Author's Note: I'm back! I just wanted to do this cause why not? I don't actually have anything to say. Onto the story.

Chapter 2: Thalia

She was home. Safe. After her encounter with the person (his name is Nico), I scurried home and ran into Jason's room, slightly flustered. "What's wrong?" He was sitting innocently on his torn bed (due to mom) reading a book. "To Kill A Mockingbird" is his assigned reading project. He was assigned a partner so they can discuss the book together and do some assignment. Piper, I believe was her name?

"Thals?" I snapped out of my thoughts and got back to reality. "I'm going to bed. Don't stay up too late." I jumped into bed, snuggling into my comforter. "Love ya, sis" "Love you too, Jace. Get some sleep." "I will, after you do." Rolling my eyes secretively, I fell asleep.


I watched my sister sleep. Not in a creepy way! Just in a brotherly way. I glanced at my phone, which was ringing. Piper I immediately picked up bringing the phone up to my ear. "Can you come over?" I heard sniffles and sobbing on the other line. I got up, wrote a quick note to Thalia and ran to the car. A seventeen-year old boy who got his license to drive alone 5 days ago can't get into that much trouble right?

The next morning…

I woke up that Saturday snuggling with Piper on her bed. A movie was playing from last night and it grabbed a remote and closed it. All the lights were off. Then I remembered that there was a blackout. I laid there for 5 more minutes before leaving Piper's embrace. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I started zapping some of the lights when I heard something drop. I froze and heard Piper's voice, laced with sweetness say, "Turn around."