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Time for Some Battle

"…Too low…decent…acceptable…still room for improvement…shows some promise..."

Aizawa mumbled to himself as he checked the results of Class-A's Quirk test. This year had a lot of promising new students, while some where average at best. Many managed to stood out from the rest in some areas, but a lot of them were rather low in others.

He expected this to happen, as he was well aware that each of their Quirks would give them a huge advantage over the others in some areas. However, relying too much on it was also what caused them to have such a low score when their abilities could no longer fit the exercise. Only a few were able to keep an even-score in most of them.

Moving to the next page, his eyes then rested in the picture of one of his oddest students yet. Midoriya Izuku.

Now this was an interesting case to look at. For some reason, this kid could not use his Quirk properly without hurting himself in the process. It was as if his own body wasn't even used to it in the first place.

Surprisingly, he was able to keep up with the test exercises without the use of his Quirk. However, since he barely stood out from most of them, he ended up hitting the last spot in the board. Still, he proved he wasn't a hopeless case, so he allowed him to stay in the class for the time being. Curiously enough, All Might seemed to have some sort of favoritism for young Midoriya. Something Aizawa saw as an unprofessional behavior for the Symbol of Peace to have.

His irritated eyes went to the next student. More specifically, a pink-haired fire-breathing youngster, Natsu Dragneel. Another one of All Might's favorites.

His already serious expression turned into a frown. The Professional Hero wasn't very fond of this one. Not one a bit.

For starters, he didn't like how Principal Nezu welcomed this kid into the school so easily without properly testing his abilities like the rest of the students that entered by recommendation. If there was something Shota hated more than anything else, it was privilege.

What did All Might told the Principal to convince him into agreeing with this was simply beyond him. But whatever the case, his job was that of an educator, not to criticize the Principal and his decisions, even if he doesn't agree with some of them.

Putting his personal feelings aside, it did not take a genius to recognize talent when he sees it. That kid Dragneel shows a lot of promise, that was a given. For what he saw during the test, the boy was able to complete most of the exercises while barely using his Quirk, which was impressive yet it went against the purpose of the test.

The test was suppose to be an opportunity for students to experience the limits of their Quirks at first hand, so normally he would consider this as an automatic-failure from the pinkette. However, he could see a lot of potential inside the young boy, so he decided to wait and see whether or not he was worth the trouble of keeping. It was only a matter of going pass that lack of interest of his.

Which reminded him, All Might's class was about to start, so maybe the time to see what the pinkette was capable of will come sooner than expected. For his own good, he better not disappoint.

U.A. High School. Class 1-A…

"…so yeah, that's about it."

Natsu released a long sigh as he finished his explanation. It took some time, but in the end he was able to convince Tsuyu that it was all mistake and it was never his intention to leave her out of knowing that he was coming to U.A. He simply just forgot.

She of course, knowing how simple-minded the pinkette can be, easily accepted his explanation as the true, but it did not mean that she was any less displeased. She was his friend after all. Or at least she wants to believe that she is. Natsu never really talked to anybody else other than her back when they were in Middle School, so that should mean something.

"So you just changed your mind? Just like that?"

"Pretty much, yeah." He answered in a plain manner.

Of course he was purposely letting out the details regarding All Might and his brother. It was not like he was lying to her either. He was simply giving her a shorter version of what happen. With that said, the reason why he wasn't telling Tsuyu any of that had nothing to do with trust or anything like that. In fact, out of everyone he knew, she was probably the person he trusted the most.

No. The reason rested mostly in the fact that he wanted to avoid spreading the word that his brother was a potential criminal. Talking about his disappearance was one thing, but letting people know that he send someone to attack him was a complete other. The only reason why he told All Might about his predicament in the first place was because he had little choice at the time.

The No.1 Hero was the only person who knew about his brother and what he did, and he would prefer if things stayed that way. After all, the less people who knew about it, the better.

"You really don't stop to think things through, do you Natsu-chan?"

"Oi, what's that suppose to mean?"

For the next few minutes their conversation continue with Natsu growing more annoyed by Tsuyu's painfully honest observations of him. This was a very common routine for the two to have, but it did not become any less frustrating for the pinkette.

However, much to his relief, their conversation soon came to an abrupt end when he caught sight of a familiar figure timidly entering the classroom. Natsu remembered meeting him earlier. And if he was not mistaken his name was…


Whatever thoughts Natsu may had at the moment we're suddenly interrupted by an angry yell that came out of nowhere.

"Ka-Kacchan? Agh-!"

It wasn't a second before Izuku found himself under the strong grasp of Bakugou, holding his shirt tightly while glaring at him with so much anger that it almost seemed like his head would explode from his shoulders at any moment.

"You bastard! You were lying to me the whole time!" Yelled the blond as his grip on the frightened Izuku tightened. "You were acting like you didn't had a Quirk just so you could make fun of me behind my back, didn't you?"

Izuku tried to raise his arms in an attempt to defuse the situation. "N-No, Kacchan, you don't understand! What happened yesterday was…"

"Shut it Deku! I don't want to hear anymore of your stupid lies!"


"I said shut it or I'll kill you!"

Everyone inside the classroom watched the entire scene unfold in either surprise or shock, but nonetheless remained silent. Nobody expected to see this sort of thing happen, let alone in the first day of class. Even Tsuyu was taken back by what was happening, but of course, her face remained unreadable as always.

"I don't think this will end well." Resting a finger against her chin, Tsuyu turned to her friend. "We should probably stop them before any of the teachers see…Natsu-chan?"

A hand suddenly grabbed Bakugou's arm with a solid grip. The blond's anger turned immediately to the owner of said hand.

"Huh?! What the hell do you want pinky?"

"Let him go." Replied Natsu with a threatening tone. The present frown in the his eyes was enough to make everybody know that he was by no means happy with the blond's current actions.

One may wonder why did Natsu even bothered to step in for someone he just met. It may be true that he hadn't known Izuku for that long, but he was convinced that the shy kid did not deserved to be treated this way. Especially not from a guy who looked like couldn't speak a single word without yelling like a maniac.

"Why do you care, huh? This is none of your business! If you don't move your hand off me I will blow it away!"

"Is that so? Then I sure want to see you try Boom Queen." Retorted Natsu with a challenging smirk. He always had a talent for annoying people, and it seemed that not even Bakugou was an exception to this.

The blond immediately let go of the green-haired boy, letting him drop to the floor before glaring at the fire-wielder Quirk user. His veins were threatening to pop from his face as his jaw clenched in anger.

"What did you just called me?" Demanded the blond with a dangerous tone, shoving his hand away.

"You heard me loud and clear." Replied Natsu without flinching.

The tension in the atmosphere between the two U.A. students only grew as they stood in front of each other. It looked like the chances for a fight to break out were almost guarantee. Fortunately the other students who watching were smart enough to realize this and didn't take long before someone else stepped in.

"Eh, aren't you guys taking this a little too far?" Said another blond student as he tried to reason with the two. "We are still in school hours for crying out loud."

A red-haired classmate soon joined as well. "Yeah! And don't forget that it's almost time for class to start, the new teacher will probably be here soon."

They both made valid points, but neither of them bothered to take the advise. Even Izuku found himself crawling backwards as a reaction to the intensity both Kacchan and Natsu were glaring at each other. He wasn't sure, but he could almost swear that he saw lighting coming out of their eyes.

However, before the entire situation could get any more complicated, a sudden jerk on Natsu's sleeve managed to take his attention away from the angry blond.


"I think that's enough, Natsu-chan." Said Tsuyu in concern. "You shouldn't be starting any fights in here, you will only get yourself in trouble, especially if Aizawa-sensei finds out."

Fighting was something that was strictly forbidden in school, as it was a serious matter that could get you easily expelled. This was of course due to the possibility of the involved students having a dangerous Quirk that could easily create a great deal of damage. And she was sure that both Natsu and the angry blond fit that description perfectly.

She was very aware of how stubborn Natsu could be at times, especially when it came to dealing with bullies. And that was okey for her, as she even considered it as one of the most defining and positive traits that he had. However, that did not meant that it was always easy to dealt with. But still, much to her own relief, her words seemed to have somehow reached the pinkette. His muscles soon relaxed before releasing a quiet sigh.

"Yeah, you are probably right…"

"What's this? Are you running away now that you realized how screwed you are for thinking that you could mess with me?" Yelled Bakugou in a taunting manner. "Or is it because your little girlfriend is now here to defend you?


The suddenness of the statement hit the frog girl like a bucket full of rocks and a crimson red soon appeared on her cheeks. Tsuyu was very aware that the blond was probably only trying to provoke Natsu, but that lone word was somehow enough to prevent her mind from forming any further coherent thoughts.


That was the only thing that stuck in Tsuyu's mind. All of that while Bakugou was still insulting the pinkette nonstop.

"Can't even fight your own battles now pinky? Is that it?! Then too bad for you, cause I ain't done with you yet!"

If Bakugou expected his provocation to work, then he was not disappointed.

"Ho?" Cracking his knuckles in eagerness, a dark aura began to surround Natsu as he smiled evilly. "Care to say that again Boom Queen?"

That doesn't look very heroic. Everyone inside the classroom thought the same thing. Thankfully the fight between the two brawlers never came, as the whole ordeal was cut short the moment All Might came busting through the front door.

"I have come…huh?" Shouted the Symbol of Peace before stopping when he took notice of the tension that covered the entire classroom. "Am I interrupting something?"

Once everybody sat down, the Pro-Hero proceeded to clear his throat before speaking.

"Now then, welcome everyone to the Basic Hero Training! The class that will mold you all youngsters into fine heroes!"

All Might spoke with so much enthusiasm, that some couldn't help but feel their own spirits rising in anticipation. Everyone in class 1-A either respected or admired the ever-smiling Pro-Hero, so of course they were all looking forward to what was possibly the best class in the entire Hero Course. Everyone but Natsu that is. He was by no means surprised to see the No.1 Hero, All Might in here.

He still remembered that time when the blond hero told him that he was going to be teaching at U.A. High at the beginning of the coming year. Still, the pinkette was probably the only one in the entire class who showed no signs of excitement for whatever All Might wanted to teach them. If anything, he looked less interested than before. However, between everything that the Symbol of Peace was saying, one thing that he said managed to capture his attention almost instantly.

"…Battle Training!"

It was hard to spot, but a faint, almost invisible smile formed on Natsu lips. The feeling of excitement for battle that he thought to be long gone suddenly rekindled inside him, like a candle that got extinguished long ago.

"And for that, you all will need these!"

As soon as All Might said that, multiple rows of briefcases came out of the side of the wall. Each of them carrying the identification number of every student.


"That's awesome!"

"I can't wait to try mine out!"

The No.1 Hero's smile widened at the sight of each and every look of excitement that his students had. It was quite refreshing to see youngsters from the new generation who were actually excited to become heroes. Unlike certain pink-haired boy that is.

"That's right! Following the procedures established by the Quirk Registry and the special request forms you filled out before being admitted, U.A High is pleased to deliver the uniforms you all asked for!"

None of the students wasted any time and were quick to grab their own briefcase in anticipation. Natsu however was the only one who remained in his seat, as out of everyone in class, he was the only one who didn't filled any kind of request or paperwork due to his late acceptance, therefore he had no costume to look up for.

Not like he had any interest in wearing one to begin with. He was never into any flashy clothes or anything eye-catching other than the times he actually intended to pull one of his pranks or just for the sake of messing with other people. But when it came to fighting, he was alright with any sorts of clothing, as long as they were comfortable to wear and didn't hinder his movements. Or so he thought before he saw All Might walking up to him while everyone else was still busy checking out their new uniforms.

"Do not be afraid of being excluded, young Dragneel. I am very much aware of your predicament, so I took the liberty of getting you this!"

Stated All Might with a laugh before putting down a briefcase on top of his desk. The pinkette's eyes looked at the item in confusion before they slightly widened in realization.

Oh no. Don't tell me he actually…

"Your own costume!"

He did.

"I can tell by the look on your face that you must be quite surprised. But there is no need to thank me!" Said All Might, oblivious to the annoyed look that he was receiving from the younger boy. "I knew that you weren't able to fill out the request in time, and since I felt party responsible for it, I went and asked a good friend of mine for a favor."

Natsu could pretty much guess where this conversation was leading to. Was this another one of All Might's attempts of turning him into a hero? Was entering U.A. not enough for him?

"And let's just say that he was more that happy to help fabricate your own costume! He even went as far as to make it fireproof so it could fit your own Quirk better! Isn't that great, young Dragneel?! I even helped in the design!" Said All Might with a thumps up.

"…Yeah, that great."

He was seriously starting to regret coming to U.A. now.

U.A. High School. Male Locker Room…

"Well I gotta say, this doesn't look nearly as bad as I first thought it would." Muttered Natsu as he finished arranging the right sleeve of his new uniform.

Almost done with it, he proceeded to put on his long white scarf, the final piece of his new costume before turning to the mirror inside his locker. His current clothes were, well, for lack of a better word, definitely not what he was used to.

The design consisted in a long white and black coat with golden lines that ran through the arms. There was also pink fur around the collar of the coat, giving the attire a more consistent look that managed to blend with his hair quite well.

His costume also came with a set of black pants and boots, along with a pair of white gloves. To say that he was surprised that All Might didn't choose a skintight suit instead was an understatement. Still, he couldn't find much to complain about, so it should do for now.

"So cool!"

Surprised by the loudness of the voice, Natsu turned to find Izuku staring at him with what could only be described as a look of amazement.

"Y-Your costume looks really awesome Natsu-kun! It really fits you perfectly!"

"Uh, thanks? Yours look…" When Natsu took a moment to look at green-haired boy, his eyes halted almost immediately. Somehow the uncanny resemblance that Izuku's costume seemed to have with All Might's overall appearance was… disturbing, to say the least.

Catching on with Natsu's reaction, Izuku couldn't help but rub the back of his head in embarrassment. He was kind of expecting these sort of response.

"D-Don't worry, I know mine doesn't look that impressive…"

Realizing that Izuku mistook his reaction, the pinkette quickly tried to correct himself. He didn't wanted to create any sort of misunderstanding between the two of them.

"Oh no, it not that at all, it looks great in you actually. It's just that it kind of looks very similar to All Might."

"Oh…" Responded Izuku in surprise, but his embarrassment only grew. "I…I guess it is kind of obvious, isn't it?"

"It is. How is your finger by the way?"

"I-It's all better now, Recovery Girl really helped a lot. She healed it in less than a minute! Her Quirk sure is something else!"

The mental image of a certain young girl with purple hair flashed through Natsu's mind.

"Yeah, I guess she must be pretty cool…"

Having no reason to stay any longer, Natsu closed his locker and began to make his way outside. Izuku followed soon after, not wanting to be left behind.

The green-haired boy was still feeling very nervous around people, but seeing that Natsu was the one who he has been able to talk with the most aside from Uraraka — even though that was mostly a one sided conversation — he felt that staying close to him was probably the best option.

That was without mentioning how friendly Natsu has been with him ever since they first encountered each other. He has been able to talk to him without feeling like he was tiring the pinkette with his continues talks about Quirks or other heroes. It was strange, but refreshing nonetheless. Back in Middle School, he could hardly maintain a proper conversation with his classmates without boring them to dead, as Kachan likes to put it, so this change felt kind of nice.

Oh, that reminds me!

"B-By the way Natsu-kun, thanks for helping me earlier back in class. Kacchan can be really rough sometimes." Said Izuku as he rubbed his sore neck.

"Hmm, that guy? Don't worry about it, I just don't like it when people take advantage of others."

Izuku chuckled nervously.

"I know what you mean, but I assure you, Kacchan isn't really that bad once you get to know him…I think."

"You think?" Asked Natsu with an incredulous tone.

"Well, he can be very mean and sort of aggressive sometimes, but he means well."

The pinkette did not seemed very convinced, but decided not to say anything about it. He has met a lot of similar people before, and those encounters normally ended up with him beating the crap out of them. For now he will try to follow Izuku's advice, but if the Boom Queen ever tries messing with him again, then he will not think twice before kicking his ass.

Now that he thought about it, what was that guy's Quirk again? It had something to do with explosions, right? Those were troublesome to dealt with. Sure, he could eat the resulting explosion, but it was the initial shockwave what was painful. It makes them very tricky to fight.

"You know, that ball toss you did during the Quirk test was very impressive. Do you have super strength or something?"

The pinkette couldn't help but bring this up, as he was still quite surprised by Izuku's performance during the test. So much in fact, that he found the idea of the timid boy possessing such raw strength to be kind of ironic. However, the green-haired boy's response was not the one Natsu was expecting.

Izuku's body tensed for a moment. There was a surprised look present in his face, but it vanished almost instantly. It was weird seeing this sort of reaction coming from the normally timid boy, but Natsu decided to not pay it any mind.

"S-Something like that…" Replied Izuku before quickly changing the subject. "B-But you were very impressive as well, Natsu-kun. You sure know how to handle your Quirk very well without tiring yourself or going all out…"

He was being honest when he said that. Even though he did not get that much of a chance to actually see it in full-action due to the fact that Natsu barely used it, he already knew that he had an amazing Quirk. Even the little he was able to see from it was enough proof of that fact.

"You noticed?"

"Of course! Just by looking at your body movements I was able to tell that you were holding back."

It was no secret that Natsu wanted to avoid using his Quirk too much during the test, but he was very impressed that Izuku was able to spot such a small detail that easily. He sure has quite the eye when it comes to analyzing Quirks.

"Honestly, I really want to see just what sorts of stuff you can do with your fire abilities. I'm sure you must have all sorts of awesome moves!"

"He does actually. And they are quite destructive if I may add." Coming out of the Female Locker Room was Tsuyu, joining the conversation in her new uniform. "Your costume looks good on you, Natsu-chan."

The pinkette knew she was being honest, so he did not doubted the authenticity of her words. However, he was never the one to care too much about his overall appearance, so he responded with a short nod.

"Well…" Now it was Natsu's turn to give her costume a quick look. A small blush appeared on his face. She was wearing a green skintight suit. "It... It looks good on you, too."

Was she always that slim?

Unaware of Natsu's thoughts, Tsuyu took the compliment quite well. In fact, a cute smile reached her features as soon as she heard those words. She has been eager to know what Natsu would think of her costume, and to say that she was pleased with the end result was putting it lightly. Turning her attention to Izuku, the frog girl decided to introduce herself to her other classmate.

"I'm Asui Tsuyu, but call me Tsuyu, ok?"

"A-Ah, pleased to meet you Asui-san! I'm Midoriya Izuku!"

"I told you to call me Tsuyu."

U.A. High School. Training Ground Beta...

"I see everyone is finally here. Good. Then let us begin with the Battle Training!"

Declared All Might as he gazed at all of his freshly new students. All of them were wearing their fabulous custom-designed uniforms. It brought him great joy seeing these many talented young people gathered in one place, all of them ready to learn as much as they could in the hopes of one day become real heroes.

Ah! There was even young Midoriya there in his new…oh, practical costume? That was probably the best way to describe it.

Gathering his own thoughts, the No.1 Hero was quick to spot young Dragneel, standing there next to young Midoriya. A small sigh of relief escaped his lips when he saw that the pinkette was wearing the costume he gave him. All Might would be lying if he said that he wasn't concerned that the young fire eater may have thrown it away into a dumpster or something. He knew that David must have gotten out of his way to make the whole thing, so it would be a huge waste if the pinkette were to do that.

His friend was a very busy man. With a very important job and a daughter to take care all by himself, he must have gone through a lot of trouble to even find the time to make the costume. It pained All Might to ask him for this sort of favor, but there was no one better than him for this sort of task. He deeply appreciate his support. After all, this was all an effort to help maintain young Dragneel in the path of righteousness.

"For this training we will have a very basic case of Rescue the Hostage. Each team has to acquire one random civilian and make sure to keep it away from the other team. The team who manages to maintain hold of the hostage until the time runs out wins! Simple to understand, right?"

One of the students, Tenya Iida, was quick to raise his hand as soon as All Might was done speaking.

"Sensei! How much ground will this excessive cover?"

The Symbol of Peace smiled brightly at this question. Opening his arms to the sides, he signaled to all of their surroundings.

"That's the fun part, young Iida! The entirety of this fake city is available for all of you to put all of your skills in practice! To test the limits and the capacity of your Quirks and creativity!" Stated All Might proudly. "And for this exercise we will have two different teams for each match. A three-on-three team battle!"

There was a lot of excitement going on around the class. Even the ever-shy Izuku couldn't deny that a small part of him was looking forward to the exercise. With that said, there was only one thing left to say.

"I'm all fired up!"


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