So I read this spoiler about a possible affair between Farrah and Grace. Being a Karrah fan this broke my heart. I let my imagination, as to how it would happen and if Kim would find out, wild. And this short story came out. Hope you enjoy. English isn't my first language but I do my best to spell check and search for any grammatical errors and fix them


Seeing them together, I felt like I couldn't breathe. I know things have been hard for us. I haven't been the same ever since I got freed from that room. But I was trying so hard, mostly for her and our relationship. Why couldn't she see that. I love Farrah so much but she just gave up on me. I didn't expect her to cheat on me ever. She doesn't seem like the type of person to do that. But I guess I was wrong. And of all the women she could have chosen, she chose her. The woman that pretty much ruined my marriage. I hurts so much to see her smiling at her, touching her. And Grace is loving the attention as always. How does she always get to ruin my life? It doesn't even seem like she has to try. Just one flirty look, one touch and she has got Farrah wrapped around her finger. And they have no idea that I am watching them. It doesn't even look like they are trying to hide it. Sure they're not in a public space but it's not like they are looking to keep it hidden either. When Farrah started getting these text message that made her smile, in a way I hadn't seen her smile for quite some time. I knew something was going on. I didn't want to believe that she was seeing someone else. But it made sense. And you know what? I can't even blame her. She was probably feeling miserable having to be around me constantly, I didn't like being alone anymore. And having to take care of me like I'm a little kid, scared of everything and everyone around her must have started to take a toll on her.

But how could she expect me to just move on with my life like I hadn't been locked up for three months. Like I hadn't had any contact for so long with anyone. I can't help the way I feel and I thought she understood. I thought she loved me enough to give me time to cope with things. But I wasn't enough for her anymore. No she wanted someone that was fun and exciting, like Grace Black. I wonder how she's going to act when she gets home. Will she act like nothing happened and that she just went to work to talk to a patient. That was her excuse when she left the house in a hurry about thirty minutes ago. Got a text message supposedly saying that a patient needed a consult urgently. I knew she was lying through her teeth, it was so obvious. She thought I wouldn't notice it, thought I was too caught up in my own misery. So when she left I followed her to where she was going. And then I saw Grace standing there and my heart stopped. Farrah couldn't be meeting her right? But then Farrah walked up to her and kissed her. How many times had she done that before? Cause she seemed quite comfortable to do so.

I had to go, I couldn't look at them being so close any longer. It was making me feel ill. I went home hoping that nobody would be there when I arrived. I really didn't want to interact with anyone right now. What was I supposed to do now? Should I just pack my stuff and leave? Or listen to more of her lies? Both would hurt, but evidently Farrah didn't love me anymore. So why stay with someone that doesn't care about you? I deserve better than that. So I will do the mature thing and I will leave and let them be happy together. They will never have to hear from me ever again. I will make sure I'm gone out of that house before Farrah returns. I won't even leave her a note telling her I've left. She doesn't deserve that. She will figure it out for herself why I have left her. And then she will call the new love of her life and tell her that they can finally be together properly. Farrah and Grace might even get their own place. Or maybe Misbah would let Grace move in with them. Can't imagine her doing so, but hey I didn't expect her to let me stay either. Maybe Grace will be the perfect daughter in law.

After Esther I didn't think I could love again, but I did. I found someone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. If only she had loved me back.