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Chapter 11: President Midoryia?

"Morning Darling!"

Izuku groaned slightly, "Ya know, you are starting to take this boyfriend joke a bit too seriously."

The pinkette merely stuck her tongue out at him, "Sometimes you have to give the people what they want."

"People don't want us together. They just mistakenly think we are," he corrected.

"And are you saying that you haven't said or done anything that might lead them to think that," Mina questioned with an amused 'hmm' sound.

At that moment, Izuku found something to add to his 'Shit I Don't Like' list. He did not like losing arguments, loud idiots with strong opinions, people who talk during the movies, the three minutes you have to wait for cup ramen to be ready, people who intolerant of other people's cultures, not to mention the Dutch, those are a given. Losing an argument to Mina, however, was something the boy found he truly could not stand. Oh yeah, that was a chart-topper.

A smug look of victory crossed the girl's face as she assumed her new favorite position; standing behind a seated Izuku and hugging his head into her chest. While it had been admittedly embarrassing for the young man at first, it was something he had quickly gotten used to. Sure, he still didn't see the bright ball of fluffy pink energy as his girlfriend, but he could certainly see the perks to it.

Class began moments later as Aizawa had once more made himself known in his sleeping bag, aka caterpillar form. As the teacher made his basic announcements, Izuku trailed off a bit. He had been spending the last few nights developing new tech for his armor.

Already his suit had an impressive number of functions and a few optional weapons, but most of the functions were autonomous survival functions. His only real weapons were his repulsor cannons, mini-missiles, and his rail gun which was only for emergencies as it would likely kill a man. He needed more flexibility in his arsenal.

Then an idea struck. What he was really missing was a melee option. He had no weapons for direct combat if an enemy got close other than his repulsors. Still, that left him with a lot of options. A bladed weapon such as a sword or knife would be good, but perhaps a bit too deadly. A hammer could work but those were overly cumbersome and left you a bit too open should you miss. His suit didn't leave him the kind of mobility for something like a staff or a spear to be useful. He needed to figure out how to have a close-range weapon that could be blunt and sharp.

That's when it hit him. He could use a…

"Izuku Midoriya is our class president and Momo Yaoyorozu is our vice president," announced the teacher.

That certainly got the preoccupied teen's attention, "Hold on, say what now?"

Aizawa sighed and gave him an irritated look, "If you had been paying attention you'd know that we were voting on class president. Guess what kid, you won."

"Who the hell would vote for me?!"

The moment Iida opened his mouth Izuku's stomach dropped, "I proudly voted for you Midoriya. As much as I wanted the position myself, I can't help but think that you are better suited for it. Our president should be our best student, someone who we can all rally behind, a shining pillar that stands tall among us. Who is more deserving than the first quirkless student who stands above the rest of us."

"No way in hell is that damn nerd better than me," shouted an irate blond that everyone was already learning to ignore.

"I voted for you too," chipped in his excitable best friend.

'Figures she did. Still, there has to be at least one more'.

When no one else spoke up, Izuku looked around, "Who else?"

"You did silly," chirped the pinkette.

Confused he looked at her, "I did?"

"Well," Mr. Aizawa cleared his throat, "Technically she raised your hand for you since you weren't paying attention. Usually, I wouldn't count that, but something tells me you don't want to do this, so I'm good with it."

The quirkless teen felt like a ton of bricks had just fallen on his head. It wasn't hard to figure that most of them must have voted for themselves. He had no clue where Momo had even gotten her second vote from.

Jumping up in front of the class, Izuku stared at them, "You guys can't want me to be your president."

Surprisingly, no one really seemed against the idea. It baffled the mind. Didn't they realize he had called them all out days ago? He had even tried to get another student to quit being a hero altogether.

"Seriously guys, I'd make a horrible president," Izuku sighed as he ran his hand through his hair, "Look, there are plenty of other top students who are way more passionate then I am. Take Bakugan here."

Miniature explosions went off as the teen growled, "That's not my name!"


"Hell no!"


"That's my mom's name," by now the blond looked ready to erupt.

"I've got it," Izuku exclaimed, driving his left fist into the other open palm before gesturing to the explosive quirk user, "Vote for Pedro!"

"Raaahhhhhh," Bakugo screamed in rage before lunging at Izuku, only to be restrained by Kirishima.

The continuous explosions around his body eventually set off the fire sprinklers, effectively soaking everyone in the classroom. Most of the class moaned about it while Tsuyu looked oddly pleased.

Aizawa simply sighed, "Whatever. Get dried off and go to lunch. Class dismissed."


Izuku found himself sitting with an odd collection of his classmates. When he'd grabbed an empty table he figured that it would just be him, and maybe Mina. The arrival of Tsuyu, soon after, hadn't exactly been unwelcome. The girl was interesting and had a fascinating quirk. Not to mention that she was far more collected than most of their classmates.

The addition of the invisible girl had been a surprising one. After their 'encounter' one would think that the girl would've kept her distance, but unless Izuku was mistaken it seemed like Toru was hanging around more often. He wasn't certain what that was about, but it was probably best to let the girl have her way.

Jiro and Momo arrived together next. The two seemed to be talking amiably with one another. They were an interesting pair, the punk and the princess, royal and rebel, that sort of thing. Still, Momo didn't seem to be going away. It seemed like the creation quirk user saw Izuku as someone who she shared things in common with considering their family's interests, and the girl desperately wanted friends. Jiro was either here because of the impression he'd made during the training, or for Momo, Izuku honestly wasn't sure.

Either way, the boy's quiet lunch was shot. Still, he felt that he had little to complain about considering that his two least favorite people weren't here and the food was so good. Seriously, the fact that there was a cooking pro hero was something even Izuku could get behind.

"So, you're all here," Izuku stated dryly.

His comment earned him a swat from Mina, "Don't say it like that. You should be like, 'you're all here!' They need to know that you're happy they're here."

'So, you want me to lie to them?'

Tsuyu chuckled a bit as Izuku sighed, "You really should be used to her by now."

"Ya know, you'd think so, but her excitement just wears me out. Not to mention this whole class president fiasco. I mean, I'm here to train to become a hero, not to organize classroom information and help the teacher after class," the genius groaned.

Momo straightened up a bit, "What do you mean Izuku? Being class president is a great honor. Don't you feel a sense of pride at having been voted for by your peers? It is the mark of a great leader."

"Yeah, I mean, you totally rocked that hero versus villain match. I doubt anyone could say you aren't one of the best students in our class," Jiro remarked.

The green-haired boy waved her off, "They don't know me well enough for that. Sure, maybe next year it'll mean something, but we've known each other for less than a month. By the end of the year we could all realize we hate each other. Take Toru here, it's the hardest for her to make that first impression being that she's invisible, but if you ask me the way she was willing to risk personal harm for Mineta during that test makes her the most qualified to be our class president right now."

Quiet reigned at the table for a moment, everyone taking a second to consider what Izuku had said. It was true that being voted class president right now didn't amount to much. It wasn't like they were going to any schooling after this so it wasn't something to put on a transcript. The silence had carried on for a few moments before perhaps the least likely person broke it.

"I think," Toru started before hesitating for a second, "I think you'll be great. I mean, I'll admit I was a bit scared of you for a bit after what happened. That changed when I heard what you said to Mineta, how you were worried about him and stuff. Then I thought about the way you acted after our quirk evaluation and it made me think about why you really said that stuff. I figure you must care a lot, ya know, and I think that its what makes you the best choice for president."

Izuku went wide-eyed and even put his glasses on so that he could see the invisible girl. She was blushing, that was pretty certain. (AN: He can't see her blushing, it's thermal sensors in the glasses that showed her cheeks heating up.) It made the teen realize how easy it is to make an impression on someone without even realizing it. The vision was soon distorted by a perky cheer missile.

"Oh my gosh Toru, that was so sweet. I knew that pretty soon everyone would see just how wonderful my Izu is. Welcome to the club," chirped Mina.

Being just as excitable as Mina, or close enough, Toru started bouncing with the girl as they shared a hug. Izuku had decided just to ignore this and go back to eating. This was officially labeled as a moment that there was no use getting involved in. He had no idea what she meant by "club" and didn't really want to. If only everyone felt that way.

The semi-desperate to be involved Momo stood quickly and approached the two, "What club? Is it something I can join?"

Jiro lowered her head, shaking it back and forth. If you paid attention though, you could see that she was blushing slightly. What the head-jack girl was thinking was anyone's guess.

Mina tapped her chin thoughtfully for a moment, seemingly taking this very seriously, "Aren't you like his rival or something though?"

Izuku endeavored to ignore the nonsense. He just wanted to eat his lunch and pray this didn't turn into something. A tapping on his shoulder from Tsu came next. His mouth full of food, Izuku merely cocked his head sideways and raised an eyebrow.

"Does this mean you have two girlfriends now," Tsu questioned in her usual monotone with a finger on her chin that made everything sound and look serious.

Her question was met with Izuku choking on his food, "N-No, I don't have two girlfriends now. There is no girlfriend club. It's just Mina."

Once the words left his mouth the teen inventor froze.

'Did I just say what I think I said?'

Without giving him a second to correct himself, Izuku found his head now surrounded in its new cushion. He couldn't even see as half his face was covered as the girl hugged him tightly. Truthfully, Izuku was half-thankful for his current placement considering his ears were covered and he could still hear the high-pitched squeal Mina was making.

"I knew you loved me Tony, I just knew it. It was love at first sight," Mina laughed and swooned.

Now Izuku found himself in an interesting situation. He could tell that Mina didn't mind the thought of them dating, and he found himself less and less bothered by the idea. Still, she was embellishing things a bit. It seemed that calling him Tony Stark was now a thing she did to let him know she was screwing with him, and that made him realize that the two already shared a slew of inside jokes.

"Sure thing Pepper. Don't know if I'd call it love at first sight though. More like I got a parasite that I've just learned to live with," he snarked.

"I'm going to ignore that hurtful remark since you are the first one of us to actually say we're in a relationship and not just agree with others. So, I win," she countered smugly.

Izuku's grumbling was met with a round of laughter around the table. He wanted to argue, but he honestly couldn't think of a time that she straight up said they were in a relationship. She may have implied it or simply not denied it, but never stated it outright. Oh, a smug Mina was something he could not allow to stand.

Simply deciding to roll with it Izuku just snorted, "Well, I did put a ring on it."

Seeing as Mina had already told the full story on the class' group chat the girls just cooed a bit while Mina dug her face into the top of his head in embarrassment. His wild mane of hair managing to hide the lilac filling her cheeks. It amused him how that one still made her blush. He didn't even realize he'd reached out and taken her hand until she'd squeezed his back. It was one of those rare perfect moments that simply couldn't be rui-


Over a hundred students start shuffling around within moments in a disorganized panic. Izuku held Mina back from the mob so that he might be able to figure things out. So many questions were being asked while there were no answers to be had. Mina looked at him curiously but wisely remained silent as he figured things out.

As the pair made their way towards a wall Izuku finally saw it. Out of the corner of his eye movement caught his attention and he noticed the mass of media presence that had somehow made it past the security of the main gate. It didn't make any sense and his mind screamed that something more was going on. Still, that could be dealt with later.

"Mina," Izuku half-shouted over the noise, "This whole alert is because of the reporters!"

The pink-haired girl was clearly confused until she noticed what he was pointing towards. She nodded to him and tried to pull their friends over or flag them down. It was Momo who finally asked the question.

"So what do we do? Everyone is in a panic and someone is bound to get hurt."

Izuku thought for a moment before he noticed ear-jack girl in the group once more, "Jiro, I'm going to need your help."

"Me," the punk girl questioned.

Izuku nodded, "Niko, systems on."

As the green and gold armor swept over the teen he picked Jiro up and began to fly over the crowd of students. As he got to the end of the hallway he'd attracted a lot of attention, but there was still chaos.

"Alright, Jiro do you have those wireless speakers I've seen you carrying around," his question was answered by a nod as the girl dug them from her pockets, "Great. Now, I'm going to boost them a bit but I need you to hook into them and get everyone's attention."

"Get their attention how," she cried out in confusion and slight embarrassment.

"I don't care, just do it!"

Izuku went quickly to work before giving the girl the go-ahead, another set of speakers were now on the armored shoulders. Jiro looked a bit nervous but nodded back. Taking a deep breath she bellowed out over the crowd.

"Hey morons! Shut the hell up!"

Yelling in such a situation normally wouldn't have done much good, but insulting the masses has a very amusing way of garnering attention, even over panic. The girl's friends all snickered as attention was now redirected at the pair. Izuku now took over and projected his voice through the speakers on his shoulders.

"Attention easily startled lemmings who think they have what it takes to be heroes, this is a false alarm. Apparently one of those news reporters decided jail time sounded like a good idea and broke in through the main gate. You can see them if you look out the windows. Now, I need you all to calm the hell down and pretend like you actually belong here by filing to your class in an orderly manner. Behave like the heroes we're training to become, this is UA damn it!"

Izuku's orders were swiftly followed, partially because he was right, and partially because he looked damn intimidating in a flying suit of armor. As he made his way back over to his friends they started cheering for the pair. The green-eyed boy only chuckled as he deactivated his suit.

It was another comment from Tsuyu who brought everything back full circle, "And that is why you are our class president."

-NextGen Industries-

"Hey, where's this order going? It's set to ship next week."

A dock worker looked over the manifest, "Oh, this is too good. Hey, see if we can get Midoriya to take this shipment out for us."

The coworkers chuckled as they looked over the destination and knew this would be funny. They had no clue how unfunny the whole situation would be.

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