Hello, lovely readers, I've had this story in the backburner and have most of it almost in a draft. This story is a mixture of the Pokémon universe (specifically the explorers of time/darkness/sky) and humans existing, since Mobius will be considered as part of Earth. The story will follow key points from the games, but I am also adding my own mixtures to make the story more fun. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Sonic AU.

Disclaimer-I don't own the Sonic Universe or the Pokémon Universe.

Dark grey clouds rumbled over Mobius, crackling light illuminated the sky before the clouds roared dangerously, bring with it, dangerous and fierce winds. Heavy rain fell over the region; the downpour made visibility short as the rain washed through the city into the country. Strong winds whipped through the dark sky, scattering loose leafs and branches. The ocean below swirled and jerked in violent vortexes before crashing on against rock and stones, spraying mist into the air. The night sky lit up once again as lightning scattered between the heavy clouds, creating a pattern less web of electricity.

The roar of the sea and sky drowned out the screaming of the two figures falling from the sky.

"No! Don't let go! Please!"

The sky rumbled as strong winds whipped against soft flesh. The heavy rain was making it hard to keep ahold of the strong hand, as gravity pulled the pair closer to the Earth.

"Come on! Hold on!"


Lightning flashed, making everything appear stark white before everything dulled back into murky grey colors. The duo jerked in the wind as thunder and lightning danced across their vision and sensitive ears. Heart thundered painfully as the hand that was being held tight, squeezed out of the hand hold.

"No! I can't hold on!"

"No! Please!"

The wind, rain, and thunder drowned out the cry as everything slipped into oblivion.


"Hey... You okay?"

A warm hand descended against a cold cheek, while the other went underneath the mouth to check for movement. After a few silent moments, the stranger moved their hands away, before beginning to check for other injuries.

"Tails! He's alive." The stranger bellowed, causing the form on the ground to flinch. "Hurry!"

A pounding headache assaulted Silver's head as he attempted to open his eyes. Light filtered into his eyes, causing him to jerk his head away from the brightness and slam his eyes shut. Besides the pounding headache, the first thing that Silver noticed was how heavy and soar his body felt, nothing felt completely broken, but that didn't dull the echo of pain passing through his bruised body. He attempted to swallow but grimaced at the salty and grainy taste in his mouth. He flinched again at the loud sound of the strangers voice, causing his headache to pulse stronger behind his eyelids.

"Don't worry dude, we'll help you. Just hold on. Hurry up Tails... I don't think the med-kit is on the plane! It must be back at the house!"

Silver could only groan in pain, before his mind caught on to the words the stranger was saying.

Plane? What?

"Try to stay awake, buddy," The stranger said as warm hands descended across his forehead. The stranger hissed and 'tsked' at the cold sensation of the others skin, a strange sense of worry filling his head and voice. "You're so cold. Were you out here all night during the storm?"

Silver voiced his confusion, despite the dryness to his throat. He didn't remember a storm. In fact, he couldn't remember what he was doing a few hours ago. It felt wrong that he couldn't remember, why did it feel so wrong? "Storm? What?" He croaked, his sensitive throat twitching as his senses began to pick up on his surroundings.

"This isn't a good sign Sonic," A younger voice said, closer than Silver had expected.

Silver gathered his remaining energy and focused on getting his eyes to open, despite the blinding sun. Glazed golden eyes slowly focused on the blue hedgehog, kneeling beside him. The hedgehogs emerald eyes were focused on the task the younger fox was doing at his side. Silver followed his line of vision and was startled to notice twin tails. He jerked slightly and the fox grimaced in a bit of panic, "Sorry, I didn't mean to press to hard. Is your knee hurting bad?"

"Oh, n-no. I'm okay." Silver flustered as he attempted to sit up. White gloves hovered over his body in case he fell to the side.

The yellow fox looked at him in concern, "Are you sure? I'm not certain how long you were unconscious out here. You could be seriously hurt."

"Unconscious?" Silver mumbled as he looked at his surroundings. Gentle, blue shimmering waves slapped against the sandy beach. The air felt warm with moisture, in contrast to Silver's cold body. The light blue sky was clear, not a single cloud within sight. Behind him appeared to be a forest, so thick with foliage, that Silver couldn't see beyond a couple of feet into it. Yet despite the greenery, his gaze was driven back to the sea. The sun's rays softly bounced across the wide and majestic deep blue water, causing the waves to appear crystallized as it goes beyond the horizon.

In the pit of his stomach, Silver knew he had never seen something so beautiful in his life. Golden eyes snapped back to green ones when he noticed the blue hedgehog trying to get his attention. Silver felt himself flush, "S-sorry. Didn't mean to zone out on you."

The carefree hedgehog smiled, "Don't worry about it, The ocean is beautiful this time of year," The hedgehog said before his face turned serious, "Anyway what were you doing out here?"

Silver's mouth went into a flatline. What was he doing out here? He tried to retrace his steps but his mind came up black. "Uh?" Silver didn't notice his breathing and heart rate speeding up. The wrongness sensation came back full force, slowly overtaking all of his senses and a portion of his mind. This can't be happening?! He can't remember what-

"Woah, woah, woah. Calm down buddy," A calm but familiar voice told him. A hand rubbed between his shoulder blades in small circular motions. Silver resisted the urge to curl up and instead took a deep breath, pulling his focus from his currently empty mind.

"Well, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog and that over there is my little bro, Tails," Sonic said gently, still managing a soothing voice, "Can you remember your name at least?"

Silver nodded his shaking head, trying to steady his accelerated heart rate. He was fight hard against the tears that want to gather in the corner of his eyes. "Yeah. S-silver. I'm Silver."

Sonic nodded before turning to Tails, who looked saddened by the situation. "Let's take him home and patch him up?"

Although Sonic was infamous for helping those in need, he always let his little brother to make the final decision in regards to bringing strangers home. After all they shared their home, so they needed to agree on who to let in or keep out. Without hesitation, Tails nodded, "Yeah, you'll just go on one of the wings, Sonic."

A playful smile grew on the blue hedgehog's face, "Don't insult me, I can get back at the house faster than you can."

A familiar and thrilling emotion bubbled up in Tails gut. Competition. "Oh, your on Sonic. I made new upgrades to the Tornado that will have you eating my dust."

"Don't sound to confident bro. Last time it earned you a months worth of dish duty," Sonic said as he started to help Silver onto his feet.

Once Silver was on his feet, he felt the world tip as his knees threatened to buckle under his weight. Only because of Sonic's steady grip, Silver didn't fall over. Silver smiled in gratitude and at the friendly rivalry between the two brothers, in spite of his current situation, until a strange though entered his mind. Tails and Sonic must have seen his facial expression because they stopped their playful banter and looked at him in concern. "Something wrong, Silver?" Sonic asked.

"You seem tall for a hedgehog." Red flushed through his face the instant the words were out of his mouth.

Tails coughed to hide his laugh as Sonic flushed, "What! My heights average for a hedgehog. In fact, I think your a bit shorter than me, only because of your weird headquills make you seem tall."

Silver instantly felt shame flush through his system, "I didn't mean it that way-" Headquills?

His hands were instantly on his head and what he felt made him internally and externally freeze in terror. Eyes wide with panic, Silver's hands jerked in fright away as he felt a sharp and something-that-is-not-suppose-to-be-there on his head. With a deep seated panic, Silver made a sloppy run for the ocean, stopping short of the wet sand and leaned over to look at his reflection on the surface of the ocean. Silver could feel his heart stop as an unfamiliar face looked back at him from his reflection.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Silver's eyes instantly went over his features. His fur was such as light grey it almost appear silver white. Two fluffy ears hid behind and occasionally could peak over five long quills that extended over his head. Two thicker and longer quills ran from the back of his head and down to about upper mid-thigh. Fluffy chest hair surrounded his neck and upper chest, falling over two smaller quills on his back. Bruises and scratches was littered around his arms, stomach, and legs. A small relic fragment was tied with a thin piece of rope around his neck and slightly hid between the fluffy fur. Four identical golden bracelets were on each of his limbs. A light peach colored muzzle and long pale tail completed the look and Silver was completely horrified as he felt completely and absolutely naked. The only good news was that he retained his familiar gold eye color, but everything else screamed wrong. This wasn't how I looked!

"You okay?" Tails asked as he followed a weary Sonic, who was making his way over to Silver. Silver missed Sonic's terrified expression of the water, but managed to hear what Tails was asking.

Silver fought to keep air in his lungs and from crossing his arms over his chest, "This is wrong."

Tails looked confused and did a double check to make sure Silver was still sane, "What's wrong? Did you lose something?"

"N-no. I'm not supposed to be a hedgehog." Silver's head pulsed with agony as his stomach tied itself into a knot. Despite his memories being all gone, he knew he didn't look like... like a hedgehog! Something was definitely wrong! So wrong!

Tails could easily see the distress in Silvers face and he almost let the subject drop... but he managed to get the words out of his lips. "What do you mean? Your not supposed to be a hedgehog? What are you supposed to be then?"

For a quick moment Sonic forgot the closeness of the sea, his ultimate weakness, as his attention went to the conversation. He looked towards Tails and saw similar confusion before turning towards Silver, frowning slightly at the panic expression.

Heart thundering loudly in his ears, Silver turned towards his companions, "I'm suppose to be a human." Golden eyes jerked towards his reflection before going back to meet the strangers he met on the beach. "I-Uh."

Sonic and Tails stood still for a moment, letting Silvers words filter through their head. Sonic resisted the urge to snort and comment on the possible prank... but looking close at Silver's reaction. His panicked and hopeless expression. He was getting a feeling that Silver wasn't joking about his... transformation? Was that what he was suppose to call it?

"Your not joking, right? A human?" Tails asked timidly, yet hidden beneath his boyish expression, curiosity lit a fire under his brain.

Silver managed to nod before jerking away from a hand that suddenly rested on his forehead. "Well, you don't seem to have a fever," Sonic commented, before jerking sideways to avoid a small splash of sea spray from the ocean. Sonic grumbled about the ocean getting out to get him before turning to walk further away from the water, but not too far away where he couldn't hear the rest of the conversation.

Silver was instantly on the defence, his voice coming out choppy and brisk, "If you think I'm making it up-" I have no proof I was ever a human being anyway! Silver swallowed at the bitter thought. So what is he supposed to say?!

Tails held is hands up in a mock surrender, "N-no. Silver. It's just... hard to believe." Tails said gently but curious and focused eyes zoned onto the pale hedgehog. Tails silently started to calculate and analyse what Silver was saying, "But you don't seem to be lying."

"I'm not," Silver said with determination and without delay. He knew deep in his gut that he use to be a human, even if he couldn't physically prove it. Just what had happened to him?!

An awkward silent atmosphere started to grow between all three of them and Silver's determination was starting to dwindle when Tails cleared his throat. "Why don't we head for my house. We'll figure it out from there."

Silvers furred ears perked up at Tails strong statement, "Your still going to help me?" Silver hoped he hid his uneasiness.

"Well I can't really leave someone in need, especially without your memories." Tails scratched his furred ear.

Sonic's smile easily grew on his face, "Yeah. It's not my style either to leave someone who needs help. After all, I'm interested in knowing how you became a hedgehog. It's not every day you hear something like that."

Tails nodded as he lead the way back towards his baby, the Tornado. Tails gaze melted once they laid on his pride and joy. Silver silently gasped as he took in the complex machinery, the bright blue two seater plane looked sleek and aerodynamic. Silver wasn't much into mechanics but he could notice the personal touches on the plane. Tails hopped onto the pilot seat before turning to Silver and Sonic. The blue hedgehog indicated for Silver to get in and the pale hedgehog apologized about the amount of sand on his feet. "Don't worry about it, Sonic makes bigger messes all the time," Tails grinned at the glare Sonic sends him. "Can't call me a liar Sonic, you know it's true."

"You know it's mostly eggbutts fault," Sonic grumbled before getting on the wing of the plane.

"I don't know," Tails teased, "I've seen how you eat your chilly dogs. The answer is not pretty."

A flush bloomed on Sonic's cheeks at the jab on his messy eating etiquette, "Hey, don't you disrespect my chilly dogs. They come from heaven."

"What's a chilly dog?" Silver asked in confusion. He's never heard of a chilly dog, by Sonic and Tails conversation... it sounded like something you eat?

Sonic's mouth fell open before he scrambled over to Silver, "Blasphemy! What do you mean you don't know what a chilly dog is! You poor soul."

Silver managed to keep the squeak from escaping his lips but still flinched at Sonic's bold statement and quick movement. He looked over towards Tails only to see his cheerful smile. "He really loves chilly dogs," Tails managed to say before laughing at Silvers confused look.

Before Sonic could say anything else, Tails took action and started the plane. In mere seconds Tails had the plane flying over the beach and Silver couldn't help but look over the vast ocean. Ignoring Sonic's playful jab at Tails, Silver gazed at the horizon and couldn't help but feel a bit lost. Just what am I doing here? Silver couldn't help but ask. If he was a human, then why did he turn into a hedgehog? Why the lost memories? Why wake up on a beach?

Who was he?

As the ocean grew further away, Siver turned his attention to the large expense forest underneath the place. The green, thick foliage seemed to go on forever. Despite the clear sky, warm wind slapped against Silver's fur and in extent his headquills. I'm going to have to get use to them, Silver thought as he felt wind caress them. In fact, he oddly felt naked without any clothes on, despite being covered in thick fur. Maybe he could ask to borrow clothes when they get to Sonic and Tails house.

Silver's hand then went down to touch the smooth relic fragment that was tied around his neck. The small fragment is no bigger or longer than a small pebble, with an odd white pattern over the top of it. Silver looked closer at the pattern but nothing seemed to come to mind. Silver let the relic go before he suddenly felt uneasy. The pale hedgehog griped the plumb cushion he was seated on as he suddenly began to feel dizzy. Ever so slowly, his vision started to dim before a blinding white light washed over him, causing him to temporarily close his eyes.

"Don't you ever lose it, Silver. It's extremely important you keep the fragment safe. We don't know what it means, but it's important you protect it. I'm serious. We need it."

Silver choked on his gasp as the voice echoed throughout his head. His dizziness left him feeling more confused by the second, and Silver fought to keep the bile from rising past his throat. Silver looked over to see Sonic gripping the wing of the plane and Tails still driving the machine. Neither of them seem to have made any sound and by the looks of it, the voice doesn't match either of them. Besides, Silver would have heard their voices be buffered by the wind; the one he heard sounded crystal clear, as if they were spoken to him right by his ear. Where did that voice come from then? Silver touched the fragment and thought back to what he heard. It sounded like someone had been talking to him. And the voice was definitely female... but who?

Either way the fragment was important to him... and someone else. Silver bit his lip... maybe it was a memory? Silver clenched his hand around the fragment as hope started to rise inside of him. Someone out there knew who he was, maybe even out there looking for him. His attention grew towards his two companions, and felt a bit at ease. At least it was good people that found him, not someone that could potentially exploit or harm him. He hopes.

After some time Tails gives a heads up that they'll be making a landing. Silver's attention zoomed onto the small house a the cliff. The house seemed to be a two story high building, with a small porch and a huge garage. A small garden was on the opposite side of the garage, enclose in a small picket fence. Although the place seemed to send the vibe of a comfort zone, everything looked to be spacious because of the open wide field to the opposite side of the cliff. Silver let a small weary smile grow on his face as Tails descended the plane.

Once onto solid grown, Silver breathed in deeply, letting the fresh air fill his lungs. The grass was soft on his feet and Silver appear to prefer the thinner air than the one on the beach. Sonic raced across the building before making his way inside, "Come on slow pokes!"

Silvers mouth fell open at the display of speed. "H-he can run that fast!"

"No. Faster," Tails laughed at Silvers bewildered face. "He's called the fastest thing alive."

"Wow. And you want to challenge him?" Silver asked, remember the earlier taunt between the two.

Tails grabbed one of Silver's arm and began to drag him inside the house, "I like to keep him on his toes. Everyone will be doomed if that ego of his gets any bigger."

Once inside the house, Silver would have let his eyes roam but Tails dragged him into the garage, where Sonic was zooming around looking for their med-kit. "I can't seem to find where you left the med-kit, Tails." Sonic said as he made another round around the house.

Tails pushed Silver gently onto one of the stools before groaning, "Don't tell me you didn't put it where it belongs."

"Actually," Sonic said as he stood in front of the fox, "You were the last one that was hurt, if I remember correctly."

"Yeah," Tails instantly shot back, "But who wanted a band-aid for his paper cut last night."

Blue ears flickered back as the hedgehog remembered last night's events, where he had been making paper airplanes. "Damn, your right."

Tails crossed his arms over his chest, "So where did you leave it?"


Golden eyes widened in wonder at all the various machinery on the tables, counters, and the walls. Anything he could have ever imagined about machines, Tails seemed to have in his garage. On the far right corner, a huge supercomputer looked to be installed into the wall. A thick stack of papers is placed on one of the small desks along with a cup on top. Other tables held similar but different machines. On the other far corner a metal shelf looked to contain different tools and...

"Is the med-kit a huge case with a red cross," Silver asked, gazing at the object.

Tails and Sonic simultaneously turned to the pale hedgehog, "Yeah, how do you know that?" Sonic asked.

Tails rolled his eyes, "Sonic, med-kits are almost universal. Almost anyone knows what one looks like-"

"He didn't know what chilly dogs are, Tails! Are you kidding me, who doesn't know about chilly dogs-"

Without much thinking, Silver held his hand out and a familiar cyan aura surrounded the med-kit. With a flick of the hand, the med-kit floated up and made its way towards Silver, who had his hand stretched out. Once Silver grasped the case, the cyan aura evaporated. Silver carefully places the case next to the desk he was by, being careful to not disturb anything else on the desk.

Silence reached his ears, and Silver looked up to see similar surprised expression on both the blue hedgehog and yellow twin-tailed fox. White ears flicked back nervously. Did he do something wrong? "What?"

Sonic and Tails looked at one another before letting their gaze fall on the pale hedgehog. "How did you do that?"

Sneak Peek of Next Chapter

Tails could only groan at the implication. A day with Amy meant he would get no work done on his newest invention. "You didn't tell her we have a guest?"

Sonic rolled his eyes at his best friend, "Do you really think that'll stop Amy from coming here?"

Tails hummed from the kitchen, "You're not wrong."

"Five more minutes?" Silver asked with drowsiness, attempting to cling onto the obliviousness that could only be described as sleep.