Chapter 9: A little bit of snooping.

Bumblebee, Dino, and Crosshairs were approaching the same building that the decepticon titans had dragged the other autobots into, then they drove through the stone arch and drifted into the open area in front of the building.

As bumblebee transformed back into his robot form a little distance from Dino and crosshairs, he felt proud that they had escaped those decepticons.

Bumblebee:(through radio) "Whoo, I never felt so alive! You okay partner?"

But as Bumblebee looked over his shoulder, he saw that Dino and Crosshairs were too busy celebrating with each other. Bumblebee never felt so ignored in his life. Crosshairs was his new partner-in-crime since they met, but now it looked like he was liking Dino better than him.

Crosshairs: "Kapow, Ha Ha! That was radical, nice one Dino!"

Dino: "You betcha, I haven't had that much fun since me, Bumblebee, and Sideswipe took on "The Dreads" on that highway."

Thinking this was his chance to be noticed, Bumblebee quickly went up to them.

Bumblebee:(through radio) "Yeah, I was totes there! What do ya say to that?"

Crosshairs: "Bee, ya just ruined our celebrating moment! Can't you be more patient?"

Bumblebee nervously stepped back from this.

Bumblebee:(through radio) "B-but bro, I thought we were you and I usually celebrated our victories."

Dino: "Too bad, because we were celebrating this one."

Bumblebee then started stomping up to Dino with his fist tightly clenched, but Crosshairs got between them and started confronting Bumblebee.

Crosshairs:(Shoves bumblebee away) "Bee, knock it off!"

Bumblebee:(through radio) "Crosshairs, y-you're whipped!"

Crosshairs: "I'm whipped, oh yeah? well why don't you say that to my face man!"

Then as Bumblebee and Crosshairs started doing a circular-walking stand off, Bumblebee started blurting out some not-so-nice words.

Bumblebee:(through radio) " $&*£€ $-#&"

Crosshairs: "No Bee, your mom eats insecticon poop!"

Bumblebee suddenly threw a slight punch across Crosshairs' face. As Crosshairs turned back at Bumblebee, he wiped his lips that had a drop of energon leaking from the corner. Then they started continuing their stand off while swinging their fists at each other.(but they don't really touch each other)

Crosshairs: "Come on, bring it! You want some, ya want a piece of the cross-boy? Feel the pain!"

As Bumblebee and Crosshairs continued their feud, they started moving towards the front of the building.

Crosshairs: "Come on, 2 shots! 2 shots, me and you! Yea, I'll give you some right now!"

Suddenly, a circular trap door quickly opened…..right underneath Bumblebee. Then Bumblebee disappeared falling into a downward passageway.

Crosshairs: "Bee!"

As Crosshairs got back up, he quickly turned towards Dino with a determined look on his face.

Crosshairs: "I gotta go get him. You stay here, I'll be right back."

Dino: "Excuse me?"

Crosshairs turned back around at Dino with now a confused look on his face.

Crosshairs: "What?"

Dino: "You're seriously gonna go and save Bumblebee while I just wait out here in the middle of nowhere."

Crosshairs: "First of all, this isn't the middle of nowhere. Second, Bumblebee is one of my closest friends."

Dino glared at Crosshairs with a raised eyebrow.

Crosshairs: "Okay, how about this. Head back to the hotel without being seen, then gather up as many autobot soldiers as you can."

Dino: "Of course I won't be seen, I've got a cloaker."

After Crosshairs gave Dino an agreeing nod, he went back towards the passageway that Bumblebee had fallen down. Then he said something that he told Bumblebee 2 years ago.

Crosshairs: "Friends don't quit!"

With that, Crosshairs jumped down into the passageway. Even after he was out of sight, Dino was left feeling disapproval about what Crosshairs was doing.

Dino: "estupido."

After that, Dino turned away, transformed back into his Ferrari form, and he sped down the dirt-road back towards the main hotel.

Meanwhile, Crosshairs was sliding down a rock-tunnel after he dove down that hatch. Suddenly, he finally landed on solid ground.

After Crosshairs coughed a few times, he got back onto his feet. He had landed into an underground cavern-with sandy floors, and it had a few vines hanging from the ceiling and the tops of the side-walls. But Crosshairs had no time to admire his surroundings, he still had to find Bumblebee.

Crosshairs:(whisper-shouts) "Bee, ya there?"

After he got no response, he started tiptoeing towards a corner. As he peeked around the corner, he could not believe what he was seeing.

Around that corner was a large tomb, it even had a large golden cauldron with tall spikes around the top rim. Somewhere in the back was a 5 yards tall and 10 yards wide platform that had a bunch of the allspark's symbols on the front of it. Connected to the front of the platform was a bronze crane-like grabber with the same kind of claws as the ones in those arcade crane games.(but thicker)

Crosshairs couldn't hold in his curiosity any longer, he decided to do just a little bit of snooping. So he quickly scampered towards the cauldron while trying to stay as stealthy as possible.

Crosshairs stood next to the edge of the cauldron and peered into it in awe, their were like thousands of proto-plasmic heads of autobot soldiers circling around inside the cauldron.

As Crosshairs continued staring into the cauldron, he heard a rather familiar voice.

?: Crosshairs! Crosshairs!"

After Crosshairs looked around for a second wondering where that voice came from, he then looked down into the cauldron again and saw a familiar face calling to him.

Hound: "Crosshairs!"

Crosshairs: "Hound?"

Crosshairs thought for a moment, then he quickly snatched the protoplasmic head of Hound. As he held it up to his face level, the head floated on its own.

Hound: "Crosshairs, boy am I glad to see you."

Crosshairs: "Hound, What did those brutes do to you!?"

Hound: "I don't know, but this could be their own little auto-head prison."

After he said that, he tried giving a nervous chuckle. But by the looks of Crosshairs giving an unamused raised eyebrow look, he realized that this was not the time nor the place for messing around.

Hound: "Look, Just please release my head so I can go find my body."

With that, Crosshairs released his head and Hound shot down a cavern tunnel on the opposite side of the cavernous tomb like a firework.

Hound: "I always knew you were a hero Crosshairs!"

In the middle of the jungle near the back entrance of the castle that the autobots had explored last night, Hound's body was tightly tied unconscious to the side of a very large tree. Then out from between the trees, Hound's protoplasmic head came shooting towards his body.

Hound: "I'm coming my old buddy!"

Hound's protoplasmic head got absorbed into the head of the unconscious body. Then after a few seconds, Hound quickly returned back to consciousness.

Hound: *Gasp* "Oh my gosh,(realizes where he is) where the heck am I?"

But after he shook off that question, he reached for the pocket on his left hip. As he pulled out his knife, he used it to chop some of the chains. After that, he was able to break free from the rest. Once he was standing back on his feet, he stretched his aching limbs.

Hound: "Okay, that's not gonna feel good tomorrow morning."

After Hound was done stretching, he surveyed the area for a few seconds.

Hound: "Okay, now to go find the others."

Then he paced through the forest as stealthy as he could.

Back in the tomb, Crosshairs was searching for someone else. Then after he reached his hand in again, he pulled out an all too familiar head.

Crosshairs: "Optimus!"

Optimus Prime: "Crosshairs, thank primus you're still okay."

Crosshairs: "Yeah, I was able to get past those decepticon punks."

Optimus Prime: "While I go out and find my body, you see if anyone else is in that cauldron."

With that, Crosshairs released Optimus Prime's head which shot down the cavern the same way Hound's head did.

Optimus Prime's head flew into the islands main hotel room, he hid behind a large pillar when he saw Stinger standing amongst a whole group of decepticon soldiers while talking to them.

Stinger: "Okay, I've hinged that samurai autobot against a wall in the entrance hallway of the autobot island castle. How did you guys do on your side?"

Decepticon soldier #1: "Sorry Stinger, but…...the last few got away from us."

After hearing this, Stinger angrily pace-palmed himself. After he took his hand down, he made one final suggestion.

Stinger: "Spread out, search everywhere!"

As the decepticon soldiers all went in different directions to search the whole island, 1 soldier was looking towards a big corner of the hotel building.

Decepticon soldier: "Uhh, what about over there?"

Stinger: "Is there a part of everywhere?"

Decepticon soldier: "Uhh, maybe."

Stinger: "Then search there!"

After Stinger and that decepticon soldier each disappeared, Optimus Prime flew off down a hallway.

Then a door opened right in front of him, and he was knocked left into a storage closet. As he flew inside, Optimus Prime's body was tied by chains to one of the room's walls. Optimus Prime soon grew conscious again, and he saw where he was being held.

Optimus Prime: "Now this is so not very settling."

Back in the tomb, Crosshairs dove his hand into the cauldron again. But this time, he accidentally pulled out the head of a random autobot soldier.

Autobot soldier: "Thank you so much, you saved me!"

Crosshairs: "I'm sorry dude, I'm looking for my comrades."

After Crosshairs dipped the head back in, he picked up someone else. But this time, it was one of his friends.

Crosshairs: "Drift!?"

Yes, it really was Drift that was now a protoplasmic head. After Stinger had dragged him away, they had already turned him into one of them.

Crosshairs: "Drift, they got you too!?"

Drift: "Yes, 'tis very embarrassing!"

Crosshairs: "Once I let you go, do you think you can go and find your body?"

Drift: "I'll see what I can do."

With that said, Crosshairs released Drift's head causing it to shoot down the cavern.(just like Optimus Prime and Hound.)

As Crosshairs suddenly looked beyond the cauldron, he saw the same miniature version of the allspark that Stinger and taken from Drift. Then Crosshairs pulled a sly smirk on his face.

Crosshairs: "Hello mama."

Meanwhile, Hound was walking up to the back entrance of the castle. The moment he was standing in the passages doorway, he looked over his shoulder and thought he saw another protoplasmic head flying his way.

Knowing that he needed to act fast, he carefully made his way down the passage hallway. But it only took him a couple seconds to find Drift's unconscious body, it was changed to the right wall of the passage hallway.

Hound: "Alright blade-boy, time to get ya back."

The moment Hound went up by Drift, the protoplasmic head got sucked into his systems. Then in just a couple seconds, Drift came back to life.

Drift: *gasp* "Hound, I'm very pleased to see you old comrade."

Hound: "you're telling me."

It didn't take long for Hound to tear all the chains off of Drift, and Drift was able to jump down from the wall. Suddenly, a decepticon titan stepped out into the hall through a set of large double doors. He immediately jumped when he spotted Drift and Hound.

Decepticon Titan: "Hey, what do ya think you're doing!"

Almost without thinking, Drift and Hound both rammed their elbows against the Titan sending all 3 of them stumbling into the supply room that the Titan had come out of.

After the Titan punched Hound across the face causing him to tumble off screen, it stood toughly before Drift while tightening his fists. Drift tried pulling out one of his swords, but the Titan tightly grabbed him by the front of his neck and smashed him against the nearest wall.

Hound:(offscreen) "Yo bucket head!"

The decepticon Titan turned around to see Hound standing strong near the opposite side of the room.

Hound: "Have a taste of this!"

With that said, Hound quickly pulled out his 4-barrel shotgun and took a shot at the titans head causing it to blow up into a bunch of burning shards of metal.

After the titans body collapsed to the ground, Drift got out from underneath it and dusted himself off.

Drift: "Did you even think of a way to not have it fall on top of me before blasting the scrap out of it!?"

Hound: "Sorry, I just don't plan stuff that often."

Drift: "Oye vaye."

Hound: "They must have chained us up just to keep us out of whatever they're planning."

Drift: "Yeah, then they must have turned our souls into protoplasmic heads so they make sure it stays that way."

Hound: "Ya know, I just think turning our souls into protoplasmic heads was a little too dramatic."

Both Drift and Hound thought about that for a couple minutes, and they both knew that Hound had a point.

Drift: "No matter, at least I'm back in my own slick body."

Drift then started rubbing his hand against the side of his leg, then up the side of his torso in a rather sexy way. As Hound was watching this, he started feeling a little sick.

Hound: "Let's just go find the others."

With that, Drift and Hound went off to find the rest of their friends.

To be continued.