Chapter 4: Holo-chatting with the Smuggler

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Music layout:

(-Music: *song name* [ *album name* | *band name/orchestra* ]-)

Continuing where we left off...

Mina approached the holo-communicator and prepped a call to Miles "Tails" Prower and began waiting. The rest of the Freedom Fighters entered the room and waited, Rotor was wondering what type of ship this "Tails" fellow had and couldn't help but voice his question "Uh... Mina what kind of ship does he have exactly?" Mina turned around and chuckled "Well I don't know what kind of ship he has now since the last I talked to him he said the last one was blown up by a couple of bounty hunters named Nack and Nic the Weasels, they're siblings. But he did tell me that his new one is a specially customized Imperial that the Rebellion gave him as payment for aiding them in multiple deadly missions." she said smiling, "What is he a terrible pilot?" Sonic asked.

Mina looked insulted "No of course not! He's actually ranked as the greatest and most skilled Mobian pilot in the world! It's on his file. He has only lost two ships in total, well three if you count the time one of his older ships were stolen." Suddenly the light blinked blue on the console and a young Mobian fox with two tails appeared on the holo-communicator "Hello?" he asked until he saw Mina and smiled widely "Hi Tails!" she said returning the smile "Hey Mina, how've you been?"

A couple of moments ago...
With Tails...

(-Music: Sabotage [ III Communication | Beastie Boys ]-)

On the ship the Tempest III, Tails and T-Pup were jamming to one of their favorite songs, while flying through hyperspace to the planet Naboo which was in one of Mobius' neighboring systems, for a nice day of relaxation. Tails customized the ship to be able play music from the speakers he installed in the ship. He usually played this song whenever he and T-Pup fooled employers like just a moment ago or actually sabotaging a facility or blowing a facility up completely which he tended to do whenever he broke out of prison.

"IIIIIIIIII can't stand it, I know you planned it"
"I'mma set it straight, this Watergate"

Tails threw another dart at a photo of the Emperor, hitting it in the nose. "Ha!" he said and looked down at T-Pup who just continued to rock back and forth to the song. Tails just chuckled at how cute it was and threw another dart hitting the it in the eye.

"I can't stand rockin' when I'm in here"
"'Cause your crystal ball ain't so crystal clear"
"So while you sit back and wonder why"

(-Music Turned Off-)

The transmission alert sounded turning off the song, Tails he walked towards the cockpit and pressed the button to respond. The holo-projector on the middle of the cockpit's floor a small holo-communication table came up from the floor and glowed blue, a group of eight people appeared. "Hello?" he asked, he recognized all of them from Mobius' news media as the Freedom Fighters of Mobius, but Mina immediately caught his eye he smiled as she spoke.

In Freedom HQ...

"I've been great, how're you?" she replied, he rubbed the back of his neck and shrugged "I've been doing okay overall, besides the fact that I was approached by those damn Chihuahuas to steal the Crown of Acorns, but I declined... I hate their guts as it is. And it's insulting that they think they could just double the payment for me to do it and get away with it. Like I'm not greedy at all!" he said and Mina laughed "I know, I know," she said. Sonic, Sally, Amy, Bunnie, and Nicole looked at her in surprise by her reaction "Is it just me or is Mina actually not showing any signs of depression?" Nicole asked Amy and Bunnie wanting to verify what she was seeing was really happening. The two girls nodded "I don't think it's just you." Amy said.

"So. What can I do for you Mina?" Tails asked smiling, "Well... um, I'll leave Sally to do the talking..." Mina said and stepped aside, Sally stepped forward. "Miles Prower, I'm-" Tails stopped her, "Um... just 'Tails' is fine Princess, and already I know who you are: Princess Sally Alicia Acorn, leader and strategist of the Freedom Fighters, and one of the original four; daughter of former the King Maximillian Acorn and the former Queen Alicia Acorn; sister to King Elias Acorn... sister-in-law to Queen Megan Acorn, and aunt to the Princess Alexis Acorn... which I guess makes you no longer a princess yourself. Correct me if I'm wrong."

Everyone but Mina's jaw dropped at how fast he said this and knew all this about her, so there was no doubt he knew about each and every one of them. Tails then realized that he forgot something and added "Oh yeah, and you're also Sonic the Hedgehog's girlfriend." suddenly there was a robotic bark in the background "YIP!" Tails turned away from them. "T-Pup! No! Don't turn that music back on, you'll embarrass me!" he shouted running away from view. "T-Pup?" Sally asked Mina who chuckled a bit, "He's Tails' pet robot dog he made. He's really adorable." she said. "C'mon! I know you love that song, but Mina's on the other line don't you want to say 'hi'?" Tails' voice asked in the background suddenly a little robot dog bolted into the view of the hologram "YIP!" it barked.

Mina giggled "Yes I'm happy to see you too T-Pup." she replied. Now Sally knew what Mina meant by how adorable this little machine was. Tails walked into view again and he asked "So! What can I do for you?" he asked smiling at Mina, nodding Sally spoke "Well, you see a few days back the crown of Acorns was stolen, and well we were wondering..." Tails stopped her "And you want me to get it back for you." he said as if he was asking them as well. "Well... n-no, we were wondering if you'd..." "What she is trying to say is: if you can help us find whoever's responsible for it's theft and-" Sonic began but Tails once again was one step ahead of them "No problem, can do." he said "Wait what?!" Amy asked "You're willing to help us find out who stole it and help us take it back?! Like I thought Mina said you were a smuggler." "Ha! I'm more skilled than you know, and yes I'm willing to risk my life for the crown... sure it isn't going to be easy hunting down the Chihuahuas, but I do know this Imperial Base that has a wide connection to all the satellite's and their cameras all over the the galaxy." he stated "Wait, what?!" Sonic asked in shock. "Where is it?" Sally asked eager to know. "Well..." he began and sighed heavily, he hoped he would never have to see that planet again or the... he continued "on Coruscant..."

Sonic and all the Freedom Fighters looked at each other and gulped in fear. T-Pup looked up at Tails and whined in fear of going back. Tails nodded "It's going to be hard to get in but not impossible... I'll meet you guys on Naboo at Gunga city I'll have a Gungan I knew when I was a kid to guide you guys down there." Tails stated Mina nodded and smiled "Okay then but how will we know who it is?" she asked curiously. Tails grinned "Heh. Let's just say he's clumsy." Tails said "Well see ya!" "YIP! YIP!" they all waved goodbye "Okay bye Tails, T-Pup see you soon!" Mina said before the call ended.

"Well, let's get the Sky Patrol ready then." Sally said.





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