It was a nice quiet night in Spiral Mountain, with everyone's favorite bear and bird duo having gotten back from a series of long adventures. Banjo and Kazooie were heading home, spotting the yellow musical notes spiraling around on the grassy terrain, with a collection of golden jigsaw pieces being shown off in cases as the pair approached their fixed up blue home.

"That was some trip we took, huh Kazooie?" Banjo remarked as he was juggling the blue eggs he took out of his backpack.

Kazooie was counting the red and yellow feathers that were also stuffed in the backpack, shaking her head. "As long as we don't ever see those freaks again, I think I can manage to deal with it..."

Just as Banjo and Kazooie were going to enter the home, Space Ghost came crashing down in his wrecked Phantom Cruiser, with the orange space ship exploding in a fiery fashion that sent various flames across the field, with it engulfing the actual spial mountain itself. Gruntilda Winkybunion watched from the top of her lair, smirking as she couldn't help but cackle.

"That will teach that dumb pair! Serves them right for looting my lair!" Gruntilda rhymed as she shook her right warty green witch hand in the air.

Banjo and Kazooie were both speechless as they couldn't believe what happened to their home, with Space Ghost coughing as he stumbled out of his totaled ship.

"Ugh... I'm not going to listen to Brak's hits again..." Space Ghost groaned as he rubbed the back of his head, eying the two talking animals that were looking at him. "Ehh... can I help you?"

"Yeah. What did you do to our house?" Banjo asked as he placed his furry hands on his hips.

"Oh sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Space Ghost! The host with the ghost..." Space Ghost trailed as he rubbed his chin with his right hand, murmuring. "Hmm. Doesn't sound as catchy."

"No kidding." Kazooie responded in a dull tone as she moved her red feathery wings casually.

Space Ghost coughed again as he then stood up properly, towering over the two. "Right, and now who are you two?"

"Well I'm Banjo and this is Kazooie." Banjo greeted as he waved his right hand about. "But why, Mr. Space Ghost? What did you do to make you feel compelled to crash our home?"

"Err... I was listening to really terrible music. Trust me, you wouldn't like it either." Space Ghost explained while folding his arms, his yellow cape blowing in the wind. "But this place looks nice. Where exactly am I, anyway?"