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Chapter 1: Making A Difference

It's amazing how our parents can influence our lives. A push in one direction or the other, a word of encouragement, even just a little belief can go a long way in shaping the people we might become. Adversely, the same can be said for negative reinforcement. This was the choice presented before, one, Midoriya Inko when she found out her son had no quirk.

We all know the tale of how she gave up hope for her son. We know that he basically gave up hope in himself and was nothing but a fanboy. Fate decreed that the boy be a hero and put All Might in his path. But what if things had been different? Would he still be a top hero, successor to All Might, or would he be a hero at all?

"Hey, hey mom, what super cool awesome quirk do you think I'll have huh? Maybe it'll be like yours and I'll be able to move stuff with my mind like you. Or maybe I'll be able to breathe fire like dad, I could be called flamethrower or fire dragon. Oh, oh, oh maybe it'll be a mix and I'll be able to control fire with my mind, then I'll be, I'll be...Firestarter!" young Izuku rambled in his excitement.

Inko simply giggled at her overly excited son whose green hair and eyes matched her own, "Well as long as you don't go starting any fires in the house."

Her son hadn't heard her though. He simply bounced in his stool as it slowly spun around. Like any good mother, she would smile and laugh at his antics. Truthfully, she was scared. Most of the kids in his class had already started showing their quirks. Both her and his father had shown their quirks well before his age.

Her son hadn't realized any of this. His mind and heart were so set on becoming like his new idol, All Might. A man on his way to being the greatest hero the world had ever seen. While she didn't share her son's enthusiasm for the man, she admitted he could have far worse idols. She hoped, however, that he chose a less dangerous lifestyle than that of these pro heroes. She'd heard of far too many of them dying far too young.

As the boy spun her way once more she could tell. From his face splitting grin to his All Might t-shirt that she wouldn't get her wish. He would follow his dreams and shoot for the moon.

A mother knows things about her children. Some of them were simple things like, if Izuku hadn't asked her to put his favorite clip of his hero saving people on again in the past ten minutes that he'd fallen asleep in the chair again, or that if he gave her 'that look' in the morning when he woke up that he'd be in trouble in a few minutes. There was one thing that she knew above all others though, her son was going to be a hero. It went beyond destiny or fate, it just was.

That's why when the doctor came into the room he shocked them all, "I'm sorry Mrs. Midoriya, your son doesn't have a quirk."

The smile dissolved off of her son's face and she barely maintained a fake one of her own, "What do you mean doctor? How could he not have a quirk? Is there something we can do?"

"Well mam," the doctored started by pulling up a bone scan of the boy's foot, "Do you see this extra bone here in his toe? Most of the population has evolved to the point where we don't have this extra joint, it's all one bone. We found that those who have this typically don't have quirks at all and that is why he hasn't displayed one yet. It's not one definitive, one hundred percent, some heroes have the joint, but it's our best test when they don't display them at this age. It's rare, about only twenty percent of the population are born without one these days."

As the doctor droned on about medical facts Inko looked down at her son. The light, the joy, his great zest for life had left his eyes. All that was left was a hollow emptiness, and she could do nothing for the son she felt she had failed. Her heart began to wrench as one thought ached within her, 'this was all her fault' it was her genes that failed him.

The whole ride home, and all that night, her son had said nothing. He simply went to sit in front of their computer. Without even asking, she knew what he wanted so she turned on his favorite clips of All Might. Perhaps it was his fearless grin or his laughter but it caused the hurt in her son to boil to the surface.

It was in the midst of her pointless cleaning of her already spotless home that his voice called out in the darkness. It was broken, but somehow hopeful. She reentered the room he was in and saw that the only light now emanated from the computer monitor. The clip of All Might saving a record number of people from a horrid accident flashing across the screen and his heroic voice filled the room.

"Have no fear. I am here!"

"Mom," came his pleading empty cry, "Mom… He saves everyone with a smile, no matter what trouble they're in. He's such a cool hero.

He spun towards her in the desk chair that had been faced away from her and she could finally see her son. His eyes glistened with unshed tears that were threatening to break the threshold. A forced smile was shakily etched on his face as he looked at her as if she were his last hope in the world. His hand shook as he pointed to the screen.

Her heart clenched in that moment as tightly as the fist she held to her chest. Her eyes filled with tears, mirroring his. All her thoughts came flooding back to her. This was her son, her precious boy who dreamed of being a hero, and she had failed him. Her poor genetics had ruined his life before it started.

When his question finally came, it broke her, "Can I...be a hero too?"

Inko took a step forward and froze. She wanted nothing more than to go to him. She wanted to wrap her arms around her son and beg for his forgiveness. She wanted to apologize for stealing his dream away, for failing him. But…

No! She wouldn't do that. She couldn't do that to her son. She could see the fire still burning within him. It may have been diminished slightly at the doctor's office, but she wouldn't put it out. He would be a hero! He'd be the greatest hero the world had ever seen, she'd make sure of it.

With renewed purpose, she walked toward her son. The sorrow and pain erased from her features and left behind her with all of her other regrets. This wasn't the end for her boy, not if she had a damn thing to say about it.

Kneeling down she took his face in her hands and looked him in the eye, "Yes baby, yes you can."

A few tears trickled down his face. She wasn't sure if they were now of sorrow or gratitude, but moments later his expression change. He no longer looked defeated, resigned to a fate that he could not overcome. He didn't respond with words, he didn't put that enormous smile back on his face, he simply nodded. The look of fiery determination on his face didn't belong on a five-year-old, but that was okay. He'd accepted the hand life had dealt him and like it or not, with her help, he'd overcome it.

Hey! How was it? I truly hope you enjoyed it, I know it was short. Hopefully, you can understand why. This one moment changes the whole story, ya know. What if his mother had been more supportive? Would he have still been the geeky little dreamer, or would he have striven to be something more? That's pretty much what this story is all about. If his mom had just believed in him, given him that little bit of courage and belief that he so desperately needed at the time, what could he have become? As always please read and review.

I'd just like to take a moment to address a couple things. First is that Izuku's mother will only be a main character for the first few chapters. She won't disappear and will play a bigger role than she did in the anime. That said, she won't be a MAIN character.

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