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Full Summary: "Our purpose is one of infinite, some call us executioners some call us peacekeepers, some call us assassins, some call us heroes, and some call us villains. However, those are all meaningless titles given to us. We only have one true title, and that is Inquisitor."

Completely AU, Single Pairing, Somewhat OOC

"Flashbacks" - Thinking

"Flashbacks" - Talking

[Flashbacks] - Letters or Reports.

Theme Song: Meet Me On The Battlefield, by SVRCINA - Nightcore Version.

Main Writer: Revan the Edgelord

Beta Read By: No one.

The Grand Inquisitor along with his two Inquisitors walked in silence down the rows and rows of tents.

They had now officially entered the Northern regions after days of traveling, and because of this Esdeath had decided to allow her troops to rest for a few days before they begin the march again to the Northern Capital City.

He was a little taken back by how he treated her men, but he assumed this was just a guise. There was no way in hell she actually cared for her men.

Still though, he was impressed by this. Budo has a large amount of respect by his men, but there were some of them who didn't support him. Esdeath was different, all of her men were willing to die for her if need be.

As he and his Inquisitors passed by numerous soldiers, Tatsumi noticed some of them eyeballing the three of them as well as whispering about them.

The whispers were trivial and just gossip.

None of them were really interesting; the topics were mainly about his relationship with Esdeath.

"Grand Inquisitor do you," Started Ulf who was on his left.

"think it's necessary," Continued Wulf who was on his right.

"For us to be here?" They finished together.

The Grand Inquisitor didn't say anything at first. Truth be told he was still taken back by how they could talk like that, it was incredible in his eyes, and he doubted he'd ever get rid of this surprise he had for it, for they were basically always in sync, and knew whatever the other one was thinking. The only difference between them really was their hairstyles.

"Do I think it's necessary?" He said aloud as he rubbed his chin and considered it for a couple of seconds. "Not really, I mean don't get me wrong the Northern Tribes are a problem, but this isn't something that requires our attention. However, what I think is irrelevant to the Imperial Court, they don't care about what I want or anything like that. They only care about themselves and their agendas."

"You're not wrong." The twins said in unison. "They're selfish."

"Yeah, they are, but it's not something to fret over. Eventually, change will come." Tatsumi assured as they finally arrived at their destination which was Esdeath's tent.

Usually, the commander of an army would have several guards around the tent, but because this was General Esdeath, there were no guards at all.

"Grand Inquisitor." Both twins said with a small nod before walking away, leaving Tatsumi all by himself.

Once they out of hearing range, Tatsumi released a sigh. He wasn't looking forward to seeing Esdeath if he was being honest with himself and had been trying his hardest to avoid being around her, but so far that had been proven to be quite difficult.

You'd think it would be easy, but in reality, it was hard, and that was because his options to go places were limited. He couldn't go hunting because Esdeath apparently loved doing that and would invite herself along, and he couldn't just sit in his tent because his tent was their tent, so all he could do really was wander around until it was time for the army to move again.

"Here we go." The Grand Inquisitor said to himself as he moved the flap and entered the tent.

Upon entering he was greeted by the sight of a desk and a few chairs, along with a queen size bed, and Esdeath who was sitting on the said bed drinking wine and reading a report. There was also a large metal tub used for bathing, and two other pieces of furniture.

Esdeath's eyes almost instantly moved from the paper to him, and she couldn't help from smiling. "Welcome back Tatsumi. I trust you enjoyed your walk around the camp?"

"Yeah..." The Grand Inquisitor answered with a bit of reluctance. He wasn't surprised by the question for he did say to her earlier that he was going to go on a walk, but he wouldn't have been surprised if she had someone follow him, for Esdeath seemed like that kind of person to him.

"That's good to hear." She before patting a spot on the bed and saying in a voice that had a trace of command in her voice. "Now come sit with me."

Tatsumi was a bit hesitant upon hearing this. He didn't know what she had in mind, and didn't exactly want to be around her, but because he had no logical excuse that he could think of, he listened to the request. Of course, that didn't mean he did it easily, it had taken him a while due to him marching over to the bed with great reluctance.

Esdeath couldn't help herself from being a little amused at this, but that didn't stop her from immediately wrapping her arm around his waist and pulling him in closer, thus causing them to have no distance between them whatsoever.

"Take a look at this." She then said as she showed him the paper, not giving him a chance to complain about what she had just done.

He didn't say anything, but he did give her an annoyed look before directing his attention to the sheet. As he began to read it, Esdeath pulled down his hood that was concealing his hair.

After about a minute of reading, Tatsumi spoke. "So why did you want me to read something Numa Seika sent to you?"

"Don't you find it adorable?" Esdeath asked with a smile. "We haven't even been in the Northern Provinces for long, and he's already sent me a love letter telling me that I need to pull my forces back to the Capital City or else we'll face him and his men's fury."

"No... I don't find it adorable." Tatsumi answered with an annoyed look. Most people wouldn't take threats like that as a love letter, but then again he needed to remember that Esdeath wasn't even close to most people. She was practically insane.

"Tch, you really need to loosen up." Esdeath said with a trace of annoyance before taking a sip of her glass of wine. "This strict and serious behavior is unbefitting for you."

"And you're loose behavior is unbefitting of you." Tatsumi replied with irritation in his voice. "You're a-"

"General of the Empire, I know Tatsumi, but I'm also a woman who wants to enjoy the company of her man." Esdeath said with a tired expression.

As Tatsumi considered his response, Esdeath rested her head on his shoulder and said to him. "Why are you always serious?"

"Because I'm the Grand Inquisitor and my job isn't an easy one?" Tatsumi replied with a bit of uncertainty in his voice.

"I understand that you're the Grand Inquisitor and that you want to uphold your reputation, but that doesn't explain why you're serious when it's just me, Tatsumi." Esdeath said in response with a slightly exhausted tone. "When you're with me I'd prefer it if you were more relaxed and open with me and not, well this."

"That'd require me to see you as a friend or a lover, which are things I don't see you as at all." He declared in a firm manner with a small frown written on his face. The words may have been cold, but it was nonetheless the truth. He didn't see her as his lover, nor did he see her as a friend and doubted he ever would look at her in that way.

"You wound me." Esdeath replied before getting out of the bed and walking over to the two drawer dresser, which was next to the metal tub.

"Sorry, but it's merely the truth." He answered with a shrug of his shoulders. He could care less if it had hurt her feelings, it was a fact and facts don't lie.

"We'll have to work on that then, but for now it's no big deal." She said as she started to undress causing Tatsumi to look away. "Anyways, there is suppose to be a meeting with the officers of my army in about twenty minutes, I'd like for you to attend it and come up with our attack strategy."

"... Why?" Tatsumi questioned in a curious tone while keeping his eyes away from Esdeath's body. His expression had changed to one that was of confusion, but that didn't make him look at her.

"Because I won't be attending it, and I'm curious if you can come up with something an attack plan." Esdeath answered as she almost finished undressing. "If you don't want to do it, then you don't have to do it, you can just spend your time in here and help wash me."

The Grand Inquisitor was able to tell just by the sound of her voice that she had a big smirk on her face when she mentioned that last part, but what irritated him more than that was the fact that she was basically saying he had two options, and those were he could either attend the meeting in her place, or stay here with her.

"Why aren't you attending it?" He questioned with a hint of interest in his voice. "If this is going to be about the attack plan on these Northerners, then don't you think you, the General of this army, should be there?"

"Yes, but I don't feel like it." Came her response as she got into the metal tub that had apparently been filled with water. "Plus I want to be surprised by what you come up with."

"You make it sound like I'm going." Tatsumi muttered in an annoyed tone that reached her ears.

"Oh, so you're going to be staying with me then?" Esdeath said with a smile.

"No." He quickly answered. "I have decided that I am in the mood to hunt something now, so I'm going to go hunting right now."

At this, Esdeath's smile got slightly bigger. She had found his reactions and actions to just be adorable, and it made her want to tease him even more, but for now, she had decided to end it there.

"Alright then, I hope you enjoy your hunt." She said as she relaxed her muscles and submerged more of her body into the tub.

Tatsumi said nothing in response, and stared at her for quite some time before getting up and exiting the tent. He didn't know why, but for some reason, he had a feeling that Esdeath was planning something fishy. He just didn't know what.

After Tatsumi left the tent he went to the camp's stables that looked after his horse, and left the encampment.

He wasn't exactly in the mood to hunt anything, but at the time, he had just wanted to do something that he wanted to do and not what Esdeath wanted him to do. It was petty, and honestly a little sad, but he was just infuriated with Esdeath and how she acted like she was his superior.

The only people he answered to were the members of the Imperial Court, and the Emperor, anyone else and he didn't have to take orders. In fact, now that he thought about it he didn't understand why she wanted him to attend this war council, for he and his Inquisitors weren't even going to be partaking in these upcoming battles.

Sure, the Emperor had said that he and Esdeath were going to crush these Northerners, but his actual assignment was to find and recover the Imperial Arms that was somewhere in the Northern Area. That was it, so why did he need to come up with the attack plan when he wasn't even going to be fighting the Northerners? Of course, he could participate in the battles if he wanted to, but that was optional. Under no circumstances is he required to join in the battles.

As he rode out into the snowy forest, Tatsumi let loose a sigh before having his horse come to a halt.

"You can come out now; I know you're there." He said in a slightly annoyed tone. The Grand Inquisitor didn't know if the people who were stalking him were purposefully revealing their positions, or if they were just bad at hiding their presence.

Not long after he declared this several figures wearing camouflage moved from their hiding positions and approached him.

"I'm surprised you were able to sense us." One of them stated in a gruff tone. The person who had spoken was one of the figures in front of him, and judging by their burly build and gruff tone, Tatsumi believed them to be a male.

"It wasn't exactly hard..." The Grand Inquisitor muttered to himself as he started to get out of his saddle, but stopped upon seeing one of the people on his left reach for their one-handed axe that was attached to their waist.

"We saw you come from that Imperial Camp, but you don't look like a normal soldier, what are you?" The person that had asked this was the same person who had spoken earlier.

"Not a soldier if that's what you're assuming." Tatsumi answered as he focused on his questioner. He could easily get off his horse and kill them all with his sword, or he could just use his Imperial Arms and kill them without even having to get out of his saddle, but at the moment he wasn't looking for a fight. Right now he just simply wanted to be alone.

"You a mercenary then?" The man asked, a small frown hidden underneath the white mask that covered his face.

"Nope." Came his response while letting loose a yawn.

"Then what are you?" One of the men on his right questioned in a heated tone, which had caused Tatsumi to shift his eyes towards them and gaze at them with a slightly annoyed look.

"Well, if you all must know, then technically I am a treasure hunter. I've come to the Northern Provinces to find a lost artifact, and I am simply traveling alongside General Esdeath's army for it's safer to travel with them." He stated, there was a trace of tiredness that could be detected in his voice, but he wasn't tired. He had just found this whole thing to be dull, and would prefer if they'd leave him alone.

As easy as it was to kill them, he believed it was a little too early for him to start killing Northerner scouts, so he was giving them a chance to leave. Plus they hadn't shown much hostility towards him yet, so there was no reason for him to be hostile.

"What's this artifact you're looking for?" The scout who had been questioning him asked in a voice that was filled with curiosity.

"That is none of your business." The Grand Inquisitor affirmed. He wasn't trying to be rude, but what they were asking about was something they shouldn't concern themselves with if they knew what's good for them.

Unfortunately, the man tried to force Tatsumi to talk by saying, "You're in the Northern Tribesmen territory, therefore you digging something up in here is my business."

"If you value your life, then you should stop putting your nose into my business." Tatsumi warned in a voice that was devoided of all emotion. This was his last warning, if the man continues to try getting this information from him, then he'll die.

Silence had filled the area after this declaration, in fact, it was so quiet that they all could hear the wind blowing. Eventually, the person that assumed leader of the scouts spoke.

"Seize him, Prince Numa-"

That was all he had managed to say before having Tatsumi's blade lodged into his head. He had done it in one quick motion, and before anyone else knew what happened Tatsumi used his Imperial Arms to kill the rest. It had taken him less than ten seconds to kill them all.

Once he was done with killing them, Tatsumi let loose another sigh and used his Imperial Arms to retrieve his blade. He then cleaned it before sheathing it in his scabbard and going about his business. He was a little upset that he had to kill them, but they had provoked him and forced his hand, so they had no one to blame but themselves for what had befallen upon them.

With that thought in mind, his thoughts shifted back to what he was originally thinking about.

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