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Saturday - 6:25 p.m

Devine Household

"Oh, Nigie," Lizzie smiled up at her boyfriend, who looked extremely dapper. Grey slacks that fit his skinny, albeit muscular legs, and huge ass perfectly, a long-sleeved white button up and a yellow bowtie that matched her homecoming dress perfectly. Although, yellow wasn't necessarily Nigel's color. But that didn't matter, because it was Lizzie's.

"Okay, kiddos! It's your very last homecoming, let's make these pictures Instagram worthy!" Lizzie let out a small chuckle, but rolled her eyes at her older sister, Sarah. The nine year age difference between the two sisters gave them sort of an odd relationship. Not a bad one, but also not necessarily a good one either. It certainly didn't help that Lizzie, to say the least, did not like Sarah's husband, Andrew. Who, of course, showed up late with their two snot-nosed kids.

The couple smiled and went along with whatever poses parents and siblings suggested for them, waiting for the rest of their group to show up. Patton and Fanny showed up first, interestingly enough, in Fanny's BMW, rather than Patton's beat-to-hell Jeep Wrangler. "How do you think she convinced him?" Lizzie looked up at her boyfriend with a cocked eyebrow and a smirk on her face,

"How do you think she convinced him?" He furrowed his brows and shook his head, still confused, until he saw Patton grab Fanny's butt with a smirk on his chiseled face.

"Oh," He nodded. "That's how,"

Nigel couldn't help but feel annoyed when Tommy showed up. Nigel didn't necessarily consider himself friends with Hoagie, acquaintances maybe, nothing more, but he could not believe how different the two brothers were. Or how obnoxiously annoying Tommy was.

The group took pictures for what seemed like forever, making sure to appease parents and grandparents and girlfriends. Events like this really were Nigel's worst nightmare. It may sound ridiculous (it sure did to him), but compared to the guys around him, he felt so insecure. He was no large and in charge beefcake like Patton, the Doblemitz's, Seth. Hell, he felt small compared to Wally, despite being a few inches taller. All of his muscles were just lean. And he hated it.

Why should he feel insecure standing next to Tommy Gilligan? Ridiculous.

Lizzie must have sensed that something was wrong with her date because as soon as they got into his car, she stopped him from starting it and put her hand on his leg. "What's wrong?" Nigel rolled his eyes and shook his head. What was he supposed to say? 'Oh, Lizzie, all of your friends make me feel insecure and unmasculine'. Yeah right.

"Nothing," He looked at her and smiled. She nodded and turned away.

To be quite frank, Lizzie had no idea what his problem was nor did she really care. Whatever he was upset about now was going to look like child's play in a few days. Or whenever she finally worked up the courage to tell him.

Whatever. She was determined to have fun tonight. It might be the last time she ever has fun again.

Saturday - 8:09 p.m

McClintock High - Gymnasium

Rachel hated school dances. Every single year she had to attend the homecoming dance as a part of being on student council, even more so now that she was senior class president. She hated that title. She just wanted to do her best to help her school and her community become the best they can be, she didn't want the title. Well, she did when she applied to colleges. But any other time, she preferred staying separate from her role. Especially when she had to talk to- "Howdy, Rachel,"


James Nixon McGarfield. Rightfully named after Richard Nixon, who also sucked. Of course, he managed to catch her off guard, over at the refreshments table, making sure nobody poured anything into the punch bowls like previous years. Dealing with backlash from angry freshman parents after they come home plastered wasn't very fun. Taking a sip of the fruit punch and confirming that it hadn't been spiked (yet), she looked up at Jimmy and nodded, "Hi, Jimmy,"

"You look very nice," Chills went up Rachel's spine. God, Jimmy made her so uncomfortable. She knew he wasn't flirting with her, but instead was trying to silently condemn her dress choice. Suddenly very self conscious of her cleavage, she crossed her arms in front of her chest before responding,

"Oh, thanks," She was really hoping he would get the hint and leave her alone. Wasn't Anna around somewhere? She turned back around to the table, hoping Jimmy would leave her alone. Instead, he stepped closer,

"I've noticed you've buddied up with a few of the uh- losers," His southern drawl was low and deep, and Rachel raised her eyebrows in response. Why the hell did he care about who she was friends with? "You know, you should be careful hangin' around people like them… they're dirty,"


"I know you're a feminist and all, you don't think you need a man telling you what to do, I'm just warning you, is all," Rachel genuinely could not believe this conversation was happening right now. His words actually shocked her into silence. "But I'm not here about that. I'm here to tell you to keep Hoagie away, far away, from Abigail,"

Rachel's head was swarming with everything she could and should and wanted to say. Instead, "What?" is all that came out of her mouth.

"I've heard through the grapevine," The grapevine being Anna, obviously, "that Abigail has developed a small crush on him," Rachel let herself smile a little, despite the context in which Jimmy was telling her this. God, they would make such a cute couple. She was definitely going to get the two of them together. "I need you to keep him away from her,"

"And why is that?" Rachel wondered aloud with her eyebrow cocked. She was positive whatever Jimmy had to say was going to be ridiculous anyways. Besides, did he not know that her and Abby were like sorta friends now? They went to the game last night together and had a sleepover at Rachel's house. Were they friends? Rachel wasn't really sure, nor was she very clear on how friends worked. Besides Nigel, she hasn't really had friends since middle school. Abby spent the night at her house and they made waffles this morning - that's something friends do. Right?

"Because his dirty habits will rub off on Abigail, which will rub off on my perfect Anna," Rachel couldn't help rolling her eyes.

"I'm not agreeing to do that. They're two adults, they can decide if they want to date or not," She responded, which she could tell infuriated Jimmy,

"Fine. Then I suppose I will just have to keep Abigail away from you," Jimmy then turned around and walked away, leaving Rachel at the drinks table confused and frustrated. Why the hell does Jimmy care so much? And who does he think he is to talk to her like that? Whatever. Jimmy has always been an asshole, that will never change.

Nigel held Lizzie tight and close as the two swayed with the song. He pulled her even closer and leaned down, putting his mouth right beside her ear, "You're so beautiful, Liz… I love you so much," Lizzie felt her chest tighten. Thankfully she didn't have to respond due to the interruption,

"Alright Homecoming Court! Get out in the hallway and get ready to find out who the King and Queen of McClintock High are!"

Lizzie smiled and gently pushed Nigel away from her and walked out to the hallway.

Nigel and Kuki made eye contact and drifted toward one another as both made their way to the tacky and stained red carpet that was placed in front of the door, leading to the cheap makeshift stage. As the DJ announced each pairing, everyone surrounding them cheered and clapped. "I know everybody has told you this and you're probably sick of hearing it - but it really should have been you,"

"Oh. Thanks,"

"Alright McClintock High, are you ready to find out who your king and queen are?" The DJ excitedly spoke into the microphone, which resulted in an eruption of cheers from the gymnasium full of high schoolers. He made a dramatic show of pulling out the envelope from his suit pocket and waving it around in the air, making the underclassmen cheer and the upperclassmen roll their eyes. "Ladies first… McClintock High, your homecoming queen is… Francine Fulbright!"

Fanny's reaction was priceless. She wasn't supposed to win, according to all the calculations she made the math nerds do, it was supposed to be Eva. Yet, when her name was called she jumped up and down, nearly flashing everybody in the process.

Kuki tried to be happy for her friend (again, was friend really the right word?) by plastering a smile on her face and clapping and whooping along with the rest of the crowd. Nigel leaned down so that his mouth was close enough to Kuki's ear as Fanny was being crowned, "She'll never shut up about this," Kuki let out a laugh and nodded her head. He was right.

"Alright, are you guys ready to bow down to your King?" The announcer shouted into the microphone, causing an eruption once again. Kuki scrunched her eyebrows, considering if it was weird for him to say 'bow down" or not. Once again, dramatically waving around and then opening the envelope, the DJ was grinning ear to ear. "McClintock High, your homecoming king is… Oh, no. Sorry if I butcher this last name-" everybody immediately knew who it was then, but the DJ continued, "Patton Drilovsky!"

Patton raised his arms and jogged up to the stage, accepting the crown just as Fanny did. He then ran over to Fanny, picked her up, spun in a circle, set her back down, then dipped her down into a very intense and sloppy kiss. Kuki couldn't help rolling her eyes, as she turned her head to avoid the disgusting scene happening in front of her. Nigel followed her gaze as both sets of their eyes landed on Rachel McKenzie. Nigel immediately turned away, rolling his own dark eyes. Kuki however, couldn't help staring for a little longer. After a few seconds, Kuki shook her head and turned back around, looking up at Nigel, "Are you going to Eva's party?"

"Unfortunately," He answered,

"Yeah, me too."

The night went on with Rachel doing things by herself in thirty minute increments; she checked the punch bowls (that had to be replaced three times), she sat outside the gymnasium in the hallway at some of the tables by herself and people watched (she specifically hoped to avoid every single person that she thought would talk to her, especially Jimmy), she stood by the walls in the gym and did some more people watching, and finally she went outside and sat on the sidewalk and took in some fresh air and ate some sour gummy worms.

Before she knew it, the DJ called for the last slow dance, which made her immediately leave the gymnasium and sit in the hallway once again - was she supposed to watch Lizzie and Nigel alongside the King and Queen of McClintock High and every other disgusting couple slow dance? Yeah, right. This was her first homecoming dance without a date, which was kind of sad, but that meant she wasn't going to subject herself to even more sadness.

She just wanted the night to be over so that Virginia could pick her up and they could go back to Hoagie's house and eat pizza and play ping pong.

"Hey girl," Rachel looked up and saw Abby in front of her in a stunning navy blue dress.

"Hey," Rachel smiled, "How's it going?"

"Well, Muffy and Angeline left," Abby shrugged and then rolled her dark eyes, "And Anna is up Jimmy's ass," She sat on the folding chair across the table from Rachel and placed her elbows on the table, propping her head up with her fists.

"Not so great. So no after party plans?" Rachel wondered aloud, a half-cooked plan forming in her brain as she looked at the dark haired girl.

"I was thinking maybe we could do something?"

"Oh! I'm going to Hoagie's to hang out with them… but you can come with!" Rachel smiled and nodded. The thought was cooking quicker. Tonight was the night. Who cares about Jimmy? He's a sexist piece of shit anyways. And once again Rachel giggled at the thought of Abby and Hoagie together. God! They would be so cute.

"Um… I don't know… Abby doesn't want to invite herself," Abby looked down at the table and seemed nervous.

"What? He invited you last night," Rachel mentioned. "Remember, the parking lot, he jumped my car, you two kept making goo-goo eyes at each other,"


"Nothing," Rachel immediately responded, a teasing smirk on her lips as Abby's cheeks became rosy and gave her away. "Please come," After a lot of hesitation and opening, then closing her mouth, Abby finally responded.

"Yeah, I'll go,"

Even if it doesn't work out with Hoagie (which Abby highly doubted it will), it was worth it to see the excitement on Rachel's face.

Sunday - 2:08 a.m

Bates Household

"Oh God," Kuki heaved as she emptied her stomach of everything she had eaten earlier in the day. She groaned into the toilet when she heard a knock at the door. Couldn't these people use one of the other thousand bathrooms in Eva's huge house?! "Go away," Kuki meant to say it louder, but it instead came up as both a groan and a burp.

"Kuki?" She immediately recognized the voice and groaned again, much louder this time. "Are you okay?"


"That's… not really what I wanted to hear," The man behind the door was slurring his words slightly, but not nearly as much as Kuki. "Can I come in?"

"No." She immediately began to throw up again, cringing at how absolutely gross it was.

"I'm coming in," When Wally Beatles opened the bathroom door he couldn't stop the smile from creeping onto his face. Kuki sure wasn't like other cheerleaders, no matter how hard she tried to be. Wally thought it was cute. Endearing, even. He did not, however, think the vomit sitting in the toilet was cute. "Oh God,"

"Yeah, I'm a mess," She burped.

"You were robbed, it should've been you up there. Definitely not Valerie."

"Oh my God!" Kuki slurred, "I am so tired of hearing that! If it should've been me, then why wasn't it?! Ugh, whatever," She plopped against the bathroom wall beside the toilet. The tile flooring felt amazing against the back of her legs. After a few moments of silence, she looked back up at Wally. Man, he was beautiful. Genuinely. She would describe him as an angel at that very moment. What kind of teenage boy (who looked like a Greek God, in Kuki's opinion) stops to check up on some girl that apparently wasn't good enough to even be on homecoming court? "Sorry," Kuki looked up at him and watched him shake his head. He put up his index finger and left the doorway of the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

The dark-haired girl felt like she had a million thoughts running around her mind, but was too drunk to understand literally any of them. It wasn't long before Wally opened the door once again, this time, however, he stepped into the bathroom, then closed and locked the door behind him. He sat down on the edge of the bathtub and handed Kuki one of the two red solo cups in his hands. She took it, hesitantly, stared at it, then sniffed it. "It's water," He answered her unsaid question.

"Why in a red solo cup?" She wondered after taking a sip. Wally immediately turned red and scratched the back of his neck,

"I uh- I know you really care about climate change and stuff, so I didn't grab water bottles… But I also couldn't find any other cups," A wide smile spread across Kuki's face and she giggled,

"Aw, Wally that's so sweet,"

"Eh, bare minimum, really," He shrugged, taking a drink. "How was your homecoming?"

"Terrible," Kuki immediately responded, "You?" Wally looked at her sympathetically and then shrugged once again,

"It's… uh, definitely not my scene," He paused. "I mean, none of this stuff really matters right? Who is going to really care about what happened in high school in a few years from now? The ones that peaked?" He tried to make it sound as if he were not a part of the population that had peaked, even though it was one of his worst fears.

"Lizzie and Nigel probably," Kuki responded, her eyes immediately widening, "Oh, fuck,"




"Lizzie's pregnant!"


"I shouldn't have told you that! Nigel doesn't even know yet!"

"Kuki, please stop talking. I don't want to know anything else!"

"She's three months along!"

"Kuki! Please!"

Kuki opened her mouth to speak again, but Wally reached across and placed his hand over her mouth. She took a deep breath and he slowly removed his hand.

Then, somehow, their lips collided and they both ended up in the bathtub.

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