Natsu Dragneel was never one to dwell on his mistakes. He figured, the damage was done so learn something if you can then move on. There was one mistake that he will forever be grateful for though, and as he watched his beautiful blond partner save his ass for the umpteenth time that week, he couldn't help but feel like maybe he owed Krov a beer.

Mistakenly listening to his tip was what had Natsu in Hargeon that fateful day where he'd met Lucy for the very first time. It hadn't been enough that the girl was good to look at, she'd also been generous enough to buy a stranger dinner just for breaking a simple attraction spell.

From that day forward, his entire life had revolved around a spunky blond in short skirts who had a stubborn streak that could give the dragon slayer a run for his money. As he watched Lucy shift between her star dresses before landing the final crippling blow to the monster they'd been facing, a smirk stole across his face. He definitely owed Krov a beer, and later when Lucy was yelling at him for burning half the town and losing a portion of their reward money, he'd remind her that his mistakes are what led him to her in the first place.

Hey guys!

This is my first posting in a long time, this is not a serious story it's just something that I felt like doing for a while now. I'm looking to do a one shot based story, based in prompts that I find, or ones that you send me. Updates will probably be sporatic, I work full time and I have a new baby at home but I like to write as a way to clear my head so I hope you all enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you soon!