Banjo and Kazooie were at the lively Jellystone Park, which was the bright colorful home to the friendly, crafty Yogi Bear as the bear and bird duo were going past the various picnic tables, spotting the humans looking at them oddly.

"Hey Banjo, look, I think I found your brother." Kazooie joked as she had a cocky smirk on her face.

Banjo folded his arms together as he shook his head. "What are you talking about, Kazooie?"

Kazooie then pointed forward, with Banjo gawking in disbelief as he saw a brown bear with a green hat and tie... it was the one and only Yogi Bear, of course!

"Hey hey hey, Boo-Boo! Watch me swipe this pic-a-nic basket!" Yogi stated as he was holding a bow and arrow in his hands.

BooBoo Bear was quite nervous about this as he adjusted his blue bow tie. "Gee Yogi, I dunno..."

Yogi laughed as he patted Booboo on the head. "Oh come on, Boo Boo! Don't be so pessimistic, when what I'm going to gnab will be super duper delicious!"

Boo-boo pointed at Banjo-Kazooie as he gulped, his eyes lowered than normal. "I think that bear over there is judging us, Yogi..."

"You know I'm starter than the average-" Yogi then stopped himself as he spotted Banjo placing his hands on his hips, gulping. "W-Well... on second thought..."

"What are you doing with that bow?" Banjo asked as he rubbed his chin.

Yogi chuckled nervously as he placed them behind his back. "Oh, eh, I was about to show off my craftsmanship! Why, just sit back and let Yogi show off his tactic!" He then fired the arrow, with it hitting the picnic basket as it then hit the oak tree in front of it, with Yogi clenching his fist in victory.