Peter Griffin took a glance up at the enormous volcano of Hailfire Peaks, watching Kazooie lying all across the molten area without anything to hold her down. Peter was by the green campsite that belonged to a certain explorer, who was currently absent.

"So you can go flying like that without fearing about anything, huh?" Peter asked as he stood still without moving a muscle, as if he were made of cardboard or something.

"Kind of like that, glasses boy. And you'd appreciate it too if you were stuck in a backpack all day!" Kazooie responded as she approached the entrance to the train station overlooking the coliseum, only to be knocked into the burning yellow lava below by a giant red asteroid.

"Holy crap!" Peter exclaimed as he ran around in circles screaming, somehow missing the crimson red meteors that were being launched from the volcano.

"Urgh... somehow that tub of lard managed to dodge my flaming comets..." Chilli Billi hissed, the red dragon shaking his head in disappointment as he dragged his long snake like neck back into the crater's lava, moving his head about within the crater as he then submerged himself, waiting until enough time passed for him to regenerate his fire balls.