Hello everybody and welcome to this little project I came up with a while ago and I wanted to try it. Not sure how you guys will see it, but here is.

A Fairy Tail/My Hero Academia crossover. Now that's an interesting idea to work with. Even though I'm not sure where to take this story, I'm doing this mostly for fun.

Anyway, I hope you all like it.

From Magic to Quirks

"This world is over." Zeref declared as he approached the guild hall's doors. The gateway towards Neo Eclipse. "And a new one shall begin."

"…S-Stop it!" He heard the sound of a weak voice.

Looking over his shoulder, the now self proclaimed White Wizard caught sight of the voice's owner. It was the dying form of his younger brother. "Oh? You are still alive, Natsu?"

"Stop… d-don't do it, brother." Even with a hole through his chest, the Dragon Slayer continue to push himself forward. "If you do that… e-everything will be gone! Not only the bad things you want to get rid of… but all of the good things too!"

"That's the idea. I will re-write this world's history and create a better one. There is no changing my mind." Natsu could do nothing but watch in horror as his brother continue towards the doors that connected to the 'space between time.' "Farewell, Natsu."

Natsu desperately gasped for air, feeling the crushing weight of his body as it quickly succumbed to the mortal wound on his chest while. His vision was becoming blurrier each passing second, and he knew what that meant.

He was dying.

"I… I can't let it end like this!" He desperately told himself within gritted teeth.

He may lose consciousness at any moment, but he didn't care. If Zeref went pass those doors, then it would all be over. His friends. The world. Everyone. He needed to stop his brother, no matter what!

Putting all of his remaining strength into his weak arms, Natsu was barely able to get back on his feet. His breathing was heavy due to the overwhelming pain and the feeling of his lungs getting crushed. He knew that they would soon stop working, so he didn't have much time left.

Moving as fast as he could while forcing himself to the very limit, Natsu sprinted towards his brother.

Hearing the loud footsteps coming from behind, Zeref turned his head once more and was surprised to see the the Dragon Slayer sprinting towards him. "Natsu? What are you-" Whatever he was going to say, it was cut short when the pinkette tackle him from behind, managing to get the surprised White Mage out of balance.

"Ugh-! Let go of me!" The White Mage shouted in frustration. He coated his left hand with powerful white magic before striking Natsu on the back. But even with the immense pain, the pinkette endured.

"I-I… I will not allow you to end this world!"

"You… You fool!" Zeref yelled in anger as he felt how Natsu's weight and momentum was able to push him backwards. And unfortunately for the both of them, it was the same direction where Neo Eclipse was. "No! The gate was never meant to have two people crossing it at the same time!"

"D-Dammit!" Natsu could only curse at his careless mistake. He didn't have enough strength to get them both out of the way, and it was too late for Zeref to do something too.

Before any of the Dragneels could realize what happened, they two went straight through the bright gate. The world around them soon faded away, turning into nothing but white.

15 years later...

The sound of a fist smashing against somebody's face was heard, followed by someone being tossed out of an alley. Another person could be seen running away, his face carrying a look of terror. "H-He's a monster!"

"Oi! Who are you calling a monster, you prick?!"

Back inside the alley, surrounded by a bunch of unconscious people stood a tall young man. His mayor characteristics being the white scarf that rested around his neck and his wild pink hair.

Natsu Dragneel

Quirk: Fire Dragon Slayer

This allows him to control, create and eat fire. His Quirk can either become weaker or stronger, depending on his emotions.

But he can run out of fire pretty fast if he isn't careful.

Disappointed by the lack of challenge that the group of thugs offered, the pink-haired boy let out an annoyed huff as he picked up his backpack from the dusty ground. "Man, those guys sure were weak." Taking a glance at the watch on his wrist, his eyes immediately went wide. "Oh crap! I'm going to be late!"

Not wasting a second longer, Natsu Dragneel made his way to school, running throughout the crowned streets while avoiding any passing pedestrians along the way.

Going to school was definitely a hassle, no doubt about that. But it's not like he could skip it whenever he feels like it or anything. Living by himself sure has its perks, but it had a lot of downsides too, as by law of this world's government, he was practically forced to go to school on a daily basis.

And it sucks! Not only was it boring as hell, but it was also a slaughter house for his brain!

That was one of the many things that made this world so much different from his previous one. There was also the fact that this world was so full of laws that not even he was sure of what was a crime and what not anymore.

Society seem pretty much more advanced here, but he really couldn't care less about any of that stuff. This world didn't seem to have any magic either, but had something called Quirks instead. Abilities that were fairly similar to magic that most people were born with. Most of these were rather cool while others in his opinion were pretty much useless.

The only problem about this was that there were a ton of other laws that went against using them in public. He didn't like this world at all!

His Quirk was very similar to his magic though, but it wasn't as strong. Ever since he was reborn, he has trained his body to try and get back to his previous level. But while his power has shown some degree of progress, it was still nothing compared to how it used to be.

He also could no longer use lighting — something that was kind of depressing if you ask him — but progress was progress. Even though he was back at square one, he was still thankful that at the very least he got a Quirk that was pretty much the same as his Dragon Slayer Magic.

He didn't know what he would do if he were to be in the same situation he was back at Edolas.

Oh! And did he forgot to mention that this world has super heroes too?

A few hours later. Salty Banks Middle School…

It was like any other school day for Asui Tsuyu. After spending the last few hours hearing the teacher's constant lectures and doing nothing but basic school-work, it was clear that the period was about to reach its end.

As the bell rang and everyone started to get up from their desks, Tsuyu couldn't help but notice that one of her classmates had yet to move from his spot.

"Natsu-chan, you fell asleep again." Fortunately, said student was on the seat next to her, so she had no trouble in making her voice heard.

The boy's body gave a slight twitch as he slowly began to wake up. Releasing a loud yawn, he stretched his arms, letting a couple of seconds pass before he finally became aware of his own surroundings. "Oh… is school finally over? Sweet!"

"That's not good Natsu-chan. You are going to get yourself in trouble if you keep falling asleep in class." She already warned him multiple times before, but it was as if her words went through one ear and came out through the other one.

"I just can't help it. Class is just so boring."

"Even so, you should at least try to stay awake or you may not make it to graduation."

Natsu growled in annoyance. Don't get him wrong, he appreciates his friend's concern, but it can sometimes get a little too annoying. "Fine, I'll think about it."

"That's what you always say."

"Whatever, I'm going home." Ignoring her comment, Natsu grabbed his bag as he prepared to take his leave, but not without giving her a final look. "Are you coming?"

She stared at him with the same unreadable expression she always has, almost as if giving hard consideration to his question. It only took her a couple of seconds before she shook her head. "Thanks, but I'm going to wait for Habuko-chan's class to be over."

Natsu tilted his head, giving her a curious look before shrugging. "Alright then. I'll see you tomorrow, Tsuyu."

"See you tomorrow, Natsu-chan."

While both he and Tsuyu were technically friends, they weren't really that close to one another. So if she wanted to spent more time with her other friend, then he had no qualms with her decision. With that said, Natsu waved lazily at the frog-girl as he left the classroom.

Tsuyu stood in place without moving even after he was already gone. She was staring at the empty space where the pink-haired boy previously stood on. There was a long moment of silence before she finally broke it.

"I don't think playing hard to get is really working, Habuko-chan."

Almost as if being summoned, Habuko's head peeked through the doorway. "That's ridiculous Tsuyu-chan! Of course it's working! He basically asked you to walk you home… kind of… I think? The point is that it's working!"

Tipping her finger against her mouth, Tsuyu couldn't help but question. "I'm not sure if that was really the case."

"But it is! Trust me!" Her friend insisted. "The WCM is never wrong when it comes to this kind of stuff!"

"WCM?" She asked while tilting her head to the side.

Almost as if to answer her question, Habuko pulled a magazine out of seemingly nowhere before exposing the front cover. It was a teen's pop magazine.

"The Weakly Cupid Magazine! One of the most popular and influential series in all of Japan! And also the best adviser when it comes to all sorts of relationship problems!"

For some reason or another, Tsuyu was not convinced by the seemingly efficiency of the magazine. It did not sound very reassuring.



"I think we should have a serious talk about what type of magazines you should read."

One hour later. Natsu's apartment…

Throwing his keys over a small table, Natsu took his shoes off before going further into his small apartment. "I'm back." He announced to nobody in particular. He lives alone, but it brings a brief feeling of comfort when he says that out loud.

Allowing his bag to fall flat on the floor, not caring anymore for the damn thing, h went straight for his bed across the room and let himself fall over the comfy mattress.

"I'm so tireeeeeed~"

School was nearly over, so teachers were making every student's life difficult by making the latest exams a real pain. Seriously! If it wasn't for Tsuyu constantly helping him study, his grades would have probably already dropped to zero.

The frog-girl was honestly a pretty good teacher — certainly much better than certain red-haired guildmate. Too bad she already decided to go to that U.A. place or whatever it was called and become a hero. She could really make a living by teaching others.

He on the other hand wasn't planning anything that involved any sort of school or whatever after graduation. Even though many believe that he wants to go to one of those special institutions because of how cool his Quirk is, that was hardly the case.

To put it simple, he doesn't have any interest in becoming a hero at all.

Don't get him wrong, he has nothing against heroes, but he wasn't really fond of them either. Most of them were mostly interested in obtaining either money or fame rather than defending the people they sworn to protect. Something which he found really annoying.

Like seriously, isn't that like the complete opposite of what a hero is suppose to be? No, he had other plans in mind. Once he graduates and manages to free himself from school, he's going out to the world.

Turning his head to the side, right next to his bed stood a picture on top of a small table. Looking at the frame, he was able to make up the four people in it.

I really miss them.

There was his mother and father, the ones that raise him back when he arrived in this new world. And then between his mother's arms was him. His short pink hair sticking out the most as he grinned at the camera while being carried between her loving embrace.

And then standing in the middle was him. His short black hair and calm smile reflecting the most on the picture's frame.

"I swear I'll find you, brother."

The very next day…

"Another day of school, what a pain." Natsu complained as he let out a loud yawn. He never had any trouble when it came to getting up early, but it certainly was not something he enjoyed doing.

He was already on the busy streets, making his way to school and ready for another boring day that was sure going to be as bad as the last one. How does he know that? Because it has been the exact same thing every day for nearly three years!

Whatever the case, after having to go through this tedious process for so long, he knew that the best way to dealt with it was to just go with it and be done as soon as possible. And to make matters even worse, he had no breakfast! Like seriously, the money his mom's distant relative sends him each month is barely enough to cover all of his expenses!

Good thing the month was about to reach its end, so the next batch of money should arrive at any time now. Ohhh, he is so going to fill the refrigerator! He can already smell that delicious meat and the- "Run!"

Uh? Natsu was so distracted inside his meat fantasies that he never took noticed of all the people running in fear around him. Panic engulfed the streets as everyone hit one another in an attempt to flee the scene.

"Oh, what's going on?" He couldn't help but wonder.

Wanting to know what all this was about, he grabbed a man's shirt as he was about to run pass him. "Hey! Let me go-"

"What going on?" He questioned. "Why are you all running?"

The man looked at the boy with confusion, but he answered nonetheless. "Villains kid! There's a bunch of them robbing a store!"

Natsu tilted his head to the side. "Is that so?"

This day may actually prove to be far more interesting than what he first thought.

A few streets far away from there…

"Well, these villains were far easier to handle than what I first thought they would."

Having arrived just a minute ago and having already taken care of the robbers as they attempted to flee the scene, All Might couldn't help but think that his power have been kind of unneeded.

I let myself go thinking too highly of the situation due to how many villains there were. Maybe I should have let another hero handle them instead?

In any case, what was done was done. He'll just have to finish restraining the remaining villains for the police to arrest them. He was running late for young Midoriya's training session, after all.

"All Might!"

Uh? Turning to where the voice came from, All Might was surprised to see one of the villains still standing defiantly towards him. Did I miss one?

"I'm going to make you pay for ruining my heist you fool!"

Having said that, the villain sucked as much air as he could and throw it all out, creating a large tornado that began to destroy the entire street. The tornado lifted cars, light posts and trees before smashing them everywhere.

It was chaos.

"Ha! How you like that you fre-" Before the villain could even finish his sentence, he was immediately dispatched by All Might in the blink of an eye. The man was left unconscious along with the others.

"Alright, I believe that takes care of it." What he said was in fact true, as once the villain was out, the tornado he created slowly began to disappear.

But it was then that he noticed something. The things that the tornado had previously lifted soon began to fall down. More specifically? A car that was lifted on the air was about to fall upon an innocent group of bystanders that were too busy recording the entire fight with their phones to realize the imminent danger.

Dammit! I forgot about that! All Might thought realizing his mistake.

However, just as he was about to make the first move to save them, the falling car was suddenly engulfed by a spectacle of flames that seemingly came out of nowhere, incinerating the entire thing in midair and putting the innocent people out of harms way.

The symbol of peace was stunned by what just happened. Where did those flames came from?

Following with his eyes the trail of smoke that the blast of fire left behind, All Might was quickly greeted by the sight of a young pink-haired teenage boy standing on the middle of the road.

"Man, destroying one of those damn things feels so good." Having said that with a satisfied smile, the boy proceeded to put out the still remaining flame on his hand before walking away. And all that time All Might could not help but wonder.

Who is that boy?

With that in mind, in almost an instant All Might moved next to the boy and greet him with a smile. "That was some fine heroic deed you did just there, young man!"

"Uh, thanks?"

"I'm being serious! You saved those people's lives right there, and for that I can't be any more thankful!"

The pinkette rubbed the back of his head, feeling unsure on how to reply to the man's praise. "Well, it's not like I can just stand there and do nothing while other people is getting hurt."

"Such fine words from such a young age! Truly a fine example of a growing hero. And with an impressive Quirk like that! Tell me young man, what's your name?"

"My name? Is Natsu. Natsu Dragneel."

"I see. Tell me young Dragneel, are you perhaps thinking in becoming a hero?"

All Might could see the potential in the young boy. Such a good-hearted individual with a mentality like that can certainly become a great hero one day. And with a Quirk like that to help him move forward, he can go really far as such. It was only a matter of pushing him in the right direction.

"No, not really."

There was a moment of silence.



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