"Are we suppose to be this high?" Space Ghost asked as he was following the bear and bird up the giant oak tree in the spring section of the Click Clock Wood.

"Oh, this forest is much larger than it seems!" Banjo exclaimed as he casually jumped in the air going from 1 platform to the next.

"So long as you know what to do, you won't have to worry about falling off." Kazooie explained as she rubbed her beak to visualize all the times they beak bombed the floor to perform a certain glitch.

"So I see-" Space Ghost commented as he wasn't paying attention, losing his grip as he tripped on the various branches, breaking his back as he landed on the stump in the giant pond.

Banjo and Kazooie squinted as they turned to each other, wondering if they should go down to get the injured superhero from space with a talk show. Gruntilda noticed this as she proceeded to laugh.

"Ha! That will show you to mess around with dumb fuzzy feathery freaks!" Grunty cackled as she tapped her fingertips together.