Flashback Chapter 8


This chapter is going on at the same time as the last one… sort of… if you get my meaning. So anyways, ON TO THE EPICNESS!

Sally says "so you got this Sonic?" Sonic replies "oh yeah. Let's do this." Sonic runs in the direction of the assimilator. He soon sees it, just as I had said, it swam across the river. Sonic says "bet you can't catch me ya old bucket o' bolts." The assimilator replies "Negative. This unit is fully capable of matching the speed of target; Sonic the Hedgehog" "Prove it metal head!" Sonic runs towards the rest of the group with the assimilator in pursuit… sort of. Sally says "did you get it to follow you?" Sonic replies "Do fish swim? Do two-tailed foxes fly? Do blue hedgehogs named Sonic outrun everything alive or otherwise? Of course it's following me Sal. I think….." "then get into positions everyone."
The robot comes charging into the area we have set the trap. Just a bit closer….. Sally says "NOW!" we jump from cover and bathe the bot in a hail of bullets. Though these just ping off of it. We're not doing enough damage. But we have the R.E.A.P.E.R. Rotor is carefully lining up the shot. The weapon charges up. The robot says "energy spike detected; Evasive maneuvers. Rotor fires; at the same time, the bot tumbles to the right. The shot goes right by it. Rotor says "oh crap." I curse under my breath. Now what are we going to do. Then the robot turns and points its gun at Tails. He stares at it like a deer in headlights. The assimilator fires. I shout "NOOOOOO!" and tackle him, knocking him out of the way of the shot. But this puts me in the line of fire. The shot hits me in the left ankle. I am quickly losing sensation in my leg as the roboticization progresses up it. However, I have a surprise for everyone. Out of my (imaginary) pocket, I pull a syringe with the serum in it and stab myself in the hip. There are a lot of sparks, then roboticization stops. My left leg is now robotic. But at least my past self is safe. The assimilator says "error; unexpected outcome. Clarify." I say "I bet you weren't expecting me to have the serum on me. So go ahead, bring it on." The assimilator fires and I block the shot with my bare hand. The rest of the group is dumbstruck. I say to them "this serum I created stops the roboticization process and also makes the person immune to further roboticization. However as for why I can't just apply it to all of you now, this stuff will kill you if there's no roboticization for it to nullify. That being said, it's of no use to any of you. But now that thing can't touch me anymore. I'll go deal with it once and for all." It tries to fire again. But my body just absorbs the shot and I start running towards it. Another shot hits me, but I don't care. After another shot, I am close to it. I try to fire at it. But just because I can't be roboticized, doesn't mean I can match that thing physically. It easily dodges my shotgun blast then knocks the gun from my hands. I try to kick it but it just catches my leg and throws me across the pavement. As it starts to walk towards me, I think "What do I do now? it's disarmed me and I can't physically fight it. wait a minute…. What about "that". No. no. I can't use "that". I haven't tested it yet. It could kill me. But this thing definitely will kill me whereas "that" might kill me. I'd rather have a maybe death over an assured death. besides, I've got no choice. The whole world back home is counting on me and I refuse to let them down. (again out of his other imaginary pocket) I pull out another syringe, this one loaded with neon blue liquid. I inject myself with it. The world around me slows down. I can hear my heart in my ears. All 5 of my senses become super acute. I get up and face my foe. My enemy is slower as well! No, I'm just faster. My heightened perception makes the world around me seem slower. It tries to punch me but I grab its wrist, stopping its fist an inch from my face. I then easily flip the assimilator over my shoulder. It gets up and charges me again. I easily dodge its blows for a few seconds, then sidestep it and kick it in the back, sending it flying back across the pavement. I leap and try to pound in its back with the momentum of the fall/punch. But it rolls out from under me at the last second, causing a small indent in the ground where it had just been. It tries to get up but I pin it to the ground and start to repeatedly punch it in the face. .5.6. Suddenly, my arms go limp and I fall on top of the assimilator as my limbs no longer have the strength to support me. My whole body is sore. I think "no…. not yet… it can't wear off yet. No….." The assimilator throws me off of its body and back 30 feet. I can barely move. It's coming, and I can't move. Dammit dammit dammit! I see my gun within reach but I can barely move my arms. Gotta….reeeaaccchh. It gets closer and closer as I struggle to reach for the shotgun. Just a few more inches…. It's standing over me. It reaches down to grab me by the throat. But by that time, I had just gotten a firm grip on the gun, or as firm a grip as I could manage. I drag the gun towards me and somehow manage to point the barrel at its face. I say "ASSIMILATE THIS!" and pull the trigger. The force of the shot sends the bot flying backwards. When it hits the ground, it lays there motionless. Slowly, it shuts down, broken beyond repair. I've done it, I have won. I pass out from exhaustion a few moments later.
I open my eyes to see the rest of the past freedom fighters standing over me in the same couch as when I got here. Tails asks "what was that? You were going as fast as Sonic." I reply "well… not THAT fast. I wish I coulda gone THAT fast. It was an experimental hyper-stimulant. It allowed me to physically overpower that bot, but at a high cost to my body. I feel like crap. But I'll do a full checkup when I get back to my own time." Sally says "well you're in no condition to travel at the moment." "baloney." I try to get up and end up falling flat on my face. Sally says "you can't even stand after that stunt you pulled. Look, stay here for a few days THEN go back to your own time. Trust me, if you go back and there's some sort of situation, you'll want to be in top shape to face it." "I suppose you're right." With that, I climb back on the couch somehow and fall fast asleep.
2 days later
Now, I have to get back to my own time. Luckily I brought along a device to allow me to do just that. I say "the assimilator is destroyed. My mission is complete. So now I'll be heading back to my own time. Stay strong freedom fighters, you'll need to in order to face the future ahead of you." With that, I turn on the device and am sent back through the timestream. When I arrive, I once again see the burned land around me. Now I wonder where the rest of the group is. I go back to new Knothole and look around. No one is here either. Then I see plans for an attack on Robotropolis. So that's where they must be. I'll go there, they probably need my help.

After an hour of walking, I'm within viewing distance of the city. I see no guards. That is rather strange. But I can't worry about that right now. If my friends need me then there's nothing that's going to stop me from getting to them.
I walk into the empty city and head for the palace. As soon as I get inside, I hear a faint, high-pitched noise. I clamp my hands over my ears. I say "what the heck is that? It hurts. I've gotta stop that before I go in there. I've got just the thing to do it too. I've been meaning to test this thing anyway." I take a blue grenade out of my pocket. I throw it at my feet. The explosion sends out a number of blue bubbles that, while harmless to me, will locate any source of artificial sound, and wrap themselves around it, muting it and rendering it useless.
(to Robotnik's point of view)

"Well… now that I have them all in that containment tube… how shall I execute them?" A bunch of blue bubbles float into the room and cover all the room's speakers. Sonic regains consciousness. I say "WHAT ARE THOSE?" Snively says "I have no idea sir, but the knock-out sound wave is no longer functioning." "WHAT? HOW CAN THAT BE?" Sonic says "I'll tell you. it mean that Tails has come back from the past to kick your butt." "ohreally? Let's see him try."

(ok back to Tails)
I now enter the building. The second I do, the doors close behind me and 5 swatbots charge through hidden doors. I draw a pistol; A different one than the explosive round one. this one is also an experimental piece of gear. I aim and fire at the nearest bot. as soon as the round hits the bot, it becomes trapped in a sort of straight jacket made of red energy. It struggles to break free for a few moments before being electrocuted. The other bots meet the same fate. I press on, destroying more bots as I go. Soon, I reach the room where the fat man himself is sitting. I also see the rest of the freedom fighters trapped in a tube. I aim my weapon at Robotnik. He presses a button on his chair and the tube holding my friends starts to quickly fill with water. He says "well it seems your friends are in quite a wet situation there. So I'd suggest getting them out of there." He presses another button and the chair disappears into the floor. He says "NEXT TIME I'LL GET YOU ALL!" I whip out a laser cutter and dash to the tube. The laser quickly cuts open the tube and my friends fall out with moments to spare. Sonic picks himself up and hugs me tightly. He says "I missed you buddy." I say "and I you." Sally says "you were gone for so long. I started to fear the worst." I say "come on sal, this is ME you're talking to. Why would you ever doubt that I'd come back?" Sonic says "yeah Sal. My bro is stronger than he looks." Sally says "that's true. Now let's get out of here and go home."