Disclaimer: I don't own the awesomeness that is the Percy Jackson characters/series. I'm sorry, but I'm not Rick. I only own the plot. Also, I did two versions of this story. They are the same but have different endings. This is the one with friendship, and the other is Jasper.

I walk through the old remains of our old home. No, not home, house. Camp Half-Blood is my new home. This place never was and never will be my home. I hear a laugh from the family office. Walking over, I see Thaila holding a bright red stapler. My hand unconsciously reached up to my lip scar. "Is that…?" Thalia smirked, "The great Jason Grace's worst fear." "Shut up!" I felt my face begin to turn red, and I grabbed the stapler. "Jacey-poo!" My annoying best friend strutted inside the room. "Jacey, can you help me with these boxes?", Leo asked with an over-exaggerated pouty face. I sighed and helped him carry the box outside the house into the moving truck. I saw Piper's legs swinging and the rest of her sitting on the edge of the truck. "Hey." "Hey." Leo, always the one to break the silence, asks, "So… What's up with the stapler, Sparky?" I tossed the stapler in his direction, but made sure not to hit him. "Shut up, Leo…" "Oh, someone's feeling embarrassed. Pipes, help me out here." Pipes looked me in the eye and said, "Tell us your history with the stapler." Feeling my mouth open on its own accord, I unwillingly said, "I tried to eat it." There were a couple seconds of silence before I lost my already-extremely-little-dignity, and my friends bursted out in laughter. A couple minutes later, while my friends were still cracking up, Thalia walked out. "Did you tell them the stapler story?", Thalia asked knowingly while trying to stifle a laugh. "Boo!" Thalia jumped as Nico popped up behind her. "Looks like shadow-traveling practice has paid off", he said with a smirk. "I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN DEATH BREATH!" As the three of us watched Thalia chase Nico, Piper asked, "Shouldn't we help him?" "Nah." Leo replied. "He brought this onto himself.", I said with a small smile. Soon, Percy and Annabeth came with their hair ruffled and messed up clothes. Leo went to talk to them and tease. I laid my head on Piper's shoulder, watching everyone chat. Frank, Hazel, and some of the other campers (I heard Travis was bringing his new date) are coming to help pack up and burn this place to the ground. I felt my head melt deeper into Piper's shoulder. "Sleep.", Piper laced her voice with charmspeak. I drifted of as the world faded from view.