you still have control of yourself. But I don't know how long you'll live. But that serum should make you immune to further shots." "if I'm going to die, then I'll make the best of the time I have. These bots took my mother, my father, and my brother. I'll keep fighting to my last breath. To not do so would dishonor their sacrifice. They died to save me. and as such, I'll die fighting. Never give up General Prower, never, EVER give up." With that, he gets up and runs towards the nearest robot. It shots him in the chest, but true to my word, he is unaffected. He stabs the robot in the chest with both hands and tears the entire thing in half. (note: these a lot of these robots ARE robotized Mobians. But that makes them the enemy because they can't be returned to normal, Robotnik saw to that a long time ago.)
Half an hour later, the last robot falls. A cheer goes throughout the camp. We have won a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. Sonic walks up to me and asks "how'd you do, I got 30." I answer "I got 37. Gotta keep up Sonic, you're falling behind." It has become our little game to see who can destroy the most robots. Now getting serious, Sonic asks "so, how did it go for you, did anyone get robotized near you?" "well… Bunnie got hit in the right arm. I was able to save her with the serum. But now she's more robot than Mobian. Her right arm is now robotized but the rest of her real body isn't changed." "poor Bunnie. How's she coping with it?" "she seems fine with it. She told me that she was glad to be of more use to the freedom fighters." "well that's one way to look at it I guess." "though really, there's no way to make light of this situation. It seems like Robotnik is always one step ahead of us." "I know what you mean."
Meanwhile, Bunnie is walking towards Sally. Upon seeing her, Sally notices Bunnie's right arm. She says "oh my gosh! Bunnie, you got hit!" "It's ok Sally girl. I'm fine with it. Besides, because I have the serum, according to Tails, I'm immune to further shots. So I'll be ok. How'd you fare in this battle?" "well…. Let's just say…. We match." Sally pulls her right hand from behind her back. Her right hand is robotized. "one of those metal monsters managed to get a hit on me. Tails' serum saved me though. That kid's a genius. Just like Rotor was. No one will ever replace him." Sally sheds a tear. "Robotnik's going to pay for that. And for what he did to other people."
Sonic and I walk up to them. Sonic notices Sally's hand and says "Sal what happened?" Sally replies "I got hit, what do you think? But lucky for me, Tails gave me a dose of the serum so I applied it at now all I have is this hand. Though I guess I can find a bright side to this. I mean now I can punch things that would normally hurt me and not get hurt." (ex… OVER 9000 pounds of solid gold Robotnik-fat. That is one BIG statue. Though the real on probably weighs close to that. Hehehe.) Sonic says "so what now Sal?" "we continue the plan; destroy the factory. We don't have a moment to waste, they know we're here now. so we need to move." So, we break down camp and continue to move. The factory is close. We can tell because of the stench of pollution that is slowly growing. Robotnik is so very gross. He's also so very evil, which is why we're here to destroy this factory in the first place. From here, Robotnik produces the robots needed to invade this entire continent. By destroying it, we'll halt his actions here.
Meanwhile at Robotnik's main base in mobotropolis. Robotnik is hearing of the Freedom Fighters' victory. He says "Snively, what is the status on the forces sent from the factory." Snively replies "all forces have been destroyed sir. It appears that a force of freedom fighters is headed for the factory." "they might be planning to destroy the factory. Send more troops RIGHT NOW!" "sending sir."
So… back to the freedom fighters…..
After 3 days of walking, the factory is finally within sight. Everyone stops to look at it. Bunnie says "oh my stars. That thing's huge." Sally says "that's why we brought so much force here to level it. But it's well guarded still. We may have destroyed many of the robots guarding it, but there are still many more. However, we can't let that stop us now can we? Commence firing!" 10 high explosive charges fly overhead towards the factory. But they hit something before they impact. A blue shield is revealed from the impacts. Sally says "darn it. We don't have enough firepower with us to break through that level of shielding. I should have thought of that." I say to her "ah… but that's where I come in. you see, I did think that he might put up a super strong shield around the base. So, I came with some special ammunition." I walk back to where the mortars were fired. I give each man a yellow shell. I say "shoot these at the shield. They'll break through it no problem." I say to Sally "time to frustrate old fat face." Sally says "FIRE!" the shells are fired. On impact, a large quantity of sparks are released. The crackling energy surrounds the shield. The shield flares blue for a few seconds and flickers out.
Back at Robotnik's
"SNIVELY! What was that?! What happened to my shield?!" "it appears to be some sort of electro magnetic pulse sir. It seems to have short circuited the shield." "there's only one person who is capable of creating an EMP that powerful. Tails Prower. When I get my hands on him, I'll make sure he never does anything like this again. Make a counter attack." "yes sir"
Meanwhile, the battle has begun in earnest. Robotnik has launched a counterattack. Robots are walking out of the base to attack us and stop the mortars which are continuing to rain down on the factory. Sally shouts "IN THE NAME FREEDOM, CHARGE!" A cry goes out from the Mobians here. We are motivated and ready to kick some can. Sonic, Sally and I go with the rest of the troops while Sally stays back. I ready my pistol, but when I look at it, much to my dismay, it still hasn't recharged yet. (tiny gun = small battery.) Oh well, I have other weapons. Though my favorite is a regular pistol with special ammunition. It fires rounds with destructive explosive charges in them. in other words, it's a grenade launcher.
I fire my gun at the first available target. I smile as the bullet impacts the robot and blows a large hole in its chest. Those robots around me meet the same fate. Sonic is also doing well. Currently, he is using a spindash to destroy a lot of enemies in a small amount of time. Other freedom fighters are also destroying robots around us. Though, some of them are getting hit by the rays. There's nothing we can do for them. we just have to keep fighting.
And fight we do. Robot after robot comes at me. I kill them all with cruel efficiency. I used to be rather scared of the combots (then I took an arrow to the knee.) but after seeing 2 of my friends die right before my eyes, my mind had hardened and now I was out for "blood" on the battlefield. (the other person dead is Antoine. But I'll explain both his, and Rotor's deaths later.)
After what seemed like an eternity, the robots stopped coming. There are no more left to fight. But the base is so huge. Sally contacts us on the radio, she says "we don't have any more mortars and the base is still able to function." I reply to her "well… I brought along a high-explosive bomb. We could use that to level the factory." "alright but you need to get it there." "will do Sally." I say to Sonic "you up for a bomb run?" "do I get to watch the fireworks after?" "sure." "then yes, I'm up for a bomb run." "then here you go." I hand him the bomb. "this works on a remote detonator that's programmed to automatically detonate if the signal is cut from the controller. So if Robotnik interferes with it, it'll still go off." "alright. I'm off."
Back at Mobotropolis
Robotnik says "no! they're going to destroy the base. I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" an idea comes into his head "wait a minute…. The assimilators. I can use my time travel device to robotize Sonic in the past. That would remove him in the future, thus ridding me of this problem." He says "Snively, connect me to the phone of the factory." "yes sir." A robot comes on the screen. "you rang overlord." "Sonic is coming to destroy the factory. Send an assimilator back 7 years in time quickly." "yes overlord. I exist to do your will." " THEN JUST DO IT ALREADY!"
Sonic has almost reached the point where I told him to plant the bomb. He hears something interesting though which makes him stop to listen. A robot is saying "time setting minus 7 years. Enter assimilator." Another robot says "what are my orders?" "assimilate Sonic and the freedom fighters in the past." "orders received. The freedom fighters will be assimilated." A large crackling of energy is heard then there is a flash of light. The other robot says "time travel complete. Mission accomplished." Sonic says to me "did you get all that Tails?" I reply "yes I did. That's unsettling. I'll be right there with backup." I explain the situation to Sally and Bunnie. They come with me to the factory. We destroy the bots guarding the huge machine and I take a look at it. I say "whoa….. this machine… is meant to send things to different times. And if you heard that correctly, Robotnik is trying to kill us in the past. Someone has to stop him."