Possible-Stoppable Honeymoon, Day 2

After the morning run, shower and breakfast.

Kim, Ron, Drakken and Shego sat on the couch in the beach house. The Kimmunicator was propped up on the coffee table projecting an image of Wade Load at his keyboard.

Nick Fury walked in front of the image.

"First, Mrs. Possible, I want to apologize again for surprising you yesterday. I had falsely assumed that you and Mr. Stoppable were dressing for dinner and would be available for a discussion."

Shego snorted in amusement while Kim just glared still annoyed that she had walked naked to the refrigerator to get her and Ron cold water bottles and discovered the Colonel on the couch wanting to talk about something.

"You said something about an initiative?" Ron asked.

"Excuse me," Wade broke in before Colonel Fury could answer, "I have a short video that was used to sell the idea to Global Justice."

Fury just glared and muttered under his breath, "You and that damned Stark need to keep out of my systems."

"Play it, Wade, please and thank you," asked Kim.

The Global Justice logo appeared on the screen and a woman's voice solemnly narrated;

"There was an idea"
"To bring together a group of remarkable people"
"To see if they could become something more."
"So when we needed them,"
"they could fight the battles that we never could."
"And for all the little stuff, there is Team Possible."

The logo dissolved to a CG view of a command center with an animated Dr. Director standing on a raised circular platform. She looked at the giant screens on the walls showing the status of hot spots all over the world. One screen showed an orbital view of the Earth and Moon.

"Status please, Colonel Fury." She asked.

The large screens all shifted to a diagram of the solar system as an animated version of the Colonel reported, "A wormhole has opened up outside the orbit of Mars. Initial indications are that it is Thanos coming for a call. As Squirrel Girl is currently tied up with stopping Kraven the Hunter from terrorizing New York City, we have asked the Lowardians for assistance. They are currently moving the Peacemaker out of orbit to investigate. We assume that Squirrel Girl will be able to wrap up her current mission and be available in time for back up if required."

The large screens all shifted to a map of Africa. "Immortus has broken Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K out of the UN Supermax prison. We believe that they intend to use the Time Monkey to restore a timeline that has Hydra controlling Europe. The Revengers are handling it."

The large screens all shifted to a map of Central Wisconsin. "Motor Ed has struck the Southern Wisconsin Truck Expo and stolen an experimental snow melter. He's on his way to Cedar Grove where he intends to hold the town for ransom. He is threatening to bury the town in melted cheese if his demands aren't met."

"His demands?" asked Dr. Director.

"Unknown at this time."


"Seriously. As all our superheroes are already on missions, I have put in a request on Team Possible's website for them to handle it."

Wade's picture reappeared on the screen. "That was from the proposal that Colonel Fury used to win GJ funding approval for his initiatives."

"GJ?" Drakken asked, "I thought you were the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D?"

"I told those bums to stuff it where the sun don't shine. Nearly get killed eliminating Hydra operatives in their ranks and then they're all in my face about not blowing up New York City when they told me to. I left Phil Coulson in charge of trying to straighten out that mess."

"So wait, you want us to be the cleanup crew? The people that handle the little messes that are too small for 'real heroes'?" Ron asked.

"Just at first, once you have a record of successes, then we might nominate you for one of the big teams," Fury stressed.

"Nope, don't think so," replied Kim, "we intend to get a normal lifestyle going and being the squirrel feeder for Squirrel Girl isn't in our plans."

"I might be able to set you up with Hawkeye and Mockingbird as mentors," offered the one-eyed Colonel.

"I thought Hawkeye was working with the Revengers?" said Shego.

"There was some kind of affirmative action requirement for U.S. Government support, they swapped him out for Falcon. But he is still a really good hero," claimed Fury. A/N: Really Marvel!? Affirmative Action? Really!?

"Kim," interrupted Wade, "Your mom wants to talk to you about your experiences with Thor. She is working to set them up in Middleton and wants to know what she is dealing with. Shall I tell her that you will call her back?"

"No, I think we are done here, patch her through please and thank you." Kim picked up her Kimmunicator and walked into the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

"I'll leave you my card in case you change your mind," he placed a business card on the coffee table. "When Mr. Load mentioned Thor, he meant..." he trailed off.

"Thor, Asgardian god of thunder, used to carry a big hammer, carries a big axe these days. Kim ran into him and his crew while visiting Asgard. He's in Middleton for a while." Shego explained.

"In Middleton, you say," the single eye gleamed with interest.

"Yeah," Ron explained, "He acted dishonorably towards Kim and is sort of banished until he figures out this Justice thing."

"In other words, until he has proven himself as a hero again... Well, I must be going, it was good talking to you all." The dark leather clad Colonel nodded to them and left, his mind clearly on other prospects.

"So," said Drakken, "What do you newlyweds have on today's schedule?"

"Yeah, we've seen what happens when people interrupt your personal time," snarked Shego.

Ron laughed and looked at his watch, "How about I'll make some pasta for lunch, then after we eat, KP and I are scheduled for about three hours of marinating. After that, how about we discuss why you two are here?"

"Great, I've got Mother's Marinara recipe memorized, I'll make that," gloated Drakken running to the kitchen.

"Hey Princess," Shego said, seeing Kim come out of the bedroom, "I hear you kids are calling it 'marinating' these days," making a show of looking in the bedroom, she continued, "Say, I thought the bed in there had a frame..."

"Well," replied Kim with a grin, "Sometimes passion means having a structural engineer come in to check the building for serious damage. Apparently, young people require stronger furniture than older folk."

"Care to step outside and repeat that?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Ron looked up from rolling dough to see and hear the two women trash talking while sparring on the beach. Playing as much as sparring, their overly acrobatic moves were worthy of professional wrestling.

"So Drakken, why are you guys really here?" Ron starting feeding his dough into the pasta machine to start rolling it out.

"Besides not being invited to the wedding?" Drakken cut off Ron's protest, continuing, "We got a couple of job offers from some pretty scary types. Seemed that they thought that you and Kimberly came with us a part of the package. We figured that we would at least warn you. If Fury found you here, other people are only a day or two behind..."