AN: Dear Reader, I've been a fan of Gundam Wing and the Gundam Universe for many years. This is my humble fanfic into one of my favorite couples. Having recently rewatched the entire Gundam Wing series via Crunchyroll I've become inspired to write this little fanfic. Please enjoy

Chapter One: "The Dirt of Tabloids"

A peal of fiendish laughter sounded in the silence of the lofty penthouse where Dorothy Catalonia resided. Hers had the best view of the glimmering city of Mars colony shrouded now in the shimmering colors of dying twilight. She set the tabloid down and covered her mouth with her hand- finely polished nails glimmering in the light from the antique Tiffany lamp. Plastered on page 2 of the tabloid read

"Heir to Winner Corporation Plays a Dangerous Marriage Game"

As if on some invisible cue the phone at her desk rang and wiping her eyes with a lacy handkerchief before depressing the button to answer. The familiar face of her friend Sarah appeared- her friends eyes glimmering with eagerness.

"Did you see?"

"Of course I can't help but laugh" Dorothy said tamping down another irresistible urge to laugh. Tears of mirth sparkled at the ends of her long blonde lashes.

Absently she blotted her eyes with the edge of her handkerchief as she continued to scan the salacious article which outlined Quatre's several engagements secretly broken. The article hinted that hush money had been paid so that said young maidens wouldn't talk. How absolutely delicious

"You know I've had my eye on him for years" Sarah said bringing Dorothy back to present.

Dorothy choked back a snort "Of course any woman with a pulse has been after him just as long as you"

"Not you- Dorothy-chan, I hear the two of you are just good friends" Sarah raised a dubious brow in inquiry. Apparently one of the few times which Dorothy had actually told the truth had backfired. How droll...

Dorothy let out a little sniff "Quatre has a great deal of friends- as you well know Sarah-chan"

"How come you didn't know about this then if the two of you are so close?" Sarah countered

Dorothy knew full well- but she would remain silent on this...It has been nearly a decade since her fateful encounter with the former Gundam pilot on Libra. At the age of 25 Dorothy was surprised he hadn't married sooner. Coming from a eastern family Quatre was already quite long in the tooth to be married actually…

"Dorothy! Do not think your silence will deter me. I want information- did you know about this or not"

"Not at all Sarah" Dorothy replied "do excuse me" and pressing the button ended the vid-call. Let her friend stew for a while she had some work to do...


Meanwhile across town Quatre Raberba Winner head of the Winner Corporation sat at the plain oak desk in his office and stared down at the slew of trashy tabloids with his name on the front page.

Turning to the intercom he called his secretary in. A tall slim woman walked into the spartan office painted now in shades of red and purples with the dying sun.

"Yes Mr. Winner?"

"The newspapers?"

The secretary chewed her lip "the same ah -ahem news has been printed in all the late editions"

"Wonderful" he murmured under his breath. "Hold all my calls except for the emergencies. Handle Sanderson-san with kid gloves before patching through a call to me. Understood?"

"Yes Mr. Winner" and with that the young woman promptly left shutting the heavy wood door behind her. It was then and only then did Quatre bury his face in his hands

"Why this? Why now?"


Whatever dismal spin of thoughts Quatre may have been nursing were broken suddenly by the ringing of his private cell phone. Removing it from his breast pocket he stared down in part disbelief and part anxiety at the name displayed there

"Dorothy" he murmured taking the call.

"A pleasure to hear for you so soon Miss. Catalonia" he began as a girlish giggle sounded on the line.

"I couldn't resist calling. Though I admit it took me some time to compose myself on such delicious news" came the quick witty retort.

Despite himself Quatre felt his cheeks flush "You are despicable sometimes"

She laughed aloud "Of course I am. Though it pains me to know that a campaign has begun in earnest. How many engagements have you acutally turned down- it is really four?"

Quatre was silent for a moment "Yes, but no money was paid to those young women. The Winner Coroportation did all we could to protect their reputation. These articles paint me like some womanizing blackguard..." he barely suppressed a groan in the back of his throat.

A fiendish peal of laughter sounded over the phone "So you are a bit of a wicked man after all! I can't imagine the sweet kind boy I knew 10yrs ago to break so many hearts. Though I cannot imagine you as a womanzier, your heart is too sweet for such callousness"

Quatre paused for a moment "Dorothy while I appreciate your peculiar form of support- I will not marry till I find someone who I can love properly" he answered after a time. Perhaps he was wicked for breaking those engagements but he couldn't marry someone that he didn't deeply love.

At his reponse one of Dorothy infamous brows quirked and she sat back in the chair. Finding the turn of this conversation quite diverting "What is your idea of "properly" Quatre?" she asked then

Quatre pressed his lips together for a moment "With passion"

Dorothy was silent for a long moment. Completely thrown off by his answer- Saint Quatre taking of passion? Why it was ludicrous absolutely-

"Dorothy?" he inquired


"You are shocked by my declaration aren't you?" he added gently

"Not shocked- merely intrigued" she replied gathering her wits.

Just then in the background she heard the high pitched whine of a buzzer.

"Excuse me" she heard him set down the cell phone and pick up another. At once the deep flowing language of Arabic filled her ears. It was true that Quatre's gentle husky voice over the years had grown deeper and more gravelly.

However in the rare chances she had heard him speak Arabic his voice took on a alluring spin which reminded her of honey. Thick and sweet.

Involuntarily she shivered just as he picked up the cell phone again "I'm sorry for the delay- Rashid called me most arragvated at the news. I cannot help but think that he was also a bit excited- you have no idea how long he has been telling me to marry and settle down"

Dorothy could almost see him rolling his eyes.

"Do you prefer living as the priests of old Quatre? Celibate and solitary in your high skyscraper of glass and metal? Think of the publicity you will garner if you manage to turn this awful news into something that you can use to your advantage"

There was a long silence on the phone "That is true Dorothy- but you don't seem to understand. I will not unite in marriage until I find a person whom I can love with a deep passion. If I must live like a priest of old- then let it be so"

Dorothy played with the corners of the tabloid "I understand Quatre- I only meant to tease you..." she chewed her lip

She heard him chuckle a bit

"You have cheered me up a bit. For which I am grateful-"

Dorothy could sense him ready to hang up and her cool facade broke "Quatre- please. Would you like to have dinner with an old friend at Poussin's?"

"That would be lovely- how does eight sound?"

"Perfect" she smiled and disconnected.


Dorothy Catalonia stared at her slim petite form in the italian looking glass. Having after an hour of going through every dress in her closet settled on a simple gown from Givenchy. It was black which was her favorite color and with the sheer flowing sleeves and modest length she knew she would not harm Quatre's delicate sensibilities.

Yet traitorously her eye fell to the floor where a scintillating red dress lay there. This one was a Dior with a neckline so low one wondered where it was. Curve hugging to, sleeveless with a corset back that would push whatever puny assets the Lord and given her to full attention.

The wicked part of her wanted to go to Poussin's dressed like a diva- she wanted to see the look of shock- of the heated blush that would no doubt grace Quatre's flawless alabaster cheeks. She was willing to do a great deal to provoke him to see if that sweet façade would ever slip from his face.

But- the situation was delicate whomever had sold the information on Quatre's marriage prospects was only waiting for something slghtly out of turn to spin a new damaging yarn. Sighing she donned her pearl earrings and necklace before picking up her purse to leave for Poussin's.


Quatre nursed a small glass of sherry at the bar while he waited for Dorothy to arrive. Unusually dressed in a dark suit with heavy sunglasses, combing his hair so that it fell in a relaxed style around his shoulders... As a Gundam Pilot he had disliked the taste of alcohol but he found in the passing years that a small- very small glass of sherry was workable. Especially now that his nerves had twisted into a tight bundle. He already had his secretary Miss. Sakurazuka looking into the source of the information leak no doubt they had been paid a hefty sum for…

"Is that you Mr Winner?" A smoky feminine voice said archly. Quatre turned to see that Dorothy Catalonia stood there dressed in a simple yet sumptuous black gown. Her small petite hands encased in satin glows. Quatre rose with a smile and removed his sunglasses.

"A pleasure to se you again Dorothy" he clasped her hand with his own. Indeed in the last several months Dorothy has changed little, she was still beautiful her skin the same smooth alabaster as his own. Her long platinum hair was intricately arranged into a chic updo with small pearl combs aptly placed. She wore the lightest of makeup her full lips highlighted with the faintest of coral gloss. She looked like one of the Greek Muses of old. Cool, grand and quite elegant.

"Is the latest news making you hide at the bar like this? I've never known you to be the drinking type" Dorothy craned her neck to see the smallest glass of deep amber liquid sitting at the highly polished bar. A barest of sips had been taken.

Quatre looked a bit sheepish "you should have seen the gazes I received when coming in. You would think I was a Pariah"

Dorothy let out little snort "come gather that puny glass of sherry and lets find our table" Quatre ever the gentleman offered his arm and together they went into the amber lit reccess of Poussin's.


Indeed after her third glass of champagne Dorothy was feeling wonderfully floaty. She was looking keenly at the documentation that Quatre had assimilated over the last few hours.

So far they had discovered the paper which was the first to print the news but not yet the source...

"The PR department is trying to mop this mess up as best they can. My secretary has let me know calls are coming in from all directions. Many of them eligible young ladies"

Dorothy let a wicked smile grace her lips as Quatre dragged at hand through his platimun blonde hair. Gazing at her through his lashes

"You take pleasure in my distress don't you Miss Catalonia?" Quatre took a sip of the sherry he had been nursing through all of dinner. Before taking a bite of the Italian cheesecake he had been half heartedly picking at.

"Not at all" she sat back and pushed her empty plate of chocolate torte to one side- did Quatre know how alluring he looked when he gazed through his lashes. It would make any maidens heart skip a beat.

"But you know" she added thoughtfully "there is no more avoiding this- you are going to have to join Heero's camp as a married man"

Quatre let out a sigh "Are you telling me that you are going to find me someone who I can feel true passion? Is this the reason for our meeting?"

Dorothy clenched her fist in in her lap "Am I so transparent?"

Quatre took another sip of the sherry, which finished the glass

"I wouldn't call it transparent- earnest is a better word" he replied gently.

Something traitorous in her made her heart beat hard in her chest.

Suddenly there was a bright flash of a camera bulb startling the two of them- breaking the dreamy mood they had fallen into.

"Mr Winner what are your comments to the articles appearing in the papers? Is it true you've had a hard time finding a suitable wife?" a loud voice declared, all eyes were suddenly on Quatre and Dorothy's table. Dorothy bit back a curse as she glared into the eyes of the reporter.

Someone then pushed a microphone into Dorthy's face as well "What about you Miss. Catalonia? What are you to Mr. Winner?" another reporter said eagerly.

Quatre rose elegantly "if you would excuse me" and with the help of security Dorothy and Quatre fled Poussins.