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By the time the group got back to the cabin, the sun had set a long time ago, and much to everyone's resignation, Sonic was beyond irritated. Silver, Amy, Cream and Cheese couldn't seem to keep their shoulders from hunching down or from wanting to curl up upon seeing the azure hedgehog's heavy and annoyed expression. With arms woven tightly across his chest and spines prickling peevishly, Sonic stopped a couple of feet away from the wooden door. He had yet to openly say anything about their delay, except 'let's go back to the cabin' once they had come across him by accident, but everyone could feel the pressure mounting by the second.

Silver was starting to dread the heavy atmosphere, he had never seen the carefree hedgehog to be anything but laid back, and seeing his unsettled attitude made his stomach to flip and his hands to sweat. Behind the azure hedgehog, Tails and Knuckles got off the Tornado with a bland expression that could have been read as relief. Whether that be because they finally got back to the cabin from the long ride or that nobody was hurt was beyond Silver's understanding, although he could note that it was far from their previous expression a couple of hours ago.

A knot in Silver's stomach untangled when Tails directed a lopsided grin towards his direction. The pale hedgehog sighed and straightened his spine when Sonic rounded towards them, making the group of four jitter with nervousness once they had settled out of their vehicles, "Do you have any idea-"

"Woah," Knuckles interrupted, his eye ridges narrowing in exhaustion and the desire to get back to his previous task, "You can lecture them later, papa hedgehog. Let's get this meeting over with first." Knuckles was quick to avoid the scalding glare Sonic threw at him, before indicating to the wooden door.

By the way his lips went into a straight line and his blue furred ears were pinned straight up, frustration was very obvious on Sonic's face. With a dry throat, Silver swallowed heavily as he faintly sensed Sonic's conflicting emotions. Like water running through his fingers, Silver could vaguely sense Sonic's anger, although he was surprised to notice that it wasn't scalding as he would have thought at first, but more along the lines of an aggravated simmer. His anger wasn't boiling nor lukewarm, but... there was an another underlying emotion that Silver couldn't name from the top of his head. The ivory hedgehog didn't know what to make of it, he would have thought the blue hedgehog would have been angrier. After all, everything had gone sideways in the worst possible way.

The ivory hedgehog bit his lip in thought and guilt twitched in his stomach. Like they didn't have enough on their plate. He knows that his friends are hero's by nature, to help those in need is clearly written into their genes. Yet, they had failed today. They didn't find anything useful to help aid them in their current situation. They had found nothing relating to the Time Gear. Not to mention they had gotten lost for hours, probably causing everyone else to worry and only adding to their troubles. And that doesn't even begin to touch on Silver's own personal problems.

Trying to distance himself from his anxious thoughts, Silver tried to take a steady breath before choking on it when Sonic snapped his head in their direction and barley muttered out, "We are having this conversation later."

Despite Sonic's words having a lack of bite into them, Amy, Silver, Cream and Cheese hunched inwardly before reluctantly following him. Once they were through the threshold, Silver bit the inside of his cheek when he saw everyone else already waiting for their arrival. How long had they been here? Hours? Was it wistful thinking to think they had gotten there moments before them? Gulping silently, Silver hoped that they had arrived minutes before they did, or else he was going to start to feel embarrassed by their delay, even if it was unintentional. Feeling a bit intimidated and awkward, he placed himself towards the back of the group, and he wasn't surprised when he was joined by Amy, Cream and Cheese.

It wasn't long before the ebony hedgehog began to speak in a professional manner, not that it surprised anyone. He went on to describe how their mission, the things they saw or did, and for lack of better words, their failure at attempting to find a Time Gear. Amy then stood up and made her way towards the front, where she reported their findings of the hidden springs, along with great detail of the chamber hidden in the waterfall, much to the delight of Rouge, whose eyes flashed with interest at the mention of the purple gem. Amy only touched on the important subjects of their mission, and briefly brushed though their meetings with the odd mobians in the small, abandoned-like village, although Silver found it odd when she didn't mention any of his visions.

After a brief pause Silver remembered that not everyone was updated on his special ability. He looked over towards Rouge and Shadow before averting his eyes. Knuckles did mention to keep his ability on the need to know basis, and it wouldn't do him any favors if he went out to blare out his ability to the world. But… both mobians seemed trustworthy, especially since they looked to be well acquainted with Sonic and the gang. They had to be dependable to a degree… right? Maybe he could mention his ability later? It could come in handy when trying to find the thief that stole the gear or the Time Gears themselves.

Silver snapped back to attention when Amy ended her report in the same conclusion as the last team. They hadn't been able to find a Time Gear. Silver sent a small smile towards Amy as she walked back. He was very certain that he couldn't have been able to describe everything that had happened with such a calm and easygoing expression like the pink hedgehog.

Then his thoughts soured. They had failed to find a Time Gear, not even finding a simple clue that it was within their vicinity. Something that could indicate that 'yes, there is a Time Gear here, now find it.' Or maybe something that could nudge them in the right direction. Yet, they had found nothing that was out of place, nothing that was remotely strange except the hidden chamber. It was frustrating to think about, but he could infer that finding one wasn't going to be easy, after all, Tails had mentioned that no one had been able to accurately find one. That meant that the Time Gears weren't going to be out in the open for everyone to see. Which bugged him because then how did the thief know where to find one? Or was it by pure dumb luck that the thief had found one?

By the time Silver came out of his thoughts, Tails was confirming the hidden cave within the chamber, although they had completely missed the chamber in which they had been washed out of.

Golden eyes then landed on the azure hedgehog, who had his back towards them, giving off the odd sense of a cold shoulder, but maybe Silver was reading too much into it. He did notice how stiff Sonic was, with sharp quills slightly sticking up in agitation. Sonic kept his responses, short and curt, only relaying what Tails hadn't mentioned in his report, which wasn't a lot since the yellow fox tended to be very detailed orientated when speaking. The odd behavior even caught Shadow's attention, who raised a brow at the azure hedgehog when his attitude and body language lacked his laid back attitude he was known for.

Disappointment and failure layed heavily like a blanket when nobody reported anything regarding to the Time Gears. It turned to guilt once Cream had faintly pointed out a familiar piece of cloth and a semi-broken communicator clutched in Sonic's hand. How had Silver not noticed that? He vaguely fingered his jacket where it had been ripped by the stone. It must have washed out when the water had slammed everyone out of the chamber. Silver swallowed heavily at the implication of finding those items. What those items could mean when found without context or without previous knowledge of what had happened. Sonic had worried about taking Cream and Cheese on this mission earlier, granted it hadn't looked dangerous at the time. But… Silver couldn't imagine what had passed through Sonic's mind when he had only found that piece of torn cloth and the broken communicator with no sight of his friends. Only the deep and mysterious cave behind the waterfall.

Dread and apprehension kept knotting itself in the pit of his stomach, the more Silver thought about it.

By the end of the meeting the atmosphere had a sober and lackluster appeal. Nobody had found anything remotely interesting or relating to the Time Gears. It like any idea of what they could do next evaporated as soon as they thought of it. They could only speculate on what was going to happen or what actions they should proceed with. Shadow and Rouge had left with the promise of keeping them updated if they got anything interesting regarding the thief or information regarding the Time Gears or if anything similar popped up. Knuckles had also made his exit rather quickly, muttering something about his duty to the Master Emerald, Silver had a hunch that he didn't want to get caught in Sonic's lecture, which was bound to happen when everyone else left. Although Knuckles did mention to keep him updated on the matter at hand.

Once they were alone, Sonic pivoted on his feet, turning to face the rest of the group that was behind him. "Now that we got that out of the way-"

"Wait," Tails interrupted much to the displeasure of his older brother. Tails shrugged at his interruption, which didn't look like an apology, "We should hear their side of the story first."

Sonic barley held his hiss, what was up with everyone interrupting him today. "We already did-"

"That was more of a report," Tails insisted with a flick of his large furred ear. He turned towards Amy, who was looking a bit dejected at her feet. "Amy, tell us what happened, again. And please add the details this time."

Amy didn't look surprised that Tails knew that she had glossed over some details. So buckling up and straightening her spine, Amy began from the beginning of when they had arrived at the waterfall. Throughout the recap, Silver kept glancing over at Sonic's direction before shifting his gaze azure hedgehog had looked a lot calmer than he had earlier, his posture was more relaxed now and less rigid. His gaze no longer held the tightness of when they had met up with him, although he kept a steady grip on the two items that seem to drive Silver's stomach into a knot.

When Amy mentioned his visions, Silver snapped his attention over to her. He was about to voice his confusion but a thought entered his mind. The only noticeable trait that the shadowed figure seem to have was long ears, sort of like… but could that be? Or was he reading too much into his vision? Anybody could have long ears and could essentially find the cave hidden in the waterfall and not mention it at all. After all, what was the probability of the shadowed figure being the old lynx from the antique store? It has to be pretty low.

The atmosphere dropped even more when Amy reluctantly told them about Creams accident in the water. The tightness returned to Sonic's gaze, and he didn't miss the looks of guilt that Silver and Amy threw at each other. After all, they had failed to keep the young rabbit safe… even after promising…

"Do you guys have any idea," Sonic began with a harsh but firm voice, "What I thought when neither of us could find you guys? Much less only find these remains?" Sonic uncovered the items and waved the cloth and the communicator. "What you guys did was reckless, even if it was accidental. You guys need to be more attentive on these missions-"

Hot molten fury began to bubble beneath Amy's skin. It surged through her body like hot lava on a summer day. Despite her infatuation with her hero, she still had a bit of pride in her. She understood that they should have reported back when she had mentioned it to the rest of the crew, and that she had messed up when she had pushed the gem inward, instead of outward, but that didn't give premise to have Sonic scold her like a toddler. After all, how many times had he been on dangerous missions, with no way of knowing if she'd ever see him again? Done scary and frightening things that had made her have horrible nightmares about losing a lifetime friend. Because at the base of all things, that was what they both were. Through thick and thin, both of them were close friends, and to lose someone of that degree terrified her and she knew it frightened him.

Within a heartbeat, her boiling blood went into a simmer, because she understood what her friend was going through. At the base of everything that had happened today, they had scared the azure hedgehog. They had left no trace behind as to what had happened, and that was enough frighten anyone. Sonic is a hero, no ifs or buts. He is what he is. He tries his best to save the world and does a good job of it. The only thing that could possible take him down would be to not be able to save his friends. To not be there when they needed him the most. And today's events made that happen. It also didn't help that Amy had taken on a heavy load on her shoulders.

Cream and Cheese weren't exactly newbies at the hero business, but they weren't exactly up to the caliber of someone like Sonic or Knuckles in regards to training and experience. Amy herself has been taking martial arts classes for years to keep herself on her toes, and she knew for a fact that Tails would sometimes train with the azure hedgehog to sharpen his reflexes. And adding to the mix, they had taken someone who has no experience in dealing with the dangers that Sonic and the gang subject themselves too, but also adding the effects of amnesia. Amy might not be a doctor, but she knows that they shouldn't be putting someone with amnesia in dangerous situations, regardless of the good intentions behind it. Despite Silver, Cream and Cheese, being on their best behavior, it was like Amy had taken a baby and two young mobians on a dangerous adventure. Well that wasn't a fair comparison either. Silver didn't really act like a baby, and Cream and Cheese were better behaved than most people in their group, although that still didn't make up for their unexperienced.

Which comes to a certain conclusion. Amy completely understands Sonic's concern. Cream and Cheese were basically little siblings to the azure hedgehog, practically family. And Amy wasn't blind to the fact that Sonic had already become attached to the ivory hedgehog. Somehow, in the last couple of days, Sonic had taken Silver under his wing. To lose any of them because of a simple mistake would hurt. The word painful could not explain what everyone would feel. Which is why she relaxed her stance and listen to him rant about safety, and keeping an eye on each other, and everything else Sonic thought of in the moment.

"-You should have checked in when you found the secret cave."

The last sentence alone drove his point. He was right, they should have called before venturing further into the cave. Maybe as soon as Cream had fallen into the water. They should have been more attentive than getting wrapped in their adventure. Things could have been so much worse-

Sonic pinched the bridge of his muzzle, his conflicting emotions finally surfacing on his face. The day had gotten out of control so fast, and if anything, Sonic wasn't much for leaving his friends in unknown danger. Yet, he was relieved to know that they were alright, it had lifted some burden off of his shoulders, "Let's just go home."

Silver sat down dejected on his borrowed bed, his ruined jacket already flung over a chair. Amy had already driven off to drop Cream and Cheese at their own house, leaving the rest of the group to make their way over towards their own home. The flight back had been silent and awkward, everyone keeping to themselves despite the thick and dense atmosphere. As soon as he crossed the threshold of the house, Silver had taken off to take a quick shower. He had been utterly disgusted with all the filth that had stuck to his fur and he needed to take everything off. Not only that but he was completely exhausted. Today's events had taken a toll on him, not only physically but mentally, he needed time to himself to reorient himself because he felt awful.

The Time Gears. The Time Gear thief. The mission. Their failure to complete the mission. Cream almost drowning. Sonic being disappointed. Ugh. Nothing had gone his way today. It all made him feel like a failure.

He doesn't know how long he is under the spray of water, but it had long ago gone cold. He only started to feel like himself when he had put on a baggy grey shirt and navy blue sweats; a comfort that brought him closer to his human body and habits. Not long after, pain had started to settle in. His body felt sore with bruises and his head was still pulsing with a headache. Yet, despite his discomfort, he couldn't stop hearing or seeing Sonic's expression during his small lecture. He had looked... so disappointed and upset at all of them.

Silver felt like he had failed at Sonic's expectations. Not only in keeping Cream safe, but not thinking ahead when they had driven deeper into the mysterious cave. They had all been riding the high of finding something unknown, but that held no excuse as to why they couldn't have been more careful. Bottom line was that they should have been more careful. What would have happened if there had been a cave in? Or if the water in the chamber had crushed one of them? Injury was nothing to scoff. Today they had been extremely lucky. Nobody had broken anything or had gotten lost. If something had happened then no one outside of their small team at the time was going to know how to help them or know where they were to begin with. A possibility no one had thought about or prepared for.

Sonic had been right. They had utterly been reckless and it could have cost them their lives. Could have cost him his friends lives. Silver didn't think he could live with himself if that had happened.

Not only had he been foolish but he had worried them. Sonic and Tails had supported him ever since they had found him passed out on the beach. They had kept him from the streets and had shared wonderous things from the world. Luxuries and food that he could have only dreamed of. He was only but a stranger to them and himself. What did he have to offer? A loose cannon, who can't keep his friends safe? Did he deserve such kindness?

Silver frowned at his sense of doubt, while he gently rubbed his aching head. Ears plastered to his scalp, he couldn't help but feel like a burden. Would they still want to help him? Or abandon him because he was a danger to others? Maybe he was too much work? Wouldn't it be easier to let him go? After all he had done nothing but take up Sonics and Tails time and space. He had basically become a parasite with nothing to show for but an empty mind with no memories. No essence of who he used to be. A stranger with weird mental powers that can potentially dig up and bring to light the deepest of secretes. Who would want someone like that in their home? Introduce them to his friends? How could Tails and Sonic want-

"Don't be too hard on yourself," a kind voice interrupted his spiraling thoughts. Wide, golden eyes found clear crystal blue, "I came to check up on you and well... check in on your injuries." The fox waited patiently by the doorway.

When it became evident that Tails wasn't going to walk further into the room without his permission, Silver quicky sputtered, "Oh, no. I'm fine. Really-"

"Silver," Tails had the tone of voice that indicated his experience with unruly hedgehogs trying to get out their check ups, "I can see your bruises from here and the fact that you keep rubbing you head indicates something. Do you have a headache? How hard did you hit it?"

Furred ears still pinned to his head, Silver sighed before indicating for Tails to come in. "Yeah the ride was rough." Not to mention he had blacked out midway through.

Tails sat beside him, opening a familiar looking medkit. The twin tailed fox expertly got out ointment and some bandages. "I have some painkillers downstairs. I'll get you some after I finish." Tails said gently before taking one of Silver's arms.

"Okay," Silver sighed, letting the younger boy do his work. The atmosphere was pleasant in spite of Silver's tense form.

"You know Sonic's just worried, right?"

Furred ears twitched at the sound and he lifted an eyeridge. "Yeah," Silver sighed softly, his gaze locked onto the floor, "I understand his frustration too. I made some stupid decisions today."

"Debatable." Tails commented. "When he found your ripped cloth and the broken communicator, he had freaked out. He had wanted to look through the entire cave, flip every stone to see where you guys had disappeared." Tails still had that odd, calm look to his face, "His imagination tends to run as fast as he does, sometimes faster. But I had faith that you guys would make your way back to the cabin. Amy knows her way around."

Not this time, we were all lost as my memories are. "Yeah. She is one tough hedgehog. Wouldn't have made it without her."

"She is." Tails looked up with a fond smile. "We looked for a long time. I had to call Knuckles at some point because Sonic wasn't listening to me, I was very sure you'd all turn up at some point, but my big brother can be very stubborn. We barely managed to convinced him to leave. I know he came off really harsh earlier, but that's because he doesn't know what to do with himself when others are in danger. He's the type of person to put himself in danger first in order to protect his friends."

Silver swallowed heavily as he continued to look down towards his feet, feeling glum but not devoid of emotion. He really didn't know what to think.

"Silver," Tails huffed breathlessly, "I'm not here to pick up a lecture or make you feel bad about yourself. I'm here to tell you that you four did well today. Despite the scare you all threw at us, out of everyone, you guys managed to find something unique and cool. Sure, it had nothing to do with the Time Gears, but our search didn't come fruitlessly."

"But because of our actions, we put each other in danger." Silver huffed through his nose, his fears tumbling out of his lips before he could stop them. "Nothing good can come out of anything if we don't watch out for each other. I mean, Cream almost drowned, and for some dumb reason, none of us were injured when we were washed out of the cave. We were lucky today. What if my decisions cause something worse to happen."

Tails lifted an eyeridge before indicating towards the pale hedgehog, "I wouldn't say you came back perfect."

Silver huffed, "Yeah, bruises and a headache are nothing compared to what could have happened."

"Silver," Tails said with a soft voice, "I think you are taking this all to heart. Yes, something could have been done better and accidents do happen. But thinking about the ifs isn't going to change what happened today, in fact, I think that it's going to drive you crazy if you keep thinking about all the possibilities of something going wrong. Everybody came back safe and sound. That's what matters."


"I'm serious," Tails held Silver's gaze, "Don't be too hard on yourself. Mistakes happen, and we learn from them."

"That's a very narrow way to see things."

Tails rolled his eyes without malice, "Well, you are making everything complicated. There are billions upon billions of things that could have gone right or wrong today. Thinking about all those possibilities will literally make you lose your head. Don't take what today happened for granted. Learn from the things that you consider a mistake, and fix them next time if they are applicable to the situation."

Silver looked back down, contemplating what the yellow fox had said. "You're really wise for someone who is so young."

Tails smiled, his eyes twinkling with delight, "I like to say I was born old, but I've been in the hero business for quite a while. Besides what are friends for."

There was a slight pause then Silver was talking before his mind caught up to what he was saying. "Do you guys really think of me as a friend?"

Tails answered with no hesitation, "Of course. We might not know who you used to be, but we have an idea of who you are now. And we are all willing to help you get your memories back, as long as it takes."

Silver wanted ask, why? Why would you and the others go so far for some stranger? Why do you have so much trust on me? Instead he answers with a slight hitch to his voice and he hoped to keep his reluctance from his voice, "Thank you. You don't know how much it means to me."

The two dissolved into a comfortable silence, the only sound occupying the room was their steady breathing and the occasional noise of shuffling as Tails bandaged a few cuts. "Want to go watch a movie? We have popcorn."

Silver looked at the young fox in confusion. "Movie? Amy might have mentioned that word earlier."

Tails mouth dropped in surprise before shaking his head. Right. No memories. "Well we are going to watch one. Come," Tails indicated for Silver to follow, "You can choose one while I look for some painkillers.

Although it was not planned for, Tails and Silver continued to watch different movies long after they had finished the first one. The pale hedgehog had instantly taken a liking to watching wondrous films, and it didn't help that he had fallen in love with the flavor of buttery popcorn. Movies portraying human actors had first drawn in the pale hedgehog, but he had soon moved on towards mobians ones or a mixture of the two. The living room downstairs had been rearranged to make a nest of some sort. The sofas had been moved to accommodate all the pillows and blankets they had gathered, along with making room for the snacks they had gathered.

Throughout the course of the night Tails and Silver had gone back and forth from watching movies to talking to one another. The atmosphere from earlier had all but dissipated, and in it's place, a more welcoming mood. For the past half hour, Tails had been rambling on about his latest invention, and despite Silver not knowing much about mechanics or technology, he had listen intently to the kit and had tried to contribute the conversation. Hearing the young fox talk with so much animation had boosted Silver's previous mood. Although some dark thoughts hanged in the back of his head, Silver was too tired to let them fester, instead he had his focus on his friend and the movie playing in the background.

Further into the night, when Tails had finally fallen asleep, Silver was still semi-awake, fighting the urge to close his eyes but was slowly losing the battle. Although the television wasn't playing very loud, the song was slowly soothing him to sleep.

'Dancing bears, painted wings,'

'Things I almost remember,'

'And a song someone sings,'

'Once upon a December.'

Silver could feel his body numbing as sleep was starting to claim him, in mind and in body. At his side, Tails let out a soft snore before quietly mumbling to himself. Silver took a deep breath as he felt himself sink further into the soft warm blankets.

'Someone holds me safe and warm,'

'Horses prance through a silver storm,'

'Figures dancing gracefully,'

'Across my memory.'

Ever so slowly, Silver's present dreams started to shift into something distant but unpleasantly familiar. A small frown started to form on his face, as he got a whiff of ash and dust.

'Far away, long ago,'

'Glowing dim as an ember,'

'Things in my heart,'

'Use to know,'

'Things it use to remember.'

Flashes of red and destruction started to flip through Silver's mind at a rapid pace, severely disorting him. Burning buildings and a thick smog clouded his mind, Silver started to feel breathless as the smog started to suffocate him. His throat tightened momentary, and all he could taste was ash as it clogged his nose.

'And a song,'

'Someone sings,'

'Once upon a December.'

Silent and grey forests replaced the destruction and flashed through his mind in its place. Darkness remained, but the red hue that used to be all around him had dulled to a stagnate grey. Shadows moved unnaturally against the ground, and Silver could only whimper at the hot and cold sensation as he felt the shadow wraps themselves around his body and flesh, tightening with unnatural strength.

A strange, yet sharp scuffle brought Silver back to awareness. With a twitch of his ears and his headquills fanning out, Silver's golden eyes flashed to meet green eyes. He blinked slowly and watched the blurry shape of Sonic turn off the television.

"I'm sorry," Silver croaked, sleep still heavy on his mind and tongue.

Sonic kneeled in front of the nest, being mindful to not wake Tails in front of him, Sonic whispered, "I apologize as well for making you feel bad. This was your first mission, and I shouldn't have been too hard on you. Everyone makes mistakes."

Silver smiled numly as the apology registered in his sleepy mind. He sighed in content as he felt some pressure leave his shoulder, he hadn't screwed up as badly as he felt. Maybe they were still willing to help him? Maybe someday... he could get his memories back...

A warm and gentle hand rubbed against soft quills. "Don't worry, we'll help you the best we can."

Sneak Peak of Next Chapter

Throwing away his cup, Silver pivited and turned to go back to the table when he unexpectedly ran into someone else.

Silver scratched one of his quills, in embarrassment. How clumby can he be? "Oh, I'm so sorry-"

"You were with Sonic at the meeting."

Silver's golden eyes widened in recognition at the red striped hedgehog. "Oh yeah... your-"

"Shadow?" Tails landed beside the two hedgehogs, his twin tails untwisting. He looked at Shadow in confusion, "What are you doing here?"