+ Connor where are you? We know your in here, come on out." Hera's voice echoed throughout the Venators hangar. The ship they were on was called the Liberation. The ship that actually had been under General Kotas control as well. The ship had been lost in one of the earlier conflicts between Kotas militia and the Empire. The ship thought to have been lost and destroyed when they had been forced to abandon it but now here it was actually, fully repaired and still stocked actually. A rather stinging revelation to Connor who just hours before received the news that someone who he had considered a very close mentor, had been killed at the assault on a Tie fighter production factory. He had tried to gain contact again with his contact and the ships but now was receiving no response at all from any of them which was starting to worry him even more currently with the losses already mounting. So for the last few hours Connor had been currently rummaging through the hangar, armories, and storage bays. The outcome just like the ship representing it was a relic from the Clone War all of it from the war. ARC-170s and the old BTL-A4 bombers were the main compliment though there was a small element of the ETA-2 Actis interceptors on board. Not to mention the standard compliment of ground equipment to help with invasions of the planetary kind. Seeing this made him feel like there was still that chance of being able to fight back, but still at the same time now with Kota gone, an exceptional leader and tactician, gone he didn't feel he could just live up to the challenge. Once he could remake contact with the scattered fleet he could make contact with the leadership and gather to come up with a new strategy and figure out the next move for them. Right now though he was currently just sitting on the top of one of the AT-TEs and just staring at the majority of the hangar in front of him. Hearing Hera's voice he slightly sighed and slowly stood up before jumping down to the ground as he walked over to where her voice had came from and rounded around a AT-RT to see her and the rest of the Ghost crew.

"There you are we've been looking for you, I'm sorry to hear of what has happened with Kota he will be remembered and missed even if we didn't meet him. We need to figure out our next move though. You have these ships, and not to mention might be a good idea to talk about those old CIS ships that had appeared and attacked the shipyard as well." Hera was trying her best to be polite and console Connor but she had questions and concerns as well that needed to be addressed and answered. Everyone else was looking at him including Sabine and Kanan who knew exactly to a degree of what he was going through emotionally wise. Connor looked at her though as he was trying to figure out the best way to answer, slowly turning his head he whistled for Sparks to approach who was currently monitoring comms from his ship, while Chopper was on the bridge actually doing a decent job of being able to monitor and control the three ships.

"We're going to drop out of hyperspace and find a way to be able to communicate with my fleet. Once that is done, most likely figure out a way to get these ships manned and figure out a plan for them to be used and what the purpose will be. They can't be used though if we don't have the volunteers or soldiers needed to help keep this rebellion and spark alive. As for the ships that had appeared I have no idea but we may be able to shed some light. As you know Sparks from previous jobs we have done together he's unique along with his personality and can think on his own like Chopper. So let us see if he can possibly shed some light on this." As he spoke he turned his head to see Sparks rolling up warbling and beeping with its usual quirkiness and smart mouth. "Sparks you manage to get some readings on those ships while we were moving in on the objectives?" Connor asked as Sparks stopped next to him and his hand moved over running over the top of the droids dome. Sparks squealed excitedly and leaned back and forth several times in almost a nod as it activated its holo projector and displayed several readings. Looking them over at first Connor was seeing normal readings, but as he started to dive into the more finer details, he frowned and reread it twice to make sure he was understanding it fully before he spoke.

"It says right here that he scanned no lifesigns at all on the ships. But nearly double in the signs of electrical readings and well for lack of better terms droids. The ships were being operated by droids. I swear this is turning more and more into a battle of the Clone War days." As Connor spoke this he felt more confused than all else and now with that revelation. Droids manning CIS ships and attacking the Empire. All CIS droids had been deactivated and routed at the end of the war when Order 66 had gone down. To even think that those ships had been manned by old battle droids was preposterous.

"Ok I think it's best that we just honestly leave a pin in that for now because just hearing that is giving me an uneasy feeling." Kanan was the one to speak about that and with that Connor eagerly nodded his head in response to that as just the possibility that some droid force was manning ships and taking the fight to the Empire as well was more disturbing than comforting that something else was taking the fight to the Empire as well. Before another word could be spoken the slight shift in gravity for a quick second shifted as it signaled the ship was emerging from hyperspace into the coordinates that had been chosen. Currently the ships were now drifting through space near the outer rim at an asteroid belt that was designated as the Vergesso Asteroids. It was far out, and deep into the Outer Rim, which meant that it came with rare visitors or more next to none anyways of passersby coming out and stumbling across them currently.

"Well we have currently arrived to our destination and we have messages to deliver so if you would like to accompany me to the bridge we can get this underway and start to develop our new and current situation more rapidly." Connor spoke and was beginning to make his way towards the lift to make his way to the bridge as the crew followed. First alone, slowly speaking in what felt like he had been slightly forced, and now having to already deal with the next part of the mission and speak with more people in general. It was coming to fast and wasn't being allowed the time to mourn properly, or just actually take the time to properly process it. Part of that was his fault for having tried to keep himself busy and occupied. Reason behind that though because in all honesty as he reflected on it he wasn't ready, he was afraid and was choosing himself to not come to terms. Choosing to deny the truth and was acting like it was just a dream. Looking back at on it now though, he was regretting it deeply, now instead of being able to focus on the mission, he would keep having the thoughts in the back of his mind potentially causing more trouble and second guessing himself in the future. Connor continued to stare at the lift wall as it made its way to the cruisers bridge. Heavily outgunned and outmatched with current Star Destroyers, the regular Venator class was, with this heavily modified version it could match in firepower but still it mainly appeared to be used for a quick decisive engagement. Connor doubted that the ship could last long in a slugger fight, but she could hold her own that much was made clear. The lift came to a stop and Connor was the first to exit it as he was making his way towards the main holotable that could also be used as a communication hub. Sparks rolled forward and came to a stop plugging in and quickly beginning to input an encryption so that the communications from the ship both messages, video and calls acting as messages would all be harder to hack and listen in on, not to mention being able to bounce them off of other communication systems.

While Sparks was making sure that the communications would be secured, Connor with the Ghost crew were making way to the table. Still questions remaining but at the same time remaining silent to be polite along with trying to figure out some questions among themselves. Waiting patiently as he arrived at the table, Connor continued to wait for the encryption to be fully installed as he slightly leaned against the table, waiting anxiously to get the communications underway. Finally Sparks turned and let out a warble signalling the encryption was finished and fully installing . Connor reached forward and began to type on the keyboard to pull up a frequency, once finishing he entered it in and waited for the contact to answer from the other end. After several tones the connection went through and the person on the other end answered. Revealing just a simple straight line to signify someone was on the other end. Due to the persons secrecy and his importance to the rebellion he would only answer calls and not present himself visually to anyone no matter who was trying to communicate with him.

"This is Slicehound, who is this identify yourself immediately, the origin of this transmission is unknown." The voice spoke quickly and had a rather almost smooth voice, like a drink of whiskey that had been left in a still for a long time.

"Slicehound this is Shadow. Reporting from one of the newly acquired ships, I say again the mission that I went on was a success. Three new eggs now inside the basket. Unfortunately though that is as far as the good news follows. I regret to inform you that Castle has fallen, along with the men that had been assigned as well but in the end the mission was accomplished as well. This is a serious turn of events and do believe it is best to be discussed further in-depth and in person." Connor replied and hadn't bother to wait for the response of him being acknowledged as he began debriefing immediately. This man was one of the two that he knew of, that General Kota reported to. When he had first met him, Connor had thought General Kota was high as the chain had gotten. During his time having served with him, and later rising through the ranks and earning both the respect from Kota and the men that had brought him in. He was allowed to actually meet both of the men that were giving the targets and orders when Kota wasn't finding any. The two men codenamed Slicehound and Rancor.

"We heard about Castle already through our connections along with Imperial reports that were actually listed as classified and wetwork engagements deemed to have never happened. The Tie Factory is being listed as a mechanical failure, a faulty reactor part causing it to explode. Good work though to him for accomplishing the mission and also good to know that you were successful as well apart of the mission. I take it you have arrived to the vacation and are currently sipping on some fruity umbrella drinks." The response stated causing a small smile to form across Connors face as he continued to listen.

"You could say that, though the service here is terrible, especially with all of the guests they have here. But they seem friendly enough so we can still continue this rendezvous and get the party started." Connor replied quickly hinting of the Ghost crew accompanying him. The line was silent for several seconds before the line came active again.

"If it was anyone else I would have asked if either you were sure or honestly turned back around and call this whole thing off. But I know your record and I know how much that Castle had his faith in you so we will continue the rendezvous. I'm keeping my faith in you, just make sure that it isn't in vain. We will be arriving shortly. Slicehound out." With that the communications went dead as he hung up. Connor stayed at the table in silence as he looked at the others nervously for a second. Knowing they were apart of another rebel cell made him slightly at ease, at the same time though he wasn't sure if the cells had an actual understanding of each other or if they were even talking with each other. All he could do was just stay hopeful that things would end well. Slightly drumming his fingers against the holotable as he was considering whether to make the second communication as well now or make it later. After the internal debate , he decided it was best for the second communication to be made after the visit and the rendezvous was finished. Finishing up with it, he turned and looked at them as they were standing around looking rather bored and confused.

"When he arrives I'm going to need one of you with me to meet him for the beginning part. He will most likely want to meet the rest of you as well once he learns of you all, but for now let's just make it one, maybe two at the most so I know Hera you should be one that is for sure. You've been rebelling and fighting against the empire for the longest time especially out of everyone, giving your life to it, along with living and breathing for the rebellion you are apart of. As for who else you can decide between y'all about that now if you will excuse me, I'm going to wait for the arrival of our guest." Connor spoke to them before walking to the front of the bridge and staring out of the massive windows. The empty blackness of space filled with asteroids as he stared forward. Most likely now that Connor had sent the all clear signal for arrival the contact was already on the way. Where from though, would be the question that he would have to wait to be answered. As he continued to stare out, he turned looking around again as the Ghost crew were having a discussion of who was going to accompany Hera with Connor, though he had the sneaking suspicion that Kanan would be the one to accompany her when the time came. Turning back though he began to walk back and stopped next to them "I'm going to rest, I probably should have earlier but everything has taken its toll on me. So when the time arrives I'll be up when it's time. Help yourselves to whatever you need, probably other supplies I haven't seen yet." He told them before continuing on to the turbolift and quickly punching in the floor where usually the commander of the ship would stay at. Deciding to make that his own personal quarters for the time being.

Walking down the halls, was mainly just a blur as his mind was wandering again, along with thoughts dwelling on the news over and over again as well. Just kept causing him problems and him to be upset. He needed some rest, hopefully resetting his mind to at least be able to handle the upcoming hardships following the death of someone that he had considered extremely close. Nearly stumbling his way inside, the effects of everything wearing off along with the feeling of overwhelming sadness. He collapsed onto the bunk and passed out onto it as soon as his head hit the pillow, full armor and clothes.

While he slept, his mind jumped and was dearly scrambled as it seemed that dozens of images were trying to gain his attention at once. His body moving and twitching, already coated in a thin layer of sweat. He was restless yet his body was was forcing and keeping him asleep. As he continued to lay there trying his best to make out what his mind was trying to tell him a slight,thin screen of smoke seemed to be crowding his vision, covering several of the images in his head and was bringing one center focused almost as if it was a slideshow. Finally though the first image showed a vast and vegetated planet, overly dense and almost a fungal vibe to it. Almost as if he was magnifying onto the planet and at a certain spot, as it continued to bring him in, he noticed the largest Sarlacc he had ever seen, several Rancors roaming around in what seemed to be like packs as well, even a couple of Acklays. Taking in all of this he surmised the planet that he was seeing was Felucia a rather deadly and horrendous planet. Finally though his vision came to a halt as if he were standing next to several individuals. Standing and conversing with one another all females was a rather greyish Zabrak, a blue Twi'lek, and a red skinned Togruta. All of them were standing around in a small half circle, as they continued talking with one another, yet they seemed to be slightly alert. He couldn't hear what they were saying until finally someone had rounded the corner. Connor had almost jumped out of his skin as at first he thought at first it was a stormtrooper from the first glance at the armor of the person who rounded the corner. Taking a double look, he noticed that it wasn't a set of stormtrooper armor, but of Phase II Clone Trooper armor.

"Generals we are still clear, it seems that the Empire finally have packed things up and are gone. They haven't been back for a couple of months. I don't know why they would have run, they have the resources obviously to have constantly hounded us." The man reported to them and stood there idly as he waited for a response. Before one could be spoken though his view began to collapse and retract back. As it continued to fade and zoom out. A rather rough and gravelly voice could be heard, straining himself to just understand only one sentence could be heard before being followed by a rather cold and sinister laugh. "Conform or be destroyed."

Waking up with a start, he felt his heart racing and looked around wildly. His body covered in a rather large amount of sweat that had soaked the clothing he was wearing, which only made it worst as his armor was pressing against him. Blinking rapidly for a few seconds, he tried to calm himself, to gain his composure and think of what he could do, he slowly traced his thoughts of the small but realistic dream he just had. He had had several before with the same experiences and feelings he just had and knew it wasn't just a dream, it was a vision trying to warn him of something on Felucia but right now he couldn't deal with it, he had other things to worry about and deal with. First thing he did though was slowly sit up and swing his legs off of the bed, looking around before noticing a small duffel in the corner. Seeing it brought a small smile to his face as he stood up and walked over to it. He wasn't sure how long he had been out yet, but he felt like he needed it. And someone coming into the room and dropping something off without even waking him proved it even more.

Quickly he stood up fully and grabbed the duffel bag before walking into the small refresher room apart of the Captain quarters. He didn't waste much time as he quickly showered and cleaned himself up, even giving himself a fresh shave for a clean face. Wanting to make sure he looked decent and presentable still with the time that was given. Unzipping the bag, he reached inside and pulled out a set of clothes. He changed into a pair of boots, combat trousers and a shirt with a jacket thrown over it. Attaching his holster back into place and placing his lightsaber on his hip, his comlink began to beep and he brought his wrist up to his face as he tapped it to receive the incoming communications traffic.

"Connor might want to come to the bridge, Sparks picked up ships that are incoming and will be dropping out of hyperspace soon." Heras voice broke through the silence causing Connor to nod to himself for a second before slowly speaking in return.

"Alright you and whoever else is coming to the meeting, meet me at the starboard hangar bay where we will be meeting our expected guests. Everyone else remain on the bridge until we have everything sorted out. I'll be down there by the time you arrive." He replied quickly before cutting the comms off and already exited the room as he was talking. It wasn't a long walk either for him to reach the lift that would take him down to the hangar bay. He was slightly troubled by the strange dream he had, he knew what a dream was to and something was nagging at him, telling him that it wasn't a dream but more of a vision, of something that was happening somewhere else in the galaxy. He pushed it out of his mind along with everything else, he needed to focus on the task at hand and then after he would have a moment to talk with Kanan about everything that was going on, along with everything he was feeling and now the vision that he just experienced as well.

Quickly the lift ended and opened up, revealing him in the starboard hangar, looking out along the line of starfighters packing it as well. Along with an open space where a couple of Transports could land. It wasn't long till Hera arrived along with Kanan which honestly didn't surprise him that she had picked him to accompany her with the accompanying event. Continuing to stare out the hangar bay, not bothering to say a word as they stood next to him. A couple minutes passed by before the group of ships exited hyperspace. Out of the emptiness of space a half dozen Corelian class destroyers first appeared in a security formation before the second group appeared which was a Corellian Battlecruiser and two GR-75 transports. The destroyers formed a perimeter around the battlecruiser and transports. From the battlecruiser a lambda shuttle departed and was escorted by a quartet of A-Wings as they headed towards the Liberation. In his mind Connor was at least happy that he had Kotas flagship back under there control to honor the fallen Jedi's memory.

"Castle this is Slicehound about to enter the hangar." The transmission was brief but still courtesies as he alerted Connor that he was about to land. Connor stiffened slightly before beginning to walk forward and watched as two A-Wings entered the hangar along with the lambda. Walking towards the shuttle as it began to lower its ramp along with all of them acting in a rather hurriedly fashion not wanting to beat around the bush. As the ramp lowered a man appeared with grey braided hair and a strong mustache connecting to a beard. Flanking him on each side was a soldier wearing similar white armor then the man Connor had seen in his dream previously. Apparently this though as well was familiar to Kanan as he quickly drew and activated his lightsaber. Connors eyes widened and he stepped forward in front of him, and the two soldiers drew their own weapons at Kanan. Shouts quickly were escalating as Connor was yelling for Kanan to stand down, the two soldiers from the shuttle as well, even Hera was yelling before silently. The man from the shuttle raised his hand and gently placed it on one of the soldiers weapons to gently lower it. Witnessing this Connor raised a brow and was finally managing to get through to Kanan and had him at least lower his stance.

"What's your problem?! They are friendly, they are allies!" Connor was shouting at Kanan and could see something in the jedis eyes, something that was rather nerve wracking to him.

"You don't recognize the armor?! They are clones, only ones that would be able to carry those weapons and wear that armor so effectively." Kanan explained and the realization dawned on Connor quickly causing him to turn and raise an eyebrow wondering if this was now a setup. He looked at the man who finished exiting the shuttle and extended his hand to Connor at first as he opened his mouth to speak. Even in person his voice sounded smooth, almost like an experienced and age whiskey.

"It is finally nice to meet you in person Connor, though I do wish the circumstances were different as Kota has been debating it as well to fully bring you into the fold. I am deeply sorry and you have my most sincere condolences. I am Senator Garm Bel Iblis for Corelia." He spoke and just with the warmth and the way he carried himself he was very charismatic in Connors opinion, but more along the lines of military leader. As the Senator spoke he turned and began to speak in Kanan's direction to where he thankfully had deactivated his lightsaber and returned the hilt to his hip. "As for those two you are correct allow me to introduce you to Captains Climber and Trace. They were Clone Commandos apart of Ion Team. When Order 66 was originally issued they believed that it was a trick and had refused it, actually rescuing and protecting three jedi. The team was pursued and two of them along with two of the Jedi were killed by Darth Vader as the third managed to escape and these two were sent to prison. As it would seem though there was a prison riot and these two were killed according to Imperial records. Once I had managed to instigate the riots and had them extracted, I managed to secure gear for them and had them join my cause. Acting as my personal body guards along with training my cell especially helping kickstart my saboteurs and special forces teams that are forming together." He finished explaining leaving Connor slightly confused and even more curious with the information that was just dumped into his mind and to process what was going on.

Clearing his throat awkwardly though he took a step back and nodded to the Senator. "Well it is a pleasure to finally meet you and in person no less. Though I wasn't expecting you in person, just the next part of the plan. Also excuse the lack of introductions sir. Let me introduce to you, Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus. Two members of the Ghost crew and apart of the Phoenix cell that have been causing trouble with the Empire. In fact they are the ones who sent Tarkin's Star Destroyer up in flames along with managing to eliminate the Grand Inquisitor." Connor introduced the two and clarified some of the rather impressive features and traits that they accomplished though he was going to have to catch up on more of the news and experiences they had come across as he wasn't fully caught up yet either.

"Ah yes I know of you all. I have heard the Imperial chatter, you've become quite the nuisance and pain in the Imperials side, along with other groups. Though of course they are trying to keep it all hush about. If the general public actually knew even half of the open acts of rebellion and damages they have caused then well, lets just say that they would have a lot more to deal with then the small pockets. If you don't mind would love to continue this conversation while say on the bridge and we can discuss more about the ships and the outcome. I also have another mission for you, one that is of utmost importance and that I only learned recently with intercepting a highly encrypted holocommunicator." Senator Iblis spoke to the Connor, quickly he nodded his head and turned as both Hera and Kanan began to lead the way and started a conversation with the Senator. While they began to lead, and stay in the conversation, Connor hung back slightly and walked with the two clone commandos as Kanan had called them. Looking at them he could see how the armor was more advanced than the standard issue clone armor, he had read about and seen in museums and books.

"So you two were commandos in the clone wars?" Connor asked them even though it sounded kinda rhetorical after the Senator had just explained to them.

"Yes we were apart of Ion team like he said. Unfortunately though we lost most of the Jedi and two of our members when Order 66 had been given. For all the ones selected to be clones and some of the first ARC trooper squads had our inhibitor chips removed to give us free will and the opportunity to be able to think more clearly and out of the box with more understanding." The one that was named Climber explained and turned to look at Connor as they were walking towards the turbolift. Not wanting to cause anymore tension or issues, they decided to take a seperate one as one of the clones with Kanan would cause more issues and problems without the need.

"Is it true then? About the Jedi and all, that they were the ones to cause everything. That they betrayed everyone and they caused the civil war?" Connor knew the answer or at least from a perspective he learned it but he wanted to hear from them. They were there, they were still in the war when the Order came down. Both of them looked at each other with a glance through the helmets before one spoke.

"We weren't there fully when it came down, we just received the order where we were and believed it wrong. But from the information gathered and the intel we managed to receive through one means or another. The Jedi had gone to arrest Palpatine learning of him being a Sith. He defeated them with the help of Darthe Vader and that gave the Order 66 and what started the Jedi Purge. When it came, with how fast the kaminoans had started producing is in the accelerated growth and just the rushed production it had started to become. The inhibitor chips that were installed in the clones had became faulty. Every fourth clone had a faulty chip, and didn't believe it was right. That they could possibly use stun even to bring the jedi in alive and figure everything out. Thats what started the civil war between the clones causing brother to turn on one another and which allowed numerous Jedi to escape what would have been certain annihilation, even a couple of commanders of the battalions and legions I knew disobeyed the order. Jedi saved more clone lives then I can count and name combined, they wouldn't just turn on them, they were more then commanders or generals, they were honestly friends." The clone finished describing the event and what they had put together honestly which caused Connor to become troubled as he had only heard the Imperial propaganda and honestly believed it, but this now from them threw him in a loop. It didn't remain that way long though as they entered the turbolift and began to ride it up towards the bridge as well.

It wasn't a surprise for when the door opened that they were already around the holotable, in conversation with the rest of the Ghost crew joining in. They seemed to be working well, and with that it made him feel like he did the proper thing intoducing them to each other. As they approached the table the brief end of a conversation of possible targets, and how they thought of the Empires reaction would be with how targets and convoys were being hit.

"Well looking at this and what you brought back with you, I would say that the mission was a success. Not only did you manage to recapture and reacquire Kotas flagship, this heavily modified Venator. And also from the looks of it a MK2 Venator and a Acclamator. Now this is a formiddable arsenal, especially with what we could do with the Acclamator, the problem is though we knew you had brought ships we just didn't honestly know what the variations would be. So right now we have enough to crew one of the ships and to be honest I think I already know the answer of the ship you want to keep." The Senator explained and Connor nodded, this was Kotas flagship after all and not to mention it was the last thing Connor had of him now to remember, besides his teachings.

"Yes I would like to be able to keep and crew this ship, and as you can partially tell. It's fully stocked with starfightes and combat vehicles to launch a invasion as well. I've got some of the militia still hiding at home base, we're going to need alot more fighters honestly. We can get a momentum going. All we've really stuck with is the space combat and the small amount of ground troops for the hit and run tactics. Now we can start taking the fight to the enemy though, actual engagements." Connor was explaining and seeing a bigger picture, it would be costly but in his eyes, he also saw it as becoming a more nuisance in the Empires eyes.

"Well we've got enough to crew the ship, foot soldiers, and crew members for the ground vehicles will be a different story. May have to start going around and recruiting again. And I can spare enough to get together a crew for the other two and set up a link to my ship and get them where they need to go. Once we get the ships where they need to go, We can start getting crews together, though I will have to admit. From what I hear other cells could use the firepoer that these ships could bring. Which Captain Syndulla here was explaining, the flagship of the Phoenix Cell from what I hear is a modified Pelta using as a carrier. Giving them the MK2 could give them the extra firepower they need to start helping defending themselves from bigger targets like Star Destroyers and such. We need to start looking at the bigger picture, and if possible start working together more and forminga more unified alliance between them all." Garm explained to the group which caused Connor to stop for a second, he hadn't thought of that at all. That it was more then just him actually taking the fight. At this point he realized he had alot more to take into account and develop, if he was to take over and become an effective leader of Kotas cell.

"Handle that then if you don't mind, the Liberation back in our hands will be a welcome addition and enough, with the fleet in hiding."

"Then that part is settled, I'll have the transports come over though and start unloading the crew and get things underway for the ship, along with the other two. Now onto the other important part of the mission." Garm cleared his throat before typing onto the holomap for a few seconds and then pulled up a planet and what looked like a small moon next to it.

"We've received word through two sources that the Empire plans on assaulting the small moon here. Now at first we didn't really think much of it, but taking a more closer look at the transmission the assault is leaving from this planet here." A couple clicks later and another moon appeared, the planet it orbited looked like a angry, fiery ball of just pure despair. Looking at the planet alone it gave him chills. "This here is the home of the Imperial Inquisitors, the personal Sith troops of Lord Vader if we're just speaking frankly and you all know this with having dealt with the Grand Inquisitor himself. Now at first we found it slightly confusing as to why a Inquisitor would be leading a assault on whoever are here. But starting to crack and look more into the troops that were requested and participating in this, Purge Troopers, Cryo War droids, jumptroopers and even a armored company of walkers and a company of repulsor tanks. They are gearing up for something that they want to keep at a distance by the looks of it. So the spys started working on the other end. Apparently here before the Purge and the Empire, the moon was suppose to have some great relics from the old Republic. And to top this it seems that before the war ended a jedi archaeologist and a detachment of clones was sent to investigate. When Order 66 was issued it seems they just went silent. But recently we picked chatter again and now it seems there's a jedi that survived and is there. They won't orbital bombard it due to the ruins and possible relics. And I can't send support without risking backlash to my planet.

"Then it's settled, I'll take the Liberation. If you look at the specs. It's actually not that big of a force. A series of Gozanti's and a single Acclamator refit by the Empire. We can outgun them and if were lucky can drive them away enough to rescue who's ever down there. In and out and in a hurry. So let's start getting the ship crewed and underway. I want the major leadership you brought to meet in the bridge briefing room in one hour so we can get underway." Connor quickly spoke, if there was a jedi who needed rescuing then there wasn't any reason to decide. They needed all they could get. And with that decision Garm looked at him almost with a look of admiration before he nodded.

"May the Force be with you then."