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Full Summary: "Our purpose is one of infinite, some call us executioners, some call us peacekeepers, some call us assassins, some call us heroes, and some call us villains. However, those are all meaningless titles given to us. We only have one true title, and that is Inquisitor."

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"Flashbacks" - Thinking

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The Grand Inquisitor couldn't help from frowning a bit as he, along with his Inquisitors, made his way to the royal dining hall. In his opinion too early for breakfast, but the Prime Minister and the Emperor didn't seem to agree with that, for they had requested him and his men to eat with them.

Tatsumi was no fool and knew that the Prime Minister was one of the main reasons the Empire was in a civil war. He wasn't the only reason, but he sure was a big one. The man was a twisted, and sinister man who had no regard for the Empire or its people. He only seemed to care about himself, at least from what Tatsumi could tell.

What bothered him the most was that he knew he could end the Prime Minister's life at any moment. However, he knew that if he did that, then he would be signing his death warrant. If he killed him today, he would be drawn and quartered tomorrow.

There were plenty of reasons why the Grand Inquisitor didn't kill the Prime Minister, and one of them was his morals. If he murdered the Prime Minister how would that be justice? That would be answering injustice with injustice, which would make him no better than the murderous group Night Raid. Another reason was because he didn't know if killing the man was the best course of action.

Sure the man was vile, but what if someone worse than him takes his place? There were just too many corrupt officials in seats of power at the moment that the Grand Inquisitor couldn't risk allowing the chance for more power, so until he had purged the majority of the corruption from the Imperial Court, he would keep the Prime Minister around, and allow him to wield him however he pleases.

Upon approaching the dining hall, the Inquisitors were; greeted by a dozen heavily armored guards. All of them were wearing dark steel armor that covered them from head to toe and wore a red cloak, in their hands were pollaxes that reached the height of six feet.

"Halt!" One of them declared as he held up a hand and walked towards the Inquisitors who had come to a stop. His voice was muffled somewhat due to him wearing a helmet that completely covered his head, but they understood what he had said.

"The Emperor is expecting us." The Grand Inquisitor stated in a firm tone as the man closed the gap between the two of them. The man was a large one and dwarfed the Grand Inquisitor forcing him to look up.

"That may be so, but you're not allowed to enter armed. The Prime Minister's orders." The guard replied, a frown to appeared on the Grand Inquisitor's face after hearing this.

"Is this really necessary?" He asked only for the tall man to nod his head in agreement. With a sigh, Tatsumi unfastened his broadsword, and handed it to the man while saying, "I'm assuming he just wants me to enter as well?"

"He would prefer that." The guardsman stated. "You're now free to enter the room."

The Grand Inquisitor didn't say anything in response. He marched past him and towards the doors the double doors that were currently being opened by two of the guards. After entering the room the doors behind him were closed, and he was; welcomed by the sight of two dozen more heavily armored Imperial Guards, a long table and a fat man, and boy sitting at the said table.

He was a middle-aged man with light skin, gray hair, dark yellow eyes, and a long white beard that extends down to his abdomen. He wore a pair of brown boots, a dark green shirt, a belt below his belly and short pants which are also dark green, and a gray coat with some hair of an animal around his neck.

The boy was very young and looked to be about ten years old. He had green shoulder-length hair which; was braided on the sides and green eyes. He wore a purple outfit with white boots, a blue mantle, and on top of his head was a large headdress.

Seeing both the obese man and young boy look at him, the Grand Inquisitor fell to his knee and lowered his head, while saying in a respectful tone. "My Emperor."

"Grand Inquisitor Tatsumi," The boy started in a serious voice prompting the leader of the Inquisitor to look up at him. "I am glad you were able to come immediately. Please have a seat. Breakfast shall be ready soon."

Tatsumi thought about trying to humble the Emperor and say he was not worthy dine with them, but a look from the Prime Minister told him not to do that. Rising to his feet, and pulling his hood back to reveal his facial features, the Grand Inquisitor approached the table and sat down in the middle of it right between them.

As soon as the Grand Inquisitor sat down, the Prime Minister asked in a tone of boredom. "I trust you had a good reason for eliminating Baron Stolas, and his family last night."

"Yes," Tatsumi immediately answered in his usual monotone voice. "The Baron was abducting children and torturing them. I had given him the offer to surrender and face trial, but he along with everyone in the entire estate refused to come quietly, so he forced our hand."

"Really?" The Emperor said in surprise only to earn a silent nod from the Grand Inquisitor. "That's horrible... He always seemed like a nice person." The Grand Inquisitor took notice of the somberness in the Emperor's voice, and couldn't help from feeling sorry for the boy. He seemed like a good kid from what he has seen and truly wanted what was best for the Empire.

"Yes, a tragedy indeed." Spoke Honest with what appeared to be a face of despair, and a voice filled with sadness. To anyone else, it would look like the man was genuinely upset with the news, but Tatsumi knew what laid behind that mask he was wearing. He knew the man wasn't bothered at all by the death of Baron Stolas.

And he was right, the Prime Minister didn't care, in all honesty. In fact, he believed that the Grand Inquisitor was doing him a favor, if the man was dumb enough to get caught, then he deserved his death. He didn't have a need, for someone like that, and he was going to make sure the next Baron understood this. Sure he didn't order the Inquisitors to kill the Baron, but that wasn't going to stop him from spinning a tale and making it sound like he did. The Prime Minister saw the merit behind this and was going to use this to his advantage.

"Anyways, I assume there's a reason why summoned me besides to have breakfast." The Grand Inquisitor stated as he gave the fat man a questioning look.

"Yes, the reason why we summoned you is because our majesty would like to leave the Imperial Palace and see how his citizens are fairing. I had advised against this due to the rable Night Raid, but he is well persistent on the idea, so I wanted to hear your thoughts on the matter." The Prime Minister firmly stated with a stern look.

Tatsumi knew what the Prime Minister was saying, and knew that if he didn't support his idea the obese man would make him pay for it in some way. However, he also thought it was a good idea to have the boy go out, for it had been far too long since the boy went outside of the palace.

"I do have to agree with the Prime Minister, my Emperor." The Grand Inquisitor started as he shifted his attention towards the young ruler. "I don't think it is wise for you to leave the palace, at least right now. However, I do think there's a way where we can leave the palace without risking your safety."

"How!?" The young ruler demand with a glint of excitement in his eyes, he at first was upset that the man had disagreed with him, but hearing that there might be a way for him to see his people excited him.

"Yes, I agree. How?" Honest practically commanded, making it abundantly clear he wasn't happy that the Grand Inquisitor was suggesting an alternative.

"Well, why not give him a flight around the Capital? The Grand Inquisitor stated in a questioning manner. "We do have Air Mantas that we could use. He won't be able to meet and greet the citizens of the Empire like you wanted, my Emperor. But you would be able to see how they're doing from above, and get a gorgeous view of the Capital."


"Your Majesty, the Grand Inquisitor here does offer a good solution." The Prime minister stated with a tinge of regret in his voice, making it appear as if he is sympathizing for the boy. "If word got out that our glorious and wise Emperor left the Imperial Palace, then they would jump at the attempt of murdering you. It's already going to be hard enough with these festivities going on today, so I advise you take the Grand Inquisitor's offer."

Tatsumi didn't say this, but he had completely forgotten about all the things that were planned, for the Emperor. He had only really thought of the ball that would happen at the end of the day.

"But I've never ridden on an Air Manta before." The Emperor stated with a frown as he looked at the Prime Minister.

"That is fine!" The obese man joyfully declared with a clap of his hands. "I'm sure the Grand Inquisitor and his Inquisitors will make sure nothing happens. Right, Grand Inquisitor?"

Tatsumi was somewhat taken back by this, and was going to say that he had things to attend to, but the look the Prime Minister was giving him signified that whatever he was going to do wasn't going to happen. With a reluctant sigh, the Grand Inquisitor said, "I guess we could watch over him, but doesn't he have his guards? Isn't it their job to make sure he is safe?"

"He does, but the Imperial Guard don't have Teigus, and there is still a chance of Night Raid attacking. Plus it is your idea, so shouldn't you guard him?" The Prime Minister stated with a sly smile that creeped the Grand Inquisitor out a little.


The Grand Inquisitor was cut off by the sound of the double doors opening, averting his eyes away from the fat man, he was; met by the sight of a woman with light blue hair. She was a tall, beautiful and slender woman with long hair that went down to her thighs and blue eyes. She wore a General's apparel with long sleeves, a blue scarf on her neck, and high-heeled boots.

At first, Tatsumi didn't know who the woman was, but after quick thinking, he deduced that it was none other than General Esdeath. Their eyes met, and Tatsumi couldn't help from feeling a little worried about how she smiled at him. It was one that rivaled if not that surpassed the Prime Minister's sadistic and sinister grin.

"My Emperor, Prime Minister." She began as she approached the table, her voice feigning respect when she addressed the Emperor. Tatsumi had met all kinds of people in the past, and how she walked along with talked signified that she had no respect for the Emperor at all. He noticed that her eyes seemed to be on him as if she was anticipating him to take notice of her mock voice.

"General Esdeath," Both said in unison as she stood on the side across from the Grand Inquisitor. "What brings you here?" Honest continued with surprise still in his tone.

"I had heard that the Grand Inquisitor was going to be having breakfast with the Emperor, and I thought I might as well join. Plus I have business with him." Esdeath stated in a smug-like tone as she sat down across from Tatsumi, her eyes never leaving him.

"You're always welcomed to dine with us General Esdeath." Spoke the young ruler in a happy tone, oblivious to the small stare down going on between the two soldiers.

Honest in response to hearing this, released a surprised noise, he didn't know that two of his best weapons had met before, and was curious about what kind of business they had with one another.

Not really understanding what the General was implying, the Grand Inquisitor said in a full of interest. "What kind of business do we have with one another? From what I recall I've never met you before."

"Oh, so the letter I sent you wasn't delivered? I had thought that made it clear I was interested in you." Esdeath said with a grin as leaned onto the table propping her hands underneath her chin, prompting the obese man to raise an eyebrow as he glanced at Tatsumi who had a small frown.

"My Emperor, may you excuse us? I would like to speak with General Esdeath alone." The Grand Inquisitor requested as he averted his eyes away from the woman in front of him. Unaware of the grin on her face getting bigger, and the Prime Minister's lips moving downward in the form of a frown.

"I suppose, but what about the trip around the Capital?" The Emperor questioned.

"Don't worry. You will still get to have your flight. I, however, might not be able to go with you, it honestly depends on how long this conversation with General Esdeath takes." Tatsumi answered as he gave the kid a small smile.

Honest was going to object, but he decided that he could ask Esdeath, or Tatsumi about this later, for now, he would allow them to have a conversation alone.

"Very well then. You're both free to go." The Emperor stated, the Grand Inquisitor wasted no time in getting up and began making his way to the door while the General lazily got up from her chair. Her grin never wavered as she followed behind the young man.

"So what is it, General Esdeath?" The Grand Inquisitor demanded as he sat down behind his desk. He gave her a stern look that rivaled Budo's. He had planned on stopping at Esdeath's quarters later today to give her his response, but it seemed the woman was expecting a response immediately; which was something he found to be understandable if he thought about it.

The woman was a General of the Empire and commanded hundreds of thousands of troops. She had inspired both fear and loyalty from what he recalled making them practically devotees who are willing to do anything for her.

"Didn't I say before? I am interested in you." Esdeath said with a small smile as she crossed her arms under her bust. "You have the strength that rivals my own from what people tell me, and that makes you very intriguing to me."

"Okay..." Tatsumi said with uncertainty as he watched Esdeath's attention shift from him to a display case on his left, his eyes followed her figure as she moved toward the glass casing.

"What a strange item you have in here," Esdeath said aloud as gazed the object inside of the case, the item was a metallic orb with strange engravings on it. "where did you get it?

"That item is what held my Teigu's powers. I'm assuming your Teigu was somewhat similar to mine since you can make ice appear out of thin air." The Grand Inquisitor firmly stated causing her attention to shift back towards him. Esdeath stared at him for a bit before directing her attention to other artifacts in his office.

"I heard your Imperial Arm is a blood one like mine. That you can manipulate spirit energy to your will. Is this true?" Esdeath casually stated as she opens a jewelry box. Laying inside of it on a crimson red velvet pillow was a white hair flower accessory, and for some reason, this seemed to peak her interest the most. She didn't know why, but it did.

Tatsumi didn't respond. He stared at the back of her with a blank look as she picked up the item that laid inside the small box. Seeing that he wasn't going to respond, Esdeath spun herself around while saying, "I had asked you a question Tatsumi, and would like an answer. Right now."

Tatsumi's at first focused on the hair accessory in her hands, he didn't want to show any kinds of reaction, but he wanted her to put that back in its box immediately. It was all he had left after losing someone very close to him. Someone he loved.

Emerald green eyes meeting dark blue, the Grand Inquisitor said, "Yes, that is the gist of how it works." The Grand Inquisitor took notice of the smirk forming, and couldn't stop himself from tensing up a bit. The grin she was giving him wasn't like the teasing one she gave him when he met her. No, this one was more of a predatorial grin.

A silence ensued between them for several seconds, Tatsumi didn't know what to say at all. He had expected her to say something in response, but instead, she just stared at him as if she was trying to decipher something. Finally, she broke the silence by saying, "Do I scare you Tatsumi?" Her tone laced with curiosity and amusement.

"No." He replied with a solemn voice. "I am, however, bothered that you're not addressing me properly. We're not friends, and you're addressing me as if I'm a subordinate." He was actually troubled by a lot of things she was doing but decided to speak only about that, at least for the time being.

Esdeath released a giggle after hearing this, it wasn't a sadistic giggle that held any malice or ill intention, but it was a giggle that terrified him nonetheless. Setting the hair accessory back in its box. The bluenette marched towards the desk, and around it to where she was hovering above him, forcing him to look up at her. With a smirk plaster on her face, she said, "And what are you going to do about it Ta~tsu~mi~?"

The Grand Inquisitor knew what he was going on, how she walked towards him, how she stood before, and how she asked him that question made it clear as day. She was challenging him. He knew that if he rose from his chair, then it would signify that he was not afraid of her. However, if he dropped his gaze, then that would show he was backing down, and it would allow her to continue as she pleased with him. Something he wasn't going to let happen.

Staring directly into her cold blue eyes, he calmly spoke. "What do you want General Esdeath." It wasn't a question, it was more of a demand. He didn't want to beat around the bush. He wanted to know what the 'Ice Queen' wanted, and he wanted to know right now.

"Well," Esdeath began as she sat down on his desk allowing him the sight of seeing her porcelain thighs that weren't covered by her skirt or boots. "I want many things really, but I guess what I truly want at the moment is you."

"Huh?" Was the response that slipped out of him, his stone-like expression faltering. He didn't know what she meant, but how she said it sent chills down his spine. He had planned on asking that question later tonight but in the context of what she wanted for the Empire.

Esdeath released another giggle upon hearing his reaction, it took him a second, but he soon noticed the faint rosy redness decorating her cheeks. Seeing this caused an uproar in his mind. He had heard the rumors of her, and knew that she was very sadistic, hell some would say she was a vile woman, so he had to ask himself, why the hell she was blushing!?

"It's not nice to make a girl repeat their confession. You know that, right?"

"Confession?" He parroted.

"Mhm," She hummed in response as a smile appeared on her face. "I'm curious about you, and it's rare for someone to peak my interest. I want to see your strength, I want to know your views, and I want to see if you live up the things people have been telling me."

"Wait, so you're not interested in me, as in love? You're just curious about me?" The Grand Inquisitor questioned with confusion in his voice.

"Why would I be interested..." She started only to stop as realization hit her. Her smile became more teasing, and she said, "You thought I was confessing my love? You thought that's what I meant by confession?"

"Well yeah." Came a flustered Tatsumi, he had never wished for this before, but he was wanting, God to smite him right now. He had always kept up this devoid attitude to show that he was a ruthless man, but now it was shattered, and it was all because of himself. He had thought too deeply about this, and because of this, it allowed Esdeath to break his masquerade. "Your cheeks were red, and you made it seem like you fancied me."

"What if I'm just pulling your leg, and what if I am actually in love with you?" Esdeath teasingly stated as she swung her legs back and forth like a child. "How would you react then?"

Tatsumi studied her for about a minute trying to see if there was someway he could tell that she was lying, but it was to no avail, she was too unreadable. "I don't know. All I know is that you're a confusing person, and my vision on you is being shattered, I expected you to be a cold, bloodthirsty, and ruthless woman, but instead I am greeted with a woman who is quite vexing."

Unbeknownst to him, Esdeath had taken a liking to him. Everything she was doing, she was doing to get a reaction from him, and each response she liked.

"Well, I guess I should get down to the point of what I want from you," Esdeath said after a few seconds of silence. Her tone becoming more firm and serious. "I would like you to accompany me to the ball tonight and be my dance partner, I would like for us to have a spar in the near future probably three days from now, and I want us to go on a date so that we may get to know one another better."

"...What?" Came his response. He was completely baffled by what she said, and didn't know what to say or do. She had just listed off demands as if he was her subordinate which in his mind made no sense to him whatsoever.

"I'll see you later tonight, Tatsumi." She said with a wink before hopping off of his desk and making her way to the door leaving a bewildered Tatsumi behind her.

Upon her walking out of the room, Tatsumi said aloud. "Did she just order me to go on a date with her?"

Tatsumi couldn't help from frowning a bit as he adjusted his collar. He was too troubled by what had occurred between him and General that he didn't leave his office at all to attend the festivities. Instead, he decided to spend the majority of his evening in his study doing nothing but a bunch of paperwork.

His attire consisted of a black jacket with silvery shoulder pads, the jacket had four silver buttons that went from his neck all the way down to his waist, and a silver trimming to match it. On top of this, he wore a dark red sash that appeared to be wrapped around his waist three times before going over his shoulder and wrapping again for the fourth time. On top of the sash was a brownish silver belt that secured it in place preventing it from falling off. His hands were covered in black gloves that matched his jacket. His trousers were black and appeared to be stuffed neatly into his knee-high black boots that had boiled black leather armor protecting his shins. Strapped directly onto his knees, were black leather padding to match it.

"Is something wrong, my lord?" Camilla questioned causing him to cease what he was doing and give her a quick glance.

"I'm fine, just thinking about something." Tatsumi casually replied as he finished adjusting his collar.

"If I may ask, my lord." Camilla started with a somewhat nervous voice. "Is it about attending the ball? If you're not feeling well, I can-"

"It's not that Camilla." Tatumi interrupted as he turned and looked at her. Giving her a small smile he continued. "I'm just afraid it's been a while since I danced. I'm afraid I might make a fool out of myself."

"Well if that's the case then perhaps you should practice a bit with Camilla." Spoke a voice causing Tatsumi's and Camilla's attention to shift to the entrance of the room. Standing in the doorway was a man around Tatsumi's height sporting an outfit that looked identical to his, he had dark green hair and brown eyes.

"Theo." Tatsumi said with a small smile, had this been in public Tatsumi would have addressed him as 'Inquisitor Theo.' but since they were not, he decided to address his subordinate and friend in a casual manner. "Shouldn't you be somewhere else, for example like escorting your fiancée to the ball?"

While Tatsumi responded to the green-haired man, Camilla blushed profusely. She had always wanted to dance with the Grand Inquisitor, and seeing him wear his formal attire made him look like a charming prince, which only increased her desire to dance with him.

"Probably, but I decided to stop by and ask where you were all day after disappearing with General Esdeath," Theo said with a shrug as a small grin formed on his face. "Ieyasu thought you and the Ice Queen might have hooked up, and did you know..."

"No the General and I did not do anything, and if you must know I was in my office doing paperwork," Tatsumi stated with a small amount of annoyance in his voice. "I'm not surprised though that Ieyasu would think like that. He is one for gossiping after all."

"That he is," Theo said as he approached the two of them, noticing the scarlet cheeks on Camilla, he said, "so how about it? You plan on practicing with Camilla?"

"And shatter my reputation?" Tatsumi said with amusement in his voice. "No thanks, I think I might pull the excuse of a sprained leg or something along those lines if people asked me to dance."

"My Lord, I wouldn't mind if you used me as practice," Camilla mumbled loud enough for both of them to hear. "I would love it in fact if you danced with me."

"Uh... Thanks Camilla, but perhaps another time we could dance?" Tatsumi said, he was a bit taken back by her declaration, but nonetheless, his answer was going to be the same. It wasn't because he didn't like her, but it was because he doubted he would actually be dancing tonight. Sure Esdeath had said that he was going to be her date for the ball, but she never mentioned anything about dancing from what he recalled.

"It is fine, my lord," Camilla said with a hint of embarrassment in her voice, she was hoping that he would agree, but since he didn't she couldn't help from feeling a little flustered. "it was merely a suggestion."

"Well, I appreciate it. Now if you excuse me I am going to go, Theo I will see you at the party, Camilla enjoy your night, and please keep your sister from getting in trouble." Tatsumi replied with a smile as he quickly moved past the two.

"Huh, that's pretty strange," Theo said aloud after watching his superior make his way out of the room. "you would think that he would be in no rush for the ball, but instead he's acting as if needs to be there pronto. I wonder what's up with him."

"I wonder that myself, my lord." Camilla admitted after staring at the doorway for several seconds in silence.

Tatsumi could feel some sweat going down his neck as he approached General Esdeath's quarters. Standing outside of her suite were two Imperial Guards that reached the height of two meters. Both of them cladded in full suits of dark steel armor, and equipped with spears that were eight feet long.

Upon walking up to them, they both moved in sync and crossed their spears together, making it painfully obvious that he wasn't allowed to enter the room. "State your business." They said as one in a firm but muffled voice.

"General Esdeath is expecting me," The Grand Inquisitor said with a commanding tone. "I am accompanying her to the ball-"

Tatsumi stopped mid-sentence when the door behind the two weapons opened. Walking out of the room was General Esdeath, and Tatsumi felt his heart skip several beats upon seeing her. She was wearing an elegant, and fancy white dress that went down to her feet, it had light blue accents that matched her hair.

"You two may relax," Esdeath commanded causing both soldiers to remove their spears from her path. "he's my partner for the night."

Tatsumi had a hard time swallowing the lump of saliva that clogged his throat. He had expected her to wear her uniform and was quite shocked that she dressed up for the evening. The only reason why he dressed up was because the Emperor invited him. If he hadn't been invited, then he along with his Inquisitors would have most likely attended as security detachment to help prevent Night Raid from trying anything.

"Well, Aren't you going to compliment me Tatsumi? I got dressed up just for you after all." Esdeath teasingly stated causing him to snap out of his bewildered state.

Tatsumi didn't say anything, a picture of a young woman with luscious black hair saying those words entered his mind causing him to frown inwardly. Blinking rapidly, he realized that a frown formed on Esdeath's face. "Ah, my apologies, I was stunned by your beauty that I had forgotten to speak." Tatsumi quickly said, making the frown on her face be replaced with a small smile.

"You are forgiven Tatsumi. Now shall we be off? I am dying to see the nobles faces after seeing us together."

Tatsumi reluctantly held out his arm for her in which she wasted no time linking her arm around his. With their arms interlocked with each other, Tatsumi and Esdeath began to make their way to the ball, unbeknownst to Tatsumi Esdeath's heart was racing quite a bit.

Upon arriving at the grand ballroom, Tatsumi and Esdeath were greeted by several guards who were standing vigil outside of the room. The two could easily hear music being played on the other side of the door.

"Names?" A guard holding a clipboard requested as he looked at the two of them.

"I believe you know who we are." Esdeath said with pride in her voice making Tatsumi give her a quick look, as a menacing aura started to radiate from her.

The guard took a big gulp and nodded his head several times as he looked through the papers. Eventually, after finding the names he was looking for, he said aloud. "General Esdeath, and Grand Inquisitor Tatsumi. Both your names are on the list. You two may go in."

And like that, the terrifying aura Esdeath was releasing vanished into thin air as the large double doors opened up. "Let us go, my dear Tatsumi." Esdeath said with a smirk as she tugged on his arm.

"I'm really starting to believe that she has a thing for me..." Tatsumi said to himself as the two walked side by side down a corridor that led to a set of stairs. The grand ballroom is easily the biggest room in the palace. It consisted of not only a ballroom for dancing, but the main hall, a room full of expensive arts, a decent sized garden, a small library that held ancient literature, and much more. The grand ballroom practically took up the entire west wing of the palace.

As the two of them walked up the stairs, Tatsumi noticed nobles, politicians, and soldiers gathering around the stone banister and giving the two of them incredulous looks as they mumbled to one another. Seeing these people talk about him caused Tatsumi to groan internally. When he had been promoted to leader of the Inquisitors. The Emperor decided to throw a party for him which lead to people gossiping about him for nearly three months. Now it was going to happen again, but this time people were going to be talking about his relationship with Esdeath, and if they have a thing going on between them.

"Do you see their faces, Tatsumi?" Esdeath silently asked him as they walked towards the double doors that lead to the ballroom.

"You enjoy seeing these kinds of reactions from people don't you, General Esdeath?" The Grand Inquisitor said in a firm voice trying to keep some formality between them. He didn't want or need rumors about him having a thing with the Empire's Strongest.

"The world is built for my pleasure Tatsumi. As long as I am strong, I can do whatever I want, and no one can stop me. Also please call me Esdeath. We're here together, and therefore there is no need of formality between us." Esdeath replied with a smirk.

Tatsumi was quiet as he processed what she said, he wanted to believe that she was joking, but her tone and smirk said otherwise. His attention soon drifted to the Emperor who sat in a palanquin on the top of a set of stairs with an amused expression on his face. In front of the Emperor on the Ballroom's plaza was a group of performers who were dancing with fire.

His focus shifted towards six men on the left side of the plaza all of whom were wearing outfits identical to his. Standing next to three of them were gorgeous women that wore dresses that most likely cost a fortune. Esdeath had followed his gaze, and couldn't help herself from saying, "I don't know why you all hide your faces beneath your hoods, you all have some adorable faces."

Glancing back at her, the Grand Inquisitor said, "Am I going to dread this night, Esdeath?"

"Mmm, I don't know," Esdeath said with a shrug of her shoulders. "shall we go meet the Emperor and the Prime Minister? I would prefer to get the meeting with them done now, instead of doing it later."

"Only if you promise not to make perverted comments like that about my Inquisitors again." Tatsumi replied with a serious expression.

"Ho? Are you perhaps jealous, my dear Tatsumi?" Esdeath questioned very loudly and teasingly causing some of the people around them to begin whispering more rumors about the two of them.

"No, I just don't want perving on my subordinates." Tatsumi rebutted with a trace of annoyance in his voice.

"It sounds as if you are jealous Tatsumi," Esdeath quipped with a smile. "and that you want me to be 'perving' on only you." Tatsumi gritted his teeth in irritation. He didn't want her to do anything perverted or anything along those lines, he just wanted to have a normal night, but Esdeath was making it painfully obvious that she had no intentions of doing that. She just wanted to mess with him and get under his skin. Which was sadly, working.

"Whatever Esdeath, let's go meet the Emperor, and then I need one of those pages to get me a drink. The Gods know I will need one to get through the night." Tatsumi said while waving his hand dismissively before marching away. Unbeknownst to him, Esdeath's lips curved downwards after hearing the part of needing a drink.

She didn't like the idea of Tatsumi possibly getting drunk. Esdeath did not know why, but the idea of him being drunk upset her greatly, nonetheless, Esdeath quickly followed behind the man.

Gently pushing past nobles, politicians, and soldiers, the Grand Inquisitor was stopped by the Great General Budo, who had spotted him and moved to intercept him. "Grand Inquisitor, I have a question for you." Budo said as he put an arm on the shorter man. It may have looked like he staring directly into the green-eyed man's eyes, but his eyes were actually focused on the blue haired woman approaching the Grand Inquisitor from behind.

"Of course, Great General. What is it you want to ask me?" Tatsumi said with a small grin, latched to his tone was a bit of happiness. Out of all the people to stop him, he was glad it was Budo, the man was probably the only person he actually liked besides his Inquisitors.

"I was curious on what your relationship is with General Esdeath." Budo declared as he gestured to said woman, who in response wrapped her arm around Tatsumi's left arm making it impossible to get his arm free.


"He is my partner. He and I will be on the dance floor later tonight for everyone to see." Esdeath proudly declared causing Tatsumi to fall silent as well as a commotion with the people around them as well as shocking the leader of the Empire's army. Tatsumi in response to seeing the shocked expression on the Great General's face slowly facepalmed to the point where it looked like he was trying to get something out of his eyes.

"Does she have no subtly? That could be taken in so many ways and none of them positive ways!" Tatsumi said as he looked back up to see that Budo had yet to recover from his shock. "We're not a thing Great General, she and I decided that it would be far more interesting to go together to get a reaction from everybody. That is all." The Grand Inquisitor firmly stated in hopes of stopping the rumors before they have a chance to spread.

"I see." Was all Budo said. He didn't doubt the Grand Inquisitor at all, but how Esdeath was holding him made it look like something going on between them. "Well, I'll leave you two to enjoy yourselves. Enjoy the ball and try not to disrupt the peace." The last part of Budo's statement, was directed towards Esdeath who in response sent him a challenging grin.

"Whatever you say, old geezer." Esdeath callously stated with a roll of her eyes after a few seconds of silence making Budo's face contort into a scowl. Seeing this, she added. "Is there something you want to say?"

"Yes, remember that you're a General of the Grand Imperial Empire. You're still a soldier, and if you cause problems I'll deal with you myself." Budo firmly declared causing Esdeath's grin to get bigger.

Tatsumi who was observing both Generals interactions couldn't help from whining on the inside. He personally didn't want to be involved with these types of things and would have left to avoid being in the situation, but Esdeath had made it clear as day that she planned on sticking by his side if not most of the night, the entire night. Deciding to end the conversation, Tatsumi jumped in and said, "We're going to go meet the Emperor right now, Great General, I will talk to you later. Esdeath, shall we go?"

Esdeath at first didn't react. Her eyes seemed to be glued onto the tall man in front of them, who was staring her down. Finally, after nearly a minute of just glaring at one another, Esdeath replied to Tatsumi in a sweet and teasing tone. "Of course, my dear Tatsumi." With that said, Esdeath began to march away with Tatsumi at her side.

Once out of earshot, Tatsumi muttered loud enough for her to hear. "Is there a reason why you and the Great General don't get along, like an actual reason?"

"I probably could get along with him, but where's the fun in that?" Esdeath replied with a smirk forming on her face.

"There's no fun to it, and it's not about having fun." Tatsumi rebutted with traces of anger in his voice. "The Great General is trying to keep what little peace there is left, but it's hard to do that if he's having to worry about the Empire's Strongest committing a mass murder."

"You think I would commit a mass murder? Tatsumi my dear, you wound me!" Esdeath said in response, feigning to be hurt. She may not know him on a personal level yet, but she already knew that if the Great General and the Prime Minister went against one another, Tatsumi and his Inquisitors would side with the Great General. Hw was like her, he entertained the Imperial Court and did what they wanted, but in the end, his loyalties would be to himself.

"I wouldn't put it past you." The Grand Inquisitor curtly stated. "You don't seem like the type of person who would have a problem doing that, and would enjoy it."

"Of course I would. Everything I do, every action I take, is in the end for my pleasure." Esdeath replied as they began to approach the Prime Minister and Emperor who the former noticed and told the guards to let pass. "But enough about this, let's not have our views on things ruin our night. Let's get this greeting done and over with."

A ghost frown appeared on Tatsumi's face as he nodded his compliance, he wanted to learn more about her, and she seemed to have no problem discussing her views on things with him which was odd but for now, it looked like he wasn't going to learn any more about her, at least for the time being.

"General Esdeath!" The Prime Minister stated in a tone of delight as he approached her and Tatsumi causing the young ruler to shift his attention from the performers to the couple. "You look lovely! Never have I seen you wear a dress and quite this stunning!"

"Well, never have I had a reason to dress up." Esdeath said with a smirk as she looked at Tatsumi who at first didn't catch the hidden message, however, before he could say anything the Prime Minister spoke.

"Oh, so the Grand Inquisitor was the reason you decided to wear a dress and look like a lady?" As the Prime Minister said this, he gently rubbed his beard in a thinking manner.

"Wait-" Tatsumi started.

"Yes, he is the reason why!" Esdeath declared with what sounded like true happiness as she continued to stare at him who in response was now glaring at her. "I, in all honesty, had no intentions of really attending the ball at least as a guest, but the Grand Inquisitor, or should I say, my dear Tatsumi wouldn't have none of that and demanded me to show up as his lady."

Tatsumi was blown away by Esdeath's statement. He didn't expect her to say this at all, but what blew him away more was the fact that not only did the Ministers around them believe this, but the Emperor as well. With irritation in his voice, the Grand Inquisitor practically shouted. "I didn't do any such thing! I had never met her until this morning! Why would I-"

"Grand Inquisitor, don't be embarrassed about your feelings for General Esdeath." The Emperor said with what appeared to be a genuine smile. "From what the Prime Minister and Ministers say, General Esdeath is an enticing fox that any man would be lucky to have."

Esdeath in response to hearing this, slowly turned her head towards the Prime Minister and raised an eyebrow at him. "Ahem, well erm... We-I mean I mean do find her attractive, I believe any straight man would find General Esdeath to be beautiful." Spoke a flustered Honest clearly embarrassed that the young ruler had accidentally put the attention on him and his colleagues.

Meanwhile, the Grand Inquisitor was still stuck on what the Emperor had said, he didn't have any attractions towards the General, and now everyone for god knows how long will believe that he does have feelings for Esdeath. Deciding that he needed to have a talk with Esdeath the Grand Inquisitor said, "May you all excuse us. I need to converse with General Esdeath in private."

Not even giving Esdeath a chance to make a snarky comment. Tatsumi pulled Esdeath with all of his strength causing her to stumble. The Ice Queen was surprised by this action, and had thought of stopping to see if he could move her again, but decided not to, and allow him to guide them to one of the balconies.

Upon reaching the balcony Tatsumi said in a heated tone. "Is there a reason why you're lying Esdeath? Is there some end game here that you're trying to achieve?"

"No, not really," Esdeath said with a shrug as she leaned on the stone railing. "I'm just doing it for peoples reactions, which are nothing compared to yours."

Tatsumi watched as her teasing smirk formed on her face, and couldn't stop himself from releasing a growl of annoyance. "Enjoy your night, General. I have no more words to say to you other than stay away from me, and my men."

"Where do you think you're going?" Esdeath questioned as she grabbed ahold of Tatsumi's hand stopping him from walking away from her. She didn't know why, he was so upset, she was only messing around and having some fun.

"I am returning to my chambers. I have no wishes to listen to the gossip you caused, nor do I plan on entertaining you any longer. Have someone else entertain you." Tatsumi curtly said as he removed his hand from hers. He didn't think he was overreacting or making a big deal. Tatsumi believed he was handling the situation fairly well.

"Tatsumi you're acting like a child." Esdeath said with irritation in her voice causing him to stop dead in his tracks and look at her.

"No, I am not. I'm just not wanting to deal with you any longer. I had come here with you to see what you're like, and now I know. You're nothing but trouble." Tatsumi callously said before marching off not even caring what she had to say in response. Unaware of the painful feeling that surged through Esdeath's chest.

(Revan's AN): Damn looks like we don't get to see them dance, and stuff. I had rewritten the ending like five times, and honestly, I thought of doing the happy you know ending, but I decided to go against that. Tatsumi had entertained Esdeath long enough, and she just was a troublemaker to him that got under his skin. He couldn't handle her teasing, along with lying, and didn't want to stay and hear the lies, rather he would go back to his room and probably vent about how infuriating Esdeath is. Some people might hate that I did this, but I think it was nice. I think it was fitting that Tatsumi reacted like this. I mean there's a limit with toying with people and Tatsumi was clearly pushed. She will probably reconcile with him due to her liking him, and what not. I wouldn't say she loves him, but it's clear she has something for him.

I don't know, tell me your thoughts on how you believe Tatsumi reacted. I think his reaction was pretty humane like, but I could be wrong.

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