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Full Summary: "Our purpose is one of infinite, some call us executioners, some call us peacekeepers, some call us assassins, some call us heroes, and some call us villains. However, those are all meaningless titles given to us. We only have one true title, and that is Inquisitor."

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Standing on a hill, and staring off into the distance was a young man. His hair was covered by a browny red hood, but his face was lit up by the roaring fire, revealing his emerald green eyes. His face was stone cold blank, devoid of all emotion, his mouth straight as it could be showing no signs of enjoyment or sadness.

He wore a full suit of browny red leather armor with black animal fur that wrapped around his neck. On the center of his Jerkin was a symbol, it was a blue eye that had 4 pointed whitish-silver flaming star around it which was inside of a dark gray sun. Attached to his belt in a dark brown leather scabbard was a broadsword with a silver radiating sun as it's pommel.

The thing the young man was gazing at was a village, a small one that had two hundred and twenty-two inhabitants. The settlement was aiding the Revolutionary Army, and because of this all two hundred and twenty-two people have been sentenced to death, the children included as well.

It wasn't an order the man took pleasure in, for this was his duty to do this. He was an Inquisitor and not just that, but the Grand Inquisitor. Because of this, he has many responsibilities, and one of his number one responsibility is to uphold the Empire's peace, and this village was ruining it, so he had no choice except to reduce it to nothing but a pile of ashes.

Did he think this was unnecessary? No, he believed this was making an example, it wasn't anything to be proud of though, but nonetheless, it would remind the settlements in the area what happens when you betray the Empire. Did he think killing the young was cruel and a bit extreme? No, he believed that he was giving them mercy, unlike him they wouldn't have to live a life clawing for life struggling for food, they wouldn't have to live a life motherless, and fatherless like he did.

"Grand Inquisitor," Spoke a voice causing his eyes drop a little and see a man standing on a lower level of the hill. The man's attire was the same as his, except unlike him the man's hood was down revealing his short spiky dark brown hair, he had chocolate brown eyes. On the right side of his lip barely missing his mouth was a faint small scar that went down to his chin.

"Inquisitor Ieyasu," The Grand Inquisitor replied with a small nod his face remaining devoided of emotions.

"all of the settlers have been terminated. However, we were unable to find any information that revealed the village working with the Revolutionary Army." Ieyasu said as he put his left hand on the broadsword fastened to his belt.

At this the Grand Inquisitor's lips moved slightly downwards, it wasn't enough to form a frown, but it was enough to show that he was displeased. "unfortunate. I trust that you all thoroughly looked before setting the town ablaze?"

"We doubled checked Grand Inquisitor. If there was any information, then they either destroyed it or someone fled with it before we arrived. Either way, it is not here." Ieyasu stated in a firm voice causing his superior to release a sigh of annoyance.

"I see, it's a shame that we couldn't get the intel, but our job here is done..." The Grand Inquisitor stated with annoyance in his tone. "Have the Inquisitors make sure everyone is dead, and report back to me at camp. Tomorrow we return to the Capital."

"Understood Grand Inquisitor." Ieyasu said as he turned around and began to make his way down the hill. However, before he could make it far, the Grand Inquisitor called out to him.

"Inquisitor Ieyasu," He said in a tone devoid of emotion causing the Inquisitor to turn back and look at him. "Next time keep the leader of the village alive."

Understanding what the Grand Inquisitor meant, Ieyasu nodded his head once again and said, "Understood Grand Inquisitor."

The Grand Inquisitor stood silently alongside his six Inquisitors as the large double doors of the Giant hall swung open. The six of them had their hoods on making it nearly impossible for someone to distinguish their facial features, and stood before a large wooden bench like podium that had one massive wooden armchairs behind it and two somewhat smaller chairs on each of its sides.

All three chairs were filled up, sitting in the center was a tall, muscular man named Budo who is the Great General and the one in charge of the Imperial Guard, he has spiky blond hair and blue eyes. He wore a dark gray suit of armor with two golden and dark gray gauntlet, white pants and a red cloak.

Sitting on Budo's left was a man with short black hair and a beard. He wore a green uniform with tan shoulder padding on his jacket. The man's name is Shoi, and he is the Minister in charge of Domestic Affairs. On Budo's right was Minister Takashi who is in charge of Internal Affairs, he wore a green uniform, glasses and had a silvery beard.

In front of the Inquisitors was two row of Imperial Guards; all of whom carried spears and shields. In between the two rows was a long red carpet that went from where the Grand Inquisitor stood all the way to the large double doors.

Before the lines of Imperial Guards were nobles and politicians, who had decided to attend the ceremony in hopes of gaining favor with soldiers, and agents of the Empire who were getting rewarded for their services.

"Remember to stay on your guard." The Grand Inquisitor said loud enough for all of his Inquisitors to hear as he watched dozens of men and women walk down the red carpet behind an escort of Imperial Guards. Some of them wore white dress outfits with medals and sashes to decorate their suits, while others wore suits of armor to signify them being soldiers.

When the group came to a halt, the escorts broke off and formed two files on the sides of the carpet separating the soldiers of the Empire from the civilians. When this was done; the Minister of Internal Affairs stood up and spoke. "It is my honor and privilege to welcome you all back to the Capital. All of you have dedicated not only your time, but your blood for the Grand Imperial Empire, and for that, you have my everlasting respect. With that said, let us begin with this ceremony."

The crowd of nobles started to clap as the Minister sat down, appearing to be moved by the man's words. After a couple of seconds, the Great General raised one of his hands, and the crowd slowly ceased their applauding.

Once they were completely done the Great General lowered his hand, and averted his eyes to the sheet of paper that laid on his wooden desk, clearing his throat the large man said, "Lieutenant Colonel Gorou, please step forward."

Obeying Budo's command, a short, muscular man wearing a white suit with a purple sash across his chest moved past the files of soldiers, and stood before the Inquisitors.

"Kneel," Budo stated making the man fall to one knee, and lower his head in a sign of respect. "Lieutenant Colonel Gorou, for your actions and valor in the battle of Oakford Bay, I promote you to the rank Colonel with this I offer you a royal suite in the Imperial Palace, a place for you to live should you wish to retire; after your hard years of service."

"You honor me, Great General." Gorou said as he tilted his to gaze upon the leader of the Imperial Army.

"No, it is you who honor me. With your contributions to the war, we are one step forward to achieving peace." Budo stated cracking a small smile in the process as he raised his hand gesturing for the man to rise.

As the man rose to his feet, the Minister of Domestic Affairs said, "Grand Inquisitor, may you please give the new Colonel his rewards?"

"Yes, Minister Shoi." The Grand Inquisitor answered as he snapped his fingers and stepped towards the short man. A second later from snapping his fingers, a purple-haired maid scurried to the Grand Inquisitor's side with a velvet crown cushion in both her hands, laying on top of the small pillow were three items.

The Grand Inquisitor didn't bother looking at the maid as she presented the Colonel's rewards to them. While staring into Gorou's yellowy brown eyes, the Grand Inquisitor grabbed one of the medals on the cushion and pinned onto the man's left jacket alongside two other medals. He then grabbed ahold of a second medal and pinned it next to the one he just pinned. Once he finished pinning the decorations onto the man, he grabbed the remaining item which was a key and handed it to the Colonel.

"Congratulations Colonel Gorou, may you continue to bring glory to the Empire." The Grand Inquisitor said with a small hint of proudness in his voice. Gorou in response just nodded his head, he knew the Inquisitors' reputation, and knew what awaits him should he dishonor the Empire. With that said, and done the Grand Inquisitor did an about-face and returned to his position amongst the other Inquisitors.

Looking back up at the Great General, Gorou saw the man wave in a dismissing manner. Understanding the order, the new Colonel did a respectful salute before turning around on his heels and marching back towards the group of soldiers, meanwhile, the maid who was called forth returned to the side of the room.

Budo watched as some people murmured their congratulations to the Colonel before calling forth the next person. He would have allowed the crowd to applaud the Colonel, but he had a busy day ahead of him, and quite frankly didn't have the time to spare.

Upon the ceremony ending the Grand Inquisitor couldn't help from releasing a sigh, the one thing he wasn't a fan of was attending these ceremonies. It technically wasn't required of him or his Inquisitors to attend, due to him answering to the Imperial Court, but the Great General had insisted he attended. Nonetheless, he was relieved that it was finally over.

As the crowd began to congratulate and shake hands with the now considered heroes of the Empire, The Great General called out to the leader of the Inquisitors causing him to turn around and look up at the blonde man. "Grand Inquisitor, may I have a word with you?"

"Of course, Great General." The Grand Inquisitor answered with a respectful nod.

The Grand Inquisitor walked silently alongside the Great General with his arms folded behind his back. His six Inquisitors followed the two of them from a distance with their arms folded behind their backs, copying the Grand Inquisitor's pose.

After walking in silence for nearly four minutes, the Great General decided to break the silence by saying, "I'm glad that you and your men returned unscathed."

"Thank you," The Grand Inquisitor replied as he cast the taller man a sideglance. "however, the task wasn't one of difficulty. It was a simple task of setting an example to those who defy the Empire."

"Still," The blonde said with a frown as he rubbed his chin. "you never know what could happen."

"That is true," The Grand Inquisitor admitted as he looked back in front of them, a small frown appearing on his face that no one could see. "there are times when things don't go as planned, but that is when we Inquisitors are at our best."

Budo hummed thoughtfully in response to this. He knew the Grand Inquisitor wasn't stroking their ego he was merely stating a fact. The Inquisitors are one of the most deadly, if not deadliest group of warriors the Empire had at their disposal. Their purposes were many, and because of this, it made them the deadliest warriors the Empire had ever seen.

"Anyways, I trust you will be attending the Emperor's birthday tomorrow?" The Great General asked deciding to change the subject.

"Of course, Great General." The Grand Inquisitor said with just a tiny bit of happiness in his voice. "The Emperor has requested our presence, and who am I to refuse such a command?"

"I don't know there are some people, who believe they can get away with disobeying his will," Budo admitted with a stone cold expression.

"And those people will find themselves at the end of my blade. Anyone who defies the Emperor, or disrupts the Empire's peace shall be silenced by my hand." The Grand Inquisitor firmly stated. He knew the Empire wasn't perfect, and knew that there was corruption, but he was rooting it out. It may be taking him some time, but eventually, the nation will have its peace.

"I know, but I still think you're efforts are being wasted." The Great General said as he glanced at the shorter man. "Wouldn't it be better if you, and your Inquisitors were sent to eliminate Revolutionary Army leaders, instead of staying the Capital and dealing with some small upstarts? The Imperial Court isn't even having you track down this rable Night Raid."

"Personally, I do have to agree with you." The Grand Inquisitor confessed as he dropped his gaze to the floor. "I do think it would be better if we were tasked, with tracking down, and eliminating rebel leaders instead of villagers. Unfortunately, that is something I can't control. The Imperial Court has deemed it worthy of us to deal with these mundane tasks at the moment."

"That is something I just can't understand." The Great General said in a puzzled tone. "If we had the Inquisitors out there doing more espionage missions instead of dealing with common thugs, and villagers this war would be over."

"I agree completely. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this." The Grand Inquisitor pointed out as he looked at the taller man. "Unless the Emperor personally orders me then I can do nothing but obey the Imperial Courts orders."

"Let us hope then that the order comes soon," Budo said with a sad smile, he knew doubted the order would ever come. The Prime Minister controlled the Emperor, and the Imperial Court, which means he has control of the Inquisitors and what they do.

"Only time will tell," The Grand Inquisitor replied. "who knows though? Maybe today might be the day where they start having us hunt down Night Raid. They have been killing lords and ladies as of lately. I heard they struck again, the day before we returned."

" I doubt it, but that does remind me, I have information on a family who has been abducting children off of the street, and doing inhumane things to them. Do you mind checking it out later tonight?" The Great General said after looking around to make sure no one besides the Inquisitors could hear him.

"Depends on if the Imperial Court needs us for anything. If they don't, then I will check them out, and if what you say is true then I will deal with them accordingly." The Grand Inquisitor firmly stated in a serious tone, showing no traces of amusement at all.

"That is good to hear. " Budo said along with several nods. "Well, I believe that is all I have to discuss with you, I have a meeting to attend with the Fleet Admiral of the Imperial Navy, so I leave you alone. Unless you plan on attending the meet-"

"I would, but you know I have to attend a meeting with the Imperial Court in about an hour." The Grand Inquisitor stated with a grin on his face, his voice having just a tiny bit of playfulness in it. "Plus meetings with prideful, arrogant soldiers like him, aren't the things I necessarily enjoy."

"It's a shame; I'm sure he would think twice about what they would say if you were there. No matter maybe next time." Budo said as he turned to face the hooded man. With a respectful nod, he said, "Grand Inquisitor."

"Great General." The Grand Inquisitor replied with a nod. He then watched the Grand General march away before saying aloud to the Inquisitors. "Remember to keep an eye on the Fleet Admiral. It has been a while since he's been in the Capital."

"Yes, Grand Inquisitor." Spoke the six Inquisitors in unison.

"How... Unfortunate." The Grand Inquisitor said aloud with an emotionless tone as he stared at the dozens of mangled and rotting bodies of children strung up like animals. He had hoped this Baron Stolas, and his family wouldn't be what brought him here, but it seemed that he was wrong. Which meant that they would have to face justice.

"Inquisitor Ieyasu," Spoke the Grand Inquisitor as he turned around to face his men who stood outside the storehouse. The Inquisitor in response stepped forward, and with a sigh, the leader of the Inquisitors said, "Reduce this storehouse to nothing but ash and dust. Inquisitors Takeo and Isaiah follow me, I would like to have a chat with the Baron, the rest of you make sure no one leaves this place alive."

"Understood, Grand Inquisitor." Spoke all six in unison.

Upon approaching the front door of the estate, the Grand Inquisitor was greeted by the sight of a guard who was wearing a standard guardsman uniform. Seeing this made the man frown deeply, something he couldn't understand was why did this guardsman and his comrades allow these things to happen? Why didn't they do their jobs, and arrest these nobles for the crimes they committed?

Deciding that he wasn't going to get any answers mulling over it, the Grand Inquisitor murmured loud enough for his two subordinates to hear. "Eliminate him."

"It will be done," Inquisitor Isaiah affirmed in a respectful tone as he began unsheathing his sword quietly. Within half a second Isaiah moved from the Grand Inquisitor's left flank and appeared in front of the guard with his sword engraved in his throat. Due to the insane amount of speed used the force had blown his hood off revealing his short blonde hair.

As Isaiah quietly laid the guard down, the Grand Inquisitor said to the taller Inquisitor, "Would you like the honors of opening the door, or shall I?"

"I would like the privilege, Grand Inquisitor." Answers Inquisitor Takeo as he casts a sideglance to his superior who in return gestured for him to take the lead and open the door for them.

With a ghost smile appearing on the Inquisitor's face he walked past the blonde Inquisitor as he concealed his facial features with his hood again and stood before the nicely decorated wooden door. Taking a deep breath, Takeo clenched his fists and slammed his foot against the door and having it along with the hinges go propelling inside, alerting everyone in the estate.

The Inquisitor then stepped out of the way for the Grand Inquisitor and drew his sword as his superior entered the household.

The leader of the Inquisitors couldn't help from frowning a little as he patiently waited for the home's guards to come rushing to the defense. Eventually, after about thirty seconds the Inquisitors were welcomed by eight guardsmen, and who the Grand Inquisitor could assume to be the Baron Stolas who shouted demands. The man was surprisingly muscular, had black hair, and wore nothing but black pants with two double-bladed axes in each of his hands.

"Who do you think you three are coming into my home!? Do you know who I am?"

The Grand Inquisitor didn't say anything at first, instead, his eyes moved upwards to see a woman with red hair and a young boy no older than three with black hair looking down at them with concerned expressions. Averting his eyes back down to the Baron he said in a neutral tone. "I am the Grand Inquisitor, leader of the Inquisitors. I have come here to bring you to face justice for child trafficking, and murder."

An eerie silence passed, multiple guards glanced at one another with terrified expressions, none of them not knowing what to do. Seeing this the Grand Inquisitor continued. "Keep in mind that I originally came here with the intent of executing everyone a part of this household. If you come quietly and peacefully, you will be granted a trial. I advise you choose wisely, for there are no second chances."

"You have no proof that I committed these crimes," The Baron said as he accusingly pointed one of his axes at the Grand Inquisitor. "and if you're trying to scare me I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not afraid of you. I fought in three battles each one of them unscathed, and I will not be frightened by some assassins who are no better than Night Raid."

"You're condemning your entire family to death. Are you sure you want to go down this path?" The Grand Inquisitor questioned as he lazily unsheathed his sword causing the guardsmen to tense up.

"You're assuming that you can defeat me, and my men. These are the best guards the capital has to offer." Stolas answered in a voice full of confidence which made the Grand Inquisitor frown, he wasn't going to take pleasure in killing a toddler, but it was better for the boy.

"I see, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for what comes next." The leader of the Inquisitors stated with a monotone voice. "Kill them all."

Both of the Grand Inquisitor's subordinates moved from his side, and easily cut down their first opponents as the Grand Inquisitor leisurely walked towards the Baron, who sprinted towards him. He took notice of the woman, and child running off right before parrying the Baron's sideways strike and sending an elbow to the man's nose.

Stolas reeled back in shock while raising the backhand of his right hand to his nose, seeing blood on his hand; he couldn't help from laughing a little. "First time in my life seeing my own blood." The man arrogantly said as the Grand Inquisitor slowly closed the gap between them.

The Grand Inquisitor didn't bother saying anything in response as the Baron moved towards him swinging his left hand's axe in a downward motion which he easily avoided by sidestepping to the left. The Baron followed this attack by swinging his right axe at him, the Grand Inquisitor thought about drawing the fight out and seeing if the man had any skills and could put up a challenge but decided against it.

He deflected the slash with ease and before the Baron knew what happened his wrist down was severed from his body. Stumbling backwards and clutching his stump Stolas gazed at the Grand Inquisitor, his eyes filled with nothing but hatred and fear. "It... It looks like you-you are the real In-Inquisitors." He muttered as he to his knees.

"..." The Grand Inquisitor said nothing as he put his blade underneath the man's chin forcing him to stare up at him. He would say sorry that it had to be this way, but the man had decided to choose the path of violence, so this was his fault.

"I was once a commander... You know that right? I led men and women into battle, I was good and I was honorable, but after..." He said before abruptly laughing in what the Grand Inquisitor could assume was regret. "After all that I needed something to do... So I started abducting children, training them to become great soldiers, and punishing them for disobeying orders... It was stupid and fucked up, but I couldn't just leave a life like that behind."

"That's probably the most idiotic reasoning I've ever heard." The Grand Inquisitor declared.

"I know it was, but I missed the training grounds... I missed being a leader, and doing that brought in more money. I had to-"

"You didn't have to do that." The Grand Inquisitor curtly stated silencing the man. "You didn't have to abduct children, and torture some of them to death, you chose to do that. Because of these actions your family, your guards, and everyone who is related to you that lives in this home will be reduced to nothing but cinder. I didn't want this after seeing your child, but you chose this path."

"But he's only two years old!" The Baron protested in shock. He could understand the reasoning behind his death along with his guards' but to kill a child that young? It was just something he couldn't believe.

"It will be a swift death." The leader of the Inquisitors replied with an emotionless voice. "It is better he dies tonight with his family than to grow up in a cruel world like this one."

Stolas gritted his teeth hearing this, he couldn't allow his pure, and innocent baby boy; be killed because of his mistakes. "There's no way in hell I will allow you to-" He started as he began to rise but was stopped by the hooded figure shoving his broadsword into his chest. Gasping for air and falling back to his knees, The Grand Inquisitor placed his hand on the man's shoulder and pushed him back causing him to fall backwards onto his back with a surprised look on his face.

The Grand Inquisitor stared at the now lifeless body with a blank expression before turning around and seeing both Inquisitors no longer behind him. All that was behind him was the corpses of the guards who attempted to fight them. With a sigh, the Grand Inquisitor pulled out a black piece of cloth and cleaned his blade of the blood before sheathing it in its scabbard.

"Find peace in the afterlife." He whispered as he glanced back at the carcass of Baron Stolas with that said, he looked back ahead of him, and marched away from the body towards the exit of the home, leaving his two Inquisitors to purge the place of the Baron's family.

"This better, my lord?" Asked a somewhat busty purple haired maid as she gently rubbed the Grand Inquisitor's shoulders in a gentle but rough manner. The Grand Inquisitor was currently submerged, in a hot steamy tub with a hot towel covering the majority of his face except for his mouth.

Sitting on the right side of the tub, was a busty dark blue haired woman. She was wearing a maid outfit as well, and in her hands were a plate of strawberries that she would elegantly pick up and feed the man.

"Much better, Aishela." The Grand Inquisitor said in a satisfied tone. It had been far too long since he enjoyed the pleasantries of the Imperial Palace, and tonight was going to be the night where he enjoyed it. A nice hot bath, a massage, and a platter of strawberries to be hand fed to him. These were the things he found to be the most pleasurable, and the things he would indulge himself every few weeks or so.

"Strawberry, my lord?" The bluenette questioned, as Aishela continued to rub his muscles.

"Yes please." The Grand Inquisitor said in a polite voice before opening his mouth just big enough for the strawberry. Feeling half of in his mouth, the Grand Inquisitor bit down on the strawberry and digested the first part before opening his mouth for the of the fruit.

After about a minute or two the Grand Inquisitor murmured in a soft tone. "Can you massage my neck too? It feels a little tense."

"Of course, my lord." Aishela replied as her soft, pleasant feeling hands moved from his shoulders to his neck. The Grand Inquisitor release a moan mixed with pleasure and relief. The way she gently pushed her thumbs into his nape was just so ecstatic.

"Would you like it if I massaged your hand, my lord?" The bluenette asked as she listened to the Grand Inquisitor's groans of enjoyment.

"If you wish Camilla, I am full at the moment." The Grand Inquisitor answered in a nonchalant voice. "Aishela a little-oh that is the spot."

With a grin of excitement, Camilla quickly set the plate down on a wooden table and began to start massaging his right arm's forearm. Her cheeks became a little shade of red as she tenderly caressed his arm. When she was first assigned to being one of the Grand Inquisitor's servants, She had feared that he would try having his way with her like some of the nobles and soldiers, but that didn't appear to be the case.

Instead of serving a brutish man who had no care for her, or her step-sister Aishela she was met with a young man who was very polite and respectful towards them. He didn't ask for much, he just asked that they performed their regular duties as maids, and every once in a while give him a massage, and hand feed him. It was bizarre at first, but over the months it became the norm for them.

"Camilla, could you do my other arm too?" The Grand Inquisitor requested after about a couple minutes of nothing but some idle chit-chatting and massaging. "And Aishela can you move up to more of my head?"

"Of course, my lord." They both said in unison as they ceased their activities and did what they requested.

"Right here?" Aishela questioned as she rubbed the side of his head, running her hands through his hair. The Grand Inquisitor nodded his head slightly in response as he felt Camilla grab ahold of his left hand that he let go limp.

Camilla couldn't help from unconsciously staring at the scar that decorated his palm. It was the only blemish on his body, and if she remembered correctly, he had got it from his Teigu. He didn't explain much about it, but apparently, it was called Fade Walker: The Mark and had the potential to rival the 'Empire's Strongest' General Esdeath, otherwise known as the Ice Queen.

Her thoughts on The Mark were interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door along with that person saying, "Forgive the intrusion, but I have a letter for you Grand Inquisitor."

Releasing a very quiet growl of annoyance, the Grand Inquisitor removed the warm towel from his face, and said, "Could one of you please get the message for me?" Even though he had a face that appeared to be sculpted by a God, Camilla could easily tell that he was in his late, late teens if not early twenties. You would expect that he would have a grizzled like face due to the way he speaks to people, but that didn't appear to be the case it was just toned and young.

"Of course, my lord." Camilla answered immediately her face becoming redder as she gazed into his emerald green eyes. Realizing she hadn't moved for several seconds, she quickly got up and rushed towards the door.

The Grand Inquisitor watched this scene play out with a grin, he wasn't oblivious and knew that Camilla had some sorts of feelings for him, he didn't know if it was lust or love, but he just knew they were there. Unfortunately for her, he just couldn't accept them should she ever work up the courage and confess them. It wasn't because he didn't like her or anything like that, in fact, he was very fond of her. It was because people would use her against him.

Even if it was a lady from a prestigious family or something like that, he still couldn't recuperate their feelings. It wasn't because he was incapable of love. It was because people like the Prime Minister or people like him would use them against him, and that was something he couldn't risk. The Grand Inquisitor has actually had numerous dreams of getting married, and having a couple children when he was older, however, until the Empire was in a stable state, he had no such desires of finding a spouse.

He watched as the bluenette closed the door on the courier, and returned to his side with a letter in her hands. Sitting back down in her chair, she handed him the letter in which he gave her his thanks. Turning it over he looked at at the seal, and a frown appeared on his face. The seal that prevented him from opening it had the symbol of General Esdeath.

"Something wrong, my lord?" Aishela questioned noticing the frown on his face.

"It's nothing. Your services are no longer need. You two can go now." He replied in a curt tone as he looked at both of them.

"My lord?" Camilla asked with uncertainty.

"You two are dismissed. I don't need your services anymore tonight." He said in a more commanding tone as his eyes remained glued on the seal.

With reluctance, both of them got up from their seats and said in unison. "My lord."

After them leaving and closing the door behind them, the Grand Inquisitor opened the letter. He hadn't spoken to her at all, so he didn't know much about her, except what the rumors have said about her. It may have been his job to keep tabs on high ranking military members of the Empire, but General Esdeath was a different case. She wasn't one who associated with other leaders of the Empire, and spent most of her time in the torture chambers when in the Capital. She was if he had to put it a secluded person.

The Grand Inquisitor's frown was replaced by a look of confusion the second he finished reading the letter.

the Grand Inquisitor Tatsumi,

I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to the Emperor's party tomorrow?
I will be honest, I am not one for parties like this, but I was wondering what the attendants would think if we went together.
Imagine the look on their faces when they see us on the dance floor.

This would also give us some time to get to know one another, for I have heard many things about you,
but unfortunately haven't gotten the honors of meeting you.
I hope you see the merit in this and accept my offer. I have been dying to meet the man who apparently rivals my skills.
General Esdeath of the Imperial Army.]

"Huh, wasn't expecting this." Tatsumi murmured to himself as he lowered the paper. "I suppose there is no harm going together. I could see how she views the Empire, and learn more about her."

(Revan's AN): So I originally planned on doing a massive chapter, but I decided not, instead I chose to do this medium length prologue, and see how people view it. In here we see that Tatsumi is apart of the Empire, and leader of basically an Assassin's group that serves the Imperial Court. Anyways, I could rant, but I don't know I'm not in a ranting mood. How I want this Tatsumi to be is where he knows there is corruption and he knows that he could end it with just a sword, but he wants to root out the corruption in a legal way, you know in a courtroom, not at the edge of a blade. Some might be like "UDAH BUDHAH DAH THAT'S STUPID!" But it's just how the story will go. Some might be upset, some might argue about this, but at the end of the day it's a story written by a mediocre writer so cut me some slack.

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