AN: Hi everyone! I'm very new to the Miraculous LB and CN fandom but I've fallen in love with this show fast! It really made me want to try my hand at some different stories for our favorite couple! Hopefully this first foray into fic writing isn't too horrible!

"We should totally do another party at my hotel this weekend! It wasn't completely awful last time and Daddy will be away on business so we could really have fun with it! And it will be another great opportunity for me to show Adrikins just how..." Chloe trailed off as she struggled to get the last words out, "ngh...nice...I can be!"

Sabrina nodded excitedly. "Yes Chloe, you always have the best ideas!"

'Brown noser.' Chloe thought smugly to herself.

"Of course I do! Now send a text to everyone inviting them at 6 o 'clock!" Chloe barked.

"Certainly Chloe! Right away Chloe!" Sabrina complied without hesitation.

"What the...?" Marinette held her phone in the tips of her fingers, arm outstretched as far as possible. "Tikki, do you think Chloe messaged me by mistake? What could she possibly want?"

"Maybe she feels bad about what she did at school today and wants to apologize?" Tikki offered with her usual surge of optimism.

"Hah. Yeah I seriously doubt that." Marinette chortled as she opened the message and began to read.

"Huh. Her dad is out of town so she wants to throw another party."

"Are you going to go?" Tikki questioned her.

"Bleck! No way! Like I'd want to spend my precious weekend hanging around that brat!" Marinette retorted, sticking her tongue out.

Suddenly her phone lit up with an incoming call from Alya.

"Girl, did you get the invite?" her auburn-headed friend asked immediately, forgoing standard phone etiquette.

"Yes, and before you can say anything else, of course I am NOT going!" Marinette replied adamantly.

"Even if Nino brings Adrien?" Alya smugly quipped.

"Eeep! You really think his dad would let him out that late?!" Marinette squeaked.

"Well, that I don't know, but it doesn't hurt to try! Why not see before you get dead set on not going?" came the sly reply.

Marinette sighed heavily. She really did choose a pushy best friend. But she loved her all the more for it.

Marinette sighed dreamily as she suddenly became lost in a vision of her and Adrien getting cozy at the party. She was startled from her reverie by Alya's impatient sigh. "Marinette? Are you even listening anymore? What do you say?"

Marinette let out an exasperated noise. "Alright! You twisted my arm!" As if to emphasize her point, she threw her arm in the air, then quickly dropped it remembering that Alya couldn't see it.

"Okay I'll see you in school tomorrow! I've gotta go call Nino!" Without waiting for Marinette's reply, the call went dark.

Marinette lost herself once again in a daydream of slow-dancing with Adrien at the party like last time.

Too excited to sleep much, Marinette made it to school in record time. Skipping along with the high of knowing she'd really impress Madame Bustier when she walked in to the classroom early for once, she failed to notice Chloe's foot jutting out in front of her. Before she could really register what had just happened, she found herself in Adrien's arms.

'Am I still dreaming? He literally has the most gorgeous eyes ever. How is he such a perfect specimen? Wait, why is he staring at me like that? Oh gosh! This isn't a dream! Marinette, you blue-haired freak! Snap out of it! Pull yourself together!'

Marinette started to panic, realizing she'd turned into a love-struck pile of goo in Adrien's arms and there was seemingly nothing she could do about it. She could barely breathe, let alone move, and she knew all too well what would happen if she tried to open her mouth to speak.